The Brotherhood of Bullets was first started in 2008, It was set out to be a military clan and was a successful one at that, after a while A Small Special Forces team was created to carry deniable operations and difficult clan matches, this team would be called The Elite Assault Force or E.A.F for short. This is the true story of “Red Troops” encounter with the secretive and malicious “Illuminati” clan. And how Two E.A.F operatives held off for two whole hours against a constant wave of enemy fire. The Story is recited by Rofl50 Commander of the Brotherhood of Bullets.

I must have been about 13 when I introduced E.A.F into the brotherhood, it was for the best of clan and only for the best of the clan, E.A.F was devised into 3 main troops and 1 secret troop, they were named “Blue Troop”, “Grey Troop, “Black Troop” and “Red Troop” Which I was in, my call-sign was “Red 4”. Back then I didn’t run E.A.F, Chris was in charge of that and Chris was my troop commander.

It was the middle of August 2009 When Red Troop were assigned their first live op. I was exited, I Barely ran B.o.B back in 2009, and I just left that to others as well. We were all told that a new clan had been picking fights with Chris via Private Message, Their clan was called “The Illuminati”, strictly for the birds, and being 13 I had no idea what the word meant, I just thought it sounded cool. We were then told that these Illuminati blokes wanted war with just E.A.F and not B.o.B, apparently Illuminati were a secretly run clan and they “selected” members from other clans and bribed them with Microsoft points just to join. Clearly emotional dwarves, they never played Team Death matches just free modes, and it was their free mode we were going to invade. This was “Operation grey star”

“You all see the “join session in progress?” asked Chris, “yeah” I said “I see it”, “ok Join!”. There were four of us and we were to split into partners, me and Chris would be “Red Alpha” and King and Gecko would be “Red Bravo”. We spawned in Algonquin, in the center of Middle park. I looked on the map and saw that the only guys that spawned were me and Chris; I looked at the leader board. There were 14 Illuminati and me and Chris filled the game up “sh*t...” I said “Yeah” Chris replied, “Come on, lets get this done”.

I looked at the map and saw no blimps accept for mine and Chris’s, “Blips are on near” I said “it shouldn’t take too long to find 14 guys”. We loaded up on Ammo and amour and took a chopper, we decided too start at the bottom of Alderny and work our way up. As we passed over the prison we saw them, all 14 of them. “What the hell are they all doing?” I asked “F*ck knows” said Chris. We quickly got out their line of sight and took up sniper posts on top of the construction compound. “Two guards are guarding the Main gate” I said looking through the scope of my PSG-1, “and two sniper’s in both towers facing west”. They didn’t seem at all fazed about two enemy clan members joining their free mode; they must have thought their guards would keep us at bay.

“Two choppers on the confinement cage, I think there are pilots in them but they’re too far away to tell”. “Movement at the gate” said Chris abruptly, I looked towards the gate and saw a black Cavalcade leaving the prison. “Look at the guy in the back seat” Chris said, I did so and saw a guy in a level 9 green Jacket and a white and green bike helmet. “Who is he?” I asked, “That is the leader of the Illuminati” he said dramatically, “good” I said “lets F*cking kill him and call it an assassination!” I admit my finger was itching. “Not yet” he said “You might miss and look they’re turning right anyway, no point assassinating the driver” the car was followed by two Motor Bikes. “We should move position incase they see us” Chris said. We turned and ran behind two large poles, then I heard an unmistakable “wap, wap, wap” noise. “Its those two choppers from earlier, they’re searching for us I think”

We waited for the choppers to pass, they didn’t within seconds they were circling us “Sh*t, they’ve seen us” I shouted. “Downstairs now” said Chris. We sprinted down two flights of stairs, at this point I was flapping, “if they kill us they can call it an assassination, they’re probably filming this now, that’s why they didn’t kick us when we joined” I said. “Mate, I think they knew we were coming” said Chris. Then I saw an opening, one of the choppers was hovering over the trees. I pulled out my M4, aimed it towards the pilots head and unloaded. After about eight shot’s the pilot was dead and the “ping” confirmed the kill. “Nice One” said Chris “Come on, we’re going to follow clear out the prison!”

Chapter 1: Sweep and Clear

“I’ll take the guy on the left you take the guy on the right” said Chris “wait for it… now!” six clear shots rang out in the quiet entrance “go!” we sprinted for the heavy double doors and ran inside, as soon as we entered the other side of the door’s we got opened up on, there was too much fire coming our way to stop and shoot back so we just sprinted towards the gate to the right of the entrance and took cover. “Now what do we do?” I asked, “Stay behind me” Chris said. We ran across the open ground, zig zagging to avoid the fire coming our way, after a while of non stop running the shots were decreasing in rate and were just firing sporadically to where we were running. “Through here, come on!” we ran inside the main control tower and ran up the stairs, halfway up Chris said “wait” there was a noise like a small plane approaching, as the noise got louder I could make out the unmistakable sounds of multiple RPG’s.

“Wait here until they run out of rockets, then we’ll move up and start shooting ‘em”. After about 30 seconds the explosions stopped “now” he shouted, we ran up and straight away we come under small arms fire, I took cover behind a desk and assessed the situation. As far as I could tell half of the enemies were in front of us keeping us pinned down, while the other half were attempting to flank us. “Advance” Chris said suddenly, I vaulted over the desk and ran forwards to the walkway opposite me, I saw the Enemy directly in front of me, Black Motorbike helmet, blue jacket and desert camouflage cargo trousers, I remember thinking how strange these Illuminati’s dressed. He saw me started spraying wildly in my direction, I rolled to the left and sent him three rounds, two in his chest and one through his helmet, he fell to the floor and I heard the welcoming “Ping”.
I finally realized that breaching a prison with 10 men in it wasn’t the smartest choice Chris has ever made. “Chris, we need to fall back or we’re going to get spawn killed” “OK, OK” he said “Give me a second to think”. Were taking too much fire from the Illuminati and I got hit in the head draining the whole of my armor and half of my health. I wasn’t going to wait for Chris to tell me what to do; I leapt out of cover and sprinted to the nearest armor, grabbed it and ran round the corner to see a another enemy waiting for me, he had an AK47 and when he saw me he opened up on me. Two rounds got me in the chest so I rolled right, aimed and dropped him. “Chris, this way” I said “we can push through the flankers and jump over the wall”. “Alright” he said “let’s do it”.

I saw an opening, “Chris look, there are two guys about to rush us, they have AK’s so lets get as close as possible and use shot guns, once we’ve killed those two guys the other three will have to run all the way around that fence, we should be alright”. I hugged the wall and took out my Winchester 1300, I ran round the corner and gave the first guy I saw a full shot gun blast to the chest, he flew backwards and I scooped up the ammo from his AK, Chris and the other enemy were out of sight, I heard two blasts of a shot gun and the “ping” of the kill, he ran round the corner and lead the way.

We ran through the metal gate up the stairs and over the low wall, we were home free but I didn’t stop running, “there’s a dingy or a speed boat up round here, we’ll jump on it and hold off somewhere!”, we scurried up the stone steps as sporadic fire was passing over our heads and hitting the wall behind us. “Here, this one” I said, we jumped into the water and swam for the nearest boat, I reached it, climbed on and started the engine, and Chris followed close behind me and sat on the back seat. We started travelling towards Rand Avenue to hold off at the docks.

As we approached the ladder we saw 2 blimps traveling at high speed towards our position, it was the two bikers that were following the cavalcade, I quickly reached the top of the ladder just as the two bikers dismounted, I gave them 6 sharp bursts with my MP-10 and they were down “wow, nice one” said Chris, they weren’t expecting it and they were facing the other way but I made it look like it was amazing “they both saw me and everything” I said stupidly.

I sprinted round the corner and down the hill, I saw a sniper by the bus shelter, “good” I said “more ammo”. Then I got a message, “ooh, a message from King” I said, I opened I up and read “we’ve been on their website and their latest news thingy says that you two are in a game and they’re about to spawn kill you and upload it to you tube – King” I started to laugh, Chris asked me what it said and I read it to him.

“Hah, good luck to them, none of their guys can even shoot straight”. We shared a few minutes ranting about our opponent’s lack of skill and the “epicness” of our own. Suddenly the yellow guy on their team left, “invite King!” I shouted, we brought up our phones and literally spammed him with invites, but then the guy that left joined again not long after, (King went was playing another game anyway) “so what now then? I can’t be arsed to sit here all game” I said. And then that’s when we heard it.

Chapter 2: Hold off at Rand Avenue

The scary sound of Multiple RPG’s getting louder and louder, I looked round the corner and saw about 5 guys lined up by the docks “Artillery” I said, they were well out of range, I was just standing still at this point, then I got sniped in the back of the head, luckily it was by someone who already we already shot, “don’t stand around their all about to rush us”.

When I respawned it was next to the bus shelter, I picked up the hovering sniper and rushed for cover, “here they come” said Chris, all I had was an MP-10 with little ammo and a Sniper Rifle, I aimed down the scope and saw my first contacts, they were about one hundred meters to my north-west, I aimed at the one moving around the least and fired three rounds, He dropped whilst he was running, his friends darted for cover whilst I fired a few sporadic rounds at them.

Then we got opened up on the left side, there was about five men with M4’s, I told Chris to concentrate on the left and I’ll take care of any new contacts, I sprinted over to the right side of the wall and aimed round the corner, just then over the crackle of gunfire I heard a dull thud to my left, I knew it what it was, I jumped to the right just as it went off, it missed me by inches.

Chris was taking too much fire so I ran over to give support, I ran over to him just as a sniper bullet came past my head, “take care of the Sniper!” said Chris. I crouched behind a concrete pillar and took aim; it was getting quite dark so even if he did look towards me he wouldn’t see me instantly. I zoomed in down the street and I saw him sitting behind a car with his torso and head showing by the cars bonnet, I zeroed in on him and fired three sharp rounds. He was done before he could even see me.

“Listen” said Chris “we’re going to head for Westdyke at first light, “alright” I said. After five minutes of killing and getting killed (the latter not very often) we headed outside and took down three contacts, we saw a silver Contender, got in the driver’s seat and started the engine up, we speeded away down the street where I took out the Sniper followed by frantic Assault Rifle and Sub Machine Gun fire which either missed us or hit the bumper.

Then again we heard the sound of chopper blades behind us, I smashed the side window, Chris did the same and lent out of it. “Right behind us, not too high but looks like he’s going to start shooting at us” said Chris, I slammed the brakes and veered left down an alleyway, as the chopper flew down the street and tried to swing the rotor back around I saw an opening and after crashing a few times I saw an opening. “We’re in Westdyke” I said “Now where?”

“Head for the old casino” He said, the chopper was looking for us but we were going at a decent pace not to be spotted. “Here we are” said Chris as we skidded to a Holt by the entrance “Get set up on that ridge there to our right on that hill. As I got settled on the ridge I chose a body sized bush that was perfect for blending in with.

After about 2 minutes of waiting they starting rushing, Chris was on the roof and I could hear the rounds coming from both the Illuminati and Chris, I lifted the scope and observed, Straight away I see a guy standing still, trying to get a shot at Chris, I squeezed off a nice controlled shot and he dropped dead, his mate next to him saw that he was sniped and looked around frantically searching for me, I shot 2 rounds straight through his chest, “We seem to be doing alright” I said reloading my PSG, “if only we were recording this, its brilliant”.


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