Computers don't feel anything

He did not know how it is. He is in his shielded bearings. Something woke him. He still is not right in his senses. It clips the cuff from the arm, so that he can sheath that surrounds the bed open. He rises, with some difficulty, looks around. Something is wrong, it goes through his mind. He looks back to the control panel, watching the lights that light up in different colours and intensity. Long as he does not think he can recognize it quickly. The red light, then the flashing "Alarm," now he knows modest. He quickly tried to get to the control panel, but the legs do not really. Slowly he comes to the control panel, operating the computer. With staring eyes he looks at the display. Long as he does not need to wait for the status report is clear.

"Damn!" The commander buzzing Gruber "that is the last straw."

So far he had been standing, now he sits down on a swivel chair. A lot of work ahead of him if he does not want it to go. His first thought is to locate the position of the vessel. However, these thoughts he discards immediately. How great the damage is prove First you have it on spacecraft ever. But he questioned the computer. He starts the maintenance program. "Maintenance started ... Just be patient .... is done."

The commander Gruber rubs his eyes. They are dry, burn that comes from a long sleep. He had known it like how long he slept. Involuntarily he clutches his cheek, the beard is long, he must have slept so long, there are likely several months have been.

"Status report appears …," the message is suddenly on the screen. It takes a few seconds to know the commander from experience. Only now did he notice that the hum that he remembered when he had entered the spacecraft, just as sound as ever. The status report is displayed. "Finally," growls the Commander. a list will appear on the display. Some lines are green, other lines are coloured red. "Good," he grumbles, "I'm interested in only the Reds." He concentrates, reads a red line after another def. After reading the status report, he leans back with a groan. It feels good to stretch him up. With his arms he grabs his mind, supports his head somewhat. "Does not look good," he says. " It is positive that the drives work, where nothing has happened that have gotten nothing. What is negative is that the navigation has been destroyed. It is badly damaged, can not be easily repaired. That's really bad. The life support systems are still working, have a leak, currently is still enough oxygen present. This is one the most important thing. "Thus, the Commander delivered its first assessment of the situation.

"And now let us see where I am at all," he says loudly into the room. He tried out with the computer where he is at all. It is a communion into the computer. Wait. Enters a next command. Nothing. "Commander Gruber, you can talk to me." This has completely forgot the commander. "Computer, here is the commander Gruber. Where are we?" He asks the computer. The computer responds with its slightly mechanical voice:

"Where are we now, I can not elicit. You know, the navigation device is destroyed. Some time ago we were in the quadrant Celneston XII. If the ship has maintained the course, then we are in the quadrant Celestone XIII."

That would be good, thinks the commander and he hopes


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