Embracing the Night: The Beginning

Legend has it that these creatures have the true blood, the pure blood. Their speed unlike any breathing being that has ever walked this earth .They roam the frost chipped night in search of their preys-their victims, one could hardly stand the violent shrieks which tried so badly to be heard at night or to find the cobble stones marred with crimson in the mornings. But they went too far when they destroyed my world………………

Winchfield ,England
1795 Winter

“Go sweet, you must run” Julian chided the child who refused to depart from her
“Mother, I won’t……” Auna said shaking her head,ting beads of tears rolling over her eyelids .She looked up into the water filled eyes of a woman in her prime, golden locks dangling over her bright emerald eyes, Dirt smudged her cheeks and the scent of smoke still clung to her body and charred clothing.Even though they were a great distance from the burning village Julian could still see The raging fire which licked at the sky , clawing its way up to the heavens .Who would have though such atrocity would befall their small village. But it had ,somehow they’d found it and they’d destroyed everything in their path ,they’d brought death to them like the black plague had in the 12th century
“Mother, what will happen to us now, what about papa???” The small girl sniffled .She too reeked of smoke. Julian turned her gaze from what had been .Their home was gone .Destroyed. She turned her eyes upon her little girl and for a mere second the face of her little boy flashed before her eyes .Khristen .She’d failed him as a mother, as his protector.
Julian placed her hands on Auna’s slim shoulders, she looked at her child’s face once more, she wouldn’t fail her .She had to live. Tears breached their barrier and ran over her eyelids .At a loss for words she tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.Cupping her cheeks she managed to say with a faint smile hoping it would be cogent enough to get the little girl to leave her behind .
“Papa will be fine .We will all meet again sweet, one day”
“ now do as I say and run “She added . Auna nodded her head, she throwed her arms around her mother’s neck, somehow hoping that this was all a nightmare and that she would wake. Pulling back from her mother she turned on her heels and ran .The naked night nipped at her flesh and the angry wind tugged at unbounded raven coloured locks, blinded by her salty tear ,she stumbled to the snow coated ground .Above ,the moon moved tentatively like a shy child from behind
the clouds, emitting rays of stolen sunlight .She looked up, eyes riveted. This was a symbol ,a reminder of what this night was and what she’d lost.High pitch screams followed, embedding its lyrics in her mind a song which she would play over and over again until she destroyed every blue blood who ever lived.

Embracing The Night:Chapter One

Present day.
London ,England 2011

The Vampire lashed out at Auna with extended, claws tearing into her torso
“I’ll have your head, leech “Auna shouted her blue eyes lighting up with anger
A small smile tugged at his pale lips, his body disappearing then his face, Auna lunged forward dragging her sword through air. She stood still, poise .Anticipating the next blow. Blood flowed from the gnash on her temple .Marring her vision .She swiped a hand over her face “Where the hell was the bastard “ She took a step back only to fall flat on her back, a pale hand was locked around her throat. Menacing, glowing blue eyes peered down at her face.
“Filthy little slayer, do you think you can kill me” He hissed, tightening his hold on her throat
Her shoes dug into the cold pavement, she kicked her feet as she gaped for air, She wiggled under his hold trying to get a hold of the dagger strapped to her leg ….Unconsciousness slowly crept in like a predator hunting its prey .This was it she thought she was going to die .Auna closed her eyes and saw Khristen's face ,He flashed her a faint smile before disappearing .Suddenly reminded of what she'd lost ,what they'd taken from her she opened her eyes refusing to give up ,refusing to die .She would have her revenge .Reaching for her dagger again ,her finger caught the hilt, she slowly pulled at it until her fingers curled around the cool brass hilt.
The hot liquid hit her face .The vampire loosened his hold, Auna scrambled back from the leech a pleasant little smile curving her lips .The Vampire staggered back his eyes wide and frantic ,gasping he removed the dagger with shaking fingers and threw it to the pavement his long skeletal fingers curled around his pale throat. As if he were suddenly reminded of her presence his head snapped up only to meet her cold steel .His head landed on the pavement with a loud thud along with his body ,the vampire's mutilated body slowly lit up, Blue fire licking at his pale flesh. The fire finally died leaving a pile of ash behind and a clawing stench in the atmosphere. Auna watched silently as the pile of ash was carried off on the wind.

Embracing The Night:Chapter Two

McAllister’s flat

Auna pressed one hand against the cool mahogany door, she closed her eyes as she took a deep breath..Wondering what awaited her on the other side .She opened the door to lock gaze with Grace her maid, to be honest the old woman was more of a mother than her maid. With a sigh she made her way into the room one hand covering the wound.
“Auna I don’t think your betrothed would like you going out at these hours of the night “, Grace said her wrinkled face showing concern. She folded a piece of fabric and set it neatly on the bed. A satisfactory look masking her face .Auna glanced quickly at the suitcases sitting in the far corner of the room .At any other time she'd have been grateful to escape to the wonderful city of lights ,with all its awing sights .But not at this moment ,at this moment she wanted to flee, but she had to play the role of the dutiful princess. Sighing she let her blood stained sword clatter to the ground .Looking at Grace Auna said
“Grace my betrothed does not know of my existence, so let it rest .I’m a free woman and I’ll do as I please”. Auna retorted as she made her way towards her bed, trying as best as possible to cover the blood ozzing from her wound,but it was a fruitless attempt .the blood ran over her fingers and fell to floor leaving crimson splatters .
"you're hurt..."Grace made a move to assit ,but Auna warded her off
"I'm fine , I can take care of it " She said as she peeled of her jacket assessing the damage .Grace Flinched then added
"You must remember this is apart of the treaty,you must stay here until he comes “She said, like Auna needed to be reminded.She didn't want to be reminded that she was engaged to a man who refused to acknowledge her.She didn't want to be reminded that they had taken everything from her .
“I don’t need to be reminded of what we have become, slayers and vampires don’t kindle! It has been like that for centuries ” she snapped "And further more a month has elapse and still no sign of the prince ,once I plead my case to the council they will see that this marriage is not the way to go about this " She added
“Time changes and so does tradition “She said softly before she bowed and left the room. Sighing Auna fell back on the bed,she pulled a pillow over her face and screamed. Dark curls rested against the soft white coverings while her Blue eyes were transfixed on the ceiling sighing she relaxed how on earth would she be able to exact her revenge if she got married to a leech ,groaning she closed her eyes whispering a soft prayer "God help me "


The cool breeze kissed the land like a lover would, soft ...gentle. The deciduous trees swayed in the wind, their long branches twirling like ballerinas .the knee high grass swayed back and forth and the constant sound of sea water pounding on the side of the cliff resonated through out the country side. Ceddrick loved the smell of the sea water it brought back many memories of when he was just a wee lad.
Andrew drew his attention from the large gray dog that had gone to fetch the ball and turned to his brother
“When will you return home to wed your slayer, Brother?”
Andrew asked as he squinted his eyes, the wind had suddenly picked up kicking the dust along with it
“I don’t know, probably when I’ve had my fill of wenches “
Ceddrick said before he released the arrow a smug smile plastered on his face.
“She’s rather pleasing to the eye, a perfect match for you “Andrew said as he took aim at the other target board
“Then you marry her, Andrew”
“I don’t think my wife would be happy with that “He said with a laugh, his green eyes lighting up.
“And I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night with a sword in my throat” Andrew snickered at that
“I don’t think she would go that far”
“Speaking of wives, here comes yours “ Ceddrick said as he inclined his head to the approaching female.Saris approached muttering under her breath, golden curls falling over her slender shoulders.
“Saris, love what are you doing out here? “Andrew ashed, exasperated
“I’m pregnant, I’m not a fragile petal which can be crushed in the ragging wind “She said, annoyance etched in her voice, as she walked through the knee high grass. She finally approached her husband planted her two feet firmly on the ground then glared up at him
“What did I do now?” he asked as he brushed at a curl
She looked in Ceddricks’s direction and he held up his hands in surrender
“I know when my presence isn’t welcomed” He said before he bid his farewells. Things always got violent when his in-law and brother had a conversation and probably this time he might have an arrow in his jugular.Ceddrick turned and walked the distance to the end of the rocky pathway. During which he had been contemplating the idea of returning home to his wife to be, but alas a slayer was not for him even when his own brother had testified to her boundless beauty. With a ragged sigh he ran his fingers throughhis hair, He had to be in Paris by tonight ,the vampires and slayers were assembling to talk about marriage.....his marriage .He was suppose to spend the last month with her ,a custom practiced by his kind for millennia but adhering to traditions or customs was never his forte .He Laughed to himself a mere chuckle before teleporting home ,millions of thoughts running through hismind ,plucking through them all as he tried to come to an appropriate conclusion of what his bride looked like .

He shook his head he was not going to get hung up on some unknown lass, the last time he did the love of his life ran a sword through his heart, and he wasn’t going to repeat that.....not now, not ever. Other than his own internal wrestle, Something about this apartment felt different he couldn’t figure out what was wrong his innate instinct was telling him he wasn’t alone yet there was no one here .The rogues had silently watched as Ceddrick teleported into his apartment they could sense he was now aware of their presence and it was time to make it known.
“Found what you were looking for ?“Rafael asked smiling ,his dark eyes filled with malice
Ceddrick turned around to see vampires appearing from Thin air
“the rakoin, it can’t be”
“Oh yes, it is" Rafael eyed him then spat out” “ prince” his enter visage changed as his bitterness seeped from him
Ceddrick tilted his head “still bitter after so many years?” He asked as he glared at him, a smug smile plastered on his face.
“What do you think?”Rafael asked
he didn’t have time to go through this again he needed to know why he was in his house ,of all places ‘probably ,mistaken it for a brothel ‘he chuckled inwardly before getting to the point ,the real one.
“Why are you here?”He asked as looked around counting the amount of vampires present
“To prevent the council from making another mistake “
‘”Hmm, if you wish for a beating I’ll oblige’ He lunged for the closet vampire but only dragged claws straight through the air “Shit, the rakoin” how had they mastered it, only vampires loyal to the high council had that privilege. He couldn’t even sense them .There was a piercing stab in the side of his neck his hand shot up to feel a syringe. They’d all reappeared laughing and jeering
“What the hell, tranquilizer?” What did they take him for, some wild animal?
Rafael shook his head
“No, not really just something a witch whipped up for us “he grinned laugh lines crawling up to his dark eyes.
Ceddrick felt as darkness began to consume the small amount of his consciousness, it ate away until he finally blacked out.

Embracing the Night: Chapter Three


Beaumont hotel

“Where is she?”Brooke asked James as she scratched her head. Her phone clutched in one hand. He shrugged his shoulder, as he sank further down in the leather chair and placed his feet on the coffee table. He fiddled in his dark brown jacket until he fished out a cigarette placing it between his lips and lighting the end. He took a deep breath and puffed a smoke then turned his head to look at her

“She’s probably killing leeches “he said a dark strand of hair dangling over his aquamarine eyes.

“You really think this is the time, for that “She retorted as she pointed at the cigarette.

“No, but I find myself in the position where I have to “

“Where is she?”Arthur Snapped his face pulled into tight knots .Arthur was the first of slayers and so their ruler. After he’d renounced knight hood he’d taken up a new oath to slay leeches but after centuries of eradicating them he never found the pleasure he sought ,so he appealed for a treaty. sitting up with the cigarette bud between his fingers James said

"We don't know ,Brooke tried calling her but no answer"

Seconds later the vampire high council marched into the room all clad in white cloaks

“We had an agreement “The eldest said prominent veins standing out against pale white wrinkled skin .That’s the thing With the leader of the high council, after a period of time they begin to lose their immortality so that the position could be passed on,it was also a way of making sure that the Vampire kingdom remained at the top. If indeed the Leader remained alive there was a possibility that others with the intention of destroying the kingdom would seek to get information out of them and all would be loss, if they succeeded not just for their kingdom but the immortal world as well.

“Sire.”A young female said as she walked in her white robe trailing behind her

“What!”He shouted throwing pale hands into the air

”Ceddrick..he’s gone “

He rubbed his temple then let out a sigh and calmly asked
“Where is he?”

“We don’t know sire,

“Then find him and do not show your face until you do.” he commanded, he turned his wrinkled face to Arthur

“Slayer follow me, we must find the source of this problem “He said as he turned on his heels

“Find her “Arthur muttered through gritted teeth before leaving.

Embracing The Night:Chapter Four

South America

Hidden plane of Zahra

The faint smell of blood crawled its way to Auna’s nostrils .Her eyes opened slowly only to be greeted by darkness, a mere candle was providing light. She heard the jingling of keys and the chattering of men then she heard the door to the cell creak open.

“Time to go princess” a guard teased

“Go where?”Auna asked as she stared at the guard before her

He chuckled, the type which told her this was going to end badly.

“You’ll see”He said

as he yanked her to her feet pushing her along. Auna kept her cool if she tried to resist them the more they would restrain her. The faint smell of urine and other unpleasantries tickled her nostrils, hands protruded from the cells, prisoners were shouting for help, bounded by the shackles at their feet and hands .The dungeon was dark and she heard the faint clattering of plates and other metals, Screams of the tortured reverberated throughout the dark abyss ,she froze for a while .Were they going to torture her?.

the guard shoved her up the flight of stairs because of her hesitant steps , as they made their way up she saw a woman chained by her ankles and wrist ,the shackles at her hand had been attached to the ceiling ,she was stark naked like the day she was born ,her head hung and ebony coloured hair covered her face their were cut marks on her body most of them started from her cheek down to her leg as though some one just took a sharp object and dragged it along the length of her body ,Auna felt bile rise in her throat .Was she alive or dead? When they did it She shuddered and kept her head down, she heard screams and felt a cold tingling feeling run down her spine she clamped her eyes shut she couldn’t bare the sight of it or what else she would see .

They’d finally emerged from the dark dungeon, into a ball room; immortals turned their heads to glance at her. The room was illuminated by light. The marble floor glittered under the brilliant light which radiated from the golden chandeliers’, which were secure to the Ceiling.

“So this is what the council chose to be the queen?”A female said, as she made her way to Auna

“Queen?”She repeated as she met the gaze of the woman who stood before her .she had a mop of red hair which stopped at her waist line ,her eyes were almond shaped with amber iris .A real beauty some would say .

She chuckled

“So innocent.” She purred.

“Didn’t Ceddrick tell you or does he still lack that semblance of decency” she asked as she quirked an eyebrow, who was this bitch, and what was she talking about?

“I am Evaline goddess of premonition”

“And what do you want with me?’Auna asked ,Narrowing her eyes

“Simple kill you and Ceddrick, so no treaty will exist” seconds later guards arrived dragging a large male.

“Speak of the devil.” she said as she turned her head to meet Ceddrick’s gaze. Auna turned her head, just to see what he looked like ,It was something she’d often wondered about when she was at home ,when she was hindered from leaving .And for some reason she felt the hatred she had for him earlier return tenfold, if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be here now, if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t have to go against what she believed in, which was slayers and vampires do not mesh ,and if it wasn’t for him father would never have done something so stupid , so all in all she was going to blame him .But other than that he was quite handsome.

His black hair was tousled; His grey eyes narrowed as he glared at the red headed female who was standing before him.

“So Brother how does it feel?”She asked as a malicious smile stretched across her full lips

“How does what feel?”He snapped his grey irises transfixed on her face

“How does if feel to know, that you will die by the hands of your baby sister” He threw his head back as he laughed Auna could feel the rich timbre of his voice down to the sole of her feet , and she liked it .liked what it reminded her of ....her child hood ,her family the laughs they shared She closed her eyes tightly trying to force back the tears which threatened to escape she hung her head so that her hair could fall over her face no one was ever going to see her like this . Ceddrick met his sister’s fiery gaze again then said

“Don’t be silly lass “

“Silly! Silly!” Her voice began to rise gradually “The only person being silly is father, Andrew wants nothing to do with the council ......and you, you are irresponsible, how can an incorrigible philander ing bum like you rise to that position. I should be queen not that little tart she said as she pointed a polished nail at Auna.

Ceddrick looked in the direction his sister was pointing. A pale female with raven coloured locks was kneeling on the floor her hands tied behind her back as she hung her head. She would be his queen ?......wait of course it was that simple who could think as low as his baby sister, if she killed them both she would basically become the queen of the council .Didn’t his father ever think of the possible threats, risks that this arrangement would have on him ...His future wife .But in truth thinking about it now his father really isn’t to be blamed if he’d been with her this probably wouldn’t have happened, probably.

Realization had finally hit Evaline

, A throng of immortals stood in utter silence watching them, absorbing everything like a sponge .Evaline turned her attention to them for a brief moment then said

” leave us” She cast nasty looks at immortals who weren’t moving they were either deaf or just plain stupid.

"Leave"Evaline repaeted her voice holding a threatening tone

Ceddrick watched as immortals of all size scurried out of the room ,of course with the exception of the guards who stood at their backs .

Evaline turned her head a small smile travelling the length of her crimson lips

“Any last wishes brother, since tomorrow you will be joining mother ,where ever she has gone”

“yes I wish my sister wasn’t an evil contemptuous bitch “Ceddrick felt the impact of the blow it still stung where she’d struck for a good second or two

“Take them away “ she bit out .

The guards hauled Auna to her feet and pushed her along she glanced up from under her mane of hair to look at Ceddrick just to catch him staring at her .She didn’t know if it was possible ,but she heard him .her lips thinned and her face which had once been flushed was now pale, her entire countenance was ashen .As The guards escorted her back to her cell she kept on replaying what he’d said over and over again

“I’ll come for you “

Embracing The Night:Chapter Five

Brooke ran slim fingers through her mane of golden curls then said “I can’t seem to fathom this dilemma at all “She said as she turned to face James who was staring out the car window

“I can’t understand most things in life, like women for one and I’ve been alive for three hundred years “he chuckled as he turned his gaze to her

“Why do you trivialize things like these “She asked as she took a quick glance at him before turning her attention to the road.

“Because life is more enjoyable that way, well for me at least “she sighed then shook her head slowly, then said

“Only you James, only you “she said as she pulled up across the street from the hotel ,pushing the door of the red porche open she stepped out of the car closing the door behing her

“That’s right babe, only me “He said as he stepped out of the car. She rolled her eyes and followed after him her red stilettos clicking on the pavement .

‘Let’s just get this over with “she said nonchalantly when she finally caught up to him .He offered his arm to her and said
“And so we shall”

she placed her arm in his and sighed if she had to endure this for another hour she would kill herself .As they made their way in he lobby she realize that the mortals were staring at them men and female alike .she sidled up closer to James ,probably they’d think they were together and would stop staring and she as right they’d stopped staring right that instant some sighing with disappointment she just gave an inward shiver she can’t believe they thought they were together ,James was an ok guy an all but just not her type . As they approached the petite blonde at the front desk James dropped her hand.

“Um....good night do you have a guest by the name Auna Preston” she looked up from the book she was currently reading and her cheeks flushed a faint almost undetectable smile travelling the length of her lip

“Um...I..I.”After an episode of stuttering she’d finally regain her ability of speech ,running a hand through her auburn hair she said

“just let me check the system “

James turned to Brooke a pleasant smirk on his face ,she rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest ,James turned his attention back to the woman standing before him

“Um...Yes we do, but may I ask what this is about?” she asked

“It’s kind of private if you don’t mind could you tell us what room she’s in .Please um.......” glancing quickly at her id he said “Amber”

Her cheeks flushed a Bright red ,Smiling she said

“Fine but I can get in trouble for this “

‘Thanks , this means a lot” he said with a smile

She blushed and tucked a strand behind her ear then said

“Suite 606 .and um...... “She looked around then handed the key card to James

“Just in case she’s asleep or something “She smiled

“Thanks a lot, have a good night “he said as he took Brooke’s arm in his “

“You know could have just persuaded her” she said

“That wouldn’t be any fun, now would it “he said as he looked at her .she only scoffed and shook her head . When they’d made it to the elevator she sighed with relief just before they’d reached the elevator she’d caught people staring at them .Again.

“Mortals are so creepy sometimes “she said as she removed her hand from his
“You’re a 100 year old immortal trained basically since birth to kill vampires and you’re afraid of mortals” he said as he pressed the button which indicated floor 6 the doors began to close slowly and she glared at him .

“Hey i said they were creepy”

“Hmmm, right .just keep telling yourself that .You might just convince yourself of that “he said as he looked at her his eyes were filled with amusement

“whatever”she said as she folded her arms across her chest ."Let's just get this over with "

There was a loud ding and the doors of the elevator opened slowly. They walked out into a quiet hallway .An unattended trolly was parked at a door ,where a lady in her mid thrities soon emerged carrying folded sheets and towels ,Brooke just hoped Auna was still in her room sleeping or she'd gone to a near by library .


His brother was right ,the pale lass was a beauty ,not what he would have chosen for a wife, he always preferred blondes ,red heads and brunettes .But she would do ..if he was planning on marrying her .In the next 5 minutes the guard would appear again , to make his nightly rounds which he did every two hours, for some reason they never shackled his ankles and he’d decided to take this opportunity to try and escape.Ceddrick cleared his mind and slowly let his body begin to drift. Until he felt totally detached from the world. The sound of metal meeting metal grew, louder and louder by the nano second .But it stopped when the guard approached his cell.

He found it empty, He uttered a profanity, as he fumbled with the keys at his side until he found the right one. The cell gate creaked open and the guard walked in his sword clutched in his hand .Ceddrick waited patiently until the guard’s back was turned to him completely ,he draped the shackle around his neck. The sword went to the floor with a clatter as the guards hand shot to his throat to pull at the cool metal which pressed against his throat. but if thor were to leave this place tonight, this man had to stop breathing. His hands finally fell to his side, limp. Ceddrick let him fall then stooped beside him to find the key to his bonds. Seconds later he was free from his shackles but just mere chocking would not kill an immortal .He collected the guards sword and with one fluid swing ,decapitated him.

Auna sat quietly in her cell as she mentally scrapped plan after plan .How was she going to get out of here if she couldn’t come up with A decent plan . With a frustrated sigh she closed her eyes. But opened them quickly when she heard the door of her cell open slowly with grating creeks ,a large male emerge from the shadowy depts of the passage way carrying a sword her eyes widened did they intend to slaughter her like a trapped animal if so, they didn’t know who Auna Preston was. But the fury which she’d kindle at the outrage began to subdue and the emotions which rose to surface was that of shock and surprise. It was him..but how had he...Mentally she slapped herself why did she care he was here to help her so the least she could do was accept that and be on her way ,quickly she manage to regain her composure, of those emotions she was going to show neither .Ceddrick's gaze ran over the woman who was pin to the wall by metal bonds. Like this she could send a blind man spiralling into orgasm .

“Are you quite through with your scrutiny of my visage?, if so be so kind to free me” she said as she stared at him an obvious disgust in her blue eyes .He chuckled then looked at her

‘you know most women wouldn’t mind my scrutiny” he retorted as he went about the task she demanded finally free she rubbed her wrists and countered

“Precisely . other women, and as far as I’m concerned I’m not like other women “

“I’ve realized lass “He said as he pulled her to her feet.Thor got the feeling that she resented him ,not that he could blame her ,he’d left her in a house by herself for a month not once acknowledging her ,that alone was enough to set any woman on spring .

“How do you plan on getting us out of here?’She asked from behind him, her arms were folded neatly across her bust.

“I don’t know yet ,but it will only be until a minute or two that one of these guards has figured out that I’m gone “

He said on a breath before he turned to lock gaze with her. The petite female was clad scantily, she wore a black little skirt which barely manage to cover her thighs, and that flimsy little blouse she wore from what he’d glimpsed tapered in the back to some sort of corset design .Then the question popped

“Do you always dress this scantily ?“ there was no turning back now ,so it only made sense to go with it “Why?”She asked as she stared at him warily ,a faint whisper in the back of her mind cautioning her to be careful of her response ,he shrugged

“Just a question pet, it’s either a yes or a no “She sighed and looked him dead in the eye

“I don’t owe you an explanation “she said tersely if he’d cared he would have been with her a month ago .Not that any of that mattered to her now, they’d wasted enough time as it were . Women! You ask one question and they get all defensive the only thing that really mattered was getting out of this hell hole before it was too late, so for now he would let that question drop .

Embracing The Night:Chapter Six

The persistent rap on her door was enough to wake an herd of elephants. But it was short lived seconds later Evaline’s maid bustled into the room she quickly curtsied and met the brilliant emerald gaze of her mistress.

“Your ladyship,....the um ...the prisoners have escaped” She said as she winced obviously expecting some form of heinous act to be meted out to her

She gracefully swung her legs to the side of the bed

“i see my brother wasted no time “ she said as she stood and put on the robe which laid over the chair adjacent to her bed

“Madam....are you ok” Abigail asked a puzzling look plastered over her face

“Why on earth wouldn’t i be “she asked the malicious smile running the full length of her lips

“no reasons “she said as she curtsied and left

“Let the games begin brother “She said a malevolent smile creasing her lips.

Ravencroft Coven

“I don’t know what to think anymore” Brooke said to Olivia

As she took a sip of wine which she’d been offered

“ i know that this is unusual behaviour of your sister brooke-ann but i don’t think you should worry this much”Livia said before bringing the wine glass to her lips Brooke shrugged maybe Auna finally cracked and bailed ,but that didn’t excuse the fact that her suitcases were packed .The first thing her sister did when she checked into a hotel was unpack her clothes it was like a ritual with her .

“if one is to accommodate change she must always embrace the things which come with change” she’d remember Auna saying she set the glass down on the unembellished dark brown mahogany table she looked into livia’s brown eyes and said

“I need you to scry her room liv “When witches scry they use majick to recreate something which had previously happened but liv was a what did she call it, a witch in “reform” and had brandished any idea of ever using magic

She placed her glass on the table adjacent to Brooke’s

“Fine, but only because we’re friends and Auna owes me money.” Brooke raised an eyebrow at her comment


“Pssh, no dear she’s my friend too” she laughed a she took another sip of Madeira.

Their escape had been easy ...too easy which had rouse many questions in Auna .Why hadn’t his sister appointed more guards to watch their cells?, or even older ones because obviously the guards she appointed were young ..Young enough to be her Brother. She turned her gaze to Ceddrick who was currently lying on a bed of hay his hands behind his head After they’d left the castle they jacked a ride with some peasant on this wagon .he seemed so peaceful in his sleep she stretched a hand over his face to brush back a strand of thick black hair .but pulled it back touching she said mentally .

Her eyes suddenly caught glimpse of the sword which he’d stolen from the palace .Now that could be of use she chided .The only problem she had was that she had to stretch across him to get it .Shit no task ever comes with easy strings she told herself as she stretched over him .It must have been faith ..Either way she was convinced she was a woman because sometimes she was such a bitch .The carriage had gone over a bump causing Auna to fall on his chest ,practically knocking the air from his lungs .Ceddricks s eyes flew open at the contact

“What do you think you’re doing lass ?”He asked firmly

“I...I .um”He quirked an eyebrow at her .Crap .

“That’s none of your business” she snapped making quick recovery

“You’re lying on my chest so the least you can do is give me an explanation “ he said as he searched her face waiting for an explanation.

“oh ,that fact had eluded me “she said as she gingerly moved from over him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him ,a gasp had escaped from her and her features seemed distraught ,her entire apparel went blanch .

“yes that fact indeed eluded you, along with my explanation which you seem so determine to withhold from me, now tell me what were you doing? “he asked

Auna’s eyes widen at how clipped and serious his tone had grown .Her eyes darted towards the sword. Now wishing she could maim him for manhandling her his gaze followed hers realization crawling it’s way into his mind she’d meant to kill him. No different, she’s no different from those other slayers and Rachael. If that’s how she’d meant to repay him for saving her behind then they would part ways. He released his hold on her and she scrambled back from him .Her eyes fixed on his face .

“We part ways when we reach the nearest town “he said sternly, there was no note of uncertainty in his tone, no room for debates or questions. Good she thought to herself, things were better that way. For both of them.

Embracing the Night: Chapter Seven

The Morning light poured in from the window. Brooke walked around the room then took a seat in a nearby chair

‘So here it is “Brooke said “Let's get this over with” she added

Olivia nodded her short hair bouncing atop her head

With outstretched palms Majick began to encase the room, and a scene began to form. Brooke watched her hand clamped over her mouth as tears gathered in her eyes and slowly rolled down her cheeks .A large man stood at Auna’s Back ,he dropped a hand around her throat then whispered in her ear

“Scream and I’ll kill you “

She struggled against his hold but he only tighten it, her hand shot up to her throat to pry his hand free

But it was a fruitless attempt .He reached in his pocket and pulled out a syringe. Her eyes caught glimpse of it and she tried harder to get free but all her fighting came to an end when he jammed it in her neck. Brooke shook her head ,beads of tears streaming from her eyes , the scene slowly disappeared .Olivia gasped, Her eyes had stopped wavering from a metallic grey and went back to their normal chocolate colour, she looked Brooke in the eye and asked

“Who’s the man?’”

It was only a mere whisper

“Rafael.... “

“What do you mean my brother is missing?”Andrew asked as he narrowed his eyes at his cousin

‘Like I said, I’m not quite sure of all the details of our situation as yet, as far as I’m concerned uncle’s retirement is drawing nigh and if we can’t find ceddrick by then…“Andrew cut him off by saying

“I already told father, I don’t want to be the leader of our council, it’s too much a risk for my family“

Ethan smiled at his cousin then nodded.

‘I’ll fill you in on any new information. I also fear whosoever has done this is someone on the inside. No one else knew of this arrangement except the slayers and our people.” Ethan stood to take his leave ,then added “also take precaution something isn’t right..i think you and your wife should stay elsewhere for the time being”

“thank you for your concern,i’ll take that into mind” “ Andrew said with a smile Ethan bid his farewell and traced .Ethan sank further into the plush leather chair he was sitting in he ran his hand over his faced he took a deep breath and sighed.

Where were his brother and the slayer princess? The only logic he could draw from this was, someone didn’t want the two kingdoms to be united or......they wanted the council

Either way what Ethan said would be completely true. it had to be someone on the inside responsible for this and if their aim was at the royal family there was a possibility that his wife and unborn child were in danger. And he wasn’t planning on losing either of them.

Auna heard the faint errie laughter of children ,it resonated throughout the darkness,the sound intensified then it was abruptly cut off. Suddenly she saw a little boy with a mop of golden curls and eyes as green as laurel emerging from the darkness. He turned his sun kissed face to gaze upon her. Tears began to form and she felt as the tiny beads slowly crawled down her cheeks. She knew exactly who he was, how could she ever forget that face. He pointed a finger in her direction and asked

“are you my awa?” she felt her throat tightened ,felt how it constricted at the years of pain

“yes” she said as she knelt down to his level “I am your awa”

He pouted his lips and she watched as his little eyes moistened she touched his cheeks and he batted away her hand

“you killed me!!!!” he screamed as he ran off fading into the darkness she ran after him but the only thing she could see was darkness

“Khristen!!!!!” she called the only thing she heard after was a piercing scream. Her eyes filled with tears like a saturated cloud and she felt as the warm liquid poured over her eyelid the darkness was then replaced by red and a eerie little voice whispering

“you killed killed me awa ”

“Get up lass” Ceddirck said as he touched her gently on the shoulder

“what.....??” she asked groggily as she sat up and wipped her tear stained face,he quirked a suspicious eyebrow at her

“We’re here “he said.

He’d wondered what she dreamt about he’d heard her calling for someone called khristen and he’d wandered who he was ,a relative ...or lover and for some reason that thought had irritated him deeply She jumped down from the cart and he followed after her.

“Thank you” she said with a faint smile creasing her lips

“It’s nothing hope you and your husband will be fine”the old elf said . before disappearing around the winding path

“He’s not my Husband “she whispered to herself

“I don’t think he can hear you now pet” her head snapped up and she scowled at him

“As if I’m not aware of the obvious” she retorted

“we aren’t going to make any progress are we?” He asked as he locked gaze with her searching for an answer which he already knew

“Well that depends on you and as far as this conversation is concerned, it ends here.I believe you made it pretty clear that we go separate ways once we got to the town”

“I’ve changed my mind it would be highly stupid if we split up ,considering that both our lives are at risk “

“And when had you come to that marvellous conclusion? “She asked as she clapped her hands and flashed him an artificial smile

“I could do without the sarcasm, lass” Folding her hand across her chest ,s he scoffed and looked him dead in the eye .She can't beleive this ,she should be throwing a tantrum at this moment refusing his request ,but childish antics would get them nowhere ,instead she sighed and asked “how do you suppose we get to paris ?”

Embracing the Night: Chapter Eight

Pacing back and forth Arthur ran his fingers through his midnight colored hair .Stopping for a brief moment he turned to Olivia and Brooke who watched him attentively, they were waiting for him to digest the news he'd just received .

"Are you sure"

He asked ,a strand of hair dangled over his coffee coloured eyes ,that's the only thing that set him apart form his daughter his dark eyes were such a contrast when compared to Auna's .

"Yes,I'm positive.I'd know the man anywhere “Brooke said through gritted teeth as she lowered her head .She clenched and unclenched her fist trying to push back the thoughts which plagued her ,If Rafael laid a hand on her sister ,he'd regret it she would personally see to it .

"Booke ,Brooke" Olivia said pulling her from her thoughts ,her brows furrowed as she looked into her friends face

"Are you alright ?" She asked as she laid a hand on her shoulder

"I'll be fine "she wispered Walking over to her ,Arthur stooped to her level and placed a hand on her knee
"I know this is hard for you Brooke-ann ,but love we can''t break down .Not now , your sister needs us .We must be strong " He said as she squeezed her hand his eyes softened and she could tell he was torn inside ,Auna and her were the closest thing he had to a family .

"Yes Father "She smiled ,he returned the smile and gave her hand a final sqeeze "That's my girl
Standing he said

"Send Asher to deliver this message ,we need to inform the vampires of this ,seeing that one of their kind caused this predicament"

Nodding she and Olivia stood to take their leave ,when he added "Brooke I think it's wise if you stayed clear of this mess ,until this blows over "

Nodding she said

"Yes father "Before closing the door behind her . She knew arguing with the man at tris moment was pointless ,seeing that her sister was missing their father would not risk her life ,but how could she sit in the dark while her sister was out there ,she could be injured or dead .Forcing back the tears she glanced over at Liv who was completely relaxed

"Aren't you going to ask why I agreed ?"

She glanced over at Brooke ,a warm smile graced her lips

"I know you better than that ,you're much like Auna you won't sit by idlly while the one you love is in danger "

"So what do we do now ?" She asked as they walked the hall way which had pictures of ancestors hanging form the walls

"Follow up on our new lead" she grinned

Ward Macalister tossed his head back as he downed the last bit of wine from his glass .His time would soon be up and then ,then he'd join his beautiful wife .

"Cheers Arianna "He said as he held up his empty glass. He brought the glass to his lips once more utterly oblivious of the fact that it was empty ,realizing that it was empty he growling and tossed it across the room the glass broke and splintered into tiny shards on impact .He grabbed for the bottle bringing it to his lips .

"You were a beaut " He said as he looked at the portrait of his wife ,her unruly fiery curls were let loose ,her emerald eyes were filled with love as she stared down at their new born daughter whom she cradled in her arms .Both their sons stood on either side of her ,they resembled him more than they did her .Sighing he ran his fingers through thinning grey hair.

"She was a good mother "Evaline said as she strode into her father's study closing the door behind her

"Where have you been ?"He asked as he started through the window ,before he brought the bottle back to his lips again

"Father you shouldn't be drinking " she said , now blocking his view

"I asked a question ,where have you been these past days ?" His eyes narrowed at the young woman who was the spitting image of the woman he loved ,His daughter was so much like his wife ,beautiful and utterly stubborn .

"I was busy ,I went away on errands .Now please give me the bottle" She said as she held out her hand waiting for him to hand it to her .She always knew how to manipulate the man ,he sighed before relinquishing the one thing which was relieving his pain .

"Your brother is missing "He said on a breath the poor man seem tired and the bags under his eyes were a testament of that .It seemed as if he were waiting on death to take is last breath .Rolling her eyes she set the bottle on the table before saying

"He probably got cold feet and ran off ,you know how he is .Marriage has never been an option for brother "

He scowled before adding

"He has a duty to his people .How do you think I feel ,knowing that both my sons refuse to take up the responsiblity which is rightfully theirs "

"I understand father but why not make me head of the coucil" She inquired

He slammed his fist against his desk

"No!,what do you ,a woman know about runnig a nation ? the Kali must be a male heir ,Now leave me be "He said reaching for the bottle again

Casting her father a smile she nodded and mumbled

"As you wish father " before she left .If only the old fool knew what she was brewing ,he would see what a woman was capable of doing .She hung on to that thought as she let a warm feeling fill her ,soon and vey soon her father will see that she is more than fit to rule as Kali.

Making her way down the ancient corridors of the palace she saw her cousin Ethan ,he'd never really liked her and who could blame him after what she'd done to him ,she knew he would never forgive her .But she couldn’t care less he and that harlot got what was coming to them .Huffing she tilted her chin higher and averted her eyes.

Heading straight for his uncle's study Ethan avoided locking gazes with the devil himself ,he'd never really like Evaline she always struck him a tad cruel and after what she'd done to him he knew he was right.The woman couldn't be trusted .

Knocking twice ,Ethan heard a "Come in 'before he was able to do so again opening the door he entered the study which was lined by dark wooden bookshelves filled with different volumes of literature .His eyes briefly darted to the portrait of his aunt and his cousins ,before he closed the door and turned his attention to his uncle.

"Uncle ,I think we might be able to find Ceddrick "

"Sit ,Sit "He said as he waved to the empty chair before him, he set the empty wine bottle on the table before asking

"How,what did you find out ?"

"The slayers just sent message ,Rafael is somehow responsible for this "

"What is your brother up to Ethan ?"

"I don't know ,but whatever he's up to, it's nothing good " He said as he looked at his unlce who's face was totally indifferent ,somehow the passionate man he's once known as a lad was dying and it pained him to see him go this way .

"Go ,do what needs to be done .Find your brother " he said

Standing Ethan bid his uncle farewell before departing from his study .One thing he couldn't get off his mind was

"What was his brother up to ?"

Embracing the Night: Chapter Nine

Saris folded her arms across her chest and tapped her foot impatiently waiting for her husband to answer her question .Andrew rummaged through drawers as he tossed clothes onto the near by bed .He knew his wife wouldn't go easily ,she never did anything the easy way ,Lismars ..such difficult creatures he mumbled on a breath before sighing .Tossing a white sweater at his back she repeated the question.

"Why are you sending me to stay with those vile whores ?" .

He rolled his eyes and hauled the suitcase onto the bed and began packing items he thought she would need .

"Those vile whores are your sisters ,and I've already told you I have duties back at .." she cut him off by saying

"You're not telling me something Andrew Macalister ,and I want to know what and why " she said pointedly his head snapped up to meet her eyes ,sighing he sat on the edge of the bed then said

"Ceddrick is missing and Ethan suggested this arrangement ,which I agree with I don't want you to get hurt .Not like last time " a faint smile crossed her lips ,she could see that he still blamed himself for her death .Sitting on a near by chair she asked

"When? " He left not too long ago ,what had her idiot brother gotten into now

"I'm not quite sure of the all details myself that's why I need to return home " Easing out of her seat she filled the gap between them taking a seat next to him she grasped his hand in her and said with a warm smile

"He's ok " He placed a quick kiss on her lips before adding "He better be "

Standing he resumed his packing only to be interrupted again

"And how long will I be staying in that brothel?" He couldn't resist the urge to laugh at his wife's statement .Never in his life did he think he would be this happy ,but he was he was contented with the fair maiden who was carrying his child .

"I don't know ,until this blows over I guess " groaning she ran a hand over her face

"I owe that puta money " she whispered ,"Do they know I'm coming?" she added her dark eyes searching his for an answer

"Yes .I told Mira ,she said she would inform the rest of the manor" Her eyes narrowed at her husband ,how on earth could he trust her demented sister with such valuable information .The poor girl sometimes forgot who she was .She'd probably remember to inform everyone of her arrival ,after everyone found out .

"What ?" He asked feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the look she was casting in his direction

"Give me your phone ,I'll call Marielle .Misa is a twit ,she'll forget"

Sighing he reached into his pocket and tossed her his phone ,Punching in Marielle's number and waited until the phone rang .It rang twice before she heard a familiar voice say


"Marielle,It's Saris .I'm coming home for a couple of weeks"

"I know, your hubby told me "

"You know.....? He said he told Misa "

"He still can't tell us apart " She scoffed as she buffed and polished her nails on her her shirt

Glancing over at the male who was busy getting her things ready she said

"Doesn’t seem so .I'll see you soon "


"Yeah "

"I still can't believe you can't tell them apart " she said with her hands on her hips

"I can and I did tell Misa " He said as he dropped a dark suitcase to the floor

"Then who was I talking to ?" Tossing his head back he laughed ,It was a deep timbre which she felt in from head to toe .

"Looks like you have a bit of a problem there ,lass " He said before he walked out the room dragging two suitcases behind him .


A small moan escaped her lips,her hand hung losely at her sides her head was titled to the side her aubrun hair cascaded over her face leaving her neck exposed .Sinking deeper into her neck Rafael drank from the mortal who was currently moaning his name .He flet the hot fulid run down his throat and marvelled at the bliss he felt .When last had he enjoyed a meal like this ,Ages. As if realizing that he was taking too much he pulled back from her and kissed the tiny punture marks which marked her neck .He liked his new toy ,but the scent of the other man who she'd been with clung to her body like a skin tight dress and it grated at his nerves and regardless of how good she tasted it was becoming unbearable .Letting her slid down his body he took a step back .Quickly coming to her senses the tiny female before him sported a frown as her brows knitted together .

"You promised you wouldn't take from me ,unless I gave permission" He chuckled then said

"Lass,you should know by now I don't keep my promises and from the other male's scent I take it you don't either "

"I.." She tried to piece together appropriate words to plead her case but only found herslef at a lost for words .Shaking his head he turned on his heel and said over his shoulders

"I forgive you this time ,Pet but note I don't particularly enjoy the scent of other men on my play things " He said before walking out the door .Staring at the empty door way ,she made a mental note about what he just said because if hse slipped up again she would be back on the street corners .Closing the door he'd left open she silently wished she haden't made a deal with the devil


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