This land blessed by God
is truly heaven on earth.

Seeing water cascading
majestically down the rocks,
creating a vision of beauty for
my eyes.

I am in awe, gazing ahead with unobstructed views
surrounded by the
azure ocean on all sides.

Then I saw her in the early
morning hours.
She was beautiful and proud,
and stood at the top of the hill
of this fertile green expanse.

Given permission to take her an
offering of friendship and food.
My voice summoned her down
from the emerald knoll.

She came charging down to the
fence between us.
She was a gentle beast, and stood as
my hands caressed her wavy hair.

I gave her a cake of alfalfa,and
felt her tongue, the texture of

Seeing I was no threat, the rest of
the herd came close, all wanting their
share of the snack.

Pushing and nudging each other like
impatient children.
These gentle beasts with their soft eyes,
dependent on us for their care and

I visited the farm many times and never
forgot to say hi and spend time with Hilary.
She came when I called, a sight to see.
I cut and gave them the fresh wild grass they considered a treat.

I missed visiting my sister last year,
and called to chat inquiring about
She gave me bad news.
Hilary was found dead on those hills
she walked for so many years.
I cried, knowing if I went back I could
call her...
but there would be no response.

She will be missed.


Texte: (c) Serena Axel2011
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 05.04.2011

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You will be missed.

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