Robert awoke on a saturday morning to the sound of his alarm clock. He immediately hopped up out the bed. He put his bare feet down on the wooden floor. "Cold! damn cold!" he said out loud. He crept over to his dresser and grabbed a pair of socks. He slid them on, then then went to turn on the heat. "Should take the chill off" he thought to himself. He went to the living room window and opened the blinds. "What a beautiful day!" he said out loud. The morning was a dreary one. The sky was dark and gray. There was no sign of any blue sticking out the clouds. There was no glimpse of a break in the weather, just a steady downpour of rain. A big grin came upon robert's face. Most people hate when there were rainy days like this. It was the complete opposite for him. Robert turned the t.v. on to the weather channel. The forecast called for it to rain all day. "For once them fools got it right" he thought. He went in the kitchen and turned on the coffemaker. He went back in his bedroom pulled out a shirt and some slacks from his closet. He went in the bathroom and hopped in the shower. He was in a jovial mood, so much he caught himself singing"I did it my way" by FRANK SINATRA. If only his co-workers could hear him. Robert Portman? Singing? Stuffy, square robert portman? He stopped singing as he turned the water off. "They think they know me" he said to himself. "They think they're better then me because i'm not part of they're little circle, talking about people like they are still in high school." The thought of them disgusted him and for a minute his happiness changed to resentment. The feeling only lasted a minute as a smile returned to his face. He looked at himself in the mirror. "They think they are special, but i'm the special one" he thought. As he brushed his teeth, he thought back to when he was a child. He would always be made fun of by the kids at his school. He remembers coming home in tears and him mother would always comfort him. She would tell him not to worry about them mean evil children. "People always make fun of things they don't understand, they made fun of JESUS, always remember that" she would say. " Robert you are special, because god loves you and one day you will be a great man and do great things." He never forgot what she had said. He wished she was here to see him do this great thing today. "Mother god bless your soul, you were a prophet." he said grinning from ear to ear. He proceeded to get himself together, and got dressed. HE brushed his hair and put on some cologne. He took a look of himself in the mirror. " I have to look my best, for such a wonderful day" he thought. Robert went back into the kitchen and fried up two eggs. He had two pieces of toast and three pieces of bacon. He poured himself a cup of coffee and ate his breakfast. He went in his living room and turned his t.v to the cable news channel. Robert put his plate down. He had lost his appetite. All he ad heard on the news was about people in pain and people suffering. "This is such a evil world" he thought to himself. He started to cry his eyes out. He could feel the hurt people were going through. He wiped his eyes and turned off the television. "Have to stay focused" he thought. He went in to his closet and pulled out the things he needed for his mission today. He looked at his clock. "Time to go" he said. He went into the middle of the floor, and kneeled to say a prayer. "GOD give me the strength to do your work today" he prayed. He got up and put on his trenchcoat. He took one last look over his little apartment. It was spic and span the way it needed to be. Just he was about to go out the door, he thoght for a minute and laughed out loud. He smacked himself in the forhead. He went over to the glass case which held his pet turtle moses. "Moses i am so sorry buddy, i wasn't trying to forgert you" he said. The turtle was his best and only friend in the world, in all his excitement he had forgotten to grab him up. He picked up the glass case and went out the door. He knocked on the apartment door right across the hall from him. The apartment belonged to mr. and mrs. weinstein. They were the landlords of the apartment building and robert could not stand them. To him they were greedy slumblords but he did not no anybody else who he could give moses to. He continued to knock on their door. Finally mrs. weinstein answered. Robert forced himself to put on a half-ass smile. "Good morning mrs. weinstein, how are you on this beautiful day?" Mrs. weinstein looked at him peculiar. "Beautiful day? i would feel better if this damn rain would stop." Robert bit his lip. It was a test of wil to keep that smile on his face. "So what do you want? I know you're not paying the rent early" she said. "Bitch" robert thought. "That's a funny mrs. weinstein, actually i was wondering if you could do me a favor" he said. Mrs. weinstein looked at him even more like he was crazy. "What?" she asked. "Could you look after my pet turtle moses for a couple of days? i'm going away and i don't know anybody else to look after him." Robert motioned to the glass case holding the turtle. Mrs. weinstein really looked at him like he was crazy now. "Are you serious?" she said out loud. "Yes mrs weinstein, very serious, if you do this for me i will add on an extra one hundred dollars to the rent" he said. Mrs. weinstein looked at robert, then down at the turtle. "You probably owe me that in back rent anyway, give it to me." Robert handed her the glass case. She snatched from his hand. "Please be careful with him, he's used to being handled gently. He gets fed once a day and yo.." "Yeah whatever, when are you gonna be back?" she asked cutting him off. "I'll be back tuesday" he said bending down toward the glass case. "Bye moses, i will miss you." he said. Mrs weinstein rolled her eyes. "Again, thank you mrs. weinstein." "Just make sure you put that extra hundred in your rent check" she said as she slammed the door in his face. Robert frowned as he walked away. "She won't be spared when judgment day comes" he thought. He shed a tear as he made his way down the steps. He was going to miss moses. He cheered up as he went out the doors. He looked up at the sky as the raindrops hit him in the face. The water felt good, like he was being baptized in holy water. He walked in the rain toward the bus stop. People passing looked at him strange, as they had a umbrella and he did not. "Imbeciles" he thought as he passed them. He took shelter at the bustop. Robert was soaking wet, but he did not care. The bus pulled up and he got on and paid his dollar fee. It was crowded on the bus. The only seat available was next to a attractive young woman. "Excuse me, is this seat taken?" he asked. The young woman looked him up and down and shook her head. As he sat down he could feel her leaning away from him as much as possible. "Something stinks" she said out loud. Robert tried not to pay her much mind. "Look at her, the little whore" he thought to himself. He never had any experiences with women. He remembered what his mother told him, "Stay away from women of the world, when you get tempted always remember the story of adam and eve." Robert took his mother's advice to heart. Women to him were evil harlets. "Along with money, they are the root of all evil" he thought. Robert took a deep breath as his stop was coming up. He felt himself shaking, so he closed his eyes and asked GOD to give him strength. He got off at his stop to the rain coming down harder then ever. Across the street was the office building where he worked. Even though it was saturday, they had a schedule where you had to work every other weekend. Robert himself would have had to work today, but he had requested this day off. He had prepared for this day months ago, actually he had been preparing for this all of his life. For a minute he sat there on the corner just staring at the building. A car came by and splashed him with a wave of water. Robert did not flinch. He finally got his courage up and started across the street. It seem to take him forever, his clothes were so soaked they were weighing him down. He eventually was across and made his way into the building. The lobby was empty except for the security guard behind the desk. The guard had his face in a magazine. He looked up for a minute, robert pulled out his i.d badge. The guard shrugged his shoulders and put his face back into the magazine. Robert made his way to the elevator. As the door opened, he got on and pushed the button to the third floor. The doors to the elevator closed and robert fell to his knees. He could not stop himself from shivering, and he was having second thoughts. He closed his eyes and asked "God, am i the one?" He suddenly felt a warmth come over him. The lord's prayer for some reason came to his mind, and he started to recite it. As the elevator opened to the floor he worked on, a peace came over him. He walked out with a smile on his face. He started to walk thru the office, and people started to look up at him. He was still reciting the lord's prayer over and over. The supervisor came out to see what was going on. Robert was in the middle of the office saying the prayer at the top of his lungs. "Portman, what the hell is wrong with you? have you lost it?" the supervisor asked. Robert turned toward the supervisor. He looked around the office at all of his co-workers. He had gotten everybody's attention. He looked at their faces, the same faces that had laughed at him. He looked at his supervisor and opened up his coat to reveal the bomb. He looked up to the ceiling and yelled, "IT IS ACCOMPLISHED!" then he hit the trigger. BOOM! then silence.


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