It was a cool night outside in the woods, so I was taking a hike back to the cabin. I held my flashlight in my hand trying to get through the woods, but while I was walking, I could feel someone watching me. I stop and look around, but I didn't hear nothing. I heard a wolf howling. I start walking much more faster than usual. I was mostly running, I didn't really pay attention to where I was going, so I tripped and rolled down the hill. When I finally stopped rolling, I stood up and felt pain on my arm. I felt my arm and it was wet, so I knew it was bleeding. I grabbed the flashlight and look around. I froze when I saw a girl lying on the ground. I went to her and flash the flashlight at her. Her long blonde hair was hiding her face. I hesitated a little before I got on my knees right beside her. My hand trembled a little when I smooth her hair out her face. Except for the deep cut on her forehead, she looked beautiful. To make sure she wasn't dead, I checked her pulse. I sighed in relief when I felt her pulse, but it was slow. I need to get her into a hospital before she do die. The cut on her forehead was still bleeding. I look around the area and I found my bag. I got the bag from the ground and went back to her. I sat back down on the ground right next to her and pulled out the first aid kit. I cleaned her wound, put gauze on her head and taped it. I did the best I could to stop the bleeding. I put the first aid kit and flash light back in my bag and put it back on. I stared at the girl and hesitated a little before I picked her up. I look around in the woods and start walking through the woods to the direction I was going. A few minutes later, it start raining. While I was walking, a few times, I would look down at her to see if she was alright. I finally made it out the woods and I saw my cabin. I went to my Jeep Wrangler and open the passenger door. I caught her before she hit the ground, sat her down on the seat and put the seat belt on her. I shut the door and went to the driver door. When I opened the door, she was leaning across the seat. I sat her up and got her to lean on the passenger door. I went inside the car, shut the door, and buckled my seat belt. When I put the car keys in the ignition, it didn't start.

"Please don't give up on me now." I said. I tried to start the car again, but it still didn't start. "Damn." I took the keys out and sat back in my seat. I need to get this girl to the hospital. I grabbed my cell phone out my pocket and tried to call 911, but there was no service. I groaned. So that mean I have to wait in the morning to call them. I hope she survive for the rest of the night. I got out the car and shut the door. I went to the passengers door and got the girl out the car. I carried her to the front door of the cabin, took out the key, and opened the door. I shut the door and locked it. I carried the girl to my room and laid her on the bed. Blood was going through the gauze, so I need to clean her wound again. I left out the room to get some pain killers and a glass of water. When I went back to the bedroom, she was laying on her stomach, groaning in pain. I rolled her back over on her back, took off the gauze and start cleaning her wound again to stop the bleeding. After I was finished, I bandaged up her wound. I got two pain killers pills out the bottle and put them in her mouth. I lift her up for she can drink it. She drank a little before she stopped. I sat the glass of water on the night stand and laid her back down on the bed. I pulled the covers on her, pulled a chair near the bed, and sat down. I lean back in the chair and stared at the girl. She start mumbling something, but I didn't understand anything. I hope she survive for the night. I took my cell phone out my pocket and tried calling 911 again, but there was still no service. I tried the phone in the cabin, but it still didn't work. I tried to stay awake to watch over the girl, but I was so tired that I fell asleep.


I woke up from a bad sleep and I feel someone staring at me. I stared at the alarm clock and it was 9:30 am. I jumped when I see the girl awake. She was sitting up, staring at me. She had the most beautiful eyes I ever seen. She followed my every move as I stood up and sat on the bed right next to her.

"Hi. You are finally awake. How are you feeling?" I said. She just stared at me, not saying nothing. Maybe she can't speak English.

"Are you hungry?" I did some hand movements of eating for she could understand, but she kept on staring me. "I found you in the woods last night. You was badly hurt."

She look like she was about to say something, but she didn't.
"Do your head still hurt?" She looked a little uncomfortable.
"Where am I?" she said
"Oh. So you speak English?"
"I thought I had to do sign language for you could understand me."
"Where am I?" She repeated the question.
"You at my cabin."
I'm not going to let a girl stay here. I already went through a bad break up. I'm not going to let another girl in my life. I think she had hit her head really bad.

I opened the kit and took out the items I would need to clean her wound. Now that she was awake, I was certain that the antiseptic would hurt like hell. I snipped off a few strips of tape and stuck the ends on the back of my hand to make it easier to bandage.

"Is it alright if I have a look at your wound?" I asked.

At first she eyed me with slight wariness, but she eventually murmured a soft "Yes". With feelings of anticipation, I sat next to her. Lifting a gentle hand to her temple, and gingerly peeled the cloth from her flesh. I wanted to wince as I saw how deep and ugly the wound still was, but managed a small smile instead, hoping to calm any fears she might be harboring.

"At least the bleeding has stopped." I said. I placed the soiled bandages in the wastebasket beside the bed. "You've still got a doozy of a lump." I commented, viewing the black, blue, and purple tinge of the surrounding skin.

"Doozy?" she inquired, remaining statue- still as I examined her marred temple. Her grip on the cover was tight again.

"What?" she said

I looked into her eyes for a second before focusing my attention back on my task.

"There's a big bump and bruise along with a deep cut." I explained, thinking that the word 'doozy' didn't sound quite as bad as the truth did.

"You are a physician?" Her voice was odd. There didn't seem to be the slightest hint of emotion in her voice. It was almost a constant monotone. There was also something strange in her behavior. She was attacked- or whatever it had been- and now found herself in a stranger's bed with a gash on her head, and she hadn't even batted one of those long silken eyelashes.

"No," I admitted, keeping my attention on my work and not the fact that this was the closest I had been to a female in a long time. She was definitely more potent when awake. "I'm not a doctor, but I wanted to keep your cut from getting infected until we could get you to a hospital."

"No." The one word was flat, but insistent. "I will stay here until I can contact my people and return home."

I frowned. I didn't like the sound of that. "You need medical attention. You might have a concussion and I have a feeling that whatever problems you may have at the moment are far more than I'm willing to handle." I said calmly. "I found you out in the woods and felt it was my duty to bring you back here and get you some medical attention, but that's as far as my hospitality goes."

Changing the subject for the moment, I went back to the cleaning the wound. "This will sting a bit," I warned. "All I have is alcohol to clean your cut." I tore open the foil packet and extracted the soak cotton pad. Holding my breath, awaiting her reaction to the searing heat of the alcohol, I touched it gently to the gash on her brow. She didn't even flinch.

"Doesn't this hurt?" I asked.
"Yes. The pain is agonizing." she said
"Then, why didn't you say anything?" Her lack of emotion nagged at me. "I'd probably be screaming." I finished wiping the cut, and tossed the pad in the trash.
The girl just shrugged. "It would not lessen the pain by voicing discomfort." She remained still as I finished dressing her wound.

"Who are you? Rambo?"
"Forget it" I taped the ends of the gauze "Where you come from, you've probably never heard of him." I gently smooth the ends of the tape, stealing a little more time to be close to her. She reached up and took me by the wrist, her eyes intense as they bored into mines.

"I do not like it when you touch me."

I jerked my hand free from the shackle she had made with her thumb and middle finger. "I'll keep that in mind." I aimed for a tone of anger, but my voice came out in a whisper as I was locked in my unnerving gaze.

She is so weird. I need to hurry and get her out of here. She nodded and let her hand drop to the blanket. I watched with a frown as she slowly ran her palms over the cotton sheet and fluffy comforter like a blind person trying to discern the material. Too weird.

"Look.." I said
"I'm looking." She interrupted me. I blew out a breath of agitation. I smooth my hair out my face. I was tired, I wanted a shower, and I was hungry. This girl is being so difficult and she is getting me a headache.
"You can't stay here."
"Why not?"
"Because! I don't know you, I don't know how bad your injury is, and people don't go around letting strangers stay with them."
"Why not?" She seemed genuinely perplexed by my answers.
"Good lord," I grumbled, and got to my feet. "Evidently you were on some sort of mission for your country, or else why would you have been in the woods." And then, it struck me, perhaps she wasn't purposely being difficult, maybe she had amnesia or something. I let out a slow sigh. "Whoever you are, you need to get back home. Wherever your home is."

The girl on the bed stared past me and out the window, as if seeing something in the far- off reaches of her mind. Her face bore an expression that was vaguely sad and weary.
"Home is whatever I am at the moment."
"That bump on your head must have caused some brain damage," I muttered, feeling frustrated. The girl look back at me. I pinned her with a hard, determined look. "If I can't get my cell phone to work or the Jeep, as soon as Allison arrives, we'll take you to the city. We'll drop you off at the first gas station, hospital, library, or whatever you'd like, and you can take it from there. Call whoever you want,but you are not staying here." My last words were firm. I walked to the door, but in a heartbeat, the girl got out of bed and held me against the wall. She looked pissed and I swear that I saw her eyes glow.

"Let me out of here!" My voice was no longer held in a calm tone it had moments earlier Now I was only afraid, wanting to flee. Even if I had to run town, then so be it. This girl was scaring the hell out of me.
"You will stay here. I will also stay here until I contact them." I pressed myself flat against the door, wishing I could blend in with the grain of the wood and escape this intimidating girl.
"Ok. Calm down."
The girl stepped back and said "Sit back down. Now!!" On trembling legs, I obeyed, sinking into the chair, my gaze fixed on the towering figure. She watched my every move.
"You aren't going to hurt me, are you?" I asked. I couldn't help the small catch in my voice. When I had come to this lone mountain hideaway, I had indeed wanted to turn my life around, though being held prisoner by some sort of fast lunatic wasn't what I'd had in mind!! My visitor appeared to have used up most of her energy, and slumped down onto the bed. Still those big eyes of hers never left mines, pinning me in place as tightly as any set of binding ropes.

"No. I don't intend to hurt you."
"Then what do you want?" My gaze darted around the room, looking for a way out. There was none.

She sighed, leaning her head back against the headboard and closing her eyes before looking at me again. "I do not wish for you to be frightened of me. I mean you no harm."
Her legs were stretched out on the bed, and she was only clothed in the torn dress. I again chastised myself for finding her body so distracting when she was holding me captive in my own home.

"How can you expect me not to be frightened? You're keeping me here against my will and using some sort of powers to do it." My next words came out in a strangled whisper.

"Who are you, and what do you want from me?"


I bit my lower lip. I look away from the guy and looked around the room. should I trust him? I can't let my guard down. I look back at the guy. He did save my life. How do I know if he captured me? He can't be one of us. He just a human. A part of me want to tell him, but another part of me don't. If I don't tell him, he won't help me get back to the wolf pack. 'sigh' I guess I just have to trust him.

I smooth my hair out my face. "If I tell you, you will probably think that I am crazy." I said.
"No I won't." he said. I rose a eyebrow and stared at him. From the way he was looking at me, he looked like he might run.
"Fine... But you can't tell nobody about this."
"Like I said, I'm not going to hurt you. I just need your help."
"For what?"
I look down on at my hands. "I need you to help me get back to my wolf pack." I look back at the guy. He look at me like I was crazy.

"You got to be kidding me."
"I'm not. I'm telling you the truth."
"So you telling me that you have a wolf pack. You mean you have wolves as a pet."
I rolled my eyes. "No. When I say a wolf pack, I really mean a wolf pack."
"Are you telling me that you are a..a.."
"Yes. I'm a werewolf." The guys face start getting pale.
"I'm serious. Tell me the real truth."
"I am."
The guy stood up. "Werewolves are not real!"
"Calm down."
"How can I calm down, and you just told me that you are a werewolf." I stood up and slapped him in the face.
"Calm down."
The guy sat back down. "Sorry. I needed that slap." I felt so weak. I used too much energy. My legs gave up and I sat back down on the bed. I moved back to the head rest of the bed and leaned onto it. I look at the guy.
"So what?"
"Are you going to help me?"
"How do I know if your not lying to me?
"You want proof?"
"Of course I want proof."
I frowned. "Fine! I'll show you proof."

I closed my eyes and tried gather up enough energy. Even though I closed my eyes, I still didn't let down my guard. After I gathered enough energy, I stood up.

I felt sick, no I felt as if I'd been stabbed several times and left to die. Suddenly a sharp cold pain inflicted itself upon me. The bones in my body fell apart leaving me in agony, but it was worse. They were constantly shifting. I got used to shifting, so I got used to the pain. Suddenly advanced detail came into my sight, I could hear for miles. My face had become not mine, but a wolf's. Hair spurted all over my body, my fingernails grew into deadly weapons. My spine arched forcing me on to the ground. I let out a screech, then turned into a howl. My mind was not my own, it was that of a killing beast.


I stared at the girl in shock as I see her shift into a wolf. Her eyes was glowing. I stood up and moved back. When the transformation was done, she tracked my every move. I took another step back. She growled. She jumped toward me, landed on top of me, and she snapped her fangs at me. I turned my head to the side, so she won't bite at my face. Wow, she is so strong.

"Ok! Ok! Please don't kill me. I believe you! Now, change back! Please!" I yelled. My heart was beating so fast. The girl/ wolf growled, but she stepped back. I scoot back against the wall. Carefully, I stood up and slowly started walking to the door. She watched me as I kept moving and growled. I stopped when I heard someone knocking at the front door. The girl turned to the bedroom door and started howling.

"Shhh! I thought you didn't want to be caught? I'll get rid of them. Just calm down and don't make a sound." I said. She stop howling, but kept looking at the door. I went to the door, opened it, and left out the room. I closed the bedroom door, ran to the front door, and opened it. It was my older sister, Allison. Shoot! I forgot that she said she were coming over today. Allison is 25 years old with a 3 year old daughter, Katy. This time, she didn't have Katy with her. Allison smiled and brought in the groceries.

"Hi Kyle. You seem surprise to see me." she said. Allison took the groceries into the kitchen.

"Yeah. I wasn't expecting you to be here this early." I said as I followed her to the kitchen. Allison stopped unpacking the groceries and stared at me.
"Yesterday, I told you I was coming over and it is not early. It is 12:30 in the afternoon."
"Oh." Allison looked at me suspiciously, but shrugged her shoulders and start packing again. While Allison was unpacking the groceries, I would look back at my bedroom. After Allison was finished unpacking the groceries and put them away, she looked at me.

"Did you buy a dog?"
I tried to act as calmly as I can. "No. Why you ask?"
"When I knocked on your door, I heard howling from inside your house. So I was wondering..."
"Oh. I'm just watching over a dog for someone."
"Awww. That's so sweet of you Kyle. Is it a girl or a boy?"
"A girl."
"Can I see her?"
"No!" I said quickly. Allison rose a eyebrow at me.
"Why not?"
"She don't like strangers." I said the first thing that came into my mind, "If I let her out, she might bite."
"Oh. I don't want that. Well I have to pick up Katy from the babysitters."
"Ok. Tell her that I said 'hi'" I grabbed Allison's purse and gave it to her.
"Wow. You in a rush to get rid of me." I could see hurt in her eyes.
"Sorry. I have to take care of an errand."
Allison smiled. "Oh. Ok. Next time when I come, I'll bring Katy."
"I can't wait." I smiled back. I walked Allison to the door and hugged her.
"Bye Kyle." Allison walked to her car, got in, and drove off. I shut the door and went in front of my bedroom door. I hesitated as I grabbed the door knob. What if she was still in her wolf form? What if she going to attack me again? I guess I have to wait and see.

I slowly opened the door, trying to be careful. I didn't hear her growl or howling. 'sigh' I open the door all the way and stared in shock at what I was seeing.

The girl us laying back in the bed in her human form, staring at me. I look around in the room before I opened the door all the way. I shut the door and leaned against it. The girl looked exhausted.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You almost killed me!" I yelled.
"But I didn't. That's all that matters." she said calmly.
I smooth my hair back. "Fine! Fine! I believe you, but I don't know how I can help you."
"I already told you. By helping me get back to my wolf pack."
"And how am I suppose to do that? Do you even live near here?"
"I don't know. All I need for you to do is let me stay here for a while until I find my wolf pack."
"Fine. If you going to stay here, I have to know your name. My name is Kyle."
The girl looked away from me a little while before looking back at me.
"Well Melissa, since you going to be staying here for a while, you might as well get more sleep. I'll be in the kitchen fixing you lunch."

Melissa just nodded and kept staring at me. 'Sigh' I turned around, walked out the room, and shut the door. I hope she find her wolf pack soon because I can't handle all of this. One thing is, she is creeping me out. The other reason is, there is something about her, makes me want to help her. Why this have to happen to me?


When Kyle left the room and shut the door, I laid back. Every time I try to fall asleep, I tried to remember what happened last night, but I didn't remember anything. All I remember is that I'm suppose to marry Antonio. Dad arranged for me to marry Antonio because he is next in line to be Alpha. I didn't have no choice. Since Mom died, Dad has been very hard on me. He trained me every single day to become a great leader. He always tell me that he knows what's best for me. He thinks that I am ready for marriage. I'm only 17, but I never disagreed. I always want to make my father happy. I only met Antonio once at our wedding rehearsal. He is attractive. Every girl would want to marry him, except for me. I do not like him, but I do not have no choice. I have to marry him. When I was getting ready for the wedding last night, I was attacked. I never got to see his face. When I woke up, I was here.

Dad should be looking for me by now. He would be so mad at me if he finds out I am staying with a human. He always tell me not to trust them. So here I am, sleeping in a house of someone I barely even know. I don't know why I trust him so much. For one thing, he saved my life. If it wasn't for him, I would still be outside, dead. I know I'm putting this guy in danger by staying here. So I have to hurry and find them before they find me. I don't know why, but I feel I need to protect him. He saved my life. Now, I'm going to try not to put Kyle's life in danger.


I woke up and sat up quickly from the bad dream I had. I look around at the room. At first, I didn't recognize where I was, until I remembered. I look at the chair near the bed and saw a t- shirt, face rag, towel, and toothbrush. I smooth my hair out my face while I got out the bed. I grabbed the stuff off the chair and open the bedroom door. Kyle was on the couch watching TV. I opened the door to the bathroom and took a nice hot shower. I also washed my hair. When I was done, I dried myself and my hair with the towel. I put on Kyle's T-shirt and left the bathroom. I didn't bother blow drying my hair. When I got into the living room, I see Kyle sleeping, with the TV still on. I dragged a chair in front of the couch and sat down, studying Kyle's features. Kyle has brown hair, that stops to his shoulders, but right now, it is pulled back into a short pony tail. From what I am seeing, he was well over six and a half feet tall and that he has firm muscles. I detected the male scent of him. Clean. It was teasing to my senses. His scent was so appealing. Ignoring his thick sable lashes that lay softly against smooth, golden flesh, his facial features were clean- cut angular. I bit my lower lip as I kept studying him. He looked like he was a little bit older than me. I got up quickly when I hear a noise, but it was Kyle's phone ringing. I took it off the counter and look to see who it was. It was Brittany. Who is Brittany? So I answered the phone.

"Hello?" I said
"Who is this? Where's Kyle?" Brittany said
"Kyle is asleep. Who are you?"
Brittany hesitated before saying "I'm his girlfriend. Who are you?"
"I'm a friend. He never told me about you?"
"He should have. Well, tell him to call me back when he wakes up."
"He can't. First, me and Kyle need to take care of something. I'll tell him that you called."
"What you mean, you need to take care of something?" She sounded pissed.
"Hey! Don't hang up on me! What do you guys have to take care of?! Tell Me!!" she yelled. Instead of answering, I hung up on her. I put the phone back in the counter. When I was about to sit down, Kyle's phone rang again. I check to see who it was, and it had Brittany's name. I growled and checked the draws in the kitchen. I finally found a hammer. I went to the counter and banged the hammer on the phone so hard that it finally stopped ringing. It also left some cracks on the counter. I put the hammer back in the draw and sat back down. I smiled. I was satisfied at what I done.


When I woke up, I jumped when I see Melissa sitting in front of me staring.

"Can you stop doing that?!" I asked.
"Do what?" she said innocently.
"Staring at me. You creeping me out." All she did was shrug. I stood up. "How long have you been sitting here?"

She stood and look up at me. "Not for long. I have been waiting for 45 minutes."
"Did anyone stop by the cabin?" I asked as I was drinking some water.
"No, but your girlfriend called."
I coughed, choking on the water. "What?! Don't tell me that you answered the phone."
"Ok. I won't tell you." I checked the living room for my cell phone. When I didn't see it, I went back to Melissa.

"What did you tell her?"
"I didn't want to wake you up, so I told her that you and I need to take care of something. She seemed really pissed about it."
"Melissa!! Why you say that?!"
"Don't raise your voice at me!" she growled. I took a step back.
"Ok. Ok. Just tell me where's my phone."
"Like I said, I didn't want to wake you up. She kept calling when I hung up. So..." Melissa led me to the counter and opened the draw.

"Oh my god. What did you do to my phone?" I picked up the pieces of it.
"I smashed it with a hammer. It was getting on my nerves."
I look at her and frowned. "Then turn it off."
"Smashing it is easier. Why are you so mad?"
I pointed the pieces of my phone. "You broke my cell phone."

'sigh' "Never mind." I sat on the couch and leaned back. Melissa sat in front of me on the chair. I finally start to realize that she was wearing different clothes. She was wearing my t- shirt I left out for her and her long blonde hair was still wet from taking a shower. Melissa looked beautiful.

"Is she really your girlfriend?" she asked
"No. She's my ex-girlfriend."
"Why did you guys break- up?"
'sigh' "Things didn't work out between us."
"Why not?"
I look at Melissa in the eyes. There was no emotion, but it seem like she was studying me.
"We had some complications in our relationship."
"Like what?
"Why do you want to know so much?"
"I'm trying to get to know you."
I rose a eyebrow at her. "Why?"
"You hard to read. Now answer my question."
I hesitated before I said "She cheated on me with one of my friends."
"So you broke up with her."
"What other choice I had?"
"Do you still love her?"
I looked away for a few seconds before I look back at her. "Yes. Can we get off this subject now."
"Ok. "

I need to hurry and get her out. I look at Melissa's head with the bandage on it.
"Are you in pain?"
"No I'm fine."
"You mind if I check?"
Melissa hesitated before saying "No." I stood up and went to her. I gently took off the bandage. When it was off, I stared in shock. Where before there had been an ugly dark red scratch that looked on the verge of infection, I saw only smooth, flawless flesh. I walked back and said in awe, "You- the scratch- it's gone."

"Yes." I slowly approached her, lifting my hands to the bandage on her brow. I was left speechless.
"I heal fast."
"But... but." I hesitated.
"Don't worry about me healing fast. We need to find my wolf pack."
I went to the couch and sat down. "Oh yeah. Where do you last see them?"
"Last night." I waited for Melissa to say something else, but didn't.
'sigh' "Where? What you do last night."


I bit my lower lip. Should I even tell him. He did say he wouldn't tell no one about who I am.

"Melissa. If you expect me to help me to help you, you have tell me. You can trust me." he said. I didn't even know if I could trust him, but I had to. It is the only way to get back to the pack.

"I was in the woods." I said
"You mean in the woods I found you in."
"I don't know."
"Ok. What were you doing in the woods?"
I smooth my hair out my face." I was going to get married."
Kyle's eyebrow rose. "Get married?"
"I just said that."
"Are young to get married?"
"How old are you?"
"17." Kyle frowned
"Melissa. This is a young age."
"So what. Age is just a number."
"Do your parents agree with this."
"Yes. My Dad was the one who arranged this marriage."
"I said.."
"I know what you said. Is this part of religion or something." He interrupted me. I frowned.
"Do you even want to do this?'
"I don't know. I'm doing this for the pack. I have to do this."
"Do you get to choose who you want to be with?"
"Of course not. This is for the pack. The pack always come first."
"What about you? Do you ever want to marry someone you love?"
I look in Kyle's eyes and I felt vulnerable, but I shook away that feeling.
"Listen to me Kyle. Love might exist in your world, but it doesn't in mine. I have to marry Antonio. He's an Alpha. It was my destiny to become one. I was suppose to marry him last night, but I couldn't. I was attacked. Now, are you going to help me or not."
Kyle frowned. "Yes for the hundredth time I told you. How old is this Antonio guy."
I rolled my eyes. "19"
"Wow. This is crazy. All of this is crazy. Basically what I'm hearing, you are a slave. You never get to make your own choices. Now you want to go back there and marry a guy you barely even know."
"Kyle, why you care so much about what I do. This is my life. not yours." I stood up and frowned.

Kyle stood up in front of me. "You right. This is your life, but I don't want you to mess it up." He said softly. It warmed my heart when he said it. I growled, but he didn't even flinch.
"Why are we even talking about this"
Kyle sighed and smooth his hair back. "I don't know."
He look into my eyes like he looking in my soul. I shivered, sat down, and looked away. I took a couple of breaths before saying, "Kyle, I need you to help me. Even though you don't agree with everything I do. Everyone needs me. Please."
"Ok. So where do you want me to start working."

I sighed with relief.


I told Kyle everything he should know, but it was still dangerous. I never encountered anything like this. My many years of training could never have prepared me for this experience. I always viewed things from the outside, never getting too close. I always was interested in human life. I just get close enough to gain information, but I never had been discovered. No one supposed to get close to humans, but here I am. I basically breaking all the rules. I am telling a human about werewolves and I barely know him. All I know is his name. What if he was working with someone? Were there others nearby, waiting to take me captive? If so, then I have to use force.

"Where am I?" I asked, as I looked around in the room.
"Arkansas. I bet that's far away from where you intended to be." he said.
When he moved, I eyed him with caution, watching as he turned on the light.
"How did you find me?"


I look at Melissa and gave a little laugh to calm my nerves. "Are you serious?" I asked

"What's so funny? Of course I'm serious." she said.
"Oh. I was hiking outside to explore the woods, but I fell down the hill."
"Is that how you got your cut?"
"What cut?"
"On your arm." I looked at my arm and there was a long cut on it. It wasn't bleeding any more.
"Oh, I forgot about this." I smiled, but she didn't smile back. 'sigh'. I smooth my hair back.

"What happened next?" she asked
"I found you. You were lying there unconscious."
"If I was unconscious, why didn't you leave me."
"You are so weird. Mostly people would say thank you, but you wanted me to leave you."

Melissa frowned and pulled her long blonde hair out her face. "Well, I'm not like most people. You must have forgotten that I'm a werewolf."
"Here you go again."
"You starting another argument."
"No I'm not."
"Yes.. you are. Every time we get out of an argument, you start another one. Do your life involve around arguments? Calm the hell down for once."
"Well excuse me. All I ask is a question and you getting an attitude about it."
"Because, you always getting a attitude. You are crazy. You never show no emotion. You supposed to trust me, but I could still tell you are holding something back."
"Just tell me why you brought me here. Are you working with someone? Why didn't you leave me there to die?" she said angrily.
"Why do you want to know so bad?"
"Because, I want to. Now tell me!!"
"I wanted to help you. When I saw you laying there so still, I thought you was dead, but you was still breathing. I really hadn't expect you to survive." Melissa was about to say something, but stopped herself. "Can you just thank me and get over it?"
She hesitated before saying "Thank you."
We sat there in uncomfortable silence. I just couldn't take it no more.

"Come with me." I said as I stood up and put on my jacket.
"Where are we going?" She followed my every move.
"I'm going to take you to the spot where I found you."
"In the woods?"
"Yes. You would probably remember some things from last night."

I gave Melissa my jacket for she could put on. I grabbed a book bag, put a flash light and first aid kit. I also wrote a note to put on the door to tell everyone that I was taking a hike. Melissa followed me out the door as I taped the note on the door. While we were walking, I could feel Melissa looking at me. When I look back at her, she would look away. I smirked and kept walking.


The cool air felt good against my skin, but my hair kept blowing in my face.

"Are we almost there?" I asked. I smooth my hair out my face. I waited for Kyle to answer, but he didn't. "Are we there yet?" I asked impatiently.
"I don't know." he said
I frowned. What you mean, you don't know?" I didn't notice that he stopped, so I ran against him and we start rolling down the hill. When we stopped at the bottom, I landed on top of him. "What the hell, Kyle?! I could have attacked you, you idiot."
"But you didn't." he grinned
"Shut up, I could have killed you." My hair covered us. "This is all your fault! If you answered my questions when I asked, we wouldn't be in this situation."
"Of course you going to blame me. Blame the human."
"Yes, I'm blaming you. You humans are clumsy."
"What about werewolves? You didn't even watch were you were going."
"Werewolves always pay attention. We watch were we are going."
"Well, you the first werewolf I see who don't do it."

I wanted to say something, but I stopped myself. And then I start to realize I was still on top of him. We were pressed together, close enough that my breath ruffled his hair. He was that gorgeous.

He raised his eyebrow, the smirk getting more pronounced and he was a human. Which meant, he probably know that I'm thinking about how pretty he was.

'Crap' I thought to myself. Totally unfair. I pushed up on my palms to launch myself off him before I embarrassed myself completely and irrevocably.

"Hey." he said as he watched me back away as if he was dangerous. He looked entirely too pleased with himself. "Where are you going?"

"Back to the cabin." Double crap. What if he thought that was an invitation. When, exactly, had I lost my mind? "Um, I meant to the cabin, where the bed is. And- shit." I forced myself to stop babbling."

Kyle stood up from the ground. "Do I make you nervous, Melissa?"
I stopped, glaring at him. "Excuse me, I know seventeen painful ways to kill you. You don't make me nervous."
"Ok." Kyle came to me and held my hand. I ignored the flare of heat in my chest and how good to feel his touch. "I'm sorry if I upset you."

"Ok. Just show me where you found me."
"I thought you were going back to the cabin?"
"I changed my mind. Now show me."
"You standing on it. This is where I found you."

I let go of Kyle's hand and got to my knees as I studied the ground. I can see dried blood. I sniff for the scent, but it was my own. I got some dirt to smell anything else. I could smell Kyle's scent. I dropped the dirt and picked up some more to smell. I caught this scent that I didn't recognize, but I can tell it is a werewolf. I was so frustrated that I didn't know who was my attacker. I closed my eyes to try to concentrate to see what I was doing last night.

(Yesterday Night)

I stood in front of the mirror, looking at myself. I can't believe I'm getting married. I should be excited, but I wasn't. I'm just doing this for the pack. I can finally become an alpha. Also, Dad would be so proud of me.

When Dad came in the room, he smiled.
"Melissa, you look so beautiful. You look just like your Mom. She would be so proud of you right now." he said
"Thanks Dad." I said
"Soon you will be able to takeover the pack. You and Antonio are meant to be together."

I look away from Dad and sat down on the bed.
"May you not say that." Dad sat down next to me.
"Why not? I thought you and Antonio got along with each other."
"Antonio is a jerk."
"I know Melissa, but..."
"I know. I know. It is my destiny to marry him."
"Good sweet heart. Don't worry. Someday, you and Antonio will get along. It took a while for me and your Mom to get along, We barely liked each other, but the more we stayed together, the more we fell in love. Then, we had you. You was the best thing that ever happened to us. You don't want to disappoint your Mom by not getting married. Do you?"
I flinched. I hate when he do this. "No. I don't."
"Good. Your Mom risked everything to keep you safe. Don't ruin our reputation." Dad sounded serious.
"That's my little girl. Now, come out in 10 minutes."
"Yes Dad." When Dad left out the room, I look back in the mirror. Ever since Mom died from a attack by our enemies when I was 6 years old, he have been telling me to not disappoint Mom, or don't ruin our reputation. Him saying those things only made me stronger. Dad and others from the wolf tribe, expect me to be just like Mom. When they tell me, it only get me mad.

'sigh' But I'm not going to disappoint Dad. I got off the bed and left out the room. The maid told me the directions to get to the wedding in the woods. As I was walking through the woods, I heard some footsteps behind me. I stopped and looked around, but I didn't see nobody. I sniffed the air for somebody scent, but I didn't smell nothing. When I was about to turn around, someone attacked me. All I could see is darkness.


I tried to remember more, but all it did was give me a headache. I opened my eyes and stood. I turned around and I see Kyle staring at me.

"We should be leaving. It is getting late." I said.
"Did you remember anything?" he asked
"No, I didn't remember a damn thing. I never got to see my attacker's face." I was so pissed. I held back the tears that was about to come. "Never mind. Lets just leave."
Kyle was about to say something but said "Sure." I followed Kyle to the cabin and we walked in silence. Why does my life always have to be so difficult? When we made it to the cabin, Kyle unlocked the door. I went inside and went into the bedroom. I grabbed my dress and sniffed it. I caught the same scent that I smelled in the woods, but I still didn't recognize it. 'sigh'. I sat on the bed and frowned. Kyle sat down next to me.

"The one thing that pisses me off is, I didn't defend myself. I should have know someone was following me. I should have fought back."
"Melissa..." He stopped himself.
I look at him. "What?"
"Nothing." he looked back at me.
"Oh. Well, I want to thank you for helping me out. Even if you think I am crazy."
Kyle smiled. "No problem." We sat there in silence. "Are you hungry? You didn't eat all day."
"I guess so."
"What do you usually eat?"
"Deer, rabbits, etc."
"Whoa. Maybe I shouldn't asked that."
"You think." I look away and look around in the room.
"What about pizza?" I look away and look around in the room.
"What is pizza? Never mind, I'll try it."
"Oh.. Kay. I'll call Papa Johns and order some."
"Is he your father?" I asked
"What? No, the pizza place is called Papa Johns."
"Oh." I followed Kyle to the living room as he picked up a phone. While he was on the phone, I went to his book shelf to look at some pics. I picked up a book and sat down. On the cover, it said 'Yearbook'. I flipped through the pages, until I stopped. The page was called 'Football Team', and there was Kyle. Kyle sat right next to me.

"The pizza should be here in a few minutes." he said. All I did was nod my head and pointed to the picture of him.
"That's you." I said as I smooth my hair out my face.
"You look so happy. Why are you here alone, by yourself?" I looked at him.
"Technically, I'm not alone because you're here."
"I'm serious."
"Fine. I made my choice to come here. I wanted to be alone."
"What about your... family?"
"My sister visits me every few days."
"Was she the one who came here earlier?"
"What about your parents?"
"They understand I need some time away."
I look back at the yearbook and flip through some more pages. I stopped on the page of Kyle with a girl.

"Is that your sister?" Kyle start laughing
"You have got to be kidding."
"What? Why are you laughing?"
"She is not my sister." He finally stop laughing.
I frowned. "Then, who is she?"
"She's my ex- girlfriend." I look at the girl in the picture. She is pretty. She has black silky hair and brown eyes. She also has a nice facial structure.
"You mean, Brittany."

Kyle nodded. I look at him and he is still looking at the picture. He looked so sad. When I shut the door, he looks at me while I stare into his eyes. I can see hurt and sadness. I felt bad for him. I look away from him. I can't be feeling this way.

"The pizza is here." I said as I stood up.
"I didn't.." he said before someone knocked on the door.
"Told you."
"How did you.. Oh yeah. Super hearing."
I ignored the comment and opened the door. There was a guy standing there with a box. From his scent, I can tell he is a human.

"I'm sorry, but you have the wrong place. We ordered pizza." The guy didn't say nothing. All he did was stand there, looking like he saw an angel. "Um, Kyle. I think this guy is deaf."
"What you mean deaf?" Kyle came to the door.
"Can you tell him that he got the wrong place? We ordered pizza, not a box."
Kyle rose an eyebrow and smiled. "Melissa, that is the pizza."
I was confused. "We have to eat the box?"
"No, the pizza is inside the box."
"Oh." I took the pizza box away from the guy and was about to shut the door, but Kyle stopped me.
"We have to pay him."
"You can put the pizza in a kitchen. I'm going to talk to him."
I nodded. As Kyle was closing the door, the guy tried to look at me. I shook my head and went to the kitchen. The pizza guy is so weird.


As I shut the door, Ryan (pizza guy) tried to get another glance at Melissa. Ryan is my best friend since middle school. He was the one to suggest that I should spend some time away from everyone to calm down from the break up.

"Ryan. Pay attention" I said. I snapped my fingers in his face.
"Whoa. You break up with Brittany to be with this hot chick. I am so proud of you. Dude, you growing up so fast." Ryan said, being sarcastic.
"Shut up." I smiled
"Is she your new girlfriend?"
"I don;t know why. She is so hot. Thinking about her is getting me hot."
"Don't talk about her like that."'
"Ok. So who is she?"
"She is a friend from out of town." At least, I didn't lie to him. Melissa was out of town, until her attacker brought her here.
"How long is she staying?"
"I don't know."
"I wonder if she is going to let me take her out on a date?"
"I have to get back inside. She's waiting." I said as I ignored the question.
"Sure." Ryan was about to leave, but turned back around. "Why haven't you been answering your cell phone. I have been calling you all day."
"Its broke. I have to buy a new one.""
"Oh. What's the girl name?"
"Nice name. Can you tell her about me?"
I smiled. Yes."
"Thanks. See you around." I watched as Ryan got in the car, and drove away. I opened the door and went inside the cabin. When I went inside the kitchen, Melissa was studying the pizza. She look up at me.
"We suppose to eat the whole thing?" she asked
"Not all." I said. I grabbed two plates and sat it down on the table. I grabbed the pizza box, put it on the table, and sat down. Melissa sat beside me. Melissa watched as I took a slice of pizza and took a bite.
"That's all I have to do."
"Is it good?"
"Yes." I took another bite of the pizza. Melissa look away and stared at the pizza. Melissa hesitated before she grabbed a slice. When she took a bite, her eyes widened. "I told you it will taste good." Melissa took another bite.

"This is so delicious."
"Good." I look in shock as she finish the pizza in three bites. When she was done, she grabbed another slice of pizza, and started eating. "Wow. You are really hungry."
Melissa nodded and kept eating. After we were finished eating, I took our plates to the kitchen and put it into the dish washer. When I came into the living room, Melissa was sitting down in a chair, looking at the moon.

"Is the moon beautiful?" she asked
"I guess." I said
"Well, it is. When I was little, my Mom would be away in battle with Dad. I would tell her not to go. She told me to look at the moon. When I look at the moon, I know she is watching me."
"What happened to her?"
"She was killed during battle, when I was 6."
"Oh. I'm sorry." Melissa looked at me.
"Why you sorry. You didn't kill her... You know the worst thing is? During her burial, I didn't even cry. All I ever want to do is make Mom proud of me. That's all I want. That's why I have to get back to the pack." At first, I thought I saw sadness, but it was gone in a second.
"It's late. We should be going to bed."
Melissa nodded and stood up.

I turned around to the couch. "I'll make up the couch for you, so you can have somewhere to sleep." When I turned back around, Melissa was gone. She must have went to the bathroom, so I shrugged and start making up the bedroom and stared in shock. Melissa was in her wolf form, laying on the bed, staring at me. "Melissa, I got the couch ready, so you can sleep on it."
Melissa shook her head 'No'.

"Melissa, I'm sleeping on the bed." When I took a step toward her, she stood up and growled. "Come on Melissa." When I was about to take another step toward her, Melissa snapped her sharp teeth at me. I hurried and left out the room and shut the door. "You are crazy!!" I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. "She took my damn bed." I took off my shirt and laid back on the couch. "Who do she think she is? This is all crazy. A werewolf is on my bed, probably tearing it up. Don't make no sense" I tried going to sleep, but Melissa kept howling all night.

"Shut up already." I yelled. Melissa stopped howling. 'sigh' I was almost asleep until Melissa start howling again. I pulled the pillow over my face. "God, just kill me now." I said to myself.

This is going to be a long night.


I woke up and looked around in the room. I turned back into my human form and got out of bed. I have been howling all night, hoping the wolf pack would hear me, but I didn't get a response back. I walked out my room and went to the living room. Kyle was sitting at the table.

"Hey." I said. Kyle hair was ruffled and he looked really tired. I tried my best to not look at his body since he is shirtless. I sat down across from him. He looked at me and frowned.

"Hi." he said.
"What's wrong? You seem upset."
"Upset. I'm not upset... I'm pissed. First, I never got to sleep on my bed, so I had to sleep on the uncomfortable couch. Second, I couldn't get no sleep last night because you keep howling all damn night."
"Yeah. Why were you howling?"
"I thought that the wolf pack would hear me and come, but they didn't. Why didn't you tell me to be quiet?"
"I did. I told you to shut up 10 times last night, but you kept howling."
"Will you be able to stop the howling?"
"I have to contact my pack. That's my only choice."
"Hmm.. let me think. Oh yeah, why don't you look for them. That's a great idea." he was being sarcastic. I growled.
"Fine. That's what I'm going to do."
"Good. You will be doing me a favor."
I frowned. "Good to know." I left out the living room and went into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and washed up. I pushed my hair back and put into a ponytail. I left out bathroom, went into the living room, and left out cabin. Kyle followed me.
"Where are you going?"
"I'm doing what you said. I'm going to be looking for my pack." I transformed into a werewolf and ran into the woods. I searched through the woods trying to find them. I sniffed the air, trying to catch their scent, but all I could smell is the damp ground. I ran further away in the woods, but I still didn't hear nothing. I stop at a dead end. I was at a edge of the cliff. There was a river there and across the river was a another path. I wouldn't be able to jump across. I need to find a way to get across. I don't know how. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I howled, hoping to get a response, but I din't. I lay down on the ground and whimpered.

'Dad, where are you when I need you.' I thought to myself. 'I can't do this by myself.'

I howled one more time, but still didn't get a response. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. All I ever wanted was to go back home. To my family.


After Melissa left, I went into the bedroom to make sure she hasn't messed it up. I stared in shock to see the room wasn't that messed up. The covers and pillows were all over the floor and the curtains were torn, but everything else was good. When I was about to go to the couch to go to sleep, someone knocked on my door. Wow, that was fast. Melissa gave up that easily? When I opened the door, I couldn't believe it. Brittany was standing at the door and turned around. She walked into the cabin. Brittany sat on the couch and touched the seat next to her, for I can sit down. Instead, I sat down on the recliner chair.

"What are you doing here?" I asked
"Don't ask that question. Just because I cheat on you, you cheat on me back." she said
"What are you talking about?"
"I called yesterday and a girl answered it. Did you guys take care of ... business."
"Brittany, just tell me what you are talking about."
"Did you have sex with that girl?!"
"No!" Brittany sighed in relief. She reached over and held my hand.
"Good. You almost gave me a panic attack."
I moved my hands away from hers. "Even if we did, its none of your business. We broke up, remember."
"You the one who broke up with me."
"That's because you cheated on me."
"It was only one fling. I broke it off because of you."
"Then that was a waste of time."
"I miss you Kyle. I know you miss me too. Let's just get back together, what it used to be."
"You think we can get together that easy. Just to forget everything that happened."
Brittany hesitated before saying, "Yeah. It was just one mistake. If you would have cheated on me, I would have forgiven you."
"You just don't get it. I would have never cheated on you. Not even once. Yes, we have been through some arguments, but this was the worst thing you ever did to me, Brittany."
"I know, but I have changed. Why you think I'm trying to show you?"
"Why is it so hard to believe you?"
"So you go to another girl, just to show me a lesson. Is she your new girlfriend now?"
"No. She just a friend."
"Where is she now? Is she in your bedroom?" Brittany got up, but I pull her back down.
"No she's not."
"Why are you doing this to me?! Don't you get it? I love you. I want you back. Please take me back. We were meant to be together. I'm not going to cheat again. I promise."

'sigh' I smooth my hair back and look away from her.

"We can't. Even if you say that you won't cheat on me again, how am I suppose to know that. I don't want to be in a relationship with a girl I don't trust. Right now, I don't trust you. I used to, but I don't." I look back at Brittany and she looked upset. "Find someone else to be with."
"But, I want to be with you. We were meant to be together."
"If we were meant to be together, we wouldn't be in this mess."
"I said I was sorry. I know you still love me. I'll give you more time to think about this."
"Don't say nothing else. I'll wait for you. So you tell your 'friend' to back off. I'll see you around." Before I could say anything, Brittany got up and left. I was so shocked about what happened. I can still remember the day of the break up.



(3 months ago)

Everything was perfect. I was at the prom dancing with my hot girlfriend, Brittany. Well I thought it was. When the song came off, Brittany smiled.

"I have to go to the ladies room to fix my make up. I'll be right back." she said.
"Ok." I said. Brittany gave me a quick kiss, then left. I look around the room, until I see them. I see Ryan and Cody arguing. I went over there and stopped the fight. "Stop. What is going on?"
"Why don't you ask Cody? Maybe he can tell you." Ryan said
I turned to Cody. "What happened, Cody?" I asked. "Why are you guys fighting?"
"Nothing is going on." Cody said
"That's not what you told us earlier." Ryan said angrily.
"Ryan, please." Cody whispered
"Please what? Someone better tell me what is going on." I said impatiently.
"If you won't tell him, then I will." Ryan turned to me. "A few minutes ago, Cody told me that he and Brittany is having an affair over a few months." Ryan said
I frowned. "What?" I turned to Cody. "Is this true?"
Cody took a step back from me. "I'm so sorry Kyle. I never meant for this to happen. I also never meant ti fall in love with her." he said
"What you mean you never meant for this to happen?! Brittany is my girlfriend. I trusted both of you! But all I get is a stab in the back!" I yelled
"Kyle. Calm down.
"Don't you dare tell me to calm down!"

Mr. Patterson , the principal, came toward us. Is there a problem guys?" Mr. Patterson asked.
"No sir." Cody said.
"Ok. We are now going to announce the prom king and queen." All I did was nod and walk away from Cody. I feel like my life has been torn apart. All I feel is anger.

Mr Patterson went onstage and grabbed the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Can I get your attention." he said Everyone quite down and turned to him "Thanks for your attention. We are now going to announce the prom king." Everyone cheered, except me. The adminastrator, Ms. Matthews, gave him two envelopes. Everyone went quiet for Mr. Patterson could read them. "The prom king is... Kyle Jackson." Everyone cheered as I went onstage to receive my crown. I would have been happy, but I'm not. Hearing about Brittany's affair sucked all the happiness away from me. Mr Patterson opened up the second envelope and smiled. "Now, what you all been waiting for. The prom queen is... Brittany Montez." I flinched when he said her name. Every one cheered. Brittany smiled as she went onstage. When Ms. Matthews put the tiara on Brittany's head, she grabbed on the microphone.

"I want to thank everyone in voting for me. I want to thank my friends and my wonderful boyfriend." she said. She smiled at me, but all I did was stare.
"Now make room on the dance floor for the prom king and queen to have their dance." Mr. Patterson said. Everyone took a step back to nake space.

"Come on." Brittany said. She took my hand in hers, but I let go. "What are you doing?"
"When were you going to tell me?" I said
"What are you talking about?" Everyone went quite. I turned to Brittany and frowned.
"You know what I am talking about! Why didn't you tell me you were sleeping with Cody!" I yelled.
Brittany hesitated. "Kyle... I can explain."
"No. We are through." Everyone watched as I left the stage. I left from the school and punched the wall. Brittany, Cody, and Ryan came out the school.

"Kyle, I am so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. Please let me explain." she said.
"Explain then." I said
"When did all of this start?"
"In April. You was out of town. We had an arguement on the phone because you had to stay there longer. I got upset and I was bored. Cody came by to get his jacket. I was cryingm he comfort me, then things got heated up. The we just did it, but I want to be with you."
"If you wantted to be with me, you would have stopped. Why didn't you tell me?"
"I was going to tell you, but I never got to."
"Kyle..." Cody said
"Shut up Cody!! How can you do this to me? You are my friend and you sleep with my girlfriend!" I yelled
"I'm sorry Kyle." he said
"Please don't do this." Brittany said
"This is crazy." Ryan said
I ignored Ryan's comment.
"I can't even look at both of you right now." I said. I turned, but Cody stopped me by grabbing my arm.
"Wait." Cody said
"Let go of me." I said
"No. Not until we talk." he said. All I felt was rage. I punched him in the face. Ryan pulled me back. Everyone was watching. Cody got up. "You broke my nose!" He held his hand on his nose with blood on his hands and shirt. I tried to come after him, but Brittany got in front of me.
"Kyle, please don't do this. This is between me and you." Brittany said
"Yes it is. You was my girlfriend and this is how you treat me. I can't take none of this anymore."
Tears ran down Brittany's cheek. "Please Kyle. I love you. Don't do this. We can we work this out."
"How can we work this out?!! We can't. The two things that hurts me most is that you didn't tell me. Second, you kept on sleeping with him. I can't be with a girl like you. I especially don't want to be your king. I took off the crown and gave it to her.
"I'll change. I won't sleep with him anymore."
"What if we do stay together and we get in another argument? Are you going to find another guy to sleep with?"
"It won't happen."
"Cody loves you."
"I only love you. Only you."
"Well its a crazy way of showing it."
"Its true."
"No. I can't do this. You and Cody deserve each other."
More tears came out of Brittany's eyes. She took my hand, but I snatched my hand away.
"Kyle... Please don't break up with me. Don't leave me!" she yelled
I took a step back. "We are over. Don't call my house or me. Don't even come to the house." I held out my hand. "Give me the house key."
"But... but."
"Now." Brittany hesitated, but gave me back the house key I gave her. "Have a nice life because you already ruined mines." I turn around and walked away, never turning back. All I could hear is Brittany crying my name. I didn't even take the limo, I just walked home. When I got there to the house, I slammed the door and ran upstairs. I was so pissed. I didn't expect to spend my prom like this. I took every picture of Brittany and lit it up on fire in the trash can. I sat down on the bed and watched it burn. Someone knocked on my door. "If it's you Brittany, then you better leave." I said
"It's me, Allison." She said. Allison came into my room and sat next to me.
"What are you doing here?"
"Ryan called. He told us what happened between you and Brittany. I knew there was something about her I didn't like."
"Allison. I know. You were right. I should have listened to you. I am so stupid."
"No you not. You just didn't know. You did the right thing by breaking up with her."
"But the worst thing is, I still love her."
"That's ok. It takes some time to get over the first person you love. You will get through this. I believe you will." Allison gave me a hug, then she left my room.

'sigh' I leaned back on the bed, trying to not think about Brittany, but I couldn't. The more I thought about her, the angrier I had gotten. I closed my eyes trying to calm down, but all I did was end up falling asleep. During the week, Brittany has been calling me and coming to my house. I was grateful that Mom, Dad, and Allison wouldn't let her in. I wouldn't even leave my room. The only time I would leave my room is when I go down stairs to eat, take a shower, and hang out with Ryan. I did go to my graduation. Brittany and Cody tried to talk to me, but I ignored them. The only person I talked to was Ryan and my family.

It was Monday morning, and I was in my room watching TV. Mom and Dad came into my room and turn off the TV.

"Hey I was watching that." I said
"Kyle, you can't stay in here all the time." Dad said
"There's nothing to do." I said
"Go to Ryan's house." Mom said
"He on a family trip."
"Well, you can't stay in the room all the time." Dad said
"Where else to go?" I asked
"I know you still upset about the Brittany issue." I flinched when Mom said her name. "So we all talked and we think you should spend time alone. We will visit and see how you doing." Dad said
"You kicking me out?" I asked
"No. You can come back. We just think you need a vacation alone. We will visit and see how you doing once in a while." Dad said
'sigh' "Allison agree too.?"
"Yes. We worried about you. I just want you to be happy again." Mom said as she wiped tears out her eyes.
"Ok. Where to go?"
"The cabin where your Mom and I go to every time on our anniversary. We want you to stay there until you feel better." Dad said
I nodded. "Ok. I'll go." S I packed my clothes and things I need. Mom, Dad, and Allison helped me put my things in the trunk. I called Ryan and told him where I am going. After I hung up on Ryan, I said good bye to my family. Allison had to help to get Katy off of me . After I was done, I drove off to the cabin. i hope I get my life together.

I snapped out my flash back when I heard howling. I look around and I realized that it was Melissa. I look out the window and frowned. I need to hurry and get Melissa to her pack. I went to the couch and laid back. As soon as I get close to another girl. When Melissa gone, I can be alone again. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


A few weeks has passed and I still haven't found the wolf pack. I tried many times to jump across the cliff, I always end up in the cold river. I would go everyday, trying to get to the other path across the river. I even tried to get a response from them when I howled every night, but they never respond. I need to hurry because the full moon is almost here. I haven't even told Kyle about this. He already pissed that I howl every single night. Would I be able to control myself during the full moon? I just don't want nobody to get hurt. I woke up in the morning and got out of bed. I stretched and walked out the bedroom. When I get to the living at the table with clothes on.

"Get dress." he said
"Why? I asked. I smooth my hair out my face.
"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm taking you shopping."
"For you can have some clothes to wear. I'm not going to let you keep wearing my clothes."
I shrugged. "Ok." So I went to the bathroom, wash up, brush my teeth, and put on the dress that was supposed to be my wedding dress, but it is torn at the ends. I left out the bedroom and went into the living room.

"Lets go." he said. When me and Kyle left the cabin, I start walking, but Kyle stopped me. "Where are you doing?"
"I'm walking."
"No. I'm going t drive you into town." Kyle open the passenger door to the vehicle. "Get in."
"Don't tell me what to do."
"Fine." But he kept on waiting. I waited for a while before giving up and going into the car. From the corner of my eye, I can see Kyle smiling. When he start the vehicle, he drove off to the road. I look around in the vehicle. I press one button and the windows went down. When I pressed the next button, as I watched the window going up. I kept pressing both buttons, as I watched the window going up and down.
"Stop it! Just stop it!" I pressed the button to get the window down then stopped. I look at Kyle.
"Are we there yet?
"We just left the cabin. Be patient."
"I'm not the patient type of girl."
"I know." I look out the window, ignoring Kyle's comment. The wind blowing through my hair. It felt so good. I sniffed the air and I can smell the trees. The sun felt good on my skin. I sniffed the air again a few minutes later, and I smelled something disgusting. I leaned back in the car and rolled up the window. Kyle start laughing.

"It's not funny. What is that smell??"
After a few more minutes, Kyle finally stopped laughing. "There was a sewage nearby. You should have saw your face. That was hilarious." Instead of feeling mad, I felt happy to see Kyle smiling. I look away from him, trying to block what I am feeling right now.
"Are we there yet?"
"Yes. We here." Kyle stopped the vehicle next to another vehicle. Me and Kyle got out the vehicle and walked toward the big building. The building was 'Macy'. When we got inside, Kyle led me to the girl section in the mall. While we were walking, some guys would look at me and smile. Some guys would say "Hey sexy" or "Can I have your number?" All they did was piss me off. When we finally made it to the girls section, Kyle showed me some clothes. I picked out some dresses, shirts, pants, and shoes. After all that, Kyle showed me to the dressing room to try on the clothes. Some of the outfits that I showed Kyle, he would say no. Some of the outfits I would show him, he would say yes. Some of the outfits he said no to, I decided to keep it because I liked it.

"Are you almost done in there?" Kyle asked impatiently.
"I'm trying on my last outfit." I said
"Well come..." Kyle stopped when he saw me. I had on a red sleeveless dress. I fit perfectly against my body, showing my curves. I was also wearing silver high heel shoes. It was hard to keep my balance.
"How do I look?"
"You look beautiful." I looked away, trying not to blush. I smooth my hair behind my ear.
"Thanks. The dress is ok, but the heels are hard to walk in." I took a few steps forward, but I end up almost falling. Kyle got up just in time to catch me. My heart fluttered.

"Are you ok?" I looked up at him.
"Yes I'm fine. Just a little clumsy." Kyle smiled.
"You just noticed that."
"Shut up." But I end uo blushing. I felt comfortable in Kyle's arms. I tried to look away, but I end up staring back at him. I bit my lower lip. A part of me wanted to move away, but the other part of me wanted to stay next to him. Kyle smooth a strand of my hair behind my ear and leaned down. Is he going to kiss me? My heart was pounding. I closed my eyes as he got closer. Our lips almost touched, until this girl interrupted us.

"Kyle! What are you doing?!" the girl said. I took a step back. Kyle turned to the girl.
"Brittany, what are you doing here?" Kyle said
Brittany came to me. "Stay away from my boyfriend." she said
"I am not your boyfriend anymore." Kyle pulled her away from me. Brittany looked at Kyle, then at me.
"Are you going to introduce me to your 'friend'"
Kyle sighed. "Melissa, this is Brittany. Brittany, this is Melissa."
"Hey." I said
"Kyle never told me about you." she said. She frowned at me. I frowned back.
'Oh. He told me a lot about you."
"Really." She smiled at Kyle, then she turned back to me. "Like what?"
"He told me a lot. He told me how you cheated on him with his friend. He told me that you guys are not together any more. You want to know more?" Brittany smile faded
"I recognize your voice. You the girl I was talking to the other day on the phone."
"You was the desperate girl who kept calling the phone."
"Can you girls stop? We in a mall." Kyle said
We ignored him. "You need to stay away from my boyfriend." Brittany said
"If he want me to stay away, then I'll stay away." The next thing I know, Brittany slapped me. She smiled. I turned to her and growled. I tried to get to her, but Kyle held me back.
"Get off me!!" i yelled
"Melissa, calm down." Kyle said
"How can I calm down and she slapped me?!"
"Please. I'll handle this. Just go back to the dressing room." I look up at Kyle and sighed.
"Fine." I turn around
"You better listen to him" Brittany said. I stopped. She has crossed the line. I was so angry, so I turned around quickly and punched Brittany in the face. Brittany fell to the ground unconscious. Kyle looked at me in shock.
"Now I feel better." I turned back around and went to the dressing room. I put back on my dress and shoes. After I was done, I gathered the clothes. I put the clothes in the cart, then sat down.Kyle came from around the corner.

"Melissa. Why did you hit Brittany?" he said. Kyle sat next to me.
"Where is she?" I asked
"While you was getting dress, I carried her to her father. He is taking her to the hospital now. Now tell me why did you hit her."
"You already know why. She slapped me. I just couldn't walk away. I had to do something about it."
"I was going to talk to her."
"I'm not going to let you fight my battle, Kyle."
"You could have killed her."
"I could, if you haven't got in my way."
"Melissa, I'm serious. What if you did kill her? Then I have to make an excuse about why her throat is torn out. If you expect me to keep your secret, don't hurt no one."
"You mean Brittany."
"That'a not true. I don't want no one else to get hurt."
"Just admit it Kyle. You care about Brittany."
"I also care about you. I just don't want you to get caught."
"Something about you is so interesting to me. I really don't know."
I look away. "We should be going."
"Yeah." We stood up. After Kyle paid for my things, we left. I didn't say nothing during the ride to the cabin. It was kind of awkward. When we got to the cabin, I went toward Kyle's room, but stopped. I turned to Kyle.

"Thanks for the clothes."
Kyle turned to me and smiled. "You welcome."
I was about to leave, but I turned back around and went to Kyle.
"Why are you doing this?
"Doing what?
"Helping me. You let me stay here. You brought me clothes. You even saved my life."
"The first reason is you forced me to let you stay here. Second, I want to help you."
"But I hit Brittany. You didn't even yell at me. You even kick me out or give me a punishment. You not even angry."
"Do you want me to be angry at you?"
"Yes.. No. I don't know."
"Well, I'm not angry or giving you a punishment."
"Why you want me to be mad at you so much?"
"Mostly, everyone would be mad when I do something wrong."
"Well, I'm not like everyone else."
'sigh' "Fine" I turned around and was about to leave, But Kyle called me. I turned to him. "Yes?"
"The reason I'm not mad at you because I would have did the same thing."
"You would have punched Brittany."
"No. I don't hit girls. What I mean is, if someone would have hit me, I would have hit them back. But, since you are a... werewolf, you should be careful."

I turned back around and went into the bedroom. I shut the door and sat down on the bed. I took some deep breaths to calm my heart. Why do Kyle do Kyle always make me feel this way? I can't be feeling this way. I just can't. I turn to my side and sniff the air. I froze when I caught a scent. It was the same scent I smelled in the woods. I got up and smelled the covers again, and the scent was still there. I look around the room, and I finally realized that the window is open. I look in the closet and other places, but I didn't see nothing. So the person must have escaped. I need to warn Kyle.


I was sitting on the couch, watching a football game, then out of nowhere, Melissa comes rushing to me.

"Some one was here." she said
"Ok." I said, still watching the game. Melissa got in front of the TV and turned it off. "Hey! I was watching that!"
"Did you even hear what I said?"
"You said someone was here. It was probably my sister."
"It's not her. My attacker was here. I can smell my attacker's scent."
"Is sh/ he still here?"
"No. It looks like the attacker left out the window." I was about to say something, until someone knocked on the door. Melissa froze. I stood up and went to the door.

"Who is it?"
"Its Mom, Dad, Katy, and me. Allison said
"I'm coming. Wait for a minute." I said. I turned to Melissa. "Go to the bedroom." I whispered.
"They your family?" She whispered back.
"Yes. Now go.
"No. I want to meet them."
"Are you crazy?"
"Kyle. I'm not staying in the bedroom. I promise I won't hut them."

'sigh' "Okay," I gave in. "But watch yourself. No wolf powers. Got it?" I warned, walking over to the door.
"Got it." I smooth my hair back. Taking deep breaths, hoping this wouldn't turn out to be a disaster, I turn the knob and welcomed them. "Hey!" I gave them a hug.
"Did you miss us?" Mom said
"Of course. Um... What are you guys doing here?"
"It's game night. You knew that." Dad said
"They went inside the cabin and froze when they saw Melissa.
Allison smile. "I think I know why he forgot."
"Kyle, who is this lovely young lady?" Mom asked
"She is a friend."
"What's your name?" Dad asked Melissa.
"Melissa." she said
"I like that name." Allison said. Allison turned to me. "I need to talk to you Kyle. In the kitchen." She pulled me by the sleeve, dragging me into the other room. "You talk to Melissa for a little while, Katy. Okay?" My eyes stayed glue to Melissa as me and Allison stood in the kitchen, next to the refrigerator.
"What's up?" I asked, tearing my gaze away.
"Don't play dumb with me, Kyle!" she whispered. "Is this the friend who had the dog?" she asked
"You didn't tell me that your friend is a girls." She held her upturned palm toward the Melissa in the living room who had crouched down to be on eye level with Katy. "She is beautiful. And those eyes!"
"She is only a friend. She just passing through." My eyes are now on Melissa and Katy. The feeling was mutual as Katy grinned up at Melissa. They seem to be getting along. "She will be gone before I know it." My voice was far away. Allison gave me a playful punch
"You like her!" My head jerked around, my eyes wide. "Keep your voice down! What gave you that idea?"
"You should see the expression on your face while you're looking at Katy and Melissa together."
I scowled fiercely. "Says you."
"Maybe so, but I call it as I see it. You've got it bad for this girl, which I don't blame you for. Does she know?"
"Can we not talk about this?"
"Fine, but we will continue this later."
"I will remind you." Allison smiled and left the kitchen

'sigh' I smooth my hair back in frustration. I can't believe Allison know about how I feel about Melissa. I know Allison. She is not good at keeping secrets, so I hope Allison keep this one. After a few minutes of calming down, I left the kitchen.


Kyle left out the kitchen and joined me, Katy, Allison and his Mom and Dad in the living room. Katy was sitting next to me.

"So, Melissa. When did you meet Kyle?" Mr. Jackson said
"Two weeks ago." I said
"Oh. Where did you guys meet?" Allison asked
"In the woods." I said. Allison rose a eyebrow
"In the woods?" Mrs. Jackson asked
"What Melissa mean is, we met outside the woods and went on a hike." Kyle said. I look at him.
"Oh.." Allison said
"Where is your parents?" Mrs. Jackson asked
"My Dad is somewhere, but Mom is dead."
"Oh. I'm so sorry about your loss." Mr. Jackson said
"Why are you sorry? You didn't kill her." I said
"What is her name?" Allison asked.
I turned to her. "Larissa. My Dad name is Hunter."
"Nice name. Where are you staying? Mrs. Jackson asked
"Here." Everyone looked at Kyle
"Oh really. Kyle, why haven't told us this?" Mr. Jackson said
Kyle look at me, then look away. "She just staying for a while."
Mrs. Jackson turned to me and said. "Ok."'''
"Do you have a boyfriend?" Allison asked
"How old are you?"
"17" Allison smile at Kyle. When I look at him, he would turn his head away.
"Kyle, you are 18, isn't that a coincidence." I rose a eyebrow at Allison.
"Can we change the subject? Kyle asked.
"Sure." Mrs. Jackson said. "Melissa, What school did you go to?"
"I didn't go to school. I was trained."
"Trained?" Mr. Jackson asked
"Yes. Trained to fight." They all look at me with confusion and shock.
"How long have you been trained?"
"Since I was 5." Everyone went quiet.
"Let's order some food. I'm starting to get hungry." Kyle said, breaking the silence.
"What do you want to order?" Allison asked
"What about Chinese food?" Mrs. Jackson suggested
"Is that another pizza place?" I asked. Everyone looked at me confused.
"Is she serious?" Allison asked Kyle
I was about to say something, but Kyle said, "No. She studied acting at home. She just kidding." I look at Kyle and frowned. Kyle looked at me. "Right Melissa?"
"Yes. Just kidding." I said. Everyone sighed in relief.
"You almost scared me a little bit. You are a good actress because I believed that you really didn't know what Chinese food is." Allison said I wanted to tell Allison that I really don't know what Chinese food is, but if I do, Kyle might say that I am acting again. Kyle's family ordered their food. I didn't know what any of this stuff were, but I ordered the orange chicken. I never seen an orange chicken before, but I'll eat it. After they ordered their food, they decided to play Charade's. Allison said that I was on her team, while Kyle and Mr. Jackson would be a team. Mrs. Jackson would be taking score and also taking care of Katy. Kyle came to me and told me what I had to do.
"Do you understand?" Kyle asked me.
"I think so. I have to act things out." I said
"Yes. Don't worry. You will do great." He smiled. I tried my best to not blush.
"Okay." But I was so nervous/ I never been nervous in my life. I never played games. I only participated in tournaments, not... games. I didn't even notice that Allison was calling me.
"Melissa?" she said. I turned to her
"Yes?" I said
"Are you ok?"
"I'm fine. Just thinking." Allison was about to say something, then stopped herself. All she did was nod.

When the game started, I have guessed everything that Allison acted out. One reason why I got it right is because I heard them whisper what to act out. My team was ahead. Allison didn't let me go because I was good guessing the names. I didn't mind that I wasn't acting out anything. It was finally the last round.

"Wait. You not letting Melissa go. Let her act out something." Mrs. Jackson said
"Mom. I don't think Melissa wants to do it." Kyle said
"But you said that she is studying to be an actress."
"She is.. she probably didn't want to act anything."
"Yeah, she probably don't want to go.." Allison said. Mrs. Jackson turned to me.
"Do you want to act anything out?" Mrs. Jackson asked me
I look at Kyle and he shook his head. When Mrs. Jackson look at Kyle, he stopped
"Okay." I finally said. So I stood up and went to Kyle's team, for they can tell me what to act out.
"Dad. What do you want to Melissa to be?" Kyle whispered. Mr. Jackson looked at me, then picked a card from the box and gave it to me. Kyle came to me and look at the name. The name on the card is "wolf" This time I blushed.
"I don't think she should be doing this one." Kyle said
"You just saying that because you know I will get it right." Allison said
"No. That is not true." he look at me. "Do you want to do this one?" he asked me
I was going to say something, but Allison came to me. "Of course she want to do it." she said. Kyle sighed
"Fine." Kyle look at me. "All you have to do is act out what is on the card. Do not give a hint."
"O-k" I was really nervous. Allison sat down. I'm suppose to act like a wolf, but I am piratically a wolf. I did a small howl.
"Melissa, can u do it more loudly. I can't hear you." Allison said
On the second try, I took a few breaths, then howled again. I tried not to make it so real, but I guess it didn't work. They was looking at me with shock.
"Wow, Melissa. You are a good actress. That was good." Mr. Jackson said. I sighed with relief.
"I know this one!" Allison said "A wolf!"
"Correct." I said
"We won the game!" Allison said excitedly
"Well. Congratulation Melissa and Allison." Mrs. Jackson said. Kyle smiled
"Why you not smiling?" Allison asked me
"Maybe this will help." Mr. Jackson said. He came to me and start tickling my stomach. I rose an eyebrow at him and took a step back. "You not ticklish?"
"No." I said
"I know what will make her laugh." Alison said
"What?" Mr. Jackson asked
"Your singing." All I did was stare.
"It didn't work. Mr. Jackson said
"Its okay. One day, I will make u laugh Melissa." Allison said. I look at Kyle. I wasn't use to all of this. I would be used to Dad telling me not to laugh because it shows weakness and emotion. I didn't get what Dad meant, but I followed his rules. For the rest of the night, we played games and eat. I can admit, the orange chicken was delicious. I like Kyle's family. They are so nice, but I can't get too close with them. If I do, it would be hard for me to leave. After that, they put on some movies to watch. All the movies was interesting. During the third movie, I start to get tired . So I laid my head on Kyle's shoulder. I tried to stay awake, but I was too tired, so I fell asleep.


Halfway during the movie, 'Chronicles of Narnia', Melissa fell asleep. I can see Allison smiling.

"Shut up." I said in a whisper. All Allison do was smile. When the movie was over, Mom Dad, Allison, and Katy got ready to leave. I got up slowly for I won't wake Melissa. I laid her back down on the couch.

"Wow.. Today was fun." Dad said
"Yeah." I said
"I like Melissa. She's a great girl." Mom said
"She is." Allison said. She smiled. She was holding Katy because she fell asleep. "I can't wait to see her again."
"Yeah. I'll see you soon." I gave them hug then they left. I went to Melissa. She was still asleep, so I picked her up and brought her to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and I was about to leave..
"Kyle wait." Melissa said. I turned to her
"What's wrong?" I asked. Melissa was looking up at me.
"Don't leave yet." I sat down next to her.
"Melissa, are you okay?"
"Yes... No.. I don't know. Just confused."
"Your world is different than mine. I'm just not used to it."
"Don't worry. You doing good."
"Do you think I will find my family." I look at Melissa and all I see is sadness.
"I really don't know. All I can tell you is to keep trying." Melissa nodded. I stood up and was about to leave again.
"Good night Kyle." When I look back at her, she was asleep again. I smiled, then left the room. I went into the living room and sat down on the couch, I just felt exhausted. I laid back and closed my eyes. That was the first night I got to sleep.


Ever since the day with my family, Melissa have been more distant. She have been staying away from me during the last few weeks. I just got bored, so I went outside and sat down on the grass, reading a magazine. After an hour, Melissa came out the woods and sat next to me.
"Did you find them?" I asked
"No." she said. I look at her and she look so upset, but of course it went away. "What are you reading?"
"Sports magazine." I closed it
"When will we eat again?
"You still hungry. You just finished eating a few hours ago."She shrugged. Holding a finger to my chin in thought, I snapped my fingers and said "Since lunch is a few more hours way, and you're so eager.." I took Melissa hand, led her back in the cabin, and to the fridge. Opening the door, I began taking out several containers, jars, and bowls, then placed them on the table. Going to the cupboard over the counter, I took out a few more bottles and jars.
"Have a seat." I stood beside the table, deciding which I should have her try first. Opening the lid of one bowl, I spooned out some of the food, and asked Melissa to open her mouth. Without the slightest hesitation, she did so. I fed her, watching as she chewed and swallowed.
"What is it?" she asked
"Lime Jell-O. How'd you like it?"
"It was quite different from the Chinese food and pizza."

I nodded, offering her a taste of something different this time. After a few more experimental tastes of various foods, all without any type of response from her, a wicked idea struck me. I offered Melissa a spoonful of liquid. "Try this." She eagerly accepted it, swallowing, then broke out into a scowl. She squeezed her eyes closed and shook her head. A few coughs sputtered out.

"What the hell is this?" Ii let loose a few laughs.
"Lemon juice."
"That was not enjoyable." She stated, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.
"I won't do that again." I promised, still chuckling. "Now lean your head back and open your mouth.."
Melissa looked at me suspiciously, but did as asked. I held the bear shaped plastic bottle over her mouth and squeezed out a bit of the golden liquid. "I like this." she said, running her tongue over her lips. I sucked in a sharp breath. It took every ounce of me to not to lean forward and kiss her. We played like this for a while longer, until Melissa couldn't take another bite. I put everything away. While I was doing this,Melissa watching my every move. She stood in the back of me, arms folded over her chest. Her eyes never wavering as she watched me go from counter to fridge and back again. It was driving me nuts!


"Let's take a walk outside." I suggested late in the afternoon. All day, Melissa had been watching TV. I knew she had been feeling pretty upset; I just wished she's show it. "Turn off the TV." I pressed when she didn't look up from the TV. "You've been watching TV all day. I don't even watch it that much." I flashed her a smile. When she didn't budge, I took the remote and turned off the TV. I laid the remote on the table, then took her hands in mines and pulled her to her feet. "Let's just get some fresh air."
Melissa got to her feet. "The air is perfectly good in here. I prefer to stay indoors and watch more TV."
"Oh. Come on. Let's go outside and have some fun." I tugged on her hand's leading her to the door.
"Fine." she gave in. We walked over the threshold, leaving the coziness of the cabin for the pine-scented, wide- open mountain that was covered with warm blanket of sunshine.
"Let's go over here. There's a tree full of squirrels just a little far away. I don't know why they chose that particular tree; maybe because it has the most pine cones." We walked together, over the leaf- strewn ground. We stopped as she investigated the bark of one of the trees. She seemed interested by the tree. I released her hand and sat down on the leafy ground with my back against a nearby tree trunk. "Don't hurry on my account." I said, taking interest in watching her. She was now crouching down examining the different type of pine needles. I took up a few, squinting, trying to see them for the first time as Melissa would be, Could something as simple as pine needles really be all that interesting? Yes if one was raised in a cluster and had spent the majority of her life being a wolf and protecting her pack. No wonder the simplest things would bring her so much pleasure. Simple things that I and nearly everyone else took for granted. When she had finished, she came and sat beside me, shoulders touching. A thrill passed through me. I was certain she had no idea that she was causing my pulse to skyrocket.

"Find anything interesting?" I asked as I closely examined the pine cone.
"Everywhere I look." was her reply
"I guess you're right." I said, looking around me with new anticipation. Sunlight strained through the heavy branches above our our heads, showing everything around us with light and shadow. I watched as a small lizard darted up the side of the tree. I smiled "It's easy to take things for granted, especially the small things."
"How can that be ?" She turned her head to look at me with something in astonishment on her face. "There is never ending array of objects and right before your eyes there are many more to be discovered."
I gave a little snort as I looked over the pine cone Melissa had handed me. "I never looked at life that way."
"Perhaps that is your problem. You look, but do not truly see." I thought that over for a moment. How could one person, living the majority of her life following rules, be so wise? She could take one little innocent statement from me, turn it around, and show me exactly why my life was so lacking. It was unsettling the way she could analyze me. I tossed the pine cone to the side. Instead of tossing it away, she set the pine cone aside as if it were a precious jewel, then tuned to face me. "Perhaps knowing too much is a curse more than a blessing." Her voice seemed sad, her eyes faraway. I wanted to bring Melissa happiness, to share laughter with me. Laughter my life had lacked for far too long. I wanted to see a smile light up her beautiful face. I had an idea and led her to the small, flowing stream nearby.


Soon, at his command, we both had our shoes off and had our feet in the cool water. I couldn't find the logic in the practice, but Kyle assured me that it was something fun to do. He had informed me that I needed to enjoy life more. Though I still doubted that wetting my feet and ankles in well below body temperature liquid was fun, I was enjoying myself.

"I'll have to take you to California some time," Kyle said as he picked up a smooth stone, then tossed it back in the flowing water. "It's nothing like Arkansas. Tall buildings, many people, bumper-to-bumper traffic in the circles. An hour or so away in one direction is the ocean; travel north and there are mountains similar to this. Go east and you find the deserts. Las Vegas would probably leave you speechless." He bent over once again to search through a few more stones. Just as I was about to do something completely out of impulse, Kyle surprised me by flinging a handful of icy water right in my face. Kyle laughed. I look at Kyle confused. Why had he done that? Was it one of his ways of having fun? I thought about punching him in the face, get out the water, go back to the cabin and dry off, but there was a look in his eyes that get me to remain here. Without a thought, I reached down into the water with both palms and splashed him back. Kyle stopped and scrubbed the water from his face. I stood there a moment wondering if I had done something wrong, but suddenly, he burst out laughing. He splashed me once more and I splashed him right back. Soon we lost track of who was splashing who as water flew through the air, landing on already soaked clothes and equally drenched hair. We were both laughing and though it was odd to me, it was fun.

"Finally. You are smiling. Nice dimples."
"I hat my dimples."
"It makes me look like my mother. They always compare me to Mom. Everyone want me to be her."
"When I look at you, I only see you. Nobody else. You're special, Melissa. You're filled by so many if the things that haunt us here. Your soul is pure. It's easy to fall prey to the wrong influences, also the wrong people.
"You speak from experience."
"Yes, too much experience." I felt tears pressing against my eyelids and hated myself for it. Kyle stood towering over me, running his thumbs under my eyes ti catch the drop. "You are crying." His voice was low and rich. I smiled through the tears.
"Yes I am. I'd better stop it. I'm not myself." I start to turn away from him, needing a hot shower and a change of clothes, eager for a little distance as I was feeling vulnerable once again. Kyle turned me to him, bringing me close.
"Perhaps you are truly yourself." He smooth my hair out my face.
"Kyle.." Without saying anything, he leaned in and kiss me. What I felt was sheer pleasure. A joy I has never known. His lips was warm against mines. The caress of his lips softer than I ever imagined. I kissed him back immediately surprising myself. A shudder went through me as he pulled me closer. The pleasure was building again, growing in intensity. This feeling was remarkable. His hands caressed my back, creating warmth that spread all over my body. I wanted so much more, but then I remembered I can't be doing this. I pushed away and step back. I touched my lips. He looked just like I am.

"You kissed me."
"Yeah." He took a step to me, but I step back."
"You shouldn't have did that."
"I'm going against everything I learned! I already broke every rule they taught us. I just can't do this."
"Shh." I sensed that somebody was watching us. I can also smell their scent. I look around, but I didn't see no one. I sniff the air then froze. It was a werewolf scent, but it was from my attackers. I went to Kyle and grabbed his hand. "You need to go."
"My attacker is here. You can't be out here."
"I'm not leaving you."
"Please just go." I turned back around and transformed to a wolf. I ran off toward the wolf.


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