"MOVING?! WHEN? WHERE? WHY? ARE YOU GOING TO COME BACk? WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN?" I asked with tears running down my face. " My family leaves tomorrow, we are moving to California because my dad got a job there. I dont know if i will be coming back anytime soon we will just have to wait and see. You will always be my best friend dont ever forget that!" kyle says wiping the tears from my face. That happend a year ago when i lost my best friend. And if you are wondering his name was Kyle we had been best friends since eighth grade when he came to my school. Ever since he left things havent been the same we talked and texted alot the first couple of months after the move but after that we lost touch. I have changed alot too. Before Kyle came to my school i was really shy and i didnt have many friend. But now i am one of the most popular girls in my high school not to mention one of the prettiest but im not trying to be cocky im just confident. My name is Ashley and i have Long brown hair that almost reaches the small of my back. I have a body most girls would kill for with the right curves in all the right places. I love to party and have a good time. i am a junior in high school and my boy friends name is jake we have been dating for four months now. Tonight is friday night and i am going to a party with my best friends Hannah, Maggie, and lauren. As we are walking in i run into something hard i look up and in shock when i see that i ran into KYLE but before i had time to say something he beat me to it. "ASHLEY?!? IS THAT YOU?" " O MY GOSH KYLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" i ask as i wrap my arms around him and hug him. he has really grown up since the last time i saw him. He is now about 6.2" with blonde hair and big muscles but not the gross ones that are over done. "I just moved back i was going to call you tomorrow and ask if you wanted to hang out" " YES! i would love too!" we spent the rest of the night catching up and telling stories. The next day kyle and i were going to meet around three to go to the beach so i drove over to jakes house because i was going suprise him and we could go eat breckfast. as i pull up in the drive way i see something i wish i hadnt i saw courtneys car in front of his house. Courtney is the schools slut and has hooked up with more guys than you can count. i open up the door with the spare key jake got made for me a while ago. As i am just about to go up staris to jakes room i see him making out with courtney in the living room. " Are yall done in here or should i go to another room?" i ask more pissed off than i have ever been in my life. i had never been cheated on before. " Wait i can explain there is nothing going on between me and courtney" he trys to save himself " Well you dont have a girl friend so i guess it doesnt matter!" i say as i walk out the door while telling myself i will not cry in front of him he isnt worth it. But as soon as i get in my car i cant help but cry.


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