This took place in Turkey 1992 - in the bay of Ölüdeniz (The Sea of Death)

We lived in a tent some 6 km away from civilization on 50m hight of a sandhill at the seashore 24.00 o'clock midnight... Somebody was nestling at my house-tent and trying to get in. My husband had given me a knife at the afternoon and said: if something will happen, defense yourself with this!

So I told him: "I will never use a knife nor a gun... the only thing I need is my God and my faith! He laughed and called me a stupid person. I took the knife and put it somewhere deep under all our things - in order not to be tempted in a serious situation.
At became midnight.

It was a night with bright shining moon!!!

I was already sleeping, when I heard the nestling sound and a turkish voice saying: "Open at once or I will just slit you!" I thought by myself: "Oh my God - now it had become real so fast! I was naked and searching for something to pull on although I had put my things together carefully at the afternoon. It took some seconds and the man whispered fearcefully: "Do fast or I come in!" I tried to calm down - and not to be such trembling. I managed for a second and found something to pull over. I wanted to open the zip which he already had tried but not managed. "Fast - or I slit you!" Was his commandement every 2 Minutes. I opened the tent and in front of me a real muscleman was standing naked in full urge with a big knife in his hand.

I thought in between nano-seconds: "Oh my God - is this the moment you call me?! How could I hold on trusting. How would this work?!!" And the man said: "lay down and do what I tell you!"

At this moment something went through my brain: I felt my belly, which was full of a rich meal at the evening - and suddenly heard myself saying: "No I cannot - I am pregnant!" At this very moment I felt wanting to cry and bow down to the floor to ask for the Lords Mercy - because I had used a cheap lie to rescue myself out of this situation - and not faced the truth! "My dear God - please please forgive me!" I stammered internally.

Then there was silence ... this silence and this moment seemed to extend to an aeon. I saw the man coming over me - and slicing my belly... I saw all that blood flewing out of my body... and I saw myself falling down to the ground almost dying... And there was silence all the time... a very very unforgettable moment. I just gazed with my eyes to that scenery...
and suddenly the silence ended abruptly ... and I wondered. "So if this was to be happening to me - what should this man want from me now?!" And there was so much peace, so much freedom - as I never had before in my life. I started to laugh... to laugh as if I had heared the best joke ever.
Then I realized - that I had seen the vision of my death how it would have been without trust. And I knew: I was shown this to understand the strength of God!

So I stood up on my feet - looked the man straight in the eye and grabbed his left arm very strongly. He stumbled backward and I had to hold him at his arm, so he does not fall across the tent door,
which I had fixed with a safety pin down on the ground at the other tent wall, to stop it rattling in the strong wind. He stopped stumpling right 1 meter in front of a very steep hole. Our tent stood only 3 Meters away from a very big and stiff slope.
It stood right 3 meters in front of a very big excavated hole in that sandhill, where streetworkers and housebuilders had previously taken the sand for making the roads and houses. And we had not secured this with a rope, because we do not need such security.

I sayd to the man: "Look - now I have to hold you - if I did not, you would have been fallen into that slope and broken your neck... See how God works?! And I hold you - although you tried to rip me! See how it works!"
And I heared myself continue: "Now let me tell you something. We are going to do nothing of your urgents. Do you know your true Allah! Have you ever heard, that he blesses the ones who trust - and that anything you do now to even the lowest of the lowest - will once come back to you?!"

That man gazed at me - as if he had seen ... I really could not say. He gazed and trembled. And I heared myself saying this words: "So man, if you go home now and start to trust... and keep your heart up to God and honour him... and stop from right now to rip women for your bad urge, God will send you a blessed woman who will love you and be with you - and you will know Gods might and love for you! You need not rip a woman - you can love them by Gods help!"

The man turned pale. I could see this in the bright shining moonlight outside the tent, where we were still standing in front of that deep slope.

He gazed at me and stammered: "y... you ... ooooh - who are you??!!! You just go inside again - I will not do anything to you! You ... please you go in again! I leave ... he stuttered: Sen kim sin?? Allah! Allah amanim... Allah amanim (Who are you?? Oh my God, oh my God)!" And then he ran naked as if the devil was after his poor soul... He ran so fast down the hill into the forest that I could see a shining wheel instead of his legs... just like one can see in a tricky cartoon.

When the man had been gone - that was the moment where I realized the power of God in its full extent... Praise God !

Try it out – whenever the moment of your fears may come… what ever it might be!
Love - Regina


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I dedicate this book to all humans - to all creations - to Mother Earth - to God Lets inflame our hearts in Love - and raise it to a big global firework of love! In Love - Regina

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