Bonded for Eternity: Death and Rebirth

«Destiny...withered, but given a chance, lost lily wondered. She found herself return to Magic Realm, and on a mission. Several questions had been nagging her ever since: What is her duty? Who trusts her and who truly loves her? Will she accomplish without failure? There is one way to find out»



he was the one.

Undoubtedly glowing, the most mesmerizing creature in the entire magical world was being held in my arms. Her beauty bleached the Sacred, the place that served as a sanctuary for angels.

It was a matter of time when the knowledge of undetected connection to Heaven was remarkably demanded.

Before a certain step fell upon the holy land, my eyes examined every rock that was in the location to determine the absence of the enemy. The thought of the Sacred consisting a few foes was improper and should have never appeared. Nevertheless, one had to be cautious of his surroundings and the society with whom he was acquainted. Life had bestowed upon us unexpected surprises, and not the sugar coated gifts. Each day was harder than the last one; each battle was almost unsuccessful, leading to a complete failure.

And the catastrophe had approached coming from behind. To be precise, it wasn't anticipated at all. At least, not to this wicked extent. But I do not deny the fact that I had failed to see the danger or rather did not want to believe it existed. Thus, it was right to punish me now as I was meeting with disaster.

In charge of protecting an innocent soul? A faithful partner that fought side by side with his comrade? What a fool I was!!!

I made a second step, more firmer, a decided move indeed. With my sharp senses, I caught the presence of an intangible power emerging out of nowhere.

Invisible to the naked eye, the energy had swirled around me checking the intruder, whether it could trust the unrecognized human being. Frozen to the spot, I stood as I was inspected; my body remained motionless, afraid to make a disgraceful act.

It was long until I was practically released of pressured stress.

I looked around; everything seemed quite. No voices. No sounds.

I had a feeling that had compelled me to come here. Strangely, my feet brought me as if they knew the way without my mind giving an order.

My gaze fell on the sky-blue crystal, enormous and as glossy as ever. The shimmering words represented the destiny that has been carved in a language those angels speak or so it was said in manuscripts back in the library that was in my family's possession. Unable to decipher the mystery that lies inside, I approached the center and bent down with Loretti in my arms, carefully placing her body onto the glittery stone that one could see through. Chestnut locks scattered on top of the smooth surface, she looked like a china doll. Delicate and fragile.

A thin, pure force of the Light travelled to the middle of the place, over shadowing the limbless body of the girl. The Sacred, beginning to accomplish its duty, made her deep wounds from an earlier battle heal; the crimson blood that soaked her white silk dress slowly disappeared, leaving coral trails behind, resembling the pink lilies that Lara adored so much.

"Let her go", the thought rushed into my head as if someone had implanted it a second ago. After a slight hesitation, I leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on her full lips. It was like the fairytale, 'The Sleeping Beauty', though the important concept was being destroyed. The prince was letting his princess die.

I kissed her softly, again.

How I strongly wished that this was all but a silly prank. Without any doubts, I would be furious, but she would be alive. Sound and as cheery as she could be, and apologetic perhaps. I persistently waited for my lady to release a hot breath that would brush against my cold lips, unmistakably warming them. As if her cheeks would color rosy red when her mind registers that she was being granted with the tenderness I rarely performed. As if she would hug me in order to conceal her embarrassment and stop me from scolding her roughly. A big 'if' that sounded so hopeless that it tore one's spirit.

I slowly leaned back opening my eyes; her soul left the body instantly, leaving nothing but cold skin. Was it my imagination that the corners of her mouth slightly moved up reassuring me that everything would be all right or had she truly done such an unbelievable act, I did not know.

Her eyelids were stubbornly shut closed and I wondered if it was not the last time I allowed myself to be intrigued by her expressive brown, a color similar to brandy, eyes once more.

"Farewell"-I whispered into thin air.

1 year later



lonely soul, blinded by pride, continued to exist with torturous guilt.

Feeling powerless, all I could do was turn around each time he whispered my name in his sleep. I knew him, knew him too well to expect his behavior. The feelings that I carried towards this particular person have not completely been erased from my memories. And my odd actions were the proof of it. But for now, this emotion was an obstruction. A hindrance, which held back the progress of my work. The task I had been given consisted of guiding those who had lost their original pat. Those with insane personalities willing to commit suicide and many more overburdening me. I sighed inaudibly at the depressing thought.

A ping of alarm ran along my spine dissolving all unnecessary thoughts that kept pressing on and confusing my mind. Summoned by Him, I was, who undeniably required my presence, and delay was out of the question. With a clear head and a gulp of fresh air, I stepped inside the disturbingly bleached white room; a color which extremely bothered my eyes.

"My dear

"- He called first as I didn't dare utter a word unless I was spoken to. "Thee hath helped thy..


My gaze stayed fixed and glued to the floor as it was one of the few manners I had been taught and had to definitely follow. Even if I was one of His ten highly ranked angels, eye contact was forbidden.

In the eyes of a stranger, I looked both more reserved and serious than usual and carried on with a cool expression on my face.

"..Thee wot the reason wherefore thou art hither, the help is partly the reason

" He replied with a voice that held every mystery in it. With the answers hidden somewhere. Somewhere, but not here.

I furrowed my brows a little out of bewilderment forgetting to conceal the expression, which was easy to convey on my angelic face.

"A mission thee would be given...thee hath to guide yet another fallen angel that hath to be born soon...Thy sending thee back


There was a long silence with me restraining myself from asking plenty of questions. Immobile I chose to be, when I struggled to comprehend the meaning of what had just been pronounced.



... The realization struck like a verdict spoken by no one but by the fair judge Himself. Was that a reasonable decision? Return? And how was I supposed to solve the problem? Whom should I aid and lead this time?

The reality frightened me whereas unwillingness caused my body to stay motionless.

He found my reaction amusing and chuckled softly.

"Child, be brave, follow thine heart

"-the last words of His.

There was a light so intense that it made my eyes squint in defeat. In an instant something cold pierced me like thousand needles were being pressed against the delicate surface of my skin. Brightness dimmed, inch-by-inch and was replaced by darkness, which embraced me now, enabling the use of Vision.

My lids unenthusiastically opened. The gloomy skies, the puffy clouds gathering around the moon, the strong gush of wind, and a feeling like I was fall- Oh my God, I was beyond any doubt descending. My eyes darted from side to side to detect the castle. Overall I saw beautiful lights flickering and sparkling from miles away. The picture was fascinating if you excluded the part that my body was freezing to the point where I felt nothing. Merely pure numbness.

With tiny strength, which luckily remained, I demanded my powers to awaken.

Violent, rapid and enraged, my lovely element fire, had been treasured for long, but had not been used for approximately a year, was unsurprisingly resistible. Of course it would be infuriated with me, I would, if I were in its place. Terrifyingly seconds passed by, permitting nervousness to creep over me and panic getting a strong hold of me. Immediately, help arrived just in time, as I remembered the familiar soft, confident words.

Instead of focusing on the pain and pathetically crying out as if he would come to my rescue, with deep and steady breaths I concentrated at my core, gathered enough power only to direct it from the center to all frozen parts. Slowly and carefully, I could feel heat spreading through my blood. Feeding my weak cells while making sure to warm up my drained from energy muscles. I sighed as my fingers finally started to move, even if they constantly quivered at the moment. The change was about to be complete and only the most important parts were left - my wings!

I closed my eyes and wasn't totally positive when they will open again, I would stay the same, meaning the consciousness would remain unaffected as my way of thinking would be commonly rational. My teeth clenched tightly as the holy power inside me stirred, went wild as a burning sensation stroked my spine. Two enormous white wings ripped through my back. The process was agonizing every time I went through it, my eyes stung. The valuable thing I came to understand was not to go against the pain at any costs; welcome it instead. Yes, still sounded strange to my own ears, but I tried to resist the first time of escapeless transformation, and made the biggest mistake. Good, we learn from our major errors.

I had a white blouse on with my back revealed to the public so that my wings wouldn't rip through the material, which would pitilessly damage the shirt.

With a little time left, I managed to establish control over things. Balanced myself across the sky, flew like a sparrow free to go anywhere I want. Though, there was only one place where I had to be. Perhaps, one was unknowingly seeking it. Different emotions whirled through me. It was impossible to hang in there while facing the consequences that direct to explanations, explanations that bring exposure, and exposure that lead to punishment.

My heart would just shatter.

Merciless exhaustion took over my body, letting a weary sigh escape my shivering lips and discarding several thoughts from my worn-out mind.




elpless, almost unbearable night visited me yet again.

Silence indulged the castle before dawn. Everyone should be asleep by now, except the crown prince who was kept awake due to inevitable nightmares. Constant blame had taken away all of the rest, and made sleep unachievable. A low growl broke out from me due to the throbbing headache that ruthlessly started to pound. My arm automatically searched for a glass of whiskey with the intention on finding one on the floor. Strong alcohol was never a friend of mine, though things change, and I finally discovered something that seemed to ease pain from the inside. Unfortunately the effect didn't last long.

The bed gave a soft noise as I got up to head towards the mini bar while passing veranda, which was on my right side with the white light doors wide open. The glass should be there, if it wasn't on the floor.


I opened the mini fridge and took out an ice cube tray. Whiskey, which followed after the ice cubes, was carelessly poured into my glass.

Flap, flap

This time the odd sound came louder, intervening the pleasure. With the transparent glass held midway to my lips, I frowned; my eyes lazily checked the bedchamber.


"That is what happens when you consume a strong beverage in big amounts. You start hallucinating things."-The thought crossed my mind.

I nonchalantly shrugged my shoulders and continued to drink until I felt someone's hard gaze on me. I whirled at that instant. And saw her.

The whole view was focused on a beautiful angel with large, amazingly pearly white wings that were sparkling like a thousand diamonds. She was seated on the balcony that had white plinths to support it. Her black long hair hung loose down her shoulders in contrast with the white cotton blouse, which showed off her delicate collarbones. If this tiny piece of cloth could be mistaken for shorts, then let them be called that as they were undeniably revealing perfect legs, and to complete the whole look, a dangerous pair of silver knee length boots complimented the entire outfit. The color seemed extremely pure and so ...untouchable, even if the garment exposed too much of her skin.

Walnut glinting eyes looked suspiciously at me, observing skeptically. Something was not right.

Wait...was that Loretti

? Wings? A-angel? How on...?!

Her cold stare was new to me. She never looked at me like this before, at least not with the meaningful attitude that pointed 'stay away from me or else you are dead'. The woman had Loretti's features, but on the whole a complete stranger. I thought the glass would slip through my fingers, but instead I gripped at it harder, oblivious to the possibility of crushing it.

There was an intangible silence. No one dared to speak, anxious of killing the quietness. We were staring at one another, not willing to break the eye contact, realizing it would mean a defeat.

And when I thought I couldn't keep up with the useless game any longer, she closed her eyes, uncrossed her legs and arms, turned her head toward the moon and made a sound of absolutely bored creature that was starting to get tired of its new toy.

Loretti got down slowly, as graceful as a panther. Then in a blink of an eye she was standing, fully facing me. I caught a glimpse of a shadow passing across her hungry eyes. Drastic changes occurred after. White feathers turned black which was utterly shocking, her emotions changed into something seductive, sexy and passionate and yet not the passion we had shared once, something that felt more alien. I hardly knew the person; this supernatural being that was standing right here in front of me. It was already difficult to comprehend and with everything going on...I passed out. It was the lamest and the most shameless thing to do. Damn



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