I spiraled down towards the earth, towards my new life. Everyhting would be different now, so strange. Then again, normal is overrated.

Chapter One
A new life means many things. A odd new place, new people, new everything. For me, that was nothing but the truth. Today was my first official day on earth, the pains in my back from my Fall still twisting and aching. I just wanted to get today over with. I want to finally feel like I belonged somewhere again.

I am, well used to be, an angel but I don't know why, or how, I Fell. The Law states that if a Fallen can figure out and understand why they've Fallen, and if they're willing to fix themselves, they can be readmitted into the Kingdom. So far, only a select few Fallen have achieved that, but I inted to up that number by one.

I figured the first step was to get a grip on my surroundings, so i embarked on a walk.

I've only been out for about fifteen minutes, but i know now that my current location is in New York, and bars ,whatever those are, are open all hours. The streets were twisty and looped everywhere. More than once, i had come upon a dead end. I was at one of those now.

Walls loomed up around me, and darkness seemed to claw at me. I heard a soft sobbing.

"Please, stop, dad, your hurting me." I heard a girl whimper.

I also heard the sound of skin smacking against skin.

I shuddered, remembering somtheing i almost remember. I ran towards the noise. When i got to the scene, I saw a man kick a bruised and slightly bloody girl, then he turned, left and never glanced back. I rushed forward, falling on my knees next to the injured girl. Her eyes were hardley open. She screamed.

"Dad, please!" she yelled.

"Shhh, I'm not your dad. I'm Ky, I wont hurt you." i replied.

She just nodded. Now that i got a closer look, i realized she wasn't a little girl, but a small, frail looking teenager. I saw her start to stand up, but at the last second, she tumbled. In one, swift motion, I caught her. She gasped.

"Wh-who are you?" she stutterd.

"I told you, I'm Ky."

She scrambled out my arms and turned to try and run. I aught her arm. "Wait, at least let me help you."

She just looked at me. "let me take you to my place, i can fix you up there."

She looked horror-stricken. "What are you, some kind of pervert? I will not go home wiht you!"

I could feel my face turn red. I didn't know what she just said, but i had a feeling it was bad.

"What's a pervert?" i asked quietly.

She looked confused.

"What?" i said.

She laughed, bitterly. "You really think i don't know your type? You think you're all hot stuff and that any girl is automatically your girl and that you can do whatever it is you want. You think that there are no consequences and that everyone loves you. Well tough crap, coz I ain;t falling for your stupid games."

She stood rigid,hands in tight fists. I however, didn't understand a word she said. I opened my mouth to say something.

"No." was all she said, as she turned to leave.

Suddenly, my back burned. I ignored it, speed-walking to catch up to her. The pain flared up. I moaned.

"What's your d-" she stopped mid-word.

I was doubled over, my back stung, burned, and hurt everywhere. She just stood there, mouth hanging open.

I felt the familiar feeling of wings unfurling from my back. the pain was gone. I looked over my shoulder. Two large red wings spread out behind me. I flapped them and lauhged. I was estatic. I had wings again.

The girl screamed.

Chapter Two
I stopped laughing and looked at her, confused.

"What are you?!" she gasped.

"One of the Fallen." i replied, still happy that i have wings, evin if they are red.

"Who the crap are they?" she demanded.

"Fallen angels." i replied, in the mood to skip around.

"Your an angel." she asked, stunned.

My mood died. "Was. I was an angel. I Fell."

She saw how deflated i became. "What does that mean?"

"It means that I'm no longer welcome in the Kingdom unless i fullfill the Law's requirments."

"Oh. How'd you Fall?" she asked. How had this situation gone so south.

"uh, that's the thing. The Law requires the Fallen to figure out why, understand, and be willing to fix why they fell. If we don't, we stay the same till, well, no one really knows."

She walked towards me. Reaching out a hand, she picked up a lock of my hair. "Hmm, funny, i thought your hair was blonde." she murmmured to herself.

"It is." i relied.

"No. . . it black wiht red streaks, no blonde in sight." she said.

I felt the top of my head. My once short cut blonde hair had been replaced by longer shaggy hair. My eyes widdened. No one had ever said that our apearances would change if we Fell. I had now become the image of two th8ings i detested. Black, and more black. Oh just my luck.

The girl walked around me in slow circles, taking in my wings, my hair, everything about me. I saw how she limped, how her arm looked swollen, and the bruises froming under her eye. She was pretty, even when she was all torn up.

"What's your name?" i asked.

"Serenity, but most people just call me Skittles." she replied.

"Why skittles?"

"They're my favorite candy." she replied.

I knew what candy was from my countless hours of watching poeple from the Kingdom, but i had never heard the term 'skittles'.

"I'm just going to pretend i know what those are." i said.

She laughed a tinkling, dainty laugh. Her laugh was interupted by a caughing fit.

"We'd better get you some help." I stated.

"Yah, well, it's not like I can go to the hospital, they's ask questions. Questions are bad. My dad will be at my place. All that leaves is. . . yours." Serenity shivered at the thought.

"I swear all I will do is bandage you up. You don't have to worry abou anything." i said, trying to be soothing. It worked.

"FIne. But you make just one wrong move and i swear I'll break your arm." she threatened.

"Psh, ye of little faith." i joked.

Chapter Three.
When we finally mae our way to me house, I was carrying Skittles. Her injusries taking their toll. The Kingdom had been gracious enough to dump me in a house that had been recently lived in. I looked around in the cabinents, trying to remeber which ones held the medical suplies.

when i had finally found them, Serenity had fallen asleep on the couch, her sleeping face had lost all the agression it had shown earlier in the evening. Walking over to her, I gently shhok her shoulder. She bolted up, a thin sheen of sweat platered her hair to her forehead. She was breathing hard, obviously scared. I sat next to her.

"Shhhhhh, it's okay, everything is fine. You're okay, you're safe now." I murmured. She started to relax.

Her hands were still shaking, but she wasn't as scared.

"You had a bad dream, do you want to talk about it?" i asked.

"I was running." she began. "But it wasn't from anyone i know. It was from this. . . this, well angel I guess, but it had black wings, and it's eyes, they were this stunning, almost glowing green." she paused. "He looked kind of like you, except with black wings, and green eyes. Anyway, he was chasing me, flying toawrds me. I rounded a corner, but it lead to a dead end. The angel thing slamed me against a wall. His eyes started glowing, truning darker and darker till they were black. I felt like i couldn;t breath. Then i woke up, right as i felt like i was about to die. I just felt you shake me, and i woke up."

As she told the story, I felt an odd sense of deja vu. It was like i had already heard this.

"The strangest thing though, was that, I wasn't me. I was my mom. She died when i was little." she whispered.

That's when it hit me. It was a memory. Eleven years ago, when I was six, I had been this little girl's Guardian. Her mom had been killed by one of the Dark Ones. The girl had only been five. She had the same briliant rad hair, and nearly yellow eyes. I had been Serenity's Gaurdian.

"Is that man your biological father?" i asked, sudenly serious.

"Why do you need to know?" she asked, gaurded.

"Just tell me. I have to be sure he isn't. If he is, then so help me, i don;t know what i will do to him." I said, she looked confused.

"No," she sighed. "he isn't. After my mother died, my dad couldn't afford to take care of me. He lost the house, some nights we wouldn't have a place to stay, other's we would have to forgo a meal in turn for shelter. It wasn't fun. After a few months, CPS came and took me. They told me my dad had found a place to stay, but it would be a long time till i would ever be able to see him, so the put m eup for adoption. Family after family would try me out, then put me back. Finally, that man came along. For years he adored me, got me anything i asked for. Then one day, I came home and reported the bad news that I hadn't made the play. That, that one little thing that i never achieved, that was the begining of the end. That was three years ago, when i was 13."

I sighed. I remebered hearing about the murder of Auburn Morgenson.

"Auburn Morgenson, your mom, I'm sorry, but hse was murdered by a Dark One. The one with green eyes and black wings. If it's any closure, his name was Jemani. You're lucky he wasn't one of the original Dark one's or you and your father wouldn't be here by now. I knew him, he was in my age division. He was supposed to Fall before the Dark Ones took him in." i told her.

"You- you knew the person who kiled my- my mom?"

"Not only that, but I was your Guardian, before she was killed. I'm so sorry. I- I didn't-" i was cut off.

"How could you not tell me?! All these years i thought she died on the streets from a sudden heart attack!" she shrieked. "Not to mention the fact that you were my so-called 'Gaurdian', whatever the crap that is! Do have any, i mean ANY

idea how that changed my life? Did you really think i didn't deserve to know?"

Tears were streaming down her face, making her eyes shimmer and shine.

"I mean,didn't I deserve to know?" she whispers, and starts sobbing.

Slowly, I wrap my arms around her, rubbing her back. "You do deserve to know. I just didn't realize it was you. I didn't really remember till you said your mom died. I'm so sorry. I know this has to be hard for you. I'm going to try to remember more. But right now, we really do need to get some antiseptic stuff on those cuts and bruises. If you don't want to go home, you can stay here if you want. Just try and feel better." I tried to console her.

She nodded and sniffled. I got up, getting the medical supplies left in the house. The Kingdom had been generous, giving me this place. Most Falls took place in the middle of the desert. I started bandaging up Serenity.

Chapter four
When I had finally finished wiht Skittles injuries, it was well into the evening.

"Thanks again, Ky, this really means a lot to me." She said as she sipped her hot chocolate.

"Hey, just because I fell doesn't mean all my angelic qualities have left me. I will find dout why I Fell, I will understand it, and I will fix it. I'll do anything to get beck to the Kingdom." I stated.

"It has to be hard," Skittles said. "To be in a whole new place, wihtout anyone to help you. I mean, we probably have a completely different culture than what you're used to. Different language, dress, everything. It has to be jkinda scary."

"It is, but i stillhave some expiriance. When I was little, my parents were in the Gaurd. They used to let me watch from above, just get a glimpse. They always said I'd need it someday. They were right. it just confuses me to think about how they knew. I mean, Falls aren't planned. And they devastate so many angels." I replied.


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