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The First Technomancer


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Cover art by Roark Dallas.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Devil Comes... 

Chapter 2. The Underground City 

Chapter 3. I Am The Merlin 

Merlin, Son Of The Devil… (Notes) 

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Chapter 1. The Devil Comes...


Who said Merlin is dead? If my discovery at Granith Tor is any indication, the man who history recalls as Merlin Emrys roams this universe still. Certainly, the Lady Imogen Drake's recovery and restoration of the weapon Excalibur confirms the existence of the warlord Uther Pendragon, which implies also a King Arthur. Geoffrey of Monmouth and Sir Thomas Mallory just didn't get all the details exactly right. There's little doubt. Merlin was real! Born of a demon, he was both a would be Messiah, and madman of the forest glen.

--- Oriole 'Orin' Amirjeen, Private Correspondence With The Arclayht Triad



[653 BC. Achaemenid Empire, Persia]

The pillar of whirling sand and white fire resolved itself into a form, that of a humanoid male, notably though, a winged being, whose crystalline-like feathered pinions folded down and out-of-his-way, to be hidden beneath a billowing black shroud. Glancing about, the sharply goateed man sighed, while he thought: Transmutation requires of me, much too great power to build such a crude shell so as to contain my code's resplendent likeness. Yet, it's the only way to interact with these creatures. And I have a goal! He painfully realized without Araboth's resources, he'd need be very mindful with his matrix. No new pod waited for him to hatch out of, no resurrection for an outcast. Though, that thought provided him a mirthful chuckle, what he was about to do here went against all Vril culture and teachings regarding death and life.

Indeed, the newcomer to Earth did have a goal. His rebel Legion even now gathered intelligence that El-Shaddai, his very own twin brother began to lay the groundwork for their Father's master plans, and that those plans somehow involved persuading these humans to join them in everlasting faithfulness.

Better to beat them at their own game. He thought.

The newcomer had a name. Actually, a host of names. This was not his first time on Earth, and the humans that either feared him, or embraced him here applied varying terms of accuracy to his personage. Upon his expulsion from Araboth the title Shaitan stuck, though his one and only proper appellation, Iblis Jinn would've been his preference to be glorified under.

Iblis Jinn realized hunger clawed at his newly materialized internal organs. Mortal coils are so fragile. Bodies born of sand and fire require nourishment. Ah, but he thought. Yet only with a body can I father a Messiah! 



On the shores of Lake Urmia, Iblis Jinn came to a village. The sun lowered on the horizon, leaving a warm orange haze in the sky which reminded Jinn of Araboth. Someday I shall reclaim my place in Heaven! 

More immediate matters however called Iblis back to the moment. Food! 

The smell of roasting meat reached Jinn's flaring nostrils, his mouth watered. Sweet aromas played on the air. Corporeal lusts overcame him. Refined Vril senses detected human females about. They were a sort of addiction to his kind. “First food, and then I shall choose.” He said to himself even as his mortal coil surged with primal needs. As he walked past a fire pit in the center of the village, his urges fed the flames that reached upward in a roar hot enough to forge steel.

Dancing girls and onlookers paused in wonder at the enlivened fire, as well as the stately shrouded stranger now in their midst. “I've come from a long distance,” Iblis said. Across the stars, to tell the truth. Yet he did not say such to these humans, barely risen up from the Great Deluge which nearly wiped them off this small planet. “My name is Iblis Jinn.” Let them remember it! “And I seek food and shelter, good people.”

Now these humans were no fools. They could recognize something 'other' about Iblis Jinn. Fading memories of star travelers. Anunnaki masters, who long ago ruled over Earth and mankind, persisted in the collective memory. Even this place's name: Urmia -- Watertown held a connection to those Sumerian starfarers, who fled, yet left behind remnants of themselves to be misunderstood, or ignored. Never mind a few genetic monstrosities to haunt their once slave, gold mining humans. Yet these Parsua tribesmen did not see Jinn in that way, for he was Vril and not Anunnaki. They did not behold evil, but a marvelous burning light that now walked among them.

Iblis Jinn casually questioned if these mid-level beings could appreciate his place in their creation. Without me, my grandchildren, there'd be no Anunnaki, nor humanity itself, born from a seed which I planted. El-Shaddai dares try become lord of what I rightfully rule over! Too bad his twin brother already started a propaganda campaign against him on this planet. He and these humans were truly brethren. He lost his claim when he cast me out of Araboth. 

If this were to be their battlefield, Iblis Jinn would hammer for himself a legacy here.

“You are welcome to join us.” Responded a short, roundish man with a white beard. “I'm Hooshyar, headman of this village. Come, sate your hunger my Lord Jinn.”



And sate his hunger he did.

Lustful almond eyes fell upon Iblis. The women hungered for him. His presence ignited in the human females a sexual want. For days on end they served him. Fed and washed him -- This crystalline-winged stranger from afar. To these human villagers he was magnificent. A man of superior build and razor sharp wit.

Yet, though he could have any among them. Only one female caught his discerning eye. Though she did not know it, she met The Fallen's requirements in detail. Her DNA, combined with that of his own Vril matrix would birth the type of offspring Iblis Jinn sought to carry on with his mission here.

In modern terms Shaheen would have been 'A looker'. Tall, proud, with keen smoky eyes. She alone among the village women did not fall over herself to please Iblis Jinn, even though she, like her sisters swooned for him.

That is why when Shaheen arrived at Iblis's cave, his sanctuary and laboratory, carrying a tray of food and drink, the so called Prince of Darkness reacted with a measure of surprise when he looked up to see the curvaceous woman who stood over him. Rising from a seat where he wrote on a lambskin scroll, Jinn welcomed the beauty before him. “Most unexpected Shaheen.”

Despite herself, Shaheen blushed under his piercing blue gaze. No person she had ever encountered owned such vibrant blue eyes, or reddish hair, with its strange touch of metallic gold. “My sisters have other duties...” She bit her bottom lip. “You're our guest Lord Jinn, it's our people's obligation to be sure you are comfortable for as long as you stay among us.” She glanced away, said. “You've given us many gifts.”

“I am a man who only desires to make your lives easier. For I can see grand potential in you, as a people.” Iblis said regarding his bestowing of advancements to this small group of humans. In his opinion, his Anunnaki children kept these creatures far too stunted. There was an innate fire to grow in humanity which needed stoking. He would amend his Anunnaki's mistakes. “My desalination filters will help supply you water for generations.”

“You're not a man.” Shaheen said and moved a pace closer to him.

Iblis Jinn straightened to his full, imposing height, his chest out thrust.

“Not a man?” Iblis grinned slightly. “If not a man, what am I?” He let his hand, with its claw-like metallic nails brush suggestively across the tops of her full tan breasts, that bulged out of her flimsy maroon top.

Breathless, Shaheen uttered: “A son of God, sent from Paradise to walk among mortals.”

God! Iblis fumed, a term which in his estimation proved to both be oddly accurate, while also exceedingly misleading. If only they understood how The One has been chained by Its very own physics. The Divine Artist, a demiurgic force indeed, inexorably hobbled by transcendence!

His metallic claws brushed aside a thin strap which held atop her maroon garment. Made bare for his enjoyment a full inviting breast with a nipple already erect. The Lord of Darkness nibbled upon her nubile, exposed fruit.

Shaheen exhaled, and with her own hand dropped the other strap to provide for him a full view of her ample breasts. Silky fabric piled at her sandaled toes as Shaheen shimmed out of her lower garment making herself totally nude.

Scooping her up in his arms, Iblis carried Shaheen over to his bedding. A nest of richly woven fabric and pillows, meant to hold many occupants in love play. Gently the Vril set her down, lifted her legs, and then he began to kiss, tease his way toward her throbbing sex.

At the merest touch of the fallen Vril lord's nimble fingers Shaheen found herself pushed toward the edge of delight. A wave of ecstasy assaulted her in a deluge of white hot power before Iblis Jinn even thrust himself into her warm slit with his mighty engorged organ. No, not a man at all. The human girl thought while he pumped hard and deep.

Together, they were animals in heat.

Overpowered by his untethered force, almost on the edge of his climax, Iblis Jinn, The Shaitan threw back his head and let out an inhuman growl which could be heard throughout the entire village. Just at that moment he ejaculated.

Bearing the strength of the fallen Vril's otherworldly sperm, Shaheen moaned.

The seed has been planted. Now, it must gestate. Thought Lord Jinn as he stood over the sleeping woman in his plush bedding. “There are other matters which require my attendance, gorgeous creature.” He whispered into Shaheen's ear, she rolled over, blissfully lost to the gift he'd bestowed upon her this evening. “See to our son. Remind him that he has a destiny to claim. When the time comes. I shall call him to it!”

Mission complete, Iblis Jinn burned his body to ash. In its place he became a stream of perfected data, returning to his true luminescent form, that of smokeless fire, so that he might better traverse across the stars upon ethereal wings.



Quickly, unlike any human woman before her, Shaheen grew heavy with child. The baby within her womb matured at a disturbing stride, and not three months after his conception came to be born. This confounded the village elders of course, but then, they reasoned that the girl had consorted with their honored guest, who had been rather unusual.

Owing to its singularly unique genetics, the newly born Nephilim, offspring of a 'Son of God' and a human female, did not first appear all too human. Covered with a fine coat of snow white hair, a pelt over his body as he was, and with a prehensile tail, the boy appeared somewhat grotesque, yet cuddly in a strange sort of way.

More to the point, it seemed as if the child had been born self-aware. No sooner did he enter the world, and the boy was up and walking. Like a very advanced three year-old with an unquenchable curiosity for his surroundings.

But one expects such things


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