Chapter 1

It's been one week since Deuce has been born and Sarah and Damion are sitting in the hospital room alone and Sarah says,"Are you going to change me now that Deuce has been born?"
"No. I absolutely refuse to change you," Damion said.
"But what happens if they find us and the elder finds out that I had the baby and you haven't changed me yet?" Sarah asked.
"I-," Damion replied.
"Well? Are you going to answer me?" Sarah asked.
"I don't know what's going to happen. If they find us they arer going to want me dead," Damion replied.
"Why would they want you dead?" Sarah asked.
"Cause I killed Erika," Damion replied,"When are you going to take Deuce home anyway?"
"I don't know," Sarah said in a pissed off tone.
"Are you mad at me now?" Damion asked.
"What do you think?" Sarah replied,"Are you going to change me or let them kill me if they find us?"
"I would really hate to see you killed. But I also don't want this life for you," Damion said.
"I understand that. But I don't want to life my life on the run all the time either," Sarah said.
"I know you don't. That's why I made the decision to leave and never come back," Damion said,"And you are going to stay here with your mom."
"But Damion, I don't want you to leave. I want you to stay here with me," Sarah said, a tear slipping out of her eye.
"I know. But you and Deuce will be safer if I'm gone," Damion said.
"So you're just going to leave," Sarah said, another tear slipping from her eye.
"I'm leaving cause I want you to be safe and live a human life. Trust me leaving you hurts me too. But it's the only way that I know you and Deuce will be safe," Damion said.
"But Damion, will I ever see you again?" Sarah said.
"Only in your dreams. I'm never going to return here," Damion said.
"Okay. When are you leaving?" Sarah asked.
"This is the last time you will ever see me," Damion replied.
"Okay," Sarah said, Tears falling from her eyes.
Damion bends down and kisses Deuce on the forhead and then presses his lips to Sarah's with as much passion as he can. After a few min they break apart and Damion says,"Goodbye Sarah. I will always love you."
"Goodbye. Me too," Sarah said. Damion leaves and Sarah breaks down in tears and cries herself to sleep. The next morning A nurse walks in and says,"You are going home today."
"Okay. Thank you," Sarah said in a depressed tone. A few hours pass by and Sarah is at home feeding Deuce. While she is feeding Deuce her mom notices that she is depressed and says,"Is everything okay dear?"
"No. Damion left and he isn't coming back," Sarah said.
"It'll be okay," Chloe said.
"I know. But the last words he said to me before he left yesterday are-," Sarah started but wasn't able to finish.
"What were his last words to you?" Chloe asked.
"His lat words were, 'I will always love you.' It hurts to know that I'll never see him again other then in my dreams," Sarah repled.
"Wow. At least you know that he still loves you," Chloe said.
"Yeah. I guess," Sarah said.
Sarah finishes feeding Deuce and says,"I'm going to put Deuce to bed. I'll talk to you later mom."
"Okay. Talk to you later dear," Chloe said. Sarah goes up and puts Deuce in his crib and thinks, "Why did you have to leave Damion?"
After Sarah puts Deuce in his crib she goes to bed herself.


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