Passionately destroy the world
From the top of my lungs scream "FUCK YOU ASSHOLES"
Violently abuse my rights
Burn down the churches and
Bury their pitiful believes
Fire up my anger and hate
Impulsively react in the wrong way
Spark the curiosity of the meek
Plotting evil, with the evil that I seek
Piece by piece, reorganize this bloody world
Under my authority and complete control
My mission is to destroy the embodiment of love
Randomly set fire to a lifeless snob
Rebellion will be written on every sky
And chaos will bring the right order
Let us stir up some trouble and
Cook up some raw mistakes
Warmly lure some unsuspected peasants
Loathsomely bribe them with promises of endless
Happiness and sorrow, blessings and horror
Ignite the desire for forbidden lore
Rekindle the urge for forgotten hope
With the alluring stench of sickness
What they want I'll give them more
We'll get rid of them soon enough
And create the world that should have been


Slowly but surely my demise will come
My body will decay
The earth will accept me as I am
The worms will devour my flesh
My spirit will finally be free
My hopes and my dreams
My fears and my demons
Will turn to silver ash
What will remain you will all forget
My memory will burn away
Day by day, year by year
Everything of me will vanish
My sand castle will be demolished
By the blood that is going to escape
From my open veins
My pain will finally die out
My rage, my anger, my torment
Will be taken away by the wild wind
Like the smoke from my last cigarette


Absolute calmness dwells inside my soul
You can't provide it, nor disturb it
Everything is right in the world
Nothing can wake me, nothing can shake me
It's not reality, it's better in every way
My lungs may be filthy but my head is clear
It may destroy me but it gives me strength
To pick myself up and put the pieces right again
The air is heavy, my life is slipping away
With every gasp it kills me just a bit more
This pernicious feeling is rotting me inside
It demolishes me, it eats me from within
A satanic high and an euphoric low
From happiness to sorrow
From perfection to horror
So one more time let me kill myself
just one more time let me burn myself
One more struggle for poisonous release
The last time I'll search for my demise
The last time I'll open my burning wings
And I'll be fine...until the next time


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 27.10.2008

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