The Time Is Right For Opening Our Hearts

Now I feel that the time has come – to be a witness for God’s mighty manifestations… if you trust and hold on faithfully! And the feedback was so overwhelming, and so encouraging, that I decided to publish my stories about the “Faith in God” now.
I have experienced God’s power and how he comes onto someone if he stays in trust - even in moments, when death looks right into his/her eyes. And I wish to share this with you now, because I think that it is needed in those times of 2012…

My life has never been dull or boring in any case. It seems to be like an adventure which leads me right to my source. Those moments came just by surprise… and I always faced it from eye to eye – also the men who ripped me - or forced me by weapon... I dared their glance... and sent rays of love... sometimes first I had so much fear that I trembled or believed, that I would die. But what I can say is, that from the first moment whenever I had to let go my wildest fears… the fierce glance of the eyes of my enemy vanished… and something very wondrous went on.

It always seemed to be the same thing going on:
1. The Situation came always by “surprise”
2. I feared badly for my life
3. I did let go … I did let it happen -
and saw imaginatively, how I was killed by
that person!!! I saw imaginatively, how I was
bleeding and falling down to the ground!
4. I started to love my enemy
5. I felt extreme power in my whole body, mind
and heart. Sometimes I opened my mouth and
heard me say: “do you believe in God?! If you
do not - you might do right now, what you wish
to do - I could seriously not stop you! But
let me say these few words before! If you do
it, I will be gone and through all this. But
you must stay and digest, what had happened!
And remember this: I am not alone. Your deeds
will be seen. For Jesus and the Angels and
God are always with me."
6. The change took place! Even if they started to
do, what they thought they must do, I sent rays
of love from my heart. Because the situation
had already come to the top, I felt, that I
wanted to give that person something, which
he had never experienced before! LOVE!
7. All of them suddenly changed totally... some
even cried and fell down to the ground and
asked me, who I am, asked Mother Mary for

There where very few happenings, for example in Romania, when there was no chance by telling anything like this.

At the border of Romania

I was hitchhiking with a trucker from Germany to Turkey. There at the Romanian Border 3 Men came into the cabine. The driver had been gone to his Truck-Driver friend some Trucks in front, but a little far away.

The three men came into the car and the first one had a knife and pulled away the blanked which I had wrapped around me. I saw the eyes of that man and absolute darkness surrounded him. I knew, that those people did not believe in God and there was no way to talk with them like this. And I trembled in fear.
I said to God: "Look - I do really not know how to handle this! I could not speak of you, because their ears are closed and their heart already has turned to stone! So if you are here - I trust just you - and if you wish me to come right now - here I am! But please let it be quick - to not hurt me too much!" And I said to the man in German language - although he was Romanian: "I am German - and I have nothing

in harm to you. I am no Girl you could put into any prison to serve your urgents. I am on my way to Turkey. You might rip me, you might kill me – you might take me with you… but it is up to God, if you can!"

The Man gazed at me like somebody who had seen a ghost. He looked backwards to the other guys and shouted something to them. They all turned back and jumped off the Cabin... and closed it at once.

There are much more of those stories - and at any time - I first feared to death. But the second moment I remembered my maker...

This is the only way to stand situations like war! Believe me, the one who could not survive by trust in God - would have had to walk through this gate anyway, cause it would have been the time for him...

Blessings and Strong Trust for you all



Texte: Copyright: Fotos, Text: Regina F. Rau
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 16.03.2011

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I dedicate this book to all humans - to all creations - to Mother Earth - to God Lets inflame our hearts in love - and raise it to a big global fireworks of love! In Love - Regina

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