Spiffle - similar to crap, or frick

Nertle-minded - faery speak for small minded, stupid, or dumb

Kiph(ing) - pronounced kih-fing

and is synonomous with freaking

Flurg(ing) - synonomous with kiphing in faery language

Fine_______ - Greating that goes before a type of lving thing i.e. finefaery, finedove, finefish

Buzzberry - An energy giving berry that grows only in Dreamlight.

Chapter One: Aza

Braveflyer. That was the name of my clan. We were faster, braver, stronger, and more cunning than the majority of the faeries in Dreamlight. I, well, I was not. My wings were to small to fly with, and my courage was bellow par for my clan. I was small, weak, and as the majority of the clan said, "an undeserving child of the Braveflyer name". My clan was a guardian clan. We were created by the spirit elementals to protect the borders of Dreamlight. We were trained at a young age to fight monsters, devils, and other things that would harm our home. I, again, was a let down. I couldn't fly, couldn't fight, and was to scared to be the bait in any of the missions. In other words, I was useless.

I kicked at the gravel path as I walked home, books in hand. School was the only time of day where I excelled. I was the first on the academic charts, and was far beyond the others in my classes. I looked up at the looming trees over head. I sighed, and slid my books back into my bag. I tied my long hair up into high ponytail, and glanced up at my family's little cottage, high up in the branches of an oak tree. I wish I could fly!

I thought to myself as I started the long climb up the trunk to my home. There used to be little steps leading all the way up the tree, but as time went on, they became weak, and unstable. So now, I climb up.

By the time I got to my front door, my hands were battered, and old wounds had been reopened. The only good thing about the climb was that I was getting stronger, and finaly able to participate in the weekly hand-to-hand combat lessons. I walked into my room and bandaged my hands, sipping at a healing potion. I let my hair down, grabbed my brush, and pulled it through the thick tangles. My wavy hair ended mid thigh. It was thick, heavy and a dark, mousy brown. I hated the color, and no matter what potions, spells, and magicks I used, it still managed to stay the same.

I heard the door open and froze, hoping my parents weren't home yet.

"Aza, we're home." my mother shouted. Oh spiffle.

Quickly, I put my hair up, struggling to get my hair in its long braid before my mother came in.

"Aza, oh Aza where are you?" she asked.

She knocked on my door, and pushed it open before I could answer, or finish my braid.

"Aza, how many times do I have to tell you, if you're ever going to be normal, you need to keep your hair in the traditional braid." she scolded.

"I know, but mom-" I tried to defend myself.

"'I know, but mom' nothing. Get your hair back in a braid."

She sighed, shook her head, and closed the door. They were the two best warriors in Dreamlight, and their only child was a scuttle, a fairy with wings too small to lift them into flight. They were the guardians of the temples the Creators used to reside in back in the Old Age. They were fighting monsters by the age of fifteen, they created the seals that locked enemies away in boxes and jars, they were renowed, famous, legends even, and their only child was a dissapointment. I was useless to them. I can't fly, can hardly fight, and scarcely speak. They were the warriors, the guardians, protectors, and I was not.

I flopped onto my bed, blowing the flyway hairs out of my face. I tugged my hair out of it's braid and finished brushing it. If I wanted my hair down, it was gonna be down. At least when no one was around. After I brushed out all the knots, my hair was silky smooth and soft. I dragged my fingers through it, then pilled it up into a droopy bun. I sighed, and looked out my window. We lived at the very edge of Dreamlight, and, if you looked closely, you could just make a human's farm.

Dreamlight was a gigantic forest with clearings, beautiful waterfalls and magnificent meadows. In the very center was the castle. It was a huge, sprawling building. The fountains were of the purest crystal, and the garden paths paved with the thinest sheets of ruby. It was enchanting, yet uninhabbited and rumor claims it's haunted. No matter what the silly, nertle-minded faeries that lived in Castle City said, I never onced believed the castle could be anything but beautiful.

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the warning trumpets rise up in song. I leapt out of my bed, and dashed out of my room. I knew the Emergency Plan like the back of my hand, and made my way to the front porch, if my parents weren't here in two minutes, they were already fighting whatever it is that's threatening Dreamlight. I counted the seconds, praying for their appearance on the porch. Nothing. I knew I needed to leave, but still, I crept through the house, making sure my parents weren't there. They weren't.

But a monster was.

Chapter Two: Aza

I felt a scream build up in my throat. I gulped it down, and silently as I could, I turned and left. I stepped off the porch, crossing my arms over my chest and and keeping my legs together. As I neared the ground, I prepared myself for impact, bending my knees into a lunge, crossing my arms, and tucking in my elbows. I hit the ground in the perfect positon, rolled, then sprung to my feet. As soon as I was up, I was running. I knew I had to reach Castle city soon, or more monsters would find me.

As I ran, my hair came out of it's bun, and it billowed behind me as I sprinted onward. I could still here the sounds of battle behind me. I looked over my shoulder. One of the kiphing monsters was following me.

I sped up as much as I could, pushing myself. I was still no where near Castle City, and had this flurging monster hot on my heels. I looked over my shoulder once more, and the monster was so close. I'm going to die,

I thought. There's no way I can get out of this.

All of the sudden, pain blossomed in my ankle, and I felt the monster's teeth sink in. I screamed.

Getting a hold of my self, I kick, trying to shake the beast off. I groaned when monster moved, but didn't release my leg.

"Get off!!!" I screeched. "Get off, get off, get OFF!!!"

I pounded his head, and finally got a good hit on his only eye. The monster yowled, holding his hands on his eye. I took my chance and leapt into a sprint, taking no time to bandage my leg. I ran and ran until I felt I was far enough to slow. I continued on at a jog. The monsters hardley ever attacked Dreamlight, but when they did, there were hoards of them, and the outer cities and towns were evacuated.

I looked up, and saw a mass of brightly colored wings, and picked up my pace. There was a mass exodus of faeries, all heading for the saftey of Castle City. I ran as fast as I could, but I was no match for faeries with wings. Soon, I was left behind, bruised, battered, and bleeding. I knew the woods of Dreamlight like no other, and a town was coming into veiw. I slowed to a walk, as I entered the little pocket of houses.

I walked around the village, knocking on doors, and seeing if they were locked. Nobody answered and most were locked up tight. Finaly, someone answered. It was an elderly old lady with wings so thin, she probably lost her ability to fly long ago.

"Well, aren't you a poor thing." she said when she opened her door.

I smiled and said, "I'm sorry to bother you finefaery, but, you wouldn't happen to have anything I could bandage my ankle with?"

"Sure sweetie, come on in." she said as she pulled me into her house.

She led me into her kitchen, and started looking through the cupboards.

"Ah, here we go." she whispered to herself. "Here, this oughta make you feel better. What happened to ya sweetpea?"

She wrapped my ankle, as I told of the horrible monster. When she finished, she patted my knee and asked me to find her grandchildren and tell them she would be okay. I promised I would, and set off again, weaving my way through the trees, and maintaining a steady sprint.

I glanced up at the sky and noticed the sun had begun its descent. I couldn't run in the dark. I picked up my pace, pushing myself. I had to get further than this. It usually took me four to five days to walk to Castle City, running three tops. It usually took up to two weeks to clear the monsters out of Dreamlight on the rare occasions they sneak in. I had to hurry, it would take me longer to get there this time. On top of that, I was hurt.

I wove my way through the trees, leaping over roots, and dodging low hanging vines. The sun was declining fast, getting lower and lower. I fluttered my wings, trying anything that would help me run faster. In a matter of minutes, it would be too dark to see, the thick tree canopy blocking out even the moonlight.

I finally stopped, tripping over a stick. Picking my self up, I dusted off my clothes and pulled a few leaves out of my hair. I sat with my back against a tree trunk, my legs sore and tired. I sat there silently, listening to the soft breeze rustling the leaves, and little animals scurrying back to their dens. I heard owls shake out their wings, and lift off into flight.

As I listen, I hear it. It starts out low, then grows into a loud growl. Instantly, I jump up, and fore my legs to to run. Monsters. If they're this far into Dreamlight, then the Guardians must have failed. The Braveflyer clan failed.

I wanted to go home. I wanted to see my parents, make sure they were okay. They're okay,

I told myself. These few probably just escaped. Mom and Dad are fine.

They had to be okay, but somewhere, deep inside me, I knew something was wrong.

Chapter Three: Aza

I ran until I couldn't hear them anymore, the monsters. I knew something was wrong, and I knew what it was, I just didn't want to admit it. I tried to get some sleep, but it eluded me. I paced all night, worrying. When light finally came, I was off, faster than a deer. I stopped rarely, only to eat, or make sure I was headed in the right direction. I came across several little towns and communities, all of which were abandoned. I was getting closer, but I was still a long ways away. It would still be another one or two days before was even close to Castle City.

I ran with a constant fear that monsters were following. Always fearing that my parents would not be present in Castle City when I got there. I was scared that I would be on my own, that no one would be there waiting for me. A shiver ran up my spine as I thought about my parents. I knew something was wrong. My parents were meticulous about making sure each and every monster was caught, tagged, and shut away for the rest of their lives. They wouldn't let even one past their guard. Something told me my parents weren't just hurt, but gone, no longer breathing. I felt a salty tear roll down my cheek.

As the day progressed, my pace slowed until I was walking rather than running. I stopped for a few minutes, and made a few buzzberries my diner. I stood up, stretched, and continued on my way. When the sun declined, and the crescent moon rose, I stopped. My legs felt like noodles, and my eye lids were to heavy to keep open. I found a trunk to lean against, and slowly drifted off.

I saw my mother's face. Her eyes were dull, and sunken, and her hair had lost its luster and shine. She smiled, then closed her eyes and fell, crumpling into the darkness. Slowly, another figure rose up out of the heavy, black smoke. It was my father. His face was gray, and aged, and his eyes were sad, regretful, and lonely. Slowly, he raised his arm out, reaching for me. His fingers curled, and his nails turned black. He opened his mouth in a blood-curdling scream, but the sound was cut short. He, like my mother, had fallen back, absorbed into black. A new figure shot up. It was tall, and sinuous. The figure was dark, and dangerous-looking, and before I had time to react, it sprang forwad and launched itself at me. I was consumed by the darkness. It swallowed me up, just as it did my parents. I felt my mouth fall open in a silent scream. There was no sound. No feeling. For sight. There was just nothingness.

Slowly, a light formed, round and glowing. It was dim, but it was something. A fourth figure appeared out of the light.

'Child', it whispered, its voice light and feminine. 'You are destined.'

'Destined to do what?' I shouted, but nothing cam out but a rasp.

'You are destined, to fulfill your parents debt. You, will do all they could not.' it spoke slowly, pausing often.

'What did my parents promise?' I tried asking again.

'That will be revealed along the way.' the voice said.

As soon as the last word was said, the figure was sucked away, and with it the light. Suddenly, I felt the pressing darkness, like it was suffocating me.

'Find those who will help.' the voice said, although its body was no longer visible.

I clawed at my throat, my lungs begging for air, then I saw two people, both looking to be no more than a few years older than me. They looked confused, and scared as the wandered around. Then I noticed something strange. The people appeared to be brother and sister, both sharing the same brilliant blonde hair and lush green eyes, the only difference, was the the boy had short, clipped wings, almost as if someone had taken a blade to them, and left a jagged edge where they had cut. The girl on the other hand, had huge, exquisite wings in exotic shades of purple and jade. When the boys eyes locked on mine, I awoke.

My dream had me shaking, scaring the kiph out of me. I looked at my hands, shaking so fast they almost vibrated. I stood up, and dusted the leaves of my pants. I looked at the worn out, but soft leather. They were good for hiding in the woods, formfitting and snug, but not tight or restricting. They were perfect for running and hiding out. I shook my hair out of its ponytail, and ran my fingers through it, undoing the worst of the tangles. Sighing, I wove it into a braid. I finally understood why the female warriors in our clan wore their hair in braids, it kept it from getting tangled and dirty.

I ate the rest of the buzzberries I'd collected the night before, and was off before the sun had fully risen.

Chapter Four: Aza

I ran, careful to avoid exposed roots, and anything else I could trip over. As I moved, I thought about my dream. I focused on the part about the thing my parents couldn't fulfill. What on Earth could I do that they can't?

I thought. It was beyond me. I thought about the faeries I saw, and wondered about the boy's wings. They looked like someone had held them together and sheared them off. Maybe he was born that way. I mulled it over. Either way, he was like me, unable to fly. I sighed and picked up my pace. hoping to get to Castle City tonight.

I passed a few more towns, and stopped to eat a quick lunch of berries, and fresh water from a stream. I was getting closer, but still had a while to go. I was lost in my thoughts when the sound of voices startled me. Immediateness, I was in battle mode.


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