First I want to tell you A bit about me I am a ex back yard movie maker. I got tired of these big moive productions making the big and awsome movies that everybody wants to see. So I found some ways to make a awsome movie and save some money.

So now is the time do you want to really make a movie. I dont care if it is a full pro movie or just a 10 min back yard film. You are going to have to start some where which will be the camera. You might have you camera but for those you will get the cameras to get and additional info.

My favorite camera is the Samsung F40 you can pick one of these up at your local walmart or on the internet. If you want to pro then you will need something thing like the Canon XH-A1 HD Camcorder which if you can pay a big amount to buy one go for it, but if you want to go cheaper you could rent it which is what I do when I created my movie "Kill the Dead and Dont Trust the Living" you will most likly never see it. Back to the camera, it will be from $194 to $365 and on up depending on how many days you want to keep it. You can rent this camera at

Next is makeup and it is a very big thing in a movie. Makeup can be to make a person look like a super moldel or to make them look like a scary monster. Eather way you are going to need to know where to look for this makeup. First thing what is your movie a drama,horror,or comedy.Drama or comedy you will need to make you acters or acteress look good. Which means you are going to need high grade makeup. Now if you want to go for the scary zombie look you could get some random colars at walmart.

Last are props which are the 2nd important think in the movie. First you are going to decide what props do you. If its not a horror or auction moive you are not going to need Much props. For all yor needs I am going to tell the best website ever to go to. This site has everything that will need. The website is called

I hope everyone likes this ebook and I would love to see you movies so if you want to send me copy that would be cool. Send at Po Box 242, Baisden WV,25608



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