Kylie wakes up and instantly checks the time. She has a strick routine. She has to be up and dressed by 5 a.m. and has to be finished with breakfast in the dinning hall at 5:20. After that she has to train for two hours. For another hour at 7:20 Kylie has to meet up with everyone and do mini-missions to help them with their not so mini missions. At 8:20, she gets to school.

Kylie sees it is exactly 4:30 a.m. and immediately gets out of bed. She goes into her own private bathroom and takes a nice 10 minute shower. Kylie exits the shower with a towel rapped around her waste and she goes to the closet to check out what she wants to wear.

In the end, Kylie chooses to wear black skinny jeans, a nice fitted black, spagetti strap shirt that flows down, and a pair of high heeled black boots.

Kylie starts to put her things into her school backpack. Her notebooks, her weapons, her pencils, her gear for missions, and everything else, which takes another 10 minutes.

Kylie walks back into the bathroom and leaves her black hair hanging down, she looks in the mirror and studies the face she sees. For an unknown reason, whenever Kylie looks into mirrors, she feels like she's looking at a completely different person.

But how can she be different? She's been the same her whole life...or that's what every adult tells her. Kylie remembers nothing of her past. She only remembers waking up in a hospital when she was around 7 years old. The doctors had told her that she must have hit her head hard because she ended up getting a amnesia.

'Boss' had told the doctors that he was her guardian, and when they arrived at headquarters many years ago, he had told Kylie about the 'business' her runs and how she's in it.

Kylie, with no memory of who she was, believed every word. And for 9 years she has been robbing banks, assassinating those who are a nuisance to the 'boss.' Kylie has always been the 'bad guy'. Along with everyone else, that is.

And now that she's 16 years old, she still doesn't question anything. No matter how many times she goes to school and they tell her to always be a good person.

She has been raised to think evilly. She has been brought up to steal, to kill, and to have no mercy. That's how you get to the top.

Kylie sighs as she looks at herself once again and then hurries down stairs, making it at exactly 5 a.m. She sits down, Cris, Chelsea, and Daniel already eating their breakfast.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Kylie asks after she had gotten her breakfast and sat in front of Cris, Chelsea to her right, and Daniel to her left.

"I'm fine...I'm just mad that they beat me so fast." Cris says, scowling at his eggs.

"Stop doing that or else they might go up into flames." Kylie says, laughin at Cris's intense stare.

Cris looks up sheepishly. "I-I wan't...I mean I didn't mean to...I mean-"

"Calm down Cristopher, even I knew she was joking." Chelsea giggles.

Cris begins to redden even more. It takes a few minutes for him to calm down and get back to his usual peach color.

"So, what's new? Are we going to actually finish a whole day at school today or do we have-"

"Another mission." Daniel interrupted.

Daniel looks down at his watch and then indicates by pointing to his watch, that it's almost time to go for training.

"I guess we better go." Cris says, while getting up from his seat and throwing his barbage into the trash.

Kylie, Chelsea, and Daniel do the same thing and the four walk together to the training room. As they enter, they notice something different.

"Where's all our sparring equipment?" Kylie asks no one in particular.

"Hello children," A voice says from behind them, "I hope you'll like your new sparring equipment."

Kylie, Chelsea, Daniel, and Cris spin around and try to get a glimps at their 'boss.' But there was no one behind them.

"I wish I just KNEW what he looked like," Cris complains.

It's true, no one, not even Kylie, has seen who 'boss' is or what he looks like. There are rumors about him being the devil and not wanting people to know, that's why he doesn't show himself to anyone.

Others say that he was in a terrible accident when he was younger and that he is difigured because of it. And that he's ashamed so he doesn't show himself. But, no one knows exactly the reason, they're just rumors.

"What did he mean by 'new' sparring equipment?" Chelsea wonders aloud.

Soon the room turns black. Kylie looks around but can't see anyone, even though they're right next to her. Then after a minute of complete darkness, blinding lights flash on and suddenly the four are not in a white sparring room, but in a fancy, high tech bank.

"What the- how did we get here?" Daniel asks, instantly grabbing Chelsea's hand.

"I think I know what he meant by 'new' sparring equipment." Kylie says, excitement oozing from her voice.

"What did he mean?" Cris asks, scooting closer to Kylie, Daniel, and Chelsea.

Kylie turns to Cris and smiles. "We're in a virtual room! This isn't real, but it's simmulated to be real. Real alarms, real people. It's as if we're going to rob a real bank but this is only for practice."

It takes everyone a minute to get that they are in a type of virtual game. One that will help them with their missions.

"Cool, let's do this!" Daniel says.

"Here you are, see you kids soon." Harold says, dropping the four off at school.

They had so much fun in the virtual room that time had flown by so fast. The fake missions had levels, they started at level one, but are now on level forty-six.

"Bye Harold, see you." Kylie says, getting out of the limo and walking straight to the schools entrance, knowing the others would catch up to her.

Kylie enters the high school and sees the halls filled with students. She walks right down the middle and feels peoples eyes looking at her. She doesn't turn around until she hears a voice behind her call, "Hey cutie!"

Kylie groans inwardly and turns around to face the tall brunette.

"Dylan, what do you want?" Kylie asks, looking into his dark brown eyes.

"You," Dylan says with a smirk.

"For the hundred time, I am NOT interested!" Kylie says, while scowling.

"Come on Kylie, I know you like me, so it's only a matter of time before we-"

"Before you what?" Cris asks from behind Kylie. "Is he bothering you...again?" Cris asks while looking at Kylie.

Kylie turns as smiles as him, seeing Daniel and Chelsea flanking him. Fomr her point of view, Kylie thought they look pretty intimidating. No wonder Dylan looked like he was about to pee in his pants.

"No, I didn't mean it...I mean, Kylie," Dylan turns to Kylie, his eyes pleading. "Right I wasn't bothering you?"

Kylie thought of how to answer. It would only be a waste of time to say yes and have Cris get all protective.

"Nah, it's fine. Come on, let's go to class." Kylie says, turning around to walk to her first class of the day.

As Kylie walks down the hall, she hears a slight sigh of relief escape Dylan's mouth.

"May you please send Kylie Anderson to the front, she will be going home." The voice on the intercom says, sounding tired of always having to call her out of class.

The teacher, not even acknowledging, waves his hand for Kylie to leave. Kylie gets up from her seat and exits the classroom.

She walks towards the doors that lead to the main building when she hears a voice behind her.

"Hey Kylie, wait up, will ya?" Cris says, running up to her.

They walk into the building and head towards the front.

"So Ms. Anderson do-"

"That's not my name." Kylie interrupted him.

Cris turns to Kylie with a questioned look, still walking.

"So are you starting to remember something?" Cris asks with a smile.

Cris and the whole team know about Kylie's amnesia, so every once in a while they'll try and help her remember little things. Like if she had a pet, what her favorite ice cream was, and what were her parents names.

Kylie hasn't really remembered anything but whenever someone calls her Kylie Anderson, it just doesn't sound right to her. She knows, in her gut, that Anderson is not her last name.

"Nah, I wish." Kylie complains.

The two walk out of the school and towards the slick, black limo.

"Well, maybe you'll remember something sooner or later." Cris tries to reassure.

The two enter the black limo and instantly notice Daniel and Chelsea asleep.

"Why are they-"

"Duck!" Cris yells, pushing Kylie's head towards her lap.

A second later a shattering sound is hear overhead and the windows glass surrounds them. Kylie and Cris look up cautiously and see three figures start walking towards the black limo. The girl with short blonde hair, carrying a sleeping dart gun. Which was pointed staright at Kylie.

"So," The blonde pauses, "we meet again."


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