Some say life after death
You lose every breath
Hanging on to what was
When there’s no reason because,

The hurt’s just far too deep
Tears turn to a weep
Nobody quite understands this process
Which attacks once there is progress

It’s a stepping stone in life
The kind which stabs you like a knife
Imprinting in your mind and soul
Staying alert and on patrol

There’s nothing quite the same
When life is thought about a game
And time passes without notice
Leaving skin imprints, from the focus

Of being alive, living each day
Experiencing bad and good
In every possible way
In every way it should

Life is so precious, so valuable
When all is lost, they’ve lost the truth
When its mandatory, the company suffers
Losing hope from those who are tougher

Such great sorrow cannot be healed
In hearts forever, love is sealed
Coming from deep within
Along with agitation making your head spin

Moving on, to another life
Seems so peculiar but such a strife
To those who watch, those who witness
Crying, screaming waiting on that one last kiss

Once the moment finally hits
Sudden or expected, reality sits
Waiting for duty, as it calls again
Lingering the moment, keeping it open

It not only stings, but creates a life of new
Settling in the ground
Saying goodbye to someone true
Repeating clearly every last echoed sound

To those who still mourn
Those who still cry
It’s extremely difficult to say goodbye

Leaving behind the past, leaving behind that love
When all you really think is what their thinking of

But indeed they watch over
No matter where they are
Enjoying life somewhere else, waiting for arrival
Tedious journeys will soon be passed
Because forever in our hearts is where they will stay and last.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 15.01.2010

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