The Bull

The Bull
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'Bull' is associated with made up stories from around the date of the earliest 'cock and bull' citation though, as in this quotation from J. Taylor, 1630: "Wit and Mirth ... Made vp,
and fashioned into Clinches, Bulls, Quirks, Yerkes, Quips, and Ierkes."


A bull is always a bull.

Eat like a bull.

Work like a bull.

Fight like a bull.

What not? All it is Said.

This is what we say in common. 


I see that people have some qualities of bull.


I think, they are compared to a bull, of course, only  in appreciation.


 Famous Hollywood actor and director Corbin Bernsen who once said that I love working for myself, I've grown to dislike the Hollywood machine, too much bull, disappointment, and quite frankly, untalented, mindless, and hugely disrespectful people involved in the process. I'll take carrying the load on my back, all the way up Everest if needed, to be able to steer away from it.


This ’too much of a bull’ is mostly seen in some common people who work hard from dawn to dusk and finally it will be making a mountain out of a molehill”. I am


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