Season's Greedings
Serena Axel

The kids are asleep, all snug in their beds
While visions of Game Boys dance in their heads.
Some kids want iPads, some want Wii,
While others want everything they happen to see.

The joys of Thanksgiving barely drew near…
Department stores everywhere gave out a great cheer.
“We’ll skip the small stuff, cut straight to the chase,
Stock shelves with plastic, jammed right in their face.

“Call in the ad men and set them right down,
Instruct them we’ve exiled the feathery clown.
Skip the turkey, there’s no profit in it.
Throw up the trees and the lights this minute!

“Turn up the sound system; make their toes tap.
Mariah what’s-her-name, and the latest of Rap.
New holiday songs that aren’t ancient and sweet.
Think ‘bottom line’, gentlemen, of our corporate sheet.

“Forget Silver Bells and The First Noel,
The Nutcracker Suite—they can’t possibly sell
An iPhone, a Razor, a Squinkie or Zhu Zhu pet.
Hit them so hard that they’ll never forget!

“The true meaning of Christmas is in mortal danger.
The very idea of a child in a cold manger!
A star in the heavens, three kings from afar;
Gold and rank spices brought there in a jar.

“Think visions of credit cards that are pushed to the max,
Store clerks bewildered, on the verge of collapse.
Registers dancing, set prancing and singing
Of profits galore we know they’ll be bringing.

“That’s Christmas’ meaning, my associates and friends,
Recognize true value, recognize the trends.
Thanksgiving’s a waste—no merchandise sold,
We’ll move up Christmas, cash in on the gold!

The kids have awakened and all that they see
Are presents stacked skyward, as high as the tree.
Red wrappings, green bows; a mountain, a mess.
The children are screaming, “Where is the rest?”


Texte: (c)Serena Axel 2010
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 18.12.2010

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