Chapter 1: Who are you? Really?

Izabellea stood in the doorway of her new job. She still couldn't believe the fact that she was the new exotic dancer at the night club. The last girl had gotten fired for having sex with the owners thirteen year old daughter.

“There you are!” Someone called from behind her. Izabellea turned around to see a tall, masculine man in his mid thirties. The man grabbed Izabellea's arm and pulled her along behind him.

“It is time to get to work. Now, check in and get out there and entertain some guests and don't displease me or you will lose this job."

She took a deep breath and sighed and went back stage. She changed into the outfit that was laying at a station with her name written in fancy letters. The baby blue mine skirt and a blue plaid button up shirt extended to right below her butt.


*Man, what a day?* The Batman thought to himself as he climbed out of his car and headed into the club. His boss was driving him crazy. Giving him the craziest assignments ever. The problem though was the fact that he would be dead if he broke the rules, literally!

When The Batman opened the door rock music flooded his ears, but what caught his eye was the dancer on stage. Her long curly blond hair flowed behind her as she moved. He couldn't tell exactly how long her hair was because she didn't stand still long enough.

He watched her intensely as she kicked off her cowboy boots. A cowgirl, you don't see many of those around here, and this one is hot! He thought as she began to unbutton her long sleeve blue plaid shirt one button at a time. When it was unbuttoned she shrugged and the shirt slid smoothly down her arms and to the floor. She danced gracefully away from the shirt, then off came her skirt. She turned reaching behind her back, doing a 360 turn. When The Batman realized what she was about to do, and for some insane reason he had to do something.

Without being caught he snuck through the crowd of oblivious people and into the utility room. He found the electric box. He opened it and pulled the fuse from the box and admittedly the power went out in the whole building. He put the fuse on the ground and stomped on it shattering the fuse into a million pieces.

He found his way to the stage as people screamed and ran for the door. When he saw the outline of the girl trying to find her clothes. The Batman walked up to her and put his hand over her mouth muffling a scream. He warned her to be quiet as he lead her away from the stage.


Izabellea felt a pair of hands grab her. She let out a scream but it was muffled.
“Shh... Don't say a word or try to escape. Just come with me and no one gets hurts.”

Izabellea heart began to race as the person led her off the stage and out of the club into the night. Her eyes were covered by the stranger taking her some where .

Izabellea was scared. She began to wonder were she was and who just lead her out of the club and most importantly if she was safe with this stranger. Her mom had told her when she was little not to talk to or trust stranger and this was certainly a stranger, and she sure didn't feel comfortable around this character.
“Who are you? Where are you taking me?”

“Shut up and get in!” The stranger order in a overly masculine voice.
She felt herself being shoved onto something soft and fuzzy. The pair of hands were removed from her eyes as a a door was slammed shut behind her.

The Batman gave the girl a order and shoved her into a truck and slammed the door shut behind her.
He walked around the back of the truck and to the drivers side of the truck, climbed in, started it, and drove away from the club. Evil thoughts ran through his head. Who is this girl? I intend to find out and then I intend to ruin her life,but I'm going to have to report her to the boss., and he's going to like this surprise.”
Thirty minutes later he pulls into the driveway of the boss's home. Who the boss was only The batman knew. The batman turned off the ignition and climbed out of the truck, walked around back open the door and there was the blond head blue eyed beautiful girl.

“Come on.” The Batman said grabbing her by the upper arm and snatching her out of the truck. “I want you to meet someone, but first we have to get you in the appropriate attire.”

“Your...the..the...The Batman?” She stuttered from fright

“As clear as the day, Angel."

“The name's Izabellea not Bella not Izzie and defiantly not Angel. If you ever call me that again you will regret it!” Izabellea snapped

“Well...well...well don't we have a feisty one?” Batman said. “Just the way I like them.”
“Like Them?” Izabellea asked.

“Shut the hell up and come on?” Batman shouted at her and drug, against her will, inside the gigantic house.

***I do not own the Batman characters, but Izabellea is mine I will not take credit for character that are not mine. This is only fan fiction and my second fan fiction story.***

Chapter 2: Meeting the Boss

When they got inside Izabellea noticed that a hanging chandelier lit the whole room in a luminescent glow. A newly polished wood table sat in the middle of the room. On the table was a vase of black roses. This sent a bad feeling through Izabellea. Where was she? 

“Izabellea” He called her name in a dark and deep voice. Reluctantly and she forced herself to stop looking at the black roses  and toward the guy standing beside her. She was flabbergasted at who was standing there and at the fact that she recognized the guy.  “” When she said his name it came out as a studder. 

“As clear as day, Angel.” He replied laughing wickedly.

“Let me give you some rules. One, you are not to call me your Angel. I”m not your Angel and you don't even know me. Two, you are not to tell me what to do and where to go. Do you understand that?” She said with anger in her voice.

He chuckled evilly and grabbed by her upper arms with both of his hands and slammed her against the wall she gasped as he said,“Let me tell you something little Missy. I can do way more to you then just slamming you against the wall, so you had better do what I say and I'll call you what ever I want to call you. Oh yeah, and absolutely positively do give me an attitude cause you will regret it. You understand me?” This voice was full of anger. Not even a hint of kindness to his voice.

Scared Izabellea gasped the word “Yes” and looked him in the eyes for the first time, and it was the same as his voice no hint of kindness in them.

“Thats my girl. Now, I think its time for you to meet the boss.” He said smiling slyly as he put Izabellea on the floor and lead her across the room. The reached a giant wooden door at the other side of the room and The Batman pushed it open as if it was as light as a feather. The door open into a long wide corridor that had a bunch of regular size doors along the walls.  The Batman lead Izabellea down the hall. Stopping briefly at the fifth door on the right, only long enough to tell her that this was her room and he was directly across the hall. Then, continued on down the hall.  When they reached the end of the hallway there was another giant wooden door The Batman pushed this door open and walked into a large room with a television and a couch, the room looked like and was trapped in the seventies there where lava lamps all over the room the roof was painted purple and the carpet was green the walls were black. The door on other side of the room wasn't really a door. Strings of beads hung in the door frame. They walked through this door and Izabellea found herself in a gigantic kitchen. One of her particular taste. She loved to cook. Through the aroma's of the different spices that combined perfectly with others in a particular dish she could escape this world, to a world of love and happiness a world where she dreamed to be. A world where there were no problems at all. She knew this was impossible but as long as she could escape through her cooking she thought there was tiny possibility that, that world could exist. The Batman reached the door on the other side of the Kitchen and pulled a pair of keys out of his pocket. He unlocked the door but before he opened the door he said; “Izabellea this part of the building is of limits. You will not be getting a key, and this will be your first and last time up here. If we catch you up here without being summoned by me or the boss you will be in grave danger. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mr. Batman.” She replied her voice shaken

“Just” He said sarcastically and started laughing at himself as he turned the doorknob and pushed the door open to expose a flight of stairs. The Batman lead Izabellea up the stairs and into the first room on the right. “Good afternoon boss. A got a surprise for you.” The Batman said to the back of a black chair that sat in the middle of the room.

“You do? Do you?” Said a voice in a dark deep tone. The chair spun around and The Joker was sitting in it. He propped his feet up on the wooden desk in front of him and lend back in his chair nonchalantly.  Izabellea stumbled backwards and tripped over her own feet and probably would have fallen on her butt if it weren't for the fact that The Batman was still holding on to her as if he was afraid she would run.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here."

Chapter 3: The First Task

Izabellea stood in front of the joker. Shaking like a leaf. She didn't want to be here and what did she do to get herself into this position. She was afraid the joker and by what she had seen of the batman now, she wasn't going to like him either. well, not if she good help it.

 "what's your name, Dear." The Joker's smile was permanantly graved into his face and didn't change but his voice grow excited. 

"I don't care if your The joker or the hottest guy on the planet. Let me get something straight the name's is Izabellea and Izabellea is what you are going to call me. NOT Angel, NOT Cupcake, NOT baby or any other cute you can muster up, because I'm not any of that to you two and I never will be. You understand me." Izabellea snapped, anger in her voice. 

 "Well, aren't we a feisty one." The Joker said, "just the way I like them, Feisty." 

 Izabellea put her fist up in the air and shot her middle finger up, flicking off the Joker. The Joker chuckled, but the chuckle sent a shiver down Izabellea spine. She tried to hide the shiver but she couldn't.

 "Well, Izabellea I might has well give you your first task." The Joker said bending down and opening a drawer and grabbing something and sitting back up.  "Tomorrow you are going to get up bright and early, put these on and go with the Batman to do some dirty work you'll find out what."

  "I don't who you think you are but I'm not going to doing anything you ask me to. I'm not your little pet and your not going to treat me like one!" Izabellea snapped at The Joker. 

"You want to make a bet my Darlin'" The Joker hissed as he stood up and walked torward her "well, I can change that real fast. Izabellea, my Darling, unless you want to keep this beautiful face in the condition its in you'll do what I say when I say it. Do you understand me?" He stroke her cheek lightly and then put his other hand on her other cheek so she couldn't move her head, bent over and kissed her out of the blue. She pulled away and The Joker turned, chuckling, and walked back to his deck 

"Don't you ever do that again!" She yelled after him. He chuckled harder and then addressed The Batman "Bruce, Take her back to her room and make sure she doesn't go anywhere." "Yes Joker" He said grabbing Izabellea and left the room.

Izabellea's room looked liked she had entered a world of Fuzzy, loveable, cute creatures. There were Bunnies, Baby Chicks, Kittens, and Puppies plastered every where. Her bed was the traditional queen size been cover with a canopy.  She sighed, what did the think she was, five? but she figured it was better then no room at all and it did have it's perks. With a large flat screen t.v. and A entire wall full of dvds, and a personal bathroom and clothes already in the closet and drawer and in her style and size too.

She got cleaned up and changed into some plain blue pajama's. Glad they weren't covered in fluffy things, but not glad she was there, she climbed into bed and stared at the ceiling until she fell into a dreamless slumber.

The next morning Izabellea was awaken by a knock on the door. She Grumbled and rolled over ignoring the knock. Then the knock game again. So, she reluctantly climbed out of bed, and walked the door, grambling, "Coming!"

When she opened the door. The Batman stood there. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, " oh. morning." She grumbled.

"Well aren't we chipper this morning?" The Batman said Sarcastically.

"I am a Bitch if I get woken up. I am going to back bed. So piss off would you?" She said, turning around.

"Mmhmm. Have you forgotten we have a job to do." The Batman said.

"Why do I have to be apart of this. Whatever this is." Izabellea Spat.

"Because The Joker likes you and if you dont abide him he WILL ruin over life." The Batman said.

"Why do you care. You started it, remembered."

"Let me get something straight. The joker may be the boss, but you're my toy. You hear me, pet." The Batman smiled. "Even though I may have to share." 

Izabellea shut the door in The Batman's face to shut him up, and got dressed *I don't know who they think that are, But I am no one's toy and no one's pet, and I will show them. The Batman is suppose to be the hero isn't He? Mean you just cant trust people can you?* She thought to herself, and exited her room.

The batman stood in the hall waiting. "Great you are ready. Let's get moving." 

Izabellea following him unwillingly. "So what is this task of mine."

"You gotta rob a jewlery story on the edge of town." The Batman said

Izabellea sighed, what did she do to get wrapped up in this. One moment she is at work the next she is under The Batman and The Joker control and is now having to do The Joker's dirty work.

Chapter 4: Trying to Escape

Izabellea sighed when They pulled up to a small jewlery store on the edge of town. The store was quite the looker. it was old fashioned what ancient cravings engraved into the walls and door. Due to the location of the store and the size it was not very busy. It actually barelly got customer's at all and the owner wasn't up front.

"This task should be simple for you." The Batman smiled. "Now this is what you are to do. Go into the Jewlery store and you will find a large sapphire necklace in the back of the store, which means you will have to keep a eye out for the owner."

Izabellea growled, "I am not doing this." 

"Oh, yes you are." The Batman said grabbing her chin with one hand, forcing her to look at him. "Darling, If you don't want to have your life a living hell you will do this." He kissed her forehead lightly and opened the door behind her and pushed her out of the car, causing her to scrap her arm badly. "Get Moving."

Tear began to roll glently down her cheeks like glittering crystals, but she didn't make a sound and walked into the store. She gave the store a look over and noticed that the jewlery here was absolutely beautiful. She heard car honk and turned around to see The Batman waving at her. He mouth something that looked alot like "Get going. Stop procrasting."

She head into the back and found no one there. *This is going to be to easy* she thought to herself. She searched the room for the necklace. When she found it, it was sitting on top of a wooden crate in a small glass box. It looked the front of a tiara, absolutely beautiful and priceless, She picked up the Necklace case and all. She headed the back door when she heard foot steps heading in her direction. She glinced behind her but didn't see anyone but the foot steps were growing closer. She made a break for the door and got through in just the nick of time.

Izabellea groaned as her arm began to ache. She glinced down at it, it was covered in blood. *That stupid Batman.* She thought ripping the bottom half of her shirt and wrapping it around her arm and headed off through the woods


The Batman sat in the car waiting on Izabellea. Five minute, Ten minutes, after thirty minutes The Batman began to grow angry, It doesn't take a half hour to rob a jewlery store. He growled, "Where can she be?"

The Batman claimed out of the car and headed into the store, and straight into the back of the store where Izabellea is suppose to be, and run into the owner

"How may I help you?" The owner asked.

"My girlfriend come in here about 30 minutes ago to use the restroom and has not returned yet. Have you by any chance seen her.?" He lied

"No sir, no one has been in here all morning."

"Oh! Well thank you, good sir." The Batman smiled *That Bitch, who do she think she is? Trying to excape. I will find you, Love. Whether you like it you not." He thought to Himself and left the store.


Chapter 5: Again!

Izabellea walked into work. Her arm was really killing her now but she did care she had gotten away from The Batman, but she knew he was going to come after her. Her shirt was drenched in blood from the cut on her arm. It was deep and hasn't stopped bleeding. 

She ran into her boss "Oh, hey Izabellea you know you have today off, right?"

"Yes, Mr. White. I kind one a hand." Izabellea held her arm out. "it's really bothering me."

"What happening." He asked worriedly

"It's a long story." She sighed. She couldn't help but the think about what happened. 

"Okay, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." He said, he was really understanding. "Eliza is up stairs. Head up and find her and she will get you taken care of." 

She smiled a thanks at him and left the room. She headed up the staircase into a house. Her boss lived above the bar with his teenage daughter. She helped her father out in the bar during her free time, as a waitress. Exspecially when when it is super busy. Usually Friday nights. after a long week and people want to forget there problems. The weekends usually brought in the most money.

She enter the kitchen with was not to big but not to small either. It was simple. with a counter between the stove and kitchen sink. another counter extended for the side of the sink the refrigerator, and a bar completed the space between the refrigerator and the wall, and extended to the edge of the door.

Izabellea walk across the kitchen to the hallway on the other side. Mr. White and Elixa had money, but you wouldn't know just by walking into the place. They lived in the apartment above the bar. because it was more convienant and it is just the to of them so it was perfect for them. Eliza's mother left them when she was three, and the rest of the money went into a savings account for Eliza's college fund.

She came to a door that had a wooden plank hanging on it with the name "Eliza" engraved on it. I knocked on it and didn't get a answer. So she knocked a little harder and waited for a reply.

"Come in!" a voice called.

Izabellea took a deep breathe and enter. She found Eliza laying on her bed listen you to something that was on the laptop in her lap. Eliza looked up from what she was doing and smiled. "Yes?"

"I need a hand." Izabellea said, showing Elia her arm which didnt look very pretty with a mixture of dry and wet blood, and a mixtue of dirt and pebbles that had manefested in the wound.

Eliza jump out of the bed and grabbed Izabellea by the good arm, and led her to the bathroom. "Sit down on the toilet please. What happened?"

"I tripped." Izabellea lied. 

"Okay what ever you say!" Eliza chuckled, while she retrieved some stuff from the medicine cabinet.


Batman was enraged. who did this girl think she was? Trying to escape.



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