"Ow!" I thought, as I heard a loud pounding.
"Oh no... What if it's a cookie monster!" Yelled the soft, old cookie laying next to me.
"BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" It came in a rythem, getting louder by each 'boom'. I rolled up to the small crack in the cupboard, barely able to see out into the bright, monster world.
It was only a small one, but there was a cookie monster running towards the cupboard. I gasped as it's hand barely grazed the handle.
"MOM!!!!!" It screamed, unsuccessfully attempting to open the cupboard it was to short for.
"TAKE COVER!" I heard a scream from behind me. I turned around, and all my fellow oreos were gone. They were most likely hidden behind boxes, anywhere but the oreo box.
I frantically rolled away, desperate for a place to hide. Every small crevice and crack had been occupied by another oreo, and I could hear the mother monster getting closer and closer to our home.
"Cream Cheese! Over here! Hurry!" I heard a weak, small voice behind me. I turned around and saw Ollie, my little brother, poking his head out of a spaghetti noodle package.
I rolled towards the package of noodles as quickly as I could. I almost tripped over a small imperfection in the wood, but I made it.
I was barely in the dark bag of spaghetti when light poured into the cupboard. There was a large hand reaching around, patting and poking at random boxes of food. I held my breath as it grabbed the spaghetti bag, then quickly let it go.
"Whooosh!" I let it out. The hand was reaching out with another cookie. He was an old cookie, and had survived for a while.
"Wooooh!" Screamed all the survivors. Normally, the cookie monster took at least three cookies. Maybe he wasn't so hungry today. Anyways, all us survivors were proud of ourselves. We had survived just one more day in our lives as oreo cookies.


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