Held Captive

You will not see ropes or chains anywhere,
Yet I've been held captive here in my chair.
For fifty days I've been contemplating
how to get readers to my story
while I'm waiting.

With my entry in quickly, I got an early start.
But some malfunction! It all disappeared, (oh my heart).
It seemed to evaporate while being read,
words melting, pages blank--my biggest fear and dread.

The reader inquired and this question did pitch,
He asked, oh my... if I was Glenda the Witch!
Answering this, I had to say,
if I was, it wouldn’t be going this


I’d wiggle my nose and the votes would fly.
I could take it easy and watch them multiply!
With no help coming from a back-up crew,
I did all, every bit

, that I could humanly do.


Texte: (c) Serena Axel 2011
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 09.06.2011

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To my friend, Laz.

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