Moving In With My Bro

Chapter One


“But Dad please, you and I both know that she hates me!” I yelled in anger. Once again my dad and I are arguing over the Beast from the East, otherwise known as my step mom. My dad promised my mom when she died (I don't know how) that he would never move on and that he will wait until they meet again. And he kept that promise, until two months later he met Bertha and started fucking her brains out. You should never witness the trauma of hearing your dad fuck the woman you hate most in your life. It's just-just-just *shudder* disgusting! Eww. Anyway she hates me and I hate her, we have a mutual hate for each other. He know it and so do I (didn’t I already say that?). So now I'm moving suggesting that I move in with my bro and he flips a button! (Lol, ha ha! Flip a button!) He lives in New York City with his best friend Evan Buff. I really want to go because he has a big house/mansion and when Evan dropped off at the airport the last time I visited me and him shared a passionate make-out session. But don't tell my boyfriend Drake that, shhh! He's the jealous type, not to mention he's so H.O.T hot when he pouts! 

“No Mary! Now that's the end of it!" He shouted back at me just as angry. I ground my teeth in anger.

"Why, give me one reason why and I'll stop." I said a little softer, trying a different tactic.

"It's because I know you like Evan and I don't want you to get pregnant!" He said still outraged.

"Drake's coming too dad! Plus that was in the past, two years ago, get over it! I have! Plus Evan probably has a girlfriend, like I have a boyfriend."

"No you're a slut just like your mother!" I gasped and slapped him hard.

“How dare you, you bastard! Now I know how she died! She probably took and overdose to get away from you!" I sneered and ran out the room to mine. I stared packing my things. I'm leaving with his blessing or not! I'm 18 for fuck's sakes.


(Dad's POV)

"Fuck." I sigh in frustration. I've been keeping some information about how Mary's mother died. She really did commit suicide. Here's the story...

One day there was this new sent in town and all the pack wolves couldn’t figure out what it was. Turns out it was a succubus. A succubus was a creature who prays on the souls of living people by having sex with them. They put a spell on the person so that even when they leave, or die the person will always be loyal to them. And it had laid its eyes on Maryanne, Mary's mother. Over a few months I noticed that Maryanne would always come home later and wouldn't engage in sex as often. I thought she was cheating even though we were mated for life. She was eight months pregnant and I didn't know how right I was. On day I tried to have sex with her and she refused, she even threatened to leave me! I was so upset I decided to follow her from work that night. I saw her fucking the living day lights out of another, younger dude. He was so young he could've been her son. After I finally had enough I slammed in the house and killed him on the spot. Afterwards, all Maryanne did was stare at his dead body in shock. I tried to question her on why she would cheat on me, but the spell was too strong. The next day she killed herself and almost killed the baby. The ambulance arrived on time and had to cut Mary out of her stomach, the baby was at the hospital for two months, while I was at home crying my eyes out.

It wasn't until five years later that I found out he was the succubus we were smelling. That's why I don't want her to go. There are things in the world that Mary hasn't even dreamed about. I also know that Evan is her mate. I heaved a great sigh; looks like Imma have to tell her...


(Mary's POV)

I listened in shock as my dad come in my room and apologized, and then he bluntly say that he and I are werewolves and that my mother killed herself. I didn't say anything at first, then denial set in.

"Your lying, "I screamed, "you expect me to believe you?"

It's true, I'll show you." I watched in disbelief as my dad turned into a huge, massive wolf. I screamed and tried to make a run for it, when he changed back and grabbed my wrist. I looked away.

"Ummm, Dad?" I said.

“Yeah, honey?"

"Your butt ass naked." He blushed then we both started laughing wildly. It felt good to laugh. He quickly ran to him room and put on clothes. While he changed I stood in my room nervously waiting for him to tell the rest. When we came back we kind of stood their nervously. He looked up and told me that he was going to break it off with my step mom. I smiled and stood there while he told me of my mother's death. Afterwards I asked him with tears running down my cheek, “If you knew she no control then why did you marry her?" I asked. He sighed; we both knew who I was talking about.

"Elaine is just a distraction." He said wincing. I arched a brow.
     “So sleeping with her is a distraction?" I inquired. He winced again.

"There's another ability werewolves have. It's mind persuasion. It's kind of like mind control, but it doesn't force someone to do something, it only persuades them to do it. So if they wanted to, they could resist it. So when it sounds like I'm sleeping with her, it's really just her masturbating." He smirked. I frowned.

"Dad you 'persuaded' her to masturbate?" I said scrunching my nose in disgust.

"Yeah." He said frowning again.

"Eww." Is all I said before pushing him out my room.

"Oh," Dad said outside the door," you're free to move in with your brother as long as you call me every day and visit." I squealed in excitement and happiness. I heard my dad chuckle outside my door, and then I heard his receding footsteps.




I'm on my way to the airport to pick up Mary; news had it that she was permenately moving in with my best mate Aaron. Aaron also said that it was hands off since she had a boyfriend and we're all players. Not that I had any intentions of bedding her. Since last year, we've grown apart and moved on and I only see her as Aaron's little sister. What makes hands off even more difficult is that I had the job of teaching Mary about werewolves and how to defend herself... out in the woods... alone... with no one but us. So now do you see why I'm pissed at him? I pulled into the airport just in time to see Mary come out and kiss the dude next to her - I'm guessing is her boyfriend - on the lips. As soon as I walked up to her she flung herself in my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. Looks like someone missed me. I smiled. I now realized that I've missed her a lot, too.

“Evan!” She said still in my arms.  We hugged for a long time, remembering all the fun times together. I lowered my hand on her waist a little bit. For some reason I had the urge to claim her and let everyone know she was mine. I shrugged mentally then blamed it on testosterone. We heard a throat clear. Mary unwrapped her legs around my waist, blushing because she had practically forgotten about her boyfriend. I chuckled.

“Hi, I'm Drake. Her boyfriend. “He put emphasis on 'boyfriend'. I looked at him from head to toe sizing him up. He had a good build and I had to admit he wasn’t the ugliest person alive. I'm pretty sure I could take him, even without all my werewolf abilities. 

"Evan, “I said and shook his hand," though by Mary's squeal you already know that." I still had my hand around her waist and I think he noticed.

“Excuse us, can we have a moment please Evan. “He said with a fake smile. I rolled my eyes and walked a little way from them. I peeked back at them and saw them arguing. I saw Mary crying and I looked away. ‘It’s none of my business. ‘I thought over and over.

‘Yes it is.' My wolf, Brian, growled. I just ignored him. When I peeked back at them a second, I saw them engaged in a passionate make-out session. I rolled my eyes and shouted

"When you're done swapping' spit, meet me in the car.” About ten minutes later a red-faced Mary entered the car, and a smirking Drake soon followed. Suddenly annoyed, I put the petal to metal and we arrived at Aaron's house in less than ten minutes. I parked and helped Mary out of the car, making sure to put my hand almost on her ass. When I looked back I had the satisfaction of seeing Drake's angry face.

‘I don't know about you, but doesn't he seem like the jealous type?' I asked my wolf.

‘Definitely. ’Brian replied. I chuckled, walking in the house, only to have Mary ripped from my arms and right into Aaron's. I growled.

‘Stupid Aaron. ‘growled Brian. Aaron growled back

"She's my sister, not yours, dickhead." he said sticking out his tongue.

"She's my sister, not yours, dickhead." I mocked in a girly voice. A second later we’re on the ground wrestling.

“Oh, c'mon guys! Stop acting like six-year olds! “She yelled trying to hold in a smile. Once again I heard a throat clear. We all simultaneously turned to Drake.

“Umm, hi, I'm Drake." He said.

“Sup dude,” said Aaron, “do you need some water or a beer for that throat of yours."  He asked.

“Oh no, but thanks anyway." He said looking embarrassed. 

“Evan show Drake to his room.” Aaron said.

“My pleasure.” I said in a fake enthusiastic voice. In the hallway I allowed Drake to push me against the wall.

“Hey I know you like her, but she's mine. Hands off! “He sneered.

“It didn't look like she wanted hands off to me.” I said smiling.

"I'm only in it for the tight pussy anyway.” Drake disgustingly said.

“Who about this whoever wins her gets to have her. Permenately. “I said confidently.

"Sure. It'll be interesting. “He said still thinking about it. I shoved him to the floor.

“A little too close for comfort." I went in search of Mary. I found her in the pool. When she saw me watching, she gave a short yelp of surprise. I gave her a smile and cannon-balled into the pool. I resurfaced and swam over to her.

“Hi Evan. “she smiled. For some reason the smile didn't reach her eyes, thinking that she didn't want to talk about it, I left it alone.

“So what are you doing swimming out here all by your lonesome?” I said trying to cheer her up. She came closer to me and gave me a half-hearted smile. Before I could react, she punched me dead in the face. I grabbed my cheek; even though I'm a werewolf, it still hurt like hell. I think she broke my cheek bone.

“How dare you make a bet on my virginity! You prick! I once thought I loved you, but now... now you're a lost soul. “She ran off in tears towards her brother's room. Shit! I knew that bet was a bad idea. But my fucking arrogance just had to go along with it. Now she'll probably be mad at me forever. I have to apologize. I ran off after her in the direction of her brother's room. I walked in to see Mary crying in her brother's lap, him rubbing slow circles of comfort into her back.

“I’ll make that bastard pay. “He growled. He gave me a look over her shoulder that said ' You're dead. '

“Tell Drake to pack his shit and meet me in the living room. You too. I'm very angry and disappointed at you! I expected better. “He all-but yelled.

“Look bro, I'm sorry. It was just a stupid and childish bet. I didn't mean for someone to get hurt. “I tried to apologize. He gave me a look full of rage.

“Just a bet? Just a bet?! Did you forget that that stupid bet was over my sister's virginity! Just get the fuck out and meet me in the living room! "

“Good idea.” I said and hurriedly ran down to tell Drake about the news.

“Hey Drake!” I said walking into his room. “Pack your shit and meet me and Aaron down in the living room. Let me warn you that Mary found out about our bet and told him. Now hurry up, he's royally pissed. “Drake gave me a frightened look then hurriedly packed his things. I walked downstairs and nervously flicked through the TV channels. About ten minutes later, Aaron came down and grabbed Drake by the shirt.

“I think by now you'd know that you and my sister, Mary, are done; no more. Don't call her, don't text her, don’t try to get back together, and don't touch her. If I see you by her again I will literally tear you to spreads, do you hear me! “By then he was full on yelling.

“Yeah man, yeah man, whatever.”

 ”Now go!” Drake quickly ran out the house and down the drive. “Aaron sighed and sat down in the arm chair.

“C’mere, man.” I stayed where I was.

“Come here! “He yelled. “I’m not gone hurt ya’." I cautiously made my way over to him. He stood up and I blocked my face with my hands. Mary had already broken my nose earlier in the pool when she confronted me. He chuckled.

“Stop being a pussy and look at me. “He said and took my hands down from my face.

“Now here's your punishment. For two months you are not allowed to touch Mary; what's so ever. If she's choking or dying then yes, but other than that no. Even if your fingertips touch her, I will give you the worst ass beating of your life. Do you hear me? "

“Yeah, I hear you Aaron.” I said.

“Now here's an exception, she is allowed to touch you, but you just can't touch her. If she hugs you you cannot return the hug, understand? “He said.

“Yeah.” He gave me a stern look.

“Now you march up there and apologize." I turned around, but he tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and was met with a right uppercut to my chin.

“Ah, fuck! Was that necessary? “I asked pissed.

“And if you ever...ever, “he said,” make a bet on Mary again, I will kill you. Best friend, or not. Now take your ass up there. "



Cruel Punishment

I will update soon!


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