The United Nations, Nato and other amiable countries are putting grants, aids and military support for development of south east Asia, especially Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, china etc. But even then 91% people of these countries are not loyal to NATO countries, Their Peace Mission and their culture - as per one recent survey - .

So I have decided to build a platform in order to change the mentality of Pakistani people in each and every respect.

My mission is to support and change the Medieval Filters of Minds with Modern Western Life Style - in each and every respect- of Pakistani people.

I want to
1- Visit some western culture festivities, functions and most import educational ceremonies, for better understanding of meanings behind Modern Western Life Style.
2- Build a Platform* in Islamabad - capital city of Pakistan – for mature, young and teen generation in order to change their Western Understanding and Develop their mind set.
*: platform can be any kind of a means which we will use to support of community development activities, like NGO, Magazine, and Website. A Radio and TV channel later on.
3- Some invisible hands are creating terrorist and supporting them, find out the victims of these agencies, bring them in-front of media and support them.
4- Visiting schools and conducting implementation activities and functions. (Although this is an implementation measure but our greater focus has made it an objective).
5- Assisting the young generation for study abroad.
6- Assisting the capable young generation for work abroad.


What is development? I focus on sustainable development. It says, “Supporting the community needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” But my mentality is different. I say, supporting the current generation, for more benefit of next generation.

How? This is very simple, peacefully changing the ORIENTATION of people of Pakistan. If we are successful in changing the orientation of people it means we have change their Medieval Mental Filters with Modern Mental Filters. So next generation will get more benefit.

I have decided for orientation of people in following fields:

English language is not western local language. It has become world language, both in Economic and Social aspects. So I have decided to work for it. I want to change the orientation of people from local language to world language. I have seen – in Pakistan – if a student has done MA in English language, even then he can’t speak English. I need to develop this skill in my Pakistani community. I feel to give a special attention to this particular problem.

1- Here in Pakistan, old fashioned syllabus is used for teaching. Students are fed up with this syllabus. They want some change.
2- Western syllabus posses the potential to generate geniuses in all fields like medical, engineers, space etc. we need to change the mental set of young generation to demand for western syllabus.

The change in Syllabus is not only measure to do and work is done. No. we need to change education system, in all respects.
1- Here we need to provide internet in school library for research.
2- We need to open TV and Radio channels
3- We need to build a demand in the minds of student for new computer labs.
4* We need to implement co-education system in Pakistan; For better understanding of gender problems. For better results a competitions between men and women is necessary.

We need to work for teachers training. There must be lady teachers for boys’ schools. This measure will create harmony between people of this community. Co-education and increase in lady teachers will show better results.

1- Western dressing style is striking. It gives new look to personality. It keeps people look professional. Although we like our kids to wear paint shirt instead of local dress, even then most people feel bad to wear western dressing at home. So I want to pay attention on this aspect of community. We need to create impression that western dress is not a uniform, it’s not for office only; it’s beautiful to wear at home as well.
2- Some people feel it – to wear western dress - against their religion beliefs. We need to pay attention to this segment. We need to give them proper doses of orientation and development.
3- Especially, ladies are far away from western dressing style. This is the segment we need to pay attention much more. Because, if we can change mental set of Moms we are successful as whole community build its thinking from Moms.

Freedom for ladies, especially girls inhabiting in suburbia, modern education, modern style of entertainment, to be confident in hair cut, cosmetic use, outing, picnics are all away from Pakistani society. We need to work for it. We need to open the closed mind sets of Pakistani community.

People consider western peace prompts are for their personal benefits. We need to take these people along with us. So that local community can consider this mission as if this is their own job - along with army - and an environment of harmony can be created.

1-All kinds of media are working for commercial purposes; no one is paying attention to develop their viewers and readers’ mind set.
2-The biggest weakness is their material; this material is not for orientation of people. We need to originate fresh orientation stuff.

Above all, we need to change the mindsets of religious personalities. These personalities are biggest influence for 97 % Pakistani community. We need to work for them delicately and sneaky. If we are successful in this segment we are successful in all other measures.

In order to get fruitful results and change Medieval Mindsets of this community I have decided to work for, using these implementation measures.

Although, we cant implement all these measures but gradually we want to focus one by one as per time and resource availability.

1. Registration of Royal Style Foundation as platform for implementation activities
2. Royal style web for community development
3. Royal Style Mag for community development.
4. Publishing interviews of religious personalities
5. Giving memberships to Pakistanis for participation in community activities
6. Celebrating different functions and important days
7. Publishing activities of royal style community in Mag and Website
8. Visiting schools and distributing brushers, gift cards, small booklets.
9. Visiting different religious personalities and giving different reading stuff containing useful info of their interest.
10. Water support: build water nulls and placing memorial signboard along them, showing we are working for them.
11. Volunteers network for community support
12. Helping community on road side accidents
13. Building Marriage halls in suburbia
14. Building old age houses
15. Building lawer support for young ladies and gents looking support against human right issues,
16. Building software parks and competition
17. Building competition for arts and writing English literature and arts.
18. Building flash games, flash clips to support our mission.
19. Joint Venter in advertisement and publishing success stories
20. Conduction community meetings and press conferences
21. Email marketing by newsletters and fact sheets.
22. Conduction job fairs for abroad study and work.
23. Conducting discussion groups and workshops
24. Conduction market survey and research projects
25. Participating in internet forums
26. Building job portal from newspaper classified of western countries.
27. Building online database as tutorials in the field of literature, science and computer subjects
28. Producing kids learning flash-video programs.
29. Producing mini flash clips for learning, mind developing.
30. Conducting games tournaments for kids and youngsters
31. Giving awards to literary and modal personalities
32. Giving certificates to young and skilled business individuals
33. Giving certificates to prominent students
34. Giving certificates to prominent players

I am young man of 28 years old, so I have more than 40 years to work for this project, with MBA degree in professional qualification, an additive. I have decided to work for this project for my life time, in either case I win this award / grant / scholarship or not. As I believe on God, if he has given me this sincere thinking for my community, am largely sure he will create resource to work for it.

Shama Mohyyu Din,,,
SMS: 0092-343-5000270
Tel: 0092-51-5814157 ,


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To my son Sufi and His mother Nighi. May God keep them in on at peace.

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