Two Ghosts


The unbelievable adventures of two ghosts


Two Ghosts

BR Raksun


Ghost stories are unexpected and inexplicable. We do not know, what happened and when it happened and how it happened. It is something like it appeared, vanished and reappeared. I am sure that no trace is left about what actually happened.


Andrew is a young man working in a steel factory. His only habit is reading and viewing, viewing and reading. Andrew likes Ghost stories and scary movies, just scary movies and Ghost stories are his likes.


The Vampire, werewolf, witch, clown, Ghost, scare crow or Zombie- which one he likes first and which one as last? We cannot say about this, he likes all of them alike.  He read much about all of them.


There was a period during the last century when vampires were genuinely considered a threat to humanity. Twilight and True Blood changed all that and now we're mildly attracted to vampires, but can they still be scary. Since the beard exploded in popularity in 2011, we have become so accustomed to body hair and incomprehensible growls that the werewolf no longer seems a threat. Witches are certainly scary, but the old fashioned stereotype of the cackling old witch has been replaced by a new wave


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To all my happy readers Who likethe ghost stories

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