Chapter 1

It's been two months since Sarah and Damion went into hiding and Sarah says,"Why dont you just change me after I have the baby? That way I don't have to be killed and we no longer have to hide."
"Cause I don't want you to have this kind of life. I'd rather see you live a human life," Damion said.
"I can't do that if I have to stay in hiding all the time cause we don't know if they are going to come to this town to look for us or not. So, I'd say you're better off changing me after I have the baby," Sarah said.
"I suppose you're right. But, it's tough being half vampire, half werewolf," Damion said.
"How so?" Sarah asked.
"Cause the vampire half always wants blood. And when there's a full moon the werewolf in you wants to come out. That's one of the reasons I was glad you let me stay with you. Cause if you're not outside on the night of the full moon you don't have to worry about the werewolf in you wanting to come out," Damion replied.
"I get you're point. But I'd rather be half vampire, half werewolf and be free to go where I please without worrying about being caught, then having to stay in hiding all the time," Sarah said.
"I'm sorry but I'm not going to change you and I'm not going to let you get killed either. I love you too much," Damion said.
"But-," Satah started but was cut off by Damion saying,"No buts about it."
"Okay fine," Sarah said. Damion presses his lips to hers and she wraps her arms around his neck. Damion uses one of his free hands to take her shirt off of her as she takes his shirt off of him.
"Do you want to?" Damion asked.
"Yeah," Sarah replied.
Damion and Sarah take the rest of each others clothes off and Damion says,"Are you ready?"
"Yup," Sarah said.
Damion thrusts himself inside her and she starts to moan in pleasure. Damion starts to go as hard as he can and Sarah starts to scream in pleasure. Damion keeps going as hard as he can and Sarah yells out in pleasure,"DAMION!"
"Do you like this baby?" Damion asked.
"HELL YEAH!" Sarah yelled in pleasure.
Damion continues to go as hard as he can and Sarah comtinues to scream out his name. After about three hours they quit and Sarah says,"That felt great."
"Yeah, it did," Damion said.
"I'm going to get a shower. Do you want to join me?" Sarah asked.
"Sure," Damion said. Damion and Sarah go into the bathroom and get into the shower. While they are in the shower Damion grabs Sarah's boobs and says,"You've got a nice chest."
"Thank you. And you have a nice area, as well as a nice chest," Sarah said.
"Why thank you my lady," Damion said.
After about twenty min they get out and Sarah says,"I love you Damion."
"I love you too Sarah," Damion said. Damion and Sarah get dressed and Sarah says,"Do you want to go to bed now? Or do you want to go to bed later?"
"Now would be good," Damion said. They go to bed and they fall asleep. Three months later Erika is looking for Damion and she thinks to herself,"I wonder if he went into hiding so that he can protect that girl."
Meanwhile, Sarah and Damion are in their room and Damion is thrusting himself in and out of her and she is moaning in pleasure. Damion starts to go as hard as he can and she screams out his name in pleasure.
Damion smiles at her and says,"I love you so much it hurts Sarah. And I never wanna lose you."
"Same here," Sarah said in between moans.
After about three hours they stop and Damion says,"That was amazing."
"I know," Sarah said, breathing hard. Damion laughs and Sarah says,still breathing hard,"What's so funny?"
"You are when you talk while breathing hard," Damion said, still laughing.
"Whatever. I love you," Sarah said, finally calming down her breathing.
Damion stops laughing and says,"I love you too. Do you wanna go do something?"
"Sure," Sarah said. Sarah and Damion get dressed and they head out to go to the movies. As they are walking up the street Damion sees Erika and says, pulling Sarah into an alleyway,"Damn it! They must be looking for me."
"What? You've got to be kidding," Sarah said.
"I'm not kidding. We've got to get out of this town now," Damion said,"It's too risky staying here now."
"Okay," Sarah said.
Damion and Sarah go back to the house they were staying at and they get their stuff up. After they are done packing Sarah says,"Can you give me a min to say good bye to Seika one last time?"
"Yeah. Go ahead," Damion said. Sarah goes out to where they burried Seika and Sarah says,"We're leaving now Seika. I miss you so much, it hurts. I can't believe that you were killed by a vampire three months ago. Well, I guess this is going to be my last goodbye. I love you boy. And I always will. Goodbye Seika."
A few min later Damion walks up to her and when he sees that she is crying he pulls her into his arms and says,"Everything will be okay."
"I know," Sarah said, wrapping her arms around Damion,"I just miss him."
"I know you do. But look at the bright side," Damion said.
"What's the bright side?" Sarah asked.
"You've still got me," Damion replied.
"Yeah. I guess I do," Sarah said.
"Are you ready to go?" Damion asked.
"As ready as I'll ever be," Sarah replied.
"Good. Let's go," Damion said. Damion and Sarah go inside to grab their stuff and when they get inside Erika says,"So you're here, are you?"
"Erika! How did you find us?" Damion asked.
"It's not hard for me to follow your scent. Unless it's raining that is. Don't you remember? Or did you forget when you let yourself fall in love with a filthy human?" Erika replied.
"Don't you dare call her a filthy human again, or I'll kill you Erika," Damion said, angrily.
"Awww. Is someone getting mad?" Erika asked,"And you know I'm right. She's nothing but a filthy human."
"ERIKA! You are really starting to piss me off," Damion said, getting even angrier.
Damion turns around and looks at Sarah and says,"Get out of here it's going to get ugly and I don't want you to get hurt."
"Okay," Sarah said. Damion presses his lips to hers and says,"Go. Now."
Sarah nods her head and heads toward the back door. Before she gets to the back door Erika jumps in front of her and says,"You're not going anywhere you filthy human."
Erika goes to bite Sarah, but she bites Damion instead cause Damion jumped in front of Sarah. Damion grabs Erika by the throat and says,"Get out of here while I have a hold of her."
Sarah runs out the front door and goes to the theatre to hide. Meanwhile, Erika breaks free of Damion's grasp and says,"So, we're going to play that way are we?"
Erika knocks Damion clean across the room and leaps at him. As soon as Erika is about to hit him he jumps out of the way and kicks her hard enough to knock her through the floor. Erika comes up through the floor as a wolf and Damion thinks to himaself,"Damn! She's in her strongest form. Which means I better transform too."
Damion transforms into a wolf and him and Erika start fighting. After about three hours Damion finally kills Erika although, he's badly injured. Damion transforms back and thinks to himself,"Damn! That was tough. Now I have to find Sarah."
Damion tries to walk but falls down and thinks to himself,"Damn! I'm too weak to move."
About ten minutes later Sarah cracks the door open and says,"Damion, Is it safe?"
"Yeah," Damion said, weakly. Sarah walks in and sees Damion laying on the floor and runs over to him and says,"Are you okay?"
"I will be but I need blood to heal completely," Damion said,"And no, I'm not going to bite you."
"Alright, do you want me to find someone?" Sarah asked.
"That would be nice," Damion said.
"Okay. Just hold on," Sarah said. Sarah goes out and finds someone and takes him to Damion and says,"Can you sit up?"
"I think so," Damion said.
Damion sits up and says,"Will he do?"
"Can't you go get a girl? A girl's blood tastes better than a guy's blood," Damion said.
"Nope," Sarah said.
"Why not?" Damion asked.
"Cause the only girl you can bite is me," Sarah replied. Damion grabs the guy and sinks his fangs into his throat. After he is done drops the guy on the floor and says,"Do you want to be changed that bad?"
"Well, yeah," Sarah said.
"Ugh, I really hate drinking a man's blood," Damion said.
"Oh well. You can drink another girl's blood if you change me after I have the baby," Sarah said.
"Not going to happen," Damion said.
"Well then you can't drink another girl's blood," Sarah said. Damion looks at her and says,"You're persistant aren't you?"
"Hey. That's the deal, either change me after I have the baby or you can't drink another girl's blood," Sarah said.
"We'll see what happens. But first we have to get out of here. When Erika doesn't return, they'll know we were wherever she was looking last," Damion said.
"Okay," Sarah said, while thinking to herself,"I think I might be the one who wins this little arguement about changing me."
"Is your stuff packed?" Damion asked.
"Yeah," Sarah replied.
"Let's go," Damion said.
"Okay," Sarah said.
Damion and Sarah leave the town they are in and Sarah says,"So, where are we going to go now?"
"I don't know," Damion said.
"Okay," Sarah said,"I love you."
"I love you too," Damion said. After about two weeks they get to a town called Lansing and Sarah says,"This is a nice town."
"Yeah, and hopefully this is safe enough for us to stay longer than five months without them finding us," Damion said.
"Yeah," Sarah said,"That would be nice."
Damion finds them a house and when they get into the house Damion says,"Well, here's the house I found."
"It's a roof over our heads," Sarah said,"Even if it's not all that great."
"Yup," Damion said. Sarah and Damion go into the bedroom they will be sharing and put their stuff down. Damion pushes Sarah against the wall and presses his lips to hers.
Sarah wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him back with as much passion as she can put into it. After about ten min they have each other's clothes off and Damion starts to thrust himself in and out of her and she starts to moan in pleasure.
Damion starts to go as hard as he can and she starts to screen out in pleasure. After about three hours they stop and Sarah says,"That was amazing."
"Yeah, it was," Damion said.
That night they go to bed and fall asleep holding each other. The next morning they wake up still holding each other and Damion asks,"What happened to your parents?"
"They are living in a town called Grand Rapids,"
Sarah replied.
"Why weren't you living with them?" Damion said.
"Cause I wanted to get out from under them," Sarah said.
"Ah okay," Damion said.
"What about your parents?" Sarah asked.
"They live with the elder of my kind," Damion replied.
"Why don't you live with them?" Sarah asked.
"Got tired of them trying to get me to mate with the elder's daughter, Erika," Damion replied,"So I moved out."
"Ah, I see,"Sarah said,"Wait. Isn't Erika the one that you killed?"
"Yup. And The elder will want me dead for sure because I killed her," Damion said,"Which means we will probably never be safe."
"Why wouldn't I be safe?" Sarah asked.
"Cause they'll think that you're the reason I killed her. And that is the reason that I killed her. I killed her to protect you cause she was going to kill you," Damion replied,"And I love you too much to let you be killed."
"But, what will I do if they kill you but can't find me?" Sarah asked.
"Raise that child and live a human life if I'm killed before you have the baby," Damion replied,"But, you will have to keep hidden cause they will always be after you."
"Okay. I love you," Sarah said.
"I love you too," Damion said.
Chapter 2

That night they go to bed and fall asleep. The next morning Damion wakes up and goes down to the kitchen and makes some breakfast for him and Sarah. After about twenty min Sarah walks into the kitche and says,"Hey. What are you doing?"
"Making us breakfast. Did you sleep like okay last night babe?" Damion asked.
"Never slept better in my life," Sarah replied.
"That's good," Damion said.
Damion finishes their breakfast and puts one plate in front of Sarah and takes the other one for himself.
"Thank you," Sarah said.
"Yup. No problem," Damion said.
"So, what are we going to do from here?" Sarah asked.
"Stay here for a while and hope they don't find us," Damion replied.
"And what happens if they find us?" Sarah asked.
"We go somewhere else," Damion replied.
"Okay," Sarah said.
Damion and Sarah finish their breakfast and Damion saya,"Do you wanna go do something?"
"Sure," Sarah said.
"Okay. So, what do you want to do?" Damion asked.
"I don't care," Sarah said.
"Okay. How about we go bowling?" Damion asked.
"That sounds fun," Sarah replied.
Damion and Sarah go to the bowling alley and go bowling. After losing about three games to Sarah Damion says,"Why don't we go do something else?"
"Okay," Sarah said,"What do you want to do?"
"How about we go see a movie?" Damion asked.
"That works for me. What movie?" Sarah asked.
"How about we go see Spooky Buddies?" Damion asked.
"That sounds cool," Sarah said. Sarah and Damion go to the theatre and they see Spooky Buddies. About an hour and a half later the movie ends and Sarah says,"That was a good movie."
"Yeah, it was," Damion said. Sarah looks at the time and says,"What do you want for dinner?"
"Anything works for me," Damion said.
"Okay. How about we go to China Buffet?" Sarah asked,"I'm paying."
"Okay. That works," Damion replied.
Damion and Sarah go to China Buffet and get something to eat. While they are eating a girl named Jasmine walks in and when Damion sees her he says,"We've got to go, now."
"Why?" Sarah asked.
"Cause my twin sister just walked in and she'll recognize me right away if she sees me," Damion replied.
"Ah. Okay," Sarah said. Sarah pays the bill and her and Damion leave. Damion and Sarah go back to their hide out and when they get there they see Damion's kind surrounding their house and Damion says, stopping Sarah in her tracks,"We can;t go back there either. Damn it!"
"What are we supposed to do now?" Sarah asked.
"I guess we go somewhere else," Damion said.
"And where are you going to go brother?" Jasmine asked, showing up behind them all of a sudden.
Damion turns around and sticks his hand through her chest and says,"Away from here."
Jasmine falls to the ground dead and Damion says,"Come on. Before they smell the blood."
"Okay," Sarah said,"Where are we going to go now?"
"I have no idea," Damion said.
Damion and Sarah head out of town and they start walking through the forest and Sarah says,"We could go to Grande Rapids."
"That sounds like a good idea," Damion said. Damion and Sarah head towards Grande Rapids and Damion says,"Isn't Grande Rapids where your parents live?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"I was just wondering."
"I love you."
"I love you too."
Two weeks later they get to Grande Rapids and Damion says,"They might have trouble finding us in this big of a city."
"Yeah," Sarah said.
"So, is there anywhere that you know of that we can hide at?" Damion asked.
"Yeah. My parents might let us stay there. Even though I really don't want to go back there," Sarah replied.
"That will work," Damion said. Sarah and Damion go to Sarah's mom and dad's house and Sarah knocks on the door. After standing outside for a few min Sarah's mom answers the door and when she sees Sarah she says,"Sarah? Is that really you?"
"Yeah mom it's me. Oh and this is my boyfriend Damion. Damion, this is my mom," Sarah said.
"Nice to meet you," Damion said.
"Nice to meet you too," Chloe said. Chloe looks at Sarah's stomach and says,"Are you getting fat?"
"No. I'm pregnant mom," Sarah said.
"And can I ask how far along you are?" Chloe asked.
"I'm eight months mom," Sarah replied, "Are you going to invite us in?"
"Yes come on in," Chloe said, walking over to the side and letting Damion and Sarah in.
Damion and Sarah walk in and Chloe says,"Can I ask you who the father of your child is?"
Sarah points at Damion and says,"He's the father mom."
"Well, congrats to you both," Chloe said,"Did you guys come here for a reason?"
"Yeah. We were wondering if we could stay here for a while," Sarah said.
"That's fine with me," Chloe said.
"By the way, where is dad?" Sarah asked.
"He was killed a few weeks ago. But no one knows who or what killed him. All they know right now is that he was completely drained of blood," Chloe replied.
"No. You can't be serious," Sarah said, a tear falling from her eye.
"Yes. I am serious," Chloe said.
Damion puts his arm around Sarah's shoulders and Chloe says,"It'll be okay."
"I know," Sarah said, laying her head onto Damion's shoulder. Chloe sees how caring Damion is being with Sarah and says,"You must really love Sarah."
"I do. I love her a lot," Damion said.
"How long are you going to be here?" Chloe asked.
"We don't know," Damion and Sarah replied together.
"Okay. Make yourself at home," Chloe said.
"Thanks mom," Sarah said.
"You are welcome dear," Chloe said,"I'm going to take a nap. Oh and you guys will be sleeping in your old bedroom Sarah. Why don't you show Damion around?"
"Okay," Sarah said.
Chloe goes into her room and takes a nap while Sarah shows Damion around the house. After Sarah is done showing Damion around the house she takes him to her room and says,"I'm tired let's take a nap."
"Okay," Damion said.
Sarah and Damion lay down in Sarah's bed and they take a nap. After about two hours of sleeping Damion wakes up and when he sees that Sarah is still sleeping he thinks to himself,"She looks so cute while she's sleeping."
A few min later Sarah wakes up and Damion says,"Hello beautiful."
"Hey Damion," Sarah said. Damion presses his lips to Sarah's and Sarah wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him back. After a few min they break apart and Sarah says,"I love you."
"I love you too," Damion said. A month later Sarah feels a contraction and says,"Mom."
"Yes dear," Chloe said walking into the room.
"I just had a contraction," Sarah said.
"Well then it's time to get you to the hospital. You are going into labor," Chloe said,"Where's Damion?"
"He had something to do. But I can text him real quick," Sarah said.
"Okay," Chloe said. Sarah pulls out ger phone and sends Damiona text saying,"Going into labor. Meet me at the hospital I want you to be there when your child is born."
"Okay. I'll be right there," Sarah reads a min later. Chloe gets Sarah to the hospital and they see Damion waiting for them at the doors and they walk in and the receptionist says,"What is the problem?"
"I'm going into labor," Sarah said.
"Okay I'll take you to the delivery room right away. Who is going to be in there with you while you are giving birth?" The receptionist asked.
"I am," Damion replied.
"Are you the father?" The receptionist asked.
"Yes," Damion replied.
"Okay. Right this way please," The receptionist said. The receptionist takes Sarah and Damion to the delivery room and says,"The doctor will be in soon."
"Okay," Damion and Sarah said together.
A few seconds later Dr. Martin walks in and says,"I am Dr. Martin. I will be delivering your baby."
Dr. Martin looks at Damion and says,"Are you the father of the child that she is giving birth to?"
"Yes," Damion said.
"Okay," Dr. Martin said. Dr. Martin starts to Deliver Sarah's baby and after about five hours the baby is born and Dr. Martin says,"Congrats. You now have a baby boy. What are you going to name him?"
"I'm going to name him Deuce," Sarah said.
"That's a cute name," Dr. Martin said.
"Thanks," Sarah said. Dr. Martin walks out of the room and Sarah looks at Damion and says,"What do you think of the name I chose."
"It's a cute one. I like it," Damion said,"It fits him."
"Thank you," Sarah said, "I hope he grows up to be just like you."
A few min later Chloe walks in and says,"Did you have a boy or girl?"
"I had a boy," Sarah said.
"What did you name him?" Chloe asked.
"I named him Deuce," Sarah replied.

Now that Deuce has been born will Damion choose to change Sarah or will they have to keep running and hiding? Find out in the next book FINAL DECISION. It will be a while before I come up with something for Final decision tho.


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