A top multinational organization's sole owner, who had everything in this world anyone can ever desire and dream of suddenly one day broke into a strong bout of crying all alone in the veil of darkness of his exquisite bedroom. He's crying bitterly, tears of remorse trickling down his shiny chiseled cheeks. Several bottles of champagne, cognac and several world famous and exotic wines were lying in a complete bedlam. Cartoons of pizzas, French fries and several high- profiled- menu cuisines were thrown here and there in total frenzy.

Seems this utterly heartbroken guy was having some kind of fun with his friends...may be a bachelors' party with no spinster around,at least not for romance or if any happened to be, it would just be for lust because he just not seems to be a love-kind-person.

"Tring- tring"...."Tring-tring"...."Tring-tring"

He picks up the phone lying carelessly on the ruffled sheet of his bed.

He manages to be in a cool and calm composure somehow to answer it.

"Hello, Mr. Woodland" a soft voice of a gentle lady came in through.

"Yes, Ellena. What's it?

"Mr. Woodland, you have an important appointment with the delegates for the next deal early in the morning sharply at 6 o' just I wanted to know do you want me to wake you up....

"For God's sake! It's 2 a.m. you realize? Cancel that deal, I'm not in a state to meet all the conditions of that deal.Bye!"

"But Mr. Wooddd...........

He just wanted to be in a state of oblivion....completely shut from all obligations. He just wanted to be in a state of nothingness and sleep, relaxed.

He was damn drunk, still not able to shut down the images roving at the back of his brain which were keeping him awake. He didn't even realized what a mess he had done just now.

Utterly tired, tired of thinking, he fell into a deep slumber only to be woken at 11 a.m. by a knock at the door.

"Who's it?" He just slurred, half still asleep.

"Mr. Woodland, breakfast is ready, should I bring .........

"Goddamn! You stupid fellow. I'm not hungry. Go and eat yourself"

No voice came in again. This was his ever so loyal Butler who was serving him so earnestly since his teenage. He guessed something was wrong. His master was not his usual self. He helplessly went away from there. Thought of waiting for the right time. He couldn't tolerate himself to see such a successful and one of his kind person like 'Joy woodland' waste his life merely at the age of 39. Success came to him very early all due to his sheer labor and honesty.

No one knew him better than his butler on this earth. Evan Grace, came in the family of Woodlands almost two decades ago. Due to his masterpiece skill in making some classy and class apart cuisines, he was recruited as soon as Senior Mr. Woodland tasted one of his cooked cuisine. He was immensely impressed by his culinary skills. Since then Evan has grayed and remained with this family. He saw every rose blooming and thorns stinging in this family. He saw little Joy crying and missing his parents when they died in a plane crash when he was just thirteen. He has no siblings. All his family since then consisted of a nanny and Evan, himself. Evan knows Joy like his very own blood running deep in his veins, although the case is not same with Joy. He hardly cares to bother about this old fellow in his early sixties.

But, Evan never felt bad.

Whole day long the door of Joy's bedroom not even cricked. He was still inside. Now, Evan was growing restless. But he was unable to do anything. His multiple calling and knocking at the door were all in vain, just answered by the utter ominous silence of the corridor. Evan has seen the plays of the world. He could feel what Joy is going through but he wanted to hear directly from him. One day, he will be forced to utter everything, he strongly believed or may be he was having a strong institution.


In the evening, Evan just happened to pass through his door. In the darkness of the corridor, he could see a beam of light coming through the bottom edge of the door. Joy was up!

In the meantime, Ellena called just to inform that the delegates have left and it seemed as if they were really furious and said," Mr. Woodland doesn't realize at what a loss he's, I guess."Evan nodded in appreciation and put the phone down.

Evan knew that Joy would feel sorry for himself when he returns to his senses. He had really worked hard for the last two months to procure this whole assignment and did everything, by hook or by crook, to ensure this deal goes in his name, in spite, of the tough competitors in the existing oligopoly market.

What was wrong with this ever joyous Joy?

But Evan guessed what could be the possible reason for this.

Inside, Joy was sitting at the edge of his master bed holding his head in his both palms, dropped down. He was sobbing again. Suddenly, he felt gripped by a strong feeling of nausea and felt an urge to vomit. He ran for the bathroom. In the wash basin everything inside his gut came brimming through his mouth, all just fluid, like a magma but smelling like hell.

After sometime, he felt better but only physically. He was still bogged down by past memories, haunting him every now then. He sat there leaning against one of the azure walls which was so cool and smooth like a sleek snake, drained all of energy, utterly tired.

He stared at the walls and was lost in reverie. How happy was Catherine when she saw the azure color of the tiles shown in the chart by the interior decorator, for the bathroom fittings. It was exactly what was on her mind. Everything in there was azure except the Jacuzzi which Catherine chose in a rare shade of brown, it has an unique name which his mind could never keep inside. He could visualize Catherine bathing in there. Hell, it was killing. Now pointless, it was all lost. She's no more his. But, he was missing her a lot today. He felt like running away from there. He mustered some strength and came out of the bathroom. Back in the bedroom everything was killing equally.

It was some kind of haunting in there. He thought of going down. He pulled himself in some decent clothes and went down the stairs to the grand living hall. He laid himself on the sofa, eyes shut.

"Do you need something Mr.Woodland?" Evan came from nowhere there and asked as softly as he could.

"Yeah, peace of mind, can you give me?" He said as a matter of fact still eyes shut and in the same posture.

Evan moved from there. Now his suspicion taking a clear picture. He was thinking right. He's ill, mentally ill. May be a little lost. And why not? Past few months event have been really heartbreaking for him. To avoid this he drowned himself in work, wine and friends. But somewhere, it was a mere pretension and it was bound to take an outburst, sooner or later.

He really needed help. But only when he allowed someone too.


Evan had gone to Harvard University of Business to pursue a degree in Economics. It was hard to leave Boston, his hometown. But except a nanny and Evan, the butler he had one whom he remember, whom he could call his own. He's quite a bright student with some fantastic strategies for economic development. Cambridge was a little strange for him. He knew it would take a little time to adjust.

One day,on his weekend he was strolling on the roads of Cambridge, it was always a delight to feel the fresh air while walking. He happened to meet a girl. It wasn't hard to recognize her. She was Catherine his neighbor back in Boston! They even went to the same school there.

She was accompanied with two other girls, may be her friends.

"Hey, if I'm not wrong you Catherine from Boston. Right?"

"Yeah! Oh my God! What you doing here, JOOOY. Right?"

"Yeah! I'm in Harvard. Economics"

The other two girls were just staring at them and then to each other trying to fit in and decipher what was going on here.

"Wohooo! Business guy, huh? By the way I'm too in Cambridge pursuing a degree in Criminal Psychology"

"Oh! Crimes. Not my thing. Hahaha!"

Suddenly Catherine realized she didn't introduce her two new friends.

"By the way meet my friends Amanda and Rebecca"

"Hello girls!!" Joy greeted them a bit shyly.

"Hello!" the two girls cooed.

"Okay Catherine. Its good to see you here. Hope we meet again. Have a good time you all."

"Bye, Joy!" three girls bellowed together.

Girls headed towards their college. Joy went on his own way, strolling.

Evan was feeling good to see Catherine in Cambridge. It's always a delight to meet someone you know in such a strange place. He was smiling at reflecting something of past. She was a nice girl and quite bright, back in school. Catherine was feeling good equally.

That was the first time Joy met Catherine and then there was no stopping.

It was a roller coaster life back in college. Life was busier like never before. But Joy was feeling good. He even became a member of a Business magazine issued by the college.

Another weekend came by. A whole of rest and strolling around Cambridge was just so fun-filled.

Again, he happened to meet Catherine in a supermarket. This time no friend accompanied her.

"Hey, wow! Didn't think of meeting so soon" called her from the back.

" Hey, Joy, what you doing here?" Catherine said in utter surprise.

"Just had to buy some essentials"

"Oh! Right! Same here."

And then just sparks flied higher and higher. From phone numbers to dating. They even didn't realize when they were in love with each other.

They used to spent their weekends together visiting some fantastic places in Cambridge.

It was enough for a blooming love affair.

Both passed their graduation with flying colors. Joy opted for an MBA degree in Harvard itself and Catherine went for her a Master's degree in Criminal Psychology in her same college.

More two years in Cambridge together. Bond between them became stronger and stronger.

Joy was frenetic in carrying his own Business. He slogged like a dog. He was doing fine.

He didn't disappointed himself.

After completion of his MBA, he refused all his recruiters of some top multinational companies. He was determined to start his own Business. And on the way, he had made some good friends. He felt so blessed. All worked for the same goal.

He came back to Boston in his Father's grand house. He was financially well-off. He's father left a legacy, a small company which dealt in manufacturing of various goods. Then what, Joy just wanted to uplift this company ,make it grow and flourish.

Fortunately, Catherine also found a job in a private detective agency as a trainee in Boston. The company was going great.

Joy felt so blessed and thankful to God. Everything was in his own stride. His business booming and with Catherine by his side. What more he could want from life.


After a year of more courtship in Boston, Joy married Catherine. They were a pretty good couple in the neighborhood. Catherine had only a old granny of her own. Her parents died in a car mishap two years back. A younger brother Joyce Wilfred, still in college in MIT, Massachusetts.

They brought Granny with them in their mansion" Woods Eden". Joy grew tremendously busy in his business and prospered like bacteria dividing in a petri. Only 27 and going great. He was paragon of a young successful businessman.

But Catherine found a changed Joy now, not the same Joy back in Cambridge. Now he worked like there is nothing else to care in this world. He was crazy for money, chasing it for all materialistic desires this world possibly had to offer.

But Catherine thought he would ease down with passage of time. It's just his start, may be because of that he's so busy. She didn't take it seriously.

A year passed. No holidays, no vacations, nothing. Joy, even ruined Catherine's holidays. He didn't bothered to go anywhere, unwilling to part from his work. He was engrossed in his work. He even started his convictions. He now started to bring office work at home too. Late at night he would be doing some paper work. This made Catherine mad like hell. But what could she do. She loved him and she knew Joy loved him more than she does. Nothing seemed right. No change at all in Joy. Only time was showing a change as ever. Time is a ruthless thing. It never stops or have mercy on anyone.

Joy now aimed at buying a Rolls-Royce, his dream car, since he was a teenage. He already had two Jaguars lined up royally in the grand garage with eight compartments. He wanted to fill each compartment as he was crazy after cars. Catherine had a huge fascination for Jaguars. She liked its sleek and stylish body. What most she liked about this was its mascot, the Jaguar,which is put at the front hood of the car, a masterpiece. She liked the whole concept. She just adored it. She used to watch it for at least ten minutes in the evening after parking it with a great admiration in her eyes. Her eyes twinkled. Recently Joy bought two more four-wheelers: one Mercedes and the other a Land Rover. But his most treasured possession was Porsche. He called it his Baby with its sport car engine of 20200 cc. It just glided on the roads. It was thrilling to drive it. He was becoming a way materialistic. Catherine was more inclined to moderation which was a word not to be found in Joy's dictionary. She once even talked about it to Joy.

"Why are you so crazy about money, Joyee? There are a lot of things in this world to care about and which are more important, indeed."

"Yeah, Cat you are right. But these things are also important. And if I have the capability to buy then why not, Sweetie. Look, I pay the taxes. I'm a responsible citizen. And it feels so good...."

"Responsible??" she said in a utter surprise cutting Joy in between.

"Woowo, why I'm not, Sweetie?" he shrugged.

"You don't even know its meaning" Catherine sighed and went away from there.

Joy just couldn't understand what she pointed at. And with a who- cares- attitude,he again engrossed himself in front of the laptop.

Without any change in Joy,time passed. Sometimes, Catherine used to talk about Joy to her Granny, her last resort for some comfort. And, she did feel at ease after talking to her. But, Catherine could see in her Granny's eyes the same worry for Joy.

Moments turned into hours, hours into weeks, weeks into months, months into years.

And two years flew without even being noticed.


One day, late at night Catherine came out of the bathroom and with a smile on her face said," I'm pregnant."

"What? Oh my god, you don't know what your saying Cat. I'm so happy. I always dreamt of this day,Darling. Oh! wow! I'm gonna be a daddy! I just can't believe!" He was just staring at Catherine in awe.

"Yes you are! Easy baby, easy" Catherine said teasingly.

"Oh Cat! I love you so much." he wishpered it in her ears hugging her tightly.

From that night Catherine felt a change in Joy. He became once again caring. He now came home early. Spent time with Catherine. Happiness beamed in his eyes. One could easily notice it. He was really happy.

When the time was due, Catherine was in labor. Granny called Joy worringly at his office. Joy frenetically hurried from his office, reached home and carried Catherine to the best hospital in Boston. Granny came in another car behind Joy's. There was no hustle in the hospital, as he had booked a room for Catherine in advance. It was around 8 in the evening.

Both Granny and Joy waited in a frenzy in the corridor. At down, the doctor operating Catherine came outside and said," Congrats, Mr. Woodland. You have a lovely baby girl."

Joy couldn't believe it. He was still in bewilderment.

"Thanks Doc. You are genious! Hey, how is Cat..I mean Catherine?" He was not his self that moment.

"Oh! Both are perfectly fine. Go boy meet them."

Both Granny and Joy went inside. Catherine was still unconscious. Granny picked up the baby in her hands. Joy overlooked at the baby from behind Granny.

Granny kissed the baby on its forhead. She offered a silent prayer in gratitude. It was their happiest moment.

Joy was just shocked.

" Oh my God! Granny, how does such a tiny creature even breath?" he said beamingly in excitement.

To make sure, he touched the baby's fingers. Granny handed the baby to him.

He hold clumsily in his palms. He could see its perfect feature in a complete healthy state. A pious aura exuded from its face. He instantly chimed "Aurora."

Granny said," What?"

"Yes, Granny. I'm gonna name her "Aurora." She just sparkles like that of a Aurora, a phenomenon which arises in the northern or southern poles, due to earth's magnetic field.

"Ok, Ok, Ok. It's a lovely name. 'Aurora' ."Granny also chimed it.

All family together in the same vehicle this time, returned home at noon.

The same nanny who used to take care of Joy, took the baby inside. Joy helped Catherine inside. At "Woods Eden" mansion it was a happy and lively atmosphere.

Joy knew the news would spread like a burning fire in the morning through "Boston Daily" the esteemed daily of Boston. How much he hated it. He didn't like the whole concept of it. But this was the price he had to pay for being a successful personality in the city.


home at midnight. Aurora would be fast asleep till then. He was getting obsessed with work. And, the worst, he even didn't realize it.

"You gonna regret Joyee one day. You don't realize it now. What is it Joyee which you don't have? Why are you still running after money so much? You are neglecting us. You are neglecting Aurora." said Catherine grimly one night.

"Come back Joyee" she said pleadingly. Her eyes almost glistened.

"What is it Cat? Whatever I'm doing is for our betterment. I wanna conquer every happiness in this world for you, for Aurora, for us." reasoned Joy with almost ignorance about the current situation in which he had put everyone.

"It's no use reasoning with you Joy. Goodnight. " Catherine covered herself under the sheet and shut her eyes. Now tears were trickling down her cheeks.

Joy didn't feel like working. He wasn't feeling good either. But couldn't really discern what was it. Was it Catherine, Aurora or themselves? He lied down and closed his eyes. He switched the light off. In the darkness he kept reflecting what Catherine has just told.

It was Aurora's seventh birthday. Aurora was just at the top of the world. She had made invitation cards for her friends on her own. She invited around 70 children. Most of them from her school, some of them from her music class, a few from her swimming class.

But the most important reason for her happiness was that she coaxed Joy in the morning and managed to exact a promise from him that he would be around the party in the evening.

It was seven in the evening. Most of her friends had already arrived. Her eyes were still searching for Joy. He told he would be there by 6 p.m. But there was no sign of him.

Around 7:30 pm Joy called. Catherine picked the phone.

"Hey, Sweetheart!"

"Joyee you still in office!"

"Yeah, baby. Ummm.. I won't be able to make it to the party. Tell Aurora I....."

Catherine put the phone down. What was more to listen. She went towards Aurora.

"Hey, baby. So guess your all friends are here now" said Catherine chirpy.

"Yeah. But daddy hasn't shown up yet. He said he would come." she said in a gloomy voice.

"Oh! He would come, later baby. Let's cut the cake. Your friends must be hungry."

"Nope" said Aurora stubbornly.

Catherine had to coax her a lot to cut the cake.

When the party was over. Aurora directly went to her nursery without even unwrapping the gifts. It was unusual.


Two years passed the same way. No change in Joy. Now Catherine was loosing her tempers every now and then. She was becoming impatient. She always kept thinking what she should do to bring Joy back to his usual self.

One time a crazy idea struck the gray matter of Catherine. Leaving Joy. She just feared. She loves Joy.

But destiny had the same plan framed.

Catherine couldn't take it anymore. After granny left for her heavenly abode last year, she felt utterly lonely. No one to guide in these matters. She was unable to cope.

That evening, Joy came a little earlier. The house was in complete darkness.

"Hello?" cooed Joy.

"Aurora? Baby,you playing with the lights."

No sound came in reply. The house was surrounded by an ominous silence. Joy didn't like.

"Cat? You around" by then he had switched the lights on.

No one was to be seen in the house.

Joy sat on the sofa. Waiting anyone to appear.

After around twenty minutes. The butler and the nanny came in from the main-door.

"Evan, where have you been? Where are Catherine and Aurora? I searched the whole house. No where to be seen. Where they are?" Joy asked as calmly as he could unaware of what was coming next.

After a moment of silence, Evan replied," Mrs. Woodland and Aurora have gone to Aurora's uncle Mr. Joyce in Florida."

"Wh..what? But why? She didn't even told me so. Is Joyce OK?" Joy told as a matter of fact.

"She told that she has left a message for you on the phone" Evan just informed Joy as told by Catherine to do. Although Evan was having a clear vision what was coming.

"What message? What's going on here? Will anybody tell me. What's wrong with Cat?" shrugged Joy.

The butler and the nanny went away from there without much having to say.


Joy went to his master bedroom. He was still to figure out what was going on.

But he was having a bad feeling. Some ominous prophecy ringing at the back of his head.

He changed his clothes. Took some shots of cognac. This was something he couldn't resist.

Now he decided to listen to the message which Catherine had left. There was something which made him shiver. He switched on the answering machine.

"You have a message Mr. Joy" beep..beep.

"Hi, Joy! Aurora and I are off to Joyce in Florida.....never to come back. I can't take it anymore, Joy. I guess you love your work more than me. God bless you, Joyee. Goodbye. Take care. Aurora is fine." beep..beep...beep..beep...

Joy cut the machine. He couldn't believe what he just heard. It was ringing in his head like the church bells. It was piercing like a sword.

He felt as if everything was zooming around him. Everything mocking at him. He was utterly stunned and unexpected.

He fell to the ground. Sat against the wall. Reflecting. What a mess he had done to his life.

He drank more cognac. His head was hurting. He couldn't sleep that night.

The world shattered to him.

The next few months just passed by. Joy was still doing everything a usual but not heartily. He was lost. He wasn't happy. He had no one to share with.

Now he was becoming really angry at Catherine. Why she has to take such an extreme step. She didn't even gave him a last chance. Suddenly a suspicion struck Joy. May be she would have found someone else to care for.

Joy stood firmly to this reason. And he started to develop a aversion towards Catherine.

Now he decided to forget Catherine. She was no more his. He started focusing on his business. Started drinking more and more. He had some affairs too linked to some hot shot girls in the town. But none lasted for long. Somewhere, inside, he still loved Catherine. She was just irreplaceable. But Joy didn't want to believe it.

Catherine never called. Joy never bothered to inquire about them. However, he only knew how much he missed Aurora. He missed Catherine.


A year or so passed by. Joy lost in his own world. No news or whereabout of Catherine. Media started playing stories about Joy and Catherine. Some of them were crazy. Joy would be bewildered at some of the news. But he was getting used to it. Now Aurora would be ten something. He didn't hear anything about her too. Joy was getting worst.He kept himself lost in alcohols. Although, he was doing the same things as before. But he was not really happy inside. Now everything seemed meaningless to him. Now,he craved for someone to be called his own instead of chasing money. And, no one else other than Catherine came to his mind. Harder he tried to forget her more she came to his mind. But this went happening for a while.


Back in the living hall, Joy was still lying on the sofa. Evan just came in to check out. It was around 8 in the evening. He feared to ask for anything. So he left Joy alone there.

Around 11 o'clock at night, Evan could hear someone sobbing. He feared and ran in the living area. As he thought, it was Joy. He was holding his head in his palms and sobbing.

Evan now it was the time. Now Joy can't hold inside what's been bothering him for that passing year. He approached Joy. Sat beside him.

"What's it Joy? Won't you tell me? I know what's bothering you inside. But I want to hear it from you." said Evan sagely as if he knew everything about Joy.

Hearing this, Joy broke down bitterly. He couldn't hold his emotions anymore. Evan's word were so comforting. He wanted to blurt everything out to him.

Joy fell in Evan's arms in a reflex. He cried bitterly like a child. Evan couldn't think what he should do right then. He comforted Joy. Rubbed his back.

"Everything will be OK, Joy." unable to think anything else Evan told.

He let Joy cry his heart out. May be it would ease him a little. So he could tell him what was going inside him.

After a little while, Joy came to his senses. Composing himself he apologized to Evan.

"I'm sorry Evan."

"It's OK boy. Let go off your ego and tell me what's it. It may help you." said Evan calmly.

"I have known you since your childhood. I know your each and every habit. I can tell something is wrong. But I want you to tell me." he said in a stern, like a parent's voice.

Joy was staring at Evan. Oh! man. He never observed this old man so closely. How much he cares about him.


Joy didn't know where to start or even to start or not. he feared if he did, he would broke into tears again. He was a loner always. He was used to it. And, he had no problem with it as he didn't know what's it to be not a loner. He was completely unaware of this world.

But, not now. Not anymore. He could not bear all these feelings going inside him anymore. Remorse, regret, sadness, longings and all.He was having a strong urge to tell everything yo Evan. But something was refraining him to do so.

" I'm fine Evan. It's just I was feeling a bit lonely. It's late. You must be sleepy. Goodnight. " Joy went away from there towards his bedroom.

Evan couldn't say anything but be silent. He knew Joy wanted to tell ,but didn't.

Joy came into his bedroom. Today, he didn't know what was it, why he was missing Catherine and Aurora so much. Everything made him remember them. He was feeling a lot guilty. Now he realized he really didn't gave them time. Sometimes he even muttered to himself.

"You were right, cat. I'm gonna regret this one day. And what you did is right. I don't deserve you." with this he broke again.

Now he started delving into long lost memories and bringing them back on the surface of his brain. He played a music which utterly said about him. He got lost more and more. And more did he cry.

".......I have never been the kind to ever let my feelings show,

And,I thought that being strong and never loosing self control,

But I'm just drunk enough to let my go pain, to hell with my pride,

Let it fall like rain from my eyes, Tonight I wanna cry..........."

When Joy woke up, it was 4 am. He fell asleep don't know when. He sat on his bed. Music was still on. Damn, you can never believe sometimes how circumstances plays with you....a mastermind, a master planner.

He could hear with his head heavy with less sleep and so much thinking the song being played..

"I woke up early in this morning around 4 am,

With the moon shining bright as headlights on in the street,

I pulled the covers over my head and tried to catch some sleep,

But thoughts of us keeping me awake....."

He switched off the music immediately.


He was feeling a need to breath in the fresh air. He went to his balcony. The cool air did relaxed his senses. Now he could think sensibly. He wanted to end how he was feeling. He wanted to let go all his emotions. It was affecting him badly. It was affecting who he really he was. He would even try to contact Catherine and apologize to her. But how?



With all these plans in his head, he felt a little energetic, able to think. He went into the bathroom. Took a shower. The cool water of the shower was healing. It healed his mind, body and soul.

Now it was 6 am. He could hear some sounds below. Evan must be awake.

He wore a crisp white shirt and blue denim. He liked to wear this combination as casuals.

He came down.

"Good morning, Evan"

"Good morning, Mr. Woodland" replied Evan a little surprised.

"Oh no! Don't even call me Mr. Woodland. Call me Joy. I'm your boy, Joy." Joy told smilingly.

Evan nodded smiling back.

"Ok, Evan I'm out just for a stroll. When I'm back, I want my breakfast ready."

"OK, Joy!" Evan couldn't believe his eyes, he was happy seeing Joy happy.

He hadn't seen Joy really happy since don't know when.

Joy came back. He had his breakfast. he decided to take the day off.

He kept thinking what to do. He lost himself in past memories. And worst to come yet, he started feeling nostalgic again. He thought about Catherine and Aurora.

Hell, it was again happening to him. He went from one room to another. Unable to resist the thoughts coming in his head. Sometimes, he asked himself "Do really Catherine loves someone else?" He couldn't digest the thought. It made him gloomy.

He watched TV on his Home Theater....but all he could see were pictures of Aurora and Catherine flashing.

He even played games. But only to loose every time. He was so unfocused.

He just passed the time somehow. It was Around 7 in the evening. He remained whole day at home. No phone calls. No messages. No Internet. No emails check. Nothing.

Again those overwhelming emotions were taking a grip on him. He was feeling again like crying. He knew he was just pretending to be happy. But really he wasn't.

He went down to the living room. He sat on the sofa. Lost. Didn't know what to do.

He felt utterly lonely and despondent. He was once again loosing all the strength which he had gathered in the morning. He wanted to inquire about Catherine from Evan. But he wasn't sure if he knew or not. But Catherine was very close to him.He used to talk to her a lot and Catherine took him as her Father. He was going once again mad.



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