Confusion without prosicution
Tell me how did you figure it out?
Without intrusion or any fusion
Of any sort; I'll figure it out.

Tell me what you're thinking
Behind those deep blue eyes
Inside that complex feature
Thinking on the uprise

If you ever speak your mind, please tell me what's there
Tell me what you have been contemplating about
To reveal what is inside my own mind is just as fair
Though i won't, can't, refuse to shout

Our Love plain out in the open
Because i am just timid as the next girl
Still i do not see us floating
As the spinning of the world

It's rotation
An invitation
For the Nation
I'm still waitin'

Please be gentle with me
Be gentle as your mother was with you
Be as gentle as a breeze from the east easily
Floating along the ocean view

So complex
Yet you hex
Onto the next
So complex

How did you know?


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 14.02.2011

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