Puppy Play

“Have you been good today?”

“Yes Master, I have.”

“That’s a good girl.”

Roger tugged my leash and I knew to follow, I crawled on my hands and feet behind him through the house. The carpet was soft, but still rubbed my knees raw. Roger stopped, and I sat back on legs.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes Master, I am.”

I hadn’t eaten today, like most days, I was deprived of food. It wasn’t hard dealing with Roger, and he was easy to please. As long as I didn’t run my mouth and sass him I didn’t get punished.

“Go eat.”

He unhooked the leash from my collar and I crawled on my hands and knees to the dog bowl. I was thankful he let me eat real food now, the first week I had dog food, so I simply didn’t eat. The chicken was cut in small bites and covered in thick brown gravy. My stomach growled and I devoured my meal. I turned my attention to my water bowl, empty. I carefully picked it up in my mouth and brought it to Roger’s feet as he sat at the table eating his own food. I whined lightly to get his attention.

“Are you thirsty?”

“Yes Master.”

I breathed heavily, and panted like a dog would when they had been in the sun too long. I pleaded with my eyes begging for something to drink.

“Alright puppy.”

He poured some water into my bowl and I lapped it up quickly. The gravy had coated my throat and I was happy to have it pushed into my stomach.

“Go wait for Master to finish.”

Some nights he would ask me to lay at his feet, other nights when he told me to wait, I knew where I belonged. I left my empty water bowl by his foot and crawled to the dog crate that hung open in the den. Roger was kind enough to put in a padding but it was still uncomfortable. I placed my head on my hand, and waited patiently for his return.

“Puppy, where are you?”

I gave a small yelp, and watched as Roger entered the room.

“That’s a good puppy. Now come sit with Master.”

Roger flipped on the television, and I crawled onto the couch resting my head in his lap. He stroked my hair and watched a football game. If it wasn’t for the collar around my throat, these strokes in my hair would be loving. As if I were cuddled with a boyfriend or husband on the couch, but I wasn’t. I was a naked puppy for Roger’s deviant games. I wore a butt plug whenever I wore the collar, it had a long tail. I never wore clothes unless Roger’s friends came to visit. Sometimes even then I was subjected to crawl around naked still. He loved proving himself to his friends that a frisky young girl answered to his every whim. My favorite nights were when he didn’t put the collar on me. Those were the nights he pleased me more. The collar symbolized that I was nothing but an animal to him, a toy for his sexual desires that’ll be played out. And I allowed it.

I closed my eyes; resting the tired vessels and I dreamed of how my life used to be, before I met Roger. It was simple; I did my school work and earned the grades I received. I never partied, and never did drugs. I wouldn’t dare, my parent’s raised me to be kind, respectful and wholesome.

My mind drifted back to the night I met Roger; I had just finished a paper, and Bethany, my roommate was taking me out. I had not left my dorm all semester except to go to class and to work. In her words, “I’ve had it with your shit.”

She threw a dress at me and told me to get ready, tonight was going to be the best night of my life. Of course, I just laughed it off and pulled the skimpy black dress over my head. It covered my breast completely, but it stopped only a few inches below my sweet zone. I stared in the mirror. The heels made me look extremely tall, and made my calve muscles look fabulous. I stared at Bethany, “You’re joking right? I can’t go out in public like this!”

Bethany came and stood next to me, her own dress impossibly shorter than mine was. Her perfect 34C’s blossomed over the top of the tight dress. It hugged her little waist, and showed off her fabulous hips. I stared at the comparison of us. My legs and thighs may look wonderful, but the rest of my body was missing. My hips laid flat at my sides. If it weren't for the slight curve in my waist you wouldn’t have even guessed hips were there. My small perky, round 30B’s were something of a teenager. I had to admit, my ass was perfection though. Small, round, and full.

“Yes you can girl, you’re hot.”

Bethany pushed me into the computer chair and dumped her make up bag onto the table.

“Bethany, the dress is enough.”

“Just let me do my magic.”

I waited patiently for what seemed like an eternity before she took a step back and smiled at her master piece. I stood slowly, and unsure what I would be looking at I cautiously stepped in front of the mirror. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it didn’t even look like I had makeup on. My face looked fresh with my natural rosy cheeks. My eye lids had a subtle gold eye shadow that made my blue eyes pop and jump out. On my waterline was a faint black line of eyeliner. On my lips was fire engine red lipstick that curved when I smiled, showing my pearly whites.

“Wow, Bethany. I look…”

“Hot. I know. Now let’s go.”

I didn’t know where she was taking me. I was scared for the simple fact because of the guys she brought back to the dorm were crazy. Many nights I’ve woken and heard the men screaming in pain, in pleasure and yelling out “Yes Mistress. Make me your bad boy.” It amused me to be honest. These huge buff men I saw leaving in the morning were screaming out for Bethany to punish them. I never addressed her sexual


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