"Shit." I curse as I drop my bag my worn ballet and lyrical shoes falling out. I quickly stuff them back in my bag and flip my air as I go to stand. I flip my bag over my shoulder only for it to get pushed off along with my hair to the side and my shirt pushed down slightly. I hear someone take whiff of the hair then nuzzle there face in my neck. Getting annoyed, I grab the persons arm and swing them around to the front of me and I gasp at the pure beauty of the mans features. his strong jawline is set hard and is working as though he is grinding his teeth. His brown hair was short but not long and was laying on his head as if he just had a night of fun. He had a straight nose and it wasn't as straight as Paul Wesley's from the vampire diaries but the kind of straight that gave him an intense look but what stood out the most was his eyes they were red but not how they look in teen wolf all fake they look real. I opened my mouth but clamped it shut after I heard his velvet like voice. "Hello, I'm Axel." He said and I gave him a look. "Am'I meant to care?" I questioned and pulled my bag up and dusted of the dirt and grim from the ground. I flung it over my shoulder and went around him. "It's not safe for a young lady as your self to be out so late. let me walk you." He said his gaze was intense and I almost agreed but got control of whatever the hell happened. "I'm fine. My place isn't that far." I said and walked towards the club that was a few blocks over. I laughed as I looked behind me and saw nothing.


For a nanosecond I thought I had imagined it, but as I walked farther to the club and shrugged off my jacket feeling hot as I was surrounded by bodies, I knew I was being dumb. Shoving my way the ought to the bouncer, I flashed my card and walked in to the dressing room. I grabbed the outfit and put it on and glad it wasn't as reveling as last nights. I hated my job. I had to dance on a pole because of, well it's better left on said or thought. If I don't dance right and get my boss his money then my boss will have fit. I looked in the mirror and looked at my outfit whice was just a skirt that was more like a belt and the bejeweled bra top and huge heels that I still fall in but manage to make it look like part of the dance. Stripping was my way of income but lyrical and ballet were my dream of income. I put my hair up in pig tails and put fake freckles on to make me look like a little girl. I was soon ushered out to the stage and I stumbled and seen the glare of my boss and made my way down dropping every now and then making it look normal.


As the dance came to a close I felt my tears brim as I collected my money. It's really funny that the girl who hates her job is the lead dancer. I went back and seen I had to dance a few more times and then work the bar. I dropped my hands to my lap as one of the girls did my hair and makeup in a sexy but classy look for the next dance. I put on the tight leather short shorts that had my bum pooling out. I thought of the women in my family had huge bums. my mom had a butt and it was out there. The top could have been used for a shelf. I slipped on the top which was a bra that had a halter top and had diamonds and jewels on it. I slipped on my heels that wear black with leather and they were at least 6 inches high. I let out a breath and practiced my next dance, body party by Ciara with the two girls, Jules or her stage name cinnamon from her skin color. Then there was Mackenzie and her stage name was lux because everyone said she was luxurious. I laughed when Kenz face planted and Jules was dragged down.

"What's funny?" We groaned and turned to see bubbly. She was short and died her fiery red hair brown and had brown eyes with bright gold tints in them. Her chest was average along with the rest of her body. I never had a problem with her but she gets jealous that she gets left out. Jules and Mackenzie don't like her for some stupid reason. Her real name was Macy. She looked at me and started to speak.


"Well? Come on Orchid." She said using my stage name. I didn't make it though Jules and Kenz did because my rare and beautiful as they put it. I laughed in there face. How could someone with a past full of demons, no I mean a life full if demons be beautiful. not to mention everything I've had to do.


"Nothing Kenz fell." I said as I was told to enter through the back on the stairs and walk in between lux and cinnamon. they both went out wearing short skirts and string like tops. they danced and then as my part came on I pushed the tears down and made my way on the stage flashing a hundred watt smile that was as fake as most of the girls here. I moved my hips and felt my moms words come to my mind.

A women respects her body. It's her virtue and god gave her that to keep until she met the one.


I was brought out of my thoughts as I was on my knees and my head was tucked in. T he sweet was pouring off of me and I felt sticky flinging my head up as the song ended I was I shocked as I seen Axel the man from before. Our gazes locked and we were stuck. I was brought out of it when a man threw a few hundred dollars at me and and the girls. We made are way off stage and I slipped off the clothes and slipped on a pair of neon green shirts and a plaid shirt. I took the ends that I didn't button and tied them very high, right under the bust and buttoned up the top even though my boss, Gavin was going to tell me to unbutton them if he doesn't make me take it off.


Walking to the bar with Jules and Kenz, I grabbed the bottle of a very expensive liquor. I took a shot out of the bottle and shook my head my hair flying everywhere. I was in my zone as I shake one if the margaritas for the college girls. Coating the rim of the class with lime then pushing the glasses rim down on the salt I laughed at the girls face at how fast I was going. I flipped it over slipping a like wedge on it and pouring the drink with one hand and grabbing a mans beer with the other, I snap the cap off the beer on the counter and slid both of them there drinks not waiting to here there thanks, as I run down the bar grabbing a bottle of tequila. I run back and grab a shiny black tray with a picture of the girl on it me in the middle, and set out 20 shot glasses. I pour them fast and put the line and salt on there and run to the V.I.P section and put on a smile and thank my dentist and god for having my teeth straight and white. walking to the booth the ropes are opened and I set the tray down and see one of the most famous boxers and his younger brother who is a cage fighter sitting there. The boxer is sitting there watching me intensely before he makes a weird noise and then coughs.


"Are you okay?" I ask and he just puts his head down. I look at the others and see them confused. He flings his head up and I gasp and they all freak and they try to cover his face but I already saw.


"What. The. Actual. Fuck." I said and there eyes snap to me. "Your eyes were yellow, no gold like pretty but when I came your eyes were blue." I said he went to open his mouth but he was cut off. "Orchid! Where are you?" I heard Gavin yell and I groaned causing them to laugh I net to the door and he burst through. He was pissed.


"Do you want me to tell your owner?" He sneered in my face and I shrank back. I shook my head fast. I didn't want him to know.


He already ruined my life. "Well to bad because he is right here." He said with a chuckle and my dad drained. and he stepped forward, wearing his Armani suit. His gold Rolex in place along with his cruel smirk. I hard him but I loved him. I hated that I loved him. I hated that I fell for the smirk the messy black hair and the vibrant green eyes. I hated that I fell for the Rolex and suit. But mostly I hard that I fell for him.

"Well Nova did you miss me." He said with a chuckle. "Even though we all no that's not your name." I just stood there. Frozen. Paralyzed.


"I missed you. Your purplish blue eyes. Your black hair that is so curly but long. Longer then when you left."vi cut him off. "I didn't leave, you put me here to sell as yours." I spat and his hand swung out and hit my face and I just let my head whip to the side I felt blood gush into my mouth. He was that strong all he had to do was smack me and my mouth gushed blood. I felt the blood coat my teeth and my mouth. I spat the blood out and one of his body guards tensed. I smiled showing him my bloody teeth.


"To answer your question," I paused and got close. "I missed you. But the old one not this one. This one can rot in the firey depths of hell for all I care." I said and got another smack but harder. most girls would be crying but I had to be tough after all he trained me. I never showed pain never cried or yelled or pleaded or begged.


"Fine want to play that way, we can play that way, all you like."




I smashed my fist into the bag and wished I was back at the strip club. I know what I have to do tonight I had to do it before, since I was a kid I did it. I did a round house kick to the bag and the chains rattled in protest. I jumped on my toes slightly before hitting again and again for hours. I slowly take off the wraps on my hand and see my bruised and bloody hands. the wraps have tears I'm them from when I hit the wall after the bag gave way. I carefully touched and it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. I went to get more wraps off the shelf but a chest stood in front me out of nowhere, putting pink wraps in my hands instead of the grey and white ones I used to use. I was rusty and I was going to get my ass beat and I knew it but I have to try. Looking up I seen him and wanted to throw up on him. "Yes Gavin?" I sneered his name. "Do you want me to tell, your owner." He spet and I gulped trying to keep my veil up but failing badly. "No." i said through gritted teeth. "Okay, then do as I say." He said and pushed his thin crusty lips on mine. I moved around but he pushed me into his spot and my back was on the shelves. I started to make noises trying to say stop but he got the wrong idea and pushed harder. He came up for aiir and he tried to take off my sports bra and I freaked yelling and screaming for help. He back-handed me and I stayed silent. I kept fighting and then his mouth was on mine and I felt beyond pissed and scared. Out of nowhere there was a gun shot and I felt warm, sticky liquid splatter my face. His body collapsed and rolled so he was face down and i could see a hole in his head. I looked up fast as I felt a thumb pad the tears i never knew were falling, away. I looked up to see him. "Are you alright?" He said and I thought I saw his eyes flash with concern. He would never be concerned over his property, thats what i'am to him.


"Why would you care?" I said as tears pooled out of my eyes. He grabbed me and put me in his arms, huggging me. I was wrapped in his strong intense dark embrace and i have to admit even though im trying to get free I missed it. "Why don't you say my name?" He said and it was harsh and I flinched and went to move out of his embrace but he tugged me back hard.


"I thought i call you owner or master, Sebastian? What happned" I said in a voice that was asking to be smacked. Instead I got a chuckle making me look at him crazy. "Infront of other that is what you call me. We have alot of chemistry and history, so dont let everything else get in the way. I shoved him away fast and sneered at him in disgust. "Don't let it get in the way? You could have kept me as yours and you mine." I yelled. I started to spout things off and he was getting mad, until I said one thing that i never said but he always knew. "I loved you damnit, I still love you, you god damn prick!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I gasped and his eyes went wide before he smashed his lips to mine. It was a kiss. It was dark. it was intense as, I wentto run my hands through his hair that used to be so soft. He slamed my hands above my head his right leg in between my legs and his other hand squeezing my hip. I gained my sense back and shoved him with my lower body, getting him to let go of my hands. I shoved him and looked at him with a shocked and confused look and ran out of the training room, just noticing that Gavin had ripped part of my spandex shorts and sports bra.




I twirled around the pole drunkenly but still looking decent enough for a stripper, which is funny seeing as strippers aren't seen as decent, far from it really. I stumbled off the stage and back into the room and grabbed lux and cinnamon and we left I what we were in. Lux was wearing a short skirt and a cloth type thing that revealed a lot. cinnamon was wearing her bar clothes which was a white top the drapes down in between the vally of her breasts. she had a pair of white shorts on that were like a underwear. I was wearing my shorts but they were a tan color and they were like spandex. I had a weird bra on that had jewels and other weird thing I crusted into it.


We ran down the street not thinking about how we would be beat and have to face our owner. We were free. in that small moment, In that small gap of time we were free. We weren't strippers or property to a man we were all fooled by. We were the innocent girls we were when we were taken.


"Where do you guys think your going. And you orchid you have stuff to do tonight." I heard a voice it was soft but still has an edge it really was like a double edge sword. "We where just having fun before tonight." I supplied, becoming sober quickly. I straightened up and looked Sebastian right in the eye. "Who are your men?" He asked and I just looked at him. "You always choose my men." I said and he just said it was up to me tonight. "Lux and Cinnamon." I said and be nodded and he through us jackets. Well he through them jackets and gave me his. I slowly put on the suit jacket and it smelled like his wild scent that almost sent me into a frenzy. We were brought to his car were Lux and Cin were stuff as a rock and I was just there. not relaxed but not stiff either. We got out of the car and just walked to my doomed night.


"All of you have to get ready." He said and left. The girls released a breath and I just slumped. I watched as they shrugged into leggings and a tight shirt and sneakers. I sat there and took my time.


I put on my spandex shorts and ports bra, with my signature colors. I put my mouth guard in and put the gloves on my hand and flexed my fingers. I looked at my nails and seen they were long and most likely going to break. well I would rather that then my face.


"It's time." Some guard said and I nodded walking out with my headphones in and my jacket hiding my face. They introduced me and I remember how I got my fighting name.


"CRIMSON! CRIMSON! CRIMSON!" The crowd yelled over and over as I walked up. I seen my opponent as I walked up the steps of the cage and walked in. I seen lux holding my sweater that I was not going to need after this at all but just had it. I shook my head and hands out and smiled at her even though my mouth guard was in. As cruel as this will sound I couldn't wait to kick her ass. I loved the fight. I loved the adrenaline I felt in my veins as I made them bleed. The cage was the one place I felt good and complete.


The bell rang and she charged. I moved out of the way and smiled at her. "Come on now, I heard you were the best,"I said and. I hit he in the jaw hard knocking her to the ground and I kicked her in her stomach. "But, that was after I left." I said and kicked her harder in the face. I lifted my leg to kick her, but she grabbed it and dragged me down. She got on top of me and she hit me repeatedly. I grinned in my mind as se hauled me up. she thought she had this in the bag. She punched me in my stomach and I fell to my knees and she used that and kicked my sending me into the cage wall. I sat there and then I turned over and layer there. Well I should add a little touch of me. She kicked me in the face but I didn't move and she looked pissed I felt the blood gush in my mouth and I smiled showing her my bloody teeth and letting my blood that was mixed with my saliva drip down my face. I got up and hit her in the throat. Bo penaltys in this. I grabbed her and brought her face down to my knee at least six times. She fell back and I seen the blood gush out of her nose and mouth. I smiled big and the crowd thought I had won. My smile fell. I have to finish this. she grabbed me and we rolled around attempting to lock one another. She had landed a few good hits and my vision was being invaded by black spots. she had my head locked in her arms hitting me in the face and I felt my blood run down my face. I started to freak but as I looked over I seen lux. she yelled to me. "Flip her!" And that's what I did. With the energy I thought was gone I flipped her over my shoulder and got her head in between my legs she was struggling but I got it. I looked to lux and Cin but they looked away. I didn't know what to do. I looked to Sebastian for conformation and he nodded and I quickly snapped her neck in my legs. I kept eye contact the whole time I stood and walked out. I grinned as I seen the blood but then stopped as I remembered she was dead.


That's how it ends. that's how it works. different owners take there fighters and make them fight to death. I started to feel dizzy and I grabbed lux. "Hey are you alright?" She asked I shook my head as black spots invaded my bison again. Cin yelled for Sebastian and he ran over scooping me up even as I hit and spit on him. he just chuckled. i felt more dizzy and my attempts died down as I just spit on him. "My tongue as been down your throat. Your saliva that your spitting on me, I have had a larger amount in my mouth. So stop unless it's going in my mouth." He said with a deductive smirks and a husky voice. I just muttered my response before was sucked into the darkness.












"God, what is that beeping, my god my head is going to explode." I said after I could open my mouth. Out of nowhere there were squeals and I groaned. I wedged my eyes open and I seen blurs of shapes. I squinted and heard giggling. I slowly opened my eyes wide then squinted, slowly adjusting and seeing Cin's blonde hair and Lux's firey red hair. They out of nowhere squeezed me into a hug. I chuckled and patted there backs awkwardly. "Okay get off, I've had enough now." I said pushing them off. I sat up and ignored the sting. I shrugged on the shorts I seen and tight muscle shirt. grabbing the sneakers I seen I slipped them on and grabbed the hoody I had worn at the fight and put the hood on. I stalked out of the room and down the stairs of the house I never wanted to be in again. I stalked out of the house hailing a cab after a few blocks. "235, Larry drive." I said he looked at me. Most likely because I was in a place with rich high ends and I was requesting to go to the slums. He pulled out and drove fast and I just got annoyed and slammed the door shut and dropped the money on his lap. I stomped up the stairs and was pissed that the lift was broken. I was on the 6 floor and it was hard going up and down everyday. Opening the peeled brown door and shut it loudly and shook of my shoes. my apartment was a shoebox. I had the foyer when I walked in which wasn't foyer but on the side of it was two closets one had food and the other shoes. I pushed my shoes of to the side and walked further going into the open kitchen and then turning to the living room and going over around the couch to the bathroom and grabbing my hamper of clothes and putting them in the washer. I went out to my room and shrugged off my clothes and grabbed old clothes from a hanger and went to the bathroom and started the shower. I got in and sighed.


Sliding on the big shirt and I seen who's it was. It was Sebastian's. I had got it because me and him had slept together for the first time and I made a joke when we were cooking breakfast and I only had on a sports bra and shorts. so I took his shirt and ran out in it after he said we had plans. He said he would get it back one day. He never did.


I slid onto my couch with a bowl of salad and I flipped through the channels and seeing the girl I killed on the news. Her body was found in a ditch. I shoved my dish away still full and I layed on the couch wrapped up in a soft blanket and muted the T.V. and started to fall into sleep.




I jolted awake with a thin sheet of perspiration on my forehead, even thought it was a bit chilly in the living room. I picked up the bowl of bad old salad and put it in the fridge. I didn't have money to waste. I heard a creek of a floor board and instantly stopped my movements. I slowly opened the silver wear draw and pulled out a butcher knife. I feel a scene of déjà vu over come me as I walked into the dark living room. This is the part in the movie were I get hacked to pieces. I switched on the light and there was nothing. Not a blanket out of place. huffing and dropping the knife down on the coffee table I went washed my face of sweat and put on makeup. walking to my room I threw on a pair of jeans and a worn wife beater. Grabbing a pair of sneakers I ran out the door and jogged down the 50,000 steps I had. I hailed a cab and hopped in. I looked at my phone and called Jules letting her know I was on my way to the club. I threw the man a twenty dollar bill and snatced my money from him. I ran into the club and started to scrub down the tables and the stages. I was working on the last pole when someone came and gripped my hips. "Let me go." I said and I heard a deep husky chuckle. I'd know that chuckle anywhere. "Sebastian Moretti, if you don't get your hands off of me you will regret it." Even though I sounded calm and relaxed I was terrified that he would pull out his Glock and shoot me. he just sighed, his warm breath on my neck making my body shake with shivers. he laughed and turned me around. I looked into his eyes and gasped at how beautiful they were. In that moment I knew I lived him. even though he put me through the unthinkable I loved him beyond words. He after all swept me off my feet. I looked away fast and ran down the glittery steps on the side of the stage. I ran to the back and knew it was useless he overpowered the owner of the club. I ran to my dressing room and shit the door before he could walk in. I sat on the stool and heard the door being opened. I sighed and got up. Might as well make myself useful. I grabbed a pair of leather shorts that were more like underwear. I went to my makeup table and grabbed a top, it was lavender which went with my white shorts perfectly. I grabbed the rest of my stuff and went behind a wall of clothes and changed fast. I walked out from behind the racks and he was sitting on the couch. Straight away grab my silk black robe and but it on. even though it was short it still hid more.


He stood up as I sat down on my black seat. "Why is all of your things black. This is the first time in a while you've worn something white." He said although he knew the answer. "Because I'm corrupted. I'm no longer white. I'm not pure and innocent. I've been corrupted and broken. When I came back I was no longer white, I was black, as black as the mask I wear on face." I said and added blush to my face. I stood up and looked him in the eye he just had a look of an emotion I didn't know. I smiled a a smile that promised him a life of hell. And I walked out. I walked down the hall and I wore a smile on my face. I walked back stage and dropped the robe to the ground, knowing someone would pick it up the second I dropped it. I walked to my glittery pole and started to dance the hardest I ever have, Knowing his eyes were on me.


I walked off the stage with a thin layer of sweat covering me. I was handed my money by one of the girls and walked back to the room ad chnaged into a pair of jeans and a singlet. I through on a pair of heels and put on a neckless. I walked down to the bar and looked to Andrew. "Your in the neons tonight." He said and I huffed. The neons was like VIP but higher and was neon. Some girl just came up with the name and it stuck. "Alright what are they having?" I asked and he tossed me a bottle of tequila and a shot glass. I grabbed the tray and set it up. I put the tray on my hand and balanced it as I walked up the flashing steps. I walked to the bright neon purple door and walked around to the door that had an '8' on it and walked in giving my brightest smile. I set the tray down and felt a pair of eyes on me and looked out the tinted window and seen Sebastian on one of the balcony's. I gasped and looked at the group of men and girls asking if they need anything. "Yes, go get me a margarita." The snotty black haired girl said and I nodded flipping my blonde hair over my pale shoulder.


Walking out to a small bar and making her drink I contemplate on spitting in it, but decide not to and walk back with it on a small platter. I shove it to her and walk out. Looking around the circles room with doors around I see a few lights on and go to them making there drinks and stumbling into a few dancers who look like they would rather be on the street. But, we all don't have a choice, it's Sebastian's call. I walked into the last room and gasped at the man. It was the one on the street a few nights ago, the creeper who sniffed my hair and neck. I suddenly shiver at the thought of being alone with him. I shove all of it aside and walk slowly to him. "What can I get you." I said and he turned smirked be gore standing up. I half expected him to say 'you' and then I run to the door and am hacked to pieces because I'm to slow, but no, he says simply, Whiskey, and turns to the window to look at some of the girls taking off there clothes. is all out fast and grab his drink putting on a tray and waking back. He had taken a seat and I walked over and set it down in front of him. He looked at me with intense black eyes and I suck in a sharp breath. He licks his lips as he draws the glasses close, takin a sip and setting it down. He stands up in a flash and he walks to me and I instinctively take a step back. He walks towards me like I'm his prey and at the moment I have my body split in two. Part of me is screaming, run and have them assign another girl The Neons but a bigger part is curious of what he wants and wants to be the prey.


"I've watched you for some time," he says his voice husky and I swear if possible his eyes got darker making me let out a barely audible gasp. "How you hate being on that stage with a passion. How you wish to be a dancer. You want to be free from Sebastian's grip." he said and I found myself go pale. I close my eyes and when I opened them he wasn't there, No, he was behind me gripping my elbows his face in my neck. I grew panicked and moved out of his grip. I looked at him and gasped loudly. "Tour eyes th-there r-red." I said just above a whisper. I heard him make a noise from deep within his chest and I made a bee-line for the door. I had the door open a few inches before his hand slammed it shut. he grabbed my elbows and slammed me into the door and I arched my back for the pain. He pressed himself close and I moved around. I stopped what I was doing as I felt his teeth graze my neck. "Your smell is so intoxicating, So delicious, I want to sink my teeth into your neck." he said and I knew hands down he was insane.


I read about this before, He probably has a split personalty, or maybe he's schizophrenic. Wait that's when you hear and see stuff. Oh god I'm about to be bitten my by a vampire wannabe, and I'm trying to find out of he's insane or schizophrenic. "Please I'll do anything just don't hurt me." I said. My voice cracked a bit. He chuckled and said one thing before he sunk his teeth into my neck. "I'm hungry." And I screamed.


 I let out a groan, and moved my hands to rub my face. I felt thirsty. I shit my eyes open and looked around and gasped. "What the fuck?" I whispered and backed into the corner. It was a cell. But it had crimson coot splattered on the wall. "Are you alright? I never meant for my venom to mix in your blood as much as it did." The man said from the shadows. "Who are you? Why did you take me? Sebastian's going to kill me and then sell me again." I said with dread as I remembered the last time. "I think I need to explain something to you. You only have till sun down to make a decision and that's to live or die. Either one is fine with me." The man said and stepped out from the shadows. "Your the man from the street, You said your names Axel." I said and then widened my eyes. "You bit me!" I screeched and he hissed covering his ears. "Come on." He gritted out. He opened the door and I seen it wasn't a cell it was a cropper with uneven bricks. He drug me out and up some steps and soon I was standing in the forest, the chilly wind biting and eating at my flesh. He yanked me along until we broke through a clearing and I gasped. The house was huge and it had a dark aura of power. I got to the steps and soon I felt my chest burning and ten it felt like I walked into a wall. "are you wearing a holy object?" He asked. I immediately thought of my necklace. It was blue stained glass that was a circle with metal surrounding it not a lot though. But that's not what mattered. What mattered was that inside of it was holy water. It had been a gift from Sebastian he demanded I never took it off. The one time I took it off, the after math was horrible. I nodded my head and I lifted it from my shirt and he hissed loudly. "Take it off and put over there." he said pointing to an old tree stump. I took it off and moved some of the leaves and gasped. I seen rosaries, cross necklaces, The Star Of David on a chain and is on and so forth. I saw a little black box and I opened it putting it next to the small cross that was decorated with rubies and emeralds. Diamonds lined the chain. I put the box back and moved the leaves back and thought about what creep he was. "Are you okay? I mean do you think your some demonic form? I know a great doctor." I said and he smirked darkly. "I don't think I'm demonic. Love, I'am demonic." Axel said and he shoved me into the house. I was overwhelmed by the coppery, metallic smell of blood. There was a darkness about the house that crept around me and felt like it was suffocating me. I looked around the house that was lot by candles and a beautiful but dull crystal chandelier. it had purple stones and with what looked to be black lava stones in it. From the looks of the house it hadn't been refurnished since the 1800's. I was soon dragged down a narrow hall with candles lining the walls and a white carpet with dark stains on it. I was soon pushed through a door way and down to a basement. Axel stood by a fridge and I wondered for a second what it was doing down here but he began to talk. "Your thirsty. You feel like you've swallowed the Sahara Desert. It's burning, on fire. Your throat is so hot it feels like you've eaten molten metal." He said and I gaped, he had every feeling down to a T. The whole time he talked I pushed on my gums trying to rid the horrible pressure that was building as he talked about my thirst. "You have a choice. You can die tonight at sun down, and go to where ever you think you go after death or you can live to fight another day." He spoke calmly. "You speck as if I should believe you when you say I'm dying. I only feel a longing for something to drink." I but out and he shook his head.


"I didn't mean for my venom to interlace with your cells. I can't stop it, but it is my fault for not draining you completely. if I did I wouldn't be dealing with this and you'd move dead." He said and I felt a sudden wave of pure and raw rage over come me and I hissed loudly making me widen my eyes in surprise. He just leaned on the fridge. I felt waves of emotions got me from fear to admiration to pride. It hit me hard and I felt drained when I finally managed to suppress the emotions and leave me blank. "Why don't you tell me what is going on." I said and he looked at me with a straight face. "Well I'm a night walker. Or you could say vampire. It just seems so overrated." He said and I looked at him and then laughed. I was confused at why I was laughing so hard when it seemed like he really did need help. It I couldn't help but keel over and die from laughter. "When I bit you, my venom interlaced with your cells making them die. Along with every other organ in your body. The only think that will help is to feed." He said and I felt annoyed. "I think you really need a doctor." I spat loudly. "If you really think your a vampire or a night walker or crawler or whatever the hell you said, Then you need help beyond the doctor I know." I said loudly in exasperation. "Don't believe me. But believe facts, like that mirror. And the fact that you did feel my fangs, or teeth penetrate your skin and draw blood." He said and I huffed walking to the mirror that was cracked and moved my hair and seen four picture wounds. "You mutt." I spat loudly and he hissed. "You fucking bit me. Wait Sebastian will kill you for marking his property. and he'll kill me for letting it happen." I said and he started at me. "Who's this Sebastian you keep talking about. Your lover?" I choked on my own spit beiges laughing. "That's none of your business and no he is not my lover." I said and he just looked at me curiously. "Okay, if you say your this vampire, then prove it." I said and I guess it was his turn to laugh. "Walk out in the sun, you will burst into flames and I'll be fine to go back to my daily life." I said with ease. "That's why I have this nifty little ring." He said showing it. "That looks holy, It has a cross on it." I said and he modded. "It was cursed by a witch, turned dark, but it still has a holy aura,along with a dark one." He said and I burst out laughing and clutched on the fridge. "Wow first vampires then a witch. God, I thought my imagination was bad." I said and he looked pissed. "God damn it." He yelled and I glared menacingly at him. "Shut up." I yelled back. I guess he doesn't tolerate that. In a fast movement that was blue like he opened the fridge and took out a black bottle and dragged me up stares.


He grabbed a glass and went to open the bottle but his ears pricked. He grabbed me in a a swift movement and pounced on what looked like an overgrown dog. The dog growled darkly, and I reloads it wasn't a dog. It was a wolf. Maybe it's his pet and he doesn't like strangers.


Wow I'm talking to myself.


In a swift movement Axel snapped the dogs back and then to my utter horror, Fangs elongated from his canines and he bit harshly into the dogs neck before ripping his head side ways, a chunk of the neck flying off and blood splattering on me. I widened my eyes and looked at him. Axel. His skin didn't get pale, but black veins surfaced under his eyes like in The Vampire Diaries. Oh god, what if Damon Salvatore really was a vampire?


"W-what are y-you?" I stuttered. His eyes were weird and not normal. "Even in transition, you smell delightful." He hissed. Well that doesn't put me on edge at all. "Okay, what do you want." I said and be just laughed. "Well it's already done." I was confused. "Okay. Your in transition. You have to have vampire blood in your system, which I will tell you I didn't feed you, but to start transition vampire blood has to be in your system. Then I have to bite you, my venom interlaces with your cells and kills them. The blood is what makes you a vampire my venom only kills your cells. I never meant to release my venom into your blood stream but I was in a state that wasn't very good. Well for you. You died already. So what happens now is completely up to you." After he said that I had questions. And I maybe dumb but veins don't just come and go like that, eyes don't change like that and for damn sure fans to just elongate. But then I thought back to what he said. "I'm dead? B-bu-b-but I-I'm right here." I stuttered. Part of me was telling me to run, but another part that believed fairies and witch and werewolves told me to stay. "Your are. You died from losing to much blood. You would have died from the venom, either way." He said and wiped his hands clean. "What if I died with just vampire blood in my system?" I asked before I could stop my mouth. "Well you would still be a vampire, just without venom running through your veins, which makes your blood acidic." I nodded absently, absorbing all of what he said. "What did you mean when we were in the basement and cellar, When you said I have a choice?" I asked quietly. "You have a choice, it's around six, when it's completely dark outside you will die, for good this time, or you can choose to drink blood and become a vampire." He said. "How do you talk about this like your selling vacuums?" I soar harshly. "I'm old, very old, and I'm dangerous. I don't let emotions get in the way. they ruin everything." He stated. I nodded my head, I understood that more then easily. "What happens when I drink it." I said and he just smirked. "You have an urge, a blood lust, All you want to do is feed until your preys head falls off. You naturally want to be a predator. You will be a predator." He said and I felt bile rise in my throat. I have always been repulsed by blood. Funny seeing as how I usually bleed out on Sebastian's carpet for not listening. Sebastian. How I want to make him pay.


"Will my strength be higher? Agility? Speed?" I shot out and he chuckled darkly. "Yes speed, strength and agility." I smirked. "Well what if I kill someone?" I asked and my smirk slipped into a horror filled face. "Then we bury it in the woods." he said and my eyes went wide. "WHAT!?" I yelled and he just stared at me blankly. "Okay, here." He said and tossed me the black bottle. "No." I said and tossed it back. He shrugged and took off the cap and poured it in the glass. A metallic and coppery smell filled my eyes and my body went rigid. I pressed hard on my gums and watched as the thick crimson red liquid slipped out of the black bottle in to the crystal clear glass. my eyes narrows on the glass, as he set the bottle down and put the glass to his lips. His eyes dancing darkly, he took a sip. His eyes went dark and soon a look of lust and desire shit through there eyes. I don't know if I want to be a vampire if drinking blood makes lust shoot through your eyes.


In lighting fast movements I grabbed the glass and moaned loudly as the liquid hit my taste buds and went down my throat. I slammed slammed the glass down on the table and leaned over my head I the edge. I made a noise and squeezed the glass so hard it shattered and shards went in my hand. I looked as my blood ran down my hand and everything else was gone. I watched as the dark liquid that was like gold on my taste buds. It trickled down onto the glass that was sticking out of my hands. I- I was stopped mid thought when Axel was in my face. "You have to think of something else. You were a vampire the second you thought it might work, now do what a vampire does. Curb the urges." He said and I tried to think of something else. I looked at him and got I trances by his looks. His eyes were a green blue and his dark brown hair was slicked with gel. "There, I know your hungry, but you have to curb your urges. And you have to stay here until you learn to resist sinking your fangs into a random persons neck." After he said that I gasped."Oh god, Sebastian will kill me." I said and he just huffed. "Can we just do a quick lesson and let me go." I said and he just chuckled. "Fine you can leave tomorrow or the next day, I have to see how you do feeding on an innocent, and if you can stop feeding asFreda certain amount, how well you curb your urges without me telling you." He explained. I nodded and he grabbed the black bottle. He unscrewed the top and the smell came rushing out. I went to leap for it but he set it down and grabbed me in fat blur like movements. "Curb it. Resist." He said and I tried. I really did, but it was intense. "You are trying to hard. You just have to think about one thing." And I found my thoughts going to Sebastian's Dark brooding eyes. I closed my eyes. And I had flash 'a of when we were 'together'.


Sebastian's hands were roaming my body, his eyes filled with admiration, love and desire. I felt sudden pain, and he didn't stop. "Find the line between pleasure and pain. Find the line." Was Sebastian's words. They were dark, husky and desirable and it sent me over the ed-.


"Hey," I was soon pinned to the wall. I blinked harshly and seen Axel. "What the hell did you just think about? I changed you meaning I can feel your emotions if you don't cap them. And it felt like you were thinking about fifty shades of grey, only a billion times worse," When he said that I blu-. I touched my cheek. Why, what? "What?" Axel asked and I looked to him "The blood it isn't rushing to my cheeks. I'm not blushing." I said and he looked at me with pity before masking it. "Your dead, you can't blush." he said and then it hit me. In dead. Even though I was walking around I was still dead. He took my hand and put it to my chest and I gasped, tears threatening to fall. "My hearts not beating." I said quietly. "I'm dead, and it's your fault." I said, rage overcoming me. "Hey!" He yelled standing over me. I hiss getting into a defensive stance. "I hate you. I mean if don't have a great life, but it was mine, and you snatched it away from me!" I bellowed and his eyes went dark. "Don't make me snap your neck." He threatened. "Oh your going to kill me," I laughed my eyes going darker. "To late you already did." I yelled and clamped a hand on my mouth, his body pushed me into the wall, a candle next to my head. His body encased mine and his right leg was in between both of my legs. I bit his hand and hissed. his eyes went wide, I tasted blood. He went to snatch his hand away and I hissed louder against his hand. I felt my gums prick, and soon I felt like I wasn't in control but I was. I latched my teeth Into his hand and drank from him. "This is considered blood sharing. Only intimate couples do this. The pleasure your causing me is not a good thing." He said. At the end it sounded like he was trying to convince himself. I just ripped my teeth out and lunged for his jugular. He wasn't expecting it and I dug my teeth into his neck and he groaned, I couldn't tell if it was pain or pleasure but, I didn't care. His blood was intense, addictive. I was soon pulled from him and held in someone's arms. I thrashed violently. His neck looked like it was healing rather fast.




He yelled and my mind went blank. I could feel my body and mind on to different pages. my body wanted to sink my teeth into something and feel it's blood drain down my throat. My mind felt like he had to listen. "God, That's the only good part of her feed off of you, I can't believe you didn't stop her from linking you though." the man behind me said. "I didn't mean it." Axel hissed out. "What do you mean I linked you o-or I feed from you?" I asked feeling groggy. I felt tired. Vampires can sleep, that's amazing, no Dracula shot over here. "It an intimate act, that vampire couples do. We feed from each other and it's personal and link them. Now I know you didn't mean it but now, I'm going to be able to feel your emotions and it's going to be hard to cap emotions. I'm going to feel a primal urge to feed from you and pink is completely link us." he said and I groaned. "God, I just want to go to work and see Lux and Cin." I said and sniffed the air and scrunched my nose up. "Get off of me, you smell like wet dog." I hissed and he growled. " a werewolf, I don't smell like wet dog." He said and pushed me. I felt dizzy and my head started to spin. "I thought being a vampire meant that we were dead. The dead don't get dizzy." I said in annoyance. "You were just changed, you still have human in you, my venom will kill it off. Well it's yours now." He said and I sat on the floor. I huffed and felt dazed. "Great, I feel so amazing being linked to a vampire I met a week ago, not even." I said in a drained voice. I was going in and out and when I came to I was on a black bed with silky sheets that shined in the candles glare. I looked down to see I was in a mans button up shirt. I felt like a princess, with the canopy above the balcony doors open with the chilly wind hitting my shaven legs. I looked around the room and everything looked old. Getting up I looked around the room. The book case was amazing, the detail of the engravings was so different but truly beautiful. The floor was a dark wood that shined lightly. the walls had been painted a black, and the sheets on the bed were draped carelessly and it made it look like something from a movie.


I glanced around and seen Axel leaning on the wall watching me. "I felt your curiosity. What is it?" He asked and I told the truth. "This may seem weird but, I feel like a princess. With the candles, silky sheets, balcony doors open just a tinge." I said and blushed under his intense gaze. "You should always feel like a princess." He said and I flushed a dark red. "Well the things I do make me anything but a princess." I said and he shook his head. "I watched you dance and serve people, You don't like it. I want to know why you so it if you don't like it but that will come in it's own." He said and I felt a pull towards him. "I can tell you, You just can't say a word, I'll be a dead man walking if you utter a word." I said solemnly. "I wouldn't tell anybody if you told me too. This is your business I'm honored for you to tell me." He said and I snorted. "It's not anything honorable." I paused and looked towards the balcony. The doors were glass with black drapes. The rail was a black marble, smooth to the touch. I walked and leaned my elbows on the balcony, watching the night sky.


"Two years ago, I was 19. A child. my parents were, well that's another story. They weren't there. I woke up with a needle in my arm. I didn't knew what it was but I knew I was addicted. I later found out it was boiled cocaine. I was doing anything for just a little high. Well anything but selling my body.


"My mother, she told me a girl body is her temple. God blessed her with it to protect until the one man she new was everything came.


"And believe me, he came. Sebastian. He was dark, brooding, handsome. He found me on the street making a buy. He looked at me like I was gold. And I was, only I thought I was his everything.


"He had lied to me, told me he loved me, told me I would be his one true love. And I believed him. I remembered my mothers words and knew he was the one. I have him everything I had to offer and we took it with greedy, open arms. One night he told me to get ready. I did and what he did was so horrible.


"He was the owner of the club that I work at, and he forces girls to dance and serve. All the other girls were lured in the same way as me, only I was different. He said he never felt anything for the other girls but lust. And for me he felt love for a brief second. He pushed me towards the girls and held a slinky outfit and said to get ready. The girls, Cin and Lux they've been my sisters since." I paused and looked to see him gripping the marble balcony.


"That's not all. He makes me fight. Said I had a firey attitude. Said I was a fighter. There's men, they own women. They take us, put us in a gym train so hard till we puke then pass out, then we wake up and train again. I was put in a cage for cage fighting and another girl was in there with me. She was frightened. Scared. Young. I could tell with they way she carried herself she was innocent. And I took that. We fought for what seemed like hours, and then I had her in a position, and I looked to Sebastian for confirmation. He have me a smirk and a nod of his head. That was all it took. I jerked my legs and she was dead. Her neck was snapped and I had made my second kill kill. That was the rules. It wasn't about fighting, At the end of every fight when I have them in that position, it's all about survival. I walked out of the cage up to Sebastian and I knew in that moment, I was his property." I finished and he I noticed he was cracking the marble. Talk about strength.


"The worst part though, even after everything," I paused and looked at him.


"I still love him, I would still take a bullet for him."


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