"Wake up Mavis! We start going to school today!" my brother Preston yells from outside the room door. I groan and lay there staring at the ceiling. Until I finally decided to get up and go to the bathroom to take a shower.


When I get out of the shower I wrap a towel around my body and go to my closet to pick out my outfit. I put on my bra and panties then choose to put on my short sleeve V neck Beatles shirt that showed a litte stomach.


Then I put on my stripped skinny jeans and combat boots. I went to the mirror to brush out my straight auburn hair that was a little past my shoulder blade and I fixed my front bangs that were just above my eyebrows. I wasn't the most beautiful girl but you could say I was pretty. I had pale skin and emerald green eyes.


I was tall reaching at about 5'9 and thin. I grabed my leather black packback and jacket. I headed down stairs into the kitchen where my mom was making breakfast while my brother was eating Coco Puffs.


"Hey mom, what are you making?' I ask her while seting my backpack and jacket on the table." Pancakes, want some they have chocolate chip?' my mom said holding a plate of burned pancakes at me.I stare at it trying to come up with a lie to tell her. "No, but I will take an apple"I said realy fast taking an apple from a tray and taking a seat at the table. As I was eating my apple I heard my dad coming down the stairs.


"Hey honey, what are you-" my dad said but was cut off when my brother said "Burned pancakes". My mom came behind my brother and smacked him behind his head. "Oh, well I'll just get an apple because I'm really late" he said trying to sound in a hurry so that he doesn't have to eat moms burned pancakes.


I smile behind my half eaten apple while my dad grabed an apple and walkrf up to my mom to give her a kiss."Ewww! do that when your alone!" my brother yells with a disgusted face. My mom and dad turn to him with a grin on their faces and my dad walks away from my mom to give me a kiss on the cheek. "Have fun at school kids!" my dad yells before walking out the door.


"Well I should be going to'' I say getting out of my chair throwing away the apple core and give my mom a kiss on the cheek. I got my backpack and jacket while my mom yells at me to where a helmet before i walk out the door.


Starting my black motorcycle to head over to Mt Edgecumbe High School. When I got there all the parking spaces were taken, so i drove around until I found one. I was about to park in the parking space when some jackass took it and almost ran me over with his car. I parked my motorcycle next to his since there was another parking space and I got off, so that I can beat the living crap out of that guy and his sports car. 


I walked to the passengers side when it opened and the most hotest guy came out. He had brown hair and light tan skin with beautiful hazel eyes. He had high cheek bones and a strong jaw that went perfectly with the rest of him and those perfect kissable lips. My eyes travel down to his body and every muscle was being shown off in his tite white shirt and leather jacket.


I hear him clear clear his throat which made me jump. I look up to see him smirking, "Like what you see?' he said amused.


"No!" I said and I can feel my cheeks getting warm from embarrasment.


Taking a deep breathe before saying to him "I just came up to you to tell you to watch where your going, you almost ran me over!" I shouted at him.


He just stood there looking down and up my body with a grin on his face as if satisfied with what he was looking at. My face got warm from his eyes travel down my body.


"So your a biker girl?" he said moving his eyes to my breast while biting the side of his lower lip.


"Ya, you have a problem with it" I said to him a little annoyed at him for asking such a stupid question.


"No, I'm just asking because you look hot with all that tight clothes on and . . ." he leaned against his car and eyed my helmet which I was still had on.


"Take off your helmet" he order."No!" I shouted at him for trying to tell me what to do.


"Just take it off" he said irritated and I knew he was one of those type of boy who got what ever he wanted.


"You know what I'm just going to go" I say walking back to my motorcycle taking off my helmet and setting it on my motorcycle.


I began walking to the school when someone grabed my arm and turned me around. My green eyes meet with hazel eyes,"I never got to see your face". My face got warm from all the staring we were doing.


"So biker girl wanna show me around?" he said giving me a smile that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  


"No thank you"






I watched as she walked away from me but I didn't want her to leave me. I step away from my car and followed her. When I was close to her I took hold of her arm and turned her around so that we were facing each other. I felt electricity run through my body as I was meet with the most beautiful emeraled green eyes.


Until I heared what my wolf said it could be but it was and I wasn't ready for it. What if she didn't want me? what if she was in love with someone else? For the first time I was worried of what a girl thought of me and I was scared out of mind but I won't let the little vixen get to me. I refuse to fall in love again or get lied to by some pretty face girl.


I smirk at her and say  "I never got to see your face. So biker girl want to show me around?"


Her eyes widen and before I knew it she pulled her arm out of my grasp. She narrows her eyes at me and says deadly "Don't ever touch me again." She turns around and walks away mumbling something about how I was rude and an asshole.


'Seems like our mate has an attitude' my wolf said with a chuckle.


'She sure does' I say back to my wolf with a grin on my face.


I walk into the schools office waiting for the front desk lady to give me my schedule.The lady was young but had a few gray hairs so I'm guessing she was in her early forties.


"Here you go" she said handing me my schedule, she turns to a blonde girl my age and asks her "Ally can you show Mr.Darve to his first period class". The blonde Ally takes one good look at me and says with simle, "I'd love to show him around".


She walks up to me and takes my hand as we exit the office. I had to admit the blonde girl was hot, but his mate was something else."Where here"she says stopping in front of my first period class. I was about to walk in when the blonde girl Ally took hold of my arm and holding out a piece of paper to me.


"Here's my numder, so give me a call when I can show you something more, other than your first class" she said trying to sound seductive.


I smile at her and said, "Well why thank you and I hope to see you around."


I walked into the class and everyone stops to look at me. I could hear the girls whispering how hot I was, except for a red headed girl sleeping in the back of the room who look very femiliar.I walked up to the teacher and handed him my schedule.


He looked up at me and said "Well welcome to my classroom I'm Mr.Dawn and you can have a seat next to Mavis in the back" he stopped and look at the girl named Mavis who must be the one sleeping in the back, he sighed "Mavis can you raise your hand for our new student, so that he knows where to sit! And can you please stop sleeping in my class."


She raised her hand without looking up and put it backed down and then said, "Well maybe I wouldn't sleep in your class if it wasn't boring."


The teacher just shook his head and just continued with the class. I walked to my seat where the girl named Mavis was and as soon as I sat down the girl sitting infront of me turn around giving me her numder. I took it and looked at the girl who had her head down on the desk. I grinned when I figured out who she was. I took a strand of her light red hair and tugged at it. She look up rugging her eyes and turned to me with narrowed eyes.


"Did you have to pull my hair? You could have tapped my shoulder or something?" she scolded.


I just grinned at her and said, "So you want me to talk to you, huh?".


She narrowed her eyes even more if it was possible and she took a deep breathe before she said to me, "No I don't want you to talk to me I was just saying that you-" I took her hand in mine which made her stop talking and look down at our connected hands.


I could feel her pulse rise and the color of crimson started to appear on her cheeks. She pulled her hand out of mine and said to me, "Didn't I tell you not to touch me."


I moved closer to her so that our faces were olny a few inches away and her face turned even more red.


"Why? Afaid that you have feeling for me" I said to her low and seductive.


 "Look dumbass, go find yourself some other girl who will fall for you because I'm not that girl!" she gave me one more glare before putting her head down. I was amazed at how strong my mate was.


Not only is she beautiful but she has a brain, and she had a lot of guts to say that to my face and not to mention the party in my pants. And the party is not in a bad way but in a very happy and sexual way. Oh ya I'm gonna have a lot of fun at this school especially if she sticks around.








It was hard for me to concentrate on what Mr. Dawn was saying when a hot guy was staring at the side of your head. Alright Mavis you cand do this all you have to do is wait for another, I look down at my watch to check the time, four minutes. I kept myself busy so that I don't have to deal with him. Just one more minute, just one more, ju- and the bell rings. I grab my stuff and run out the room to my next class and guess who was there, he was. And the next one and the next one.


What the hell is it with this guy, I though to myself in my sixth period. The bell rang and I got up and did the same as I did in all my classes, but this time he was qiuck and before I could make it to my motorcycle he was in fornt of me. He had the biggest grin on his face that made him look like the grinch except he was hot.


"Why do you keep running from me Luna?" he says batting his eyelashes.


I take a deep breath and then I look up at him calmly, "I am not running from you I am simply trying to go around you and if you will excuss me I need to get home I have alot of work to do". I try to make a quick pass at him, but his arm snakes his way around my waist.


"Wait a minute I'm not done talking to you", He says with a mischievous smile. I move his arm from my waist and say, "Well I'm done talking with you, alright?" And I try again to go around him but he catches me again. Ugh what is it with this guy, most guys just get tired of playing cat and mouse with me not that I'm a tease or anything, I say in my head.


"I will never get tired of playing cat and mouse with you, my little Luna" He says softly leaning down so that his lips were only inches away from mine.


He put one arm around me while the other was at the back of my head pulling me closer to his face and I could feel my body buring up. When his lips were finally on mine I gave a soft moan. Our lips began to move to together perfectly as if they were meant to be touching. I felt myself losing the motion of time and space.


I felt dizzy and I couldn't feel the ground with this kiss. Our tounges were dancing just like every cell in my body and I knew his were doing the same. I moved my hands up to his soft blond hair and tugged at it which made him moan. His greedy hands were roaming all over my body making the flames burn brighter and hotter than ever.


 Everything was perfect at this very moment and I wouldn't change it for any thing in the world. He had his hand on my ribcage while I had mine on his waist and he let go of my lips and began to trail small kisses on my neck.





"I will never get tired of playing cat and mouse with you, my little Luna" I whispered  as I wrap an arm around her waist and my hand behind her head. When I finaly had my lips on hers I couldn't control myself. I had to touch every inch of her body and had to make her mine and I could feel my teeth move. 


My mind was all jumbled up like if a bomb was set in there and the only thing that my mind was thinking about was this beautiful girl that I am currently making out with. I could feel her breath coming harder and her body shaking with pleasure. I could feel what she felt which was a sign of a mate and I could hear every naughty thoughts she was having in mind. Which was only making my little friend get harder and bigger.


 God This feels so good, She thought. I run my hand threw her hair and tug back so that I could move down her throat. I smile while I make my way down her throat finding her soft spot making her moan and move closer to my body.


Is this how its going to be with her cause if it is I'm going to love it. I put my hand on her ribcage while she pulled my waist close that were colliding. I released her lips and made my way down her neck.


My mouth began to shift and my strenght to hold back was no longer there. I grazed my teeth along her throat feeling her pulse move and the feeling to bite her was to much, but then again everything about her was to much.


I knew I had to pull away but it was to hard to when it felt so right to have her were she was, were she belonged; were we were ment to be. I needed to claim her and take every inch of her which belonged to me.


The power to possess her was making all my right to reason fly out the window and to take her here, but I couldn't take her here in parking area of the school. Her hand were running all over my body and they were moving down to the waist of my jeans to my zipper. And all you hear is zzzzip and the pop of the button. 


Her snaked her hand into my boxer's making like logan all excited while grazing the tip of her middle finger over the tip causing me to moan like a mad man. And in the next moment she had her hand all wrapped up on my little friend.


If she wants to play like that then so can I, I though moving my hand up to her perfect breast and moving my thumb around the nipple. I lifted her up with my free hand and carried her to my car and layed her on the hood as I worked my magic on her body.


Please never let this end, she though while I am rummaging my hands all over her.


I couldn't even if I wanted too, I thought as I was about to reattach my lips to hers but she placed her hand on my chest.


"Did you here that?" she sat up looking around the lot breathless. 


"Here what?" looking at her wondering what she heard.


" I thought I heard someone" she looked at him worried searching his face for answers.


"What did you hear?" I asked as she looked around some more.


"I heard someone say 'I couldn't even if I wanted too'" she said not looking at him.


My eyes went round and I pressed my lips together so hard it hurt.


So then I was right she is my mate, I thought, This beautiful girl is my mate.


"Ok, you must have heard it that time," she said taking him out of his thoughts. I really want to tell her that it was me who was doing it, but she looked scared and I didn't want her to run away from me.






The hood of his car was to hard for my to sensitive ass, but of course I couldn't really make mind on this new descovery as to why I could here a voice in my head. Not to mention that it sound excatly like the asshole I just let dry hump me on his shine grey maserati. I may as well just have put on some nets and short ass skirt and work in the freaking corner, but no I just had to let my freaking hormones go.


And thank god, that the parking lot was empty and no one was around because everyone in Mt. Edgecumbe that I was to be takin seriously. Not to mention that with all that shit my own mother could have come out and seen her daughter getting dirty and I do not want to have that talk again.


I sat up almost bumping noses with him still feeling a little shaken up of our little show. I push mister gorgeous so I can breath through all those wonderful muscles. I look up at Logan who was looking at my chest and when I look down I was basically flashing him my boobs. I quickly lift my shirt up which bring his eyes back to my face.


"Well I need to go my mom is waiting for me to get back home, so I'm gonna go okay?" I said in a rush to my motorcycle. 


"I'll see you tomorrow sexy, but next time wear something more uncovered"  he purred running his long pale fingers across his bottom lip. 


"No thank you" I say getting on my bike and drove off into the distance.


When I got home I ran up to my room without  not caring if home welcomed me or if the food was ready. I just ran up the stairs and locked myself in my room thinking about how wonderful it felt to have in so close to my body. To have his lips on mine and to feel the soft tickles of his breath on my skin.


To bite and nip at each other skin leaving purple marking as a sign that of what happened between us. There was a knock on the door that brought me back to reality, "Honey can I come in?"


"Uh, ya mom you can come in" I say sitting up on my moving my hair so that it covered the love markings.


She popped her head through the door and then fully stepped into the room, "Honey did something happen at school?" 


"No why do you ask?" I say playing it casual. 


"Because I got a call from Mrs. White and she said that you were doing very un-Christian things on a boy's car?" She said while taking both of my hands in hers. 


"Mom that -" but I was cut off by a hand. By a fucking hand I tell you. 


"Now Mavis if your having sexual intercourse use protection and I know that as a young female you want to experiment with your sexuality. But let me tell you this it is okay to start feeling very sexual and if you ever get into trouble come to us, that is why your father and I are here for, to help you.


Don't be afraid to come to us if you need anything okay?" She said while nodding her head.


All I did was stare at her in horror with my mouth hanging wide open. I take a deep breath and let it out, "Mom there is no need for that because I am not sexually active ok mom".


I wait for her to take it in and when she did I got up and rummaged through my drawers for a simple tank top. And then my mom and I got to the most akward conversaion.


"Did you use protection?" She said and I turned around and just stared her down with narrow eyes.


"WE DID NOT HAVE SEX OK!" I shouted at her.


"You didn't. Ehhhhhh! I was sort of hoping you'd get knocked up," she said with a frown. All I could do was stare at her with a 'are you stupid' face.


I mean most parents would be mad if they found out that their daugther was making out with some guy but no I got the parents who were so easy going which was kind of a good thing.


"Mavis come here" she said patting the spot next her which I took, "Mavis. Hurry up and get pregnant" She got up and danced her way out of my room leaving me flabbergasted. Then I realized, My mom is insane.







When I got home I went immediately to my father. I found him in the office in the west wing of the estate. He was sitting at the desk in his big leather chair that he over powered taking a drink of scotch every now and then. I knocked lightly on the large door which got a very common reaction," Come in Logan and take a seat"


I took the seat in the closest seat to him, "Father I have soming important to tell you?"


He looked up and sighed setting the papers aside, "What is it this time? You know I'm busy and I don't have time for you mess-...." Before he could finshed I interupted him "This isn't one of my 'mess-ups' ok so for once can you at least treat me like I'm a person"


"And how do you expect me to treat you like a person when all you bring is disappointment and make me hate you. You don't even treat me like your father."


"Why would I treat you like my father? When the hell have you been a father to me? May I remind you that you left mom and me years ago and yet you EXPECT me to treat you like it never happaned." I got up and faced him for the millionth time.


"So why don't you tell me how I treat someone like you with respect when you dumped your mate and son for some whore and now you expect me to be your good little son. I didn't think so."


Getting up and leaving before it got even worse than it already was. All I wanted was to go far away and never comeback but doing so would only make me look like a coward. And I wasn't a coward. I also didn't want to leave without my mate.


I smiled thinking of her. She was so much more than what I had expected. She was perfect but there was one problem she didn't know what I was or what she is which complicated thing. 


I have to see her, undressing and folding them I transformed into my wolf form taking my clothes into my mouth running off into the woods.




 Laying on the floor of my bedroom while listening to the record player play blondie while fliping through a magazine when I heard something at my window. Getting up and make my way to the window and look out. There on the ground was none other than the hot new guy Logan.


Opening the window," What are you doing here?"


"I wanted to see you and hoping we could finish what we started" he yelled back with a cocky closed smile.


Rolling my eyes and tell him," No thank you but nice try"


"Can I at least come in?" he asked. Debating on whether or not I should let him in I looked back into my room it was a mess not only that but my parents were in the house too. There was also the two light and dark figures on my shoulder telling two different things. Eventually my dark side won, "Sure come on up"


Turning back to my messy room I quickly picked up all the clothes and shoved them into my closet while kicking my shoes underneath the bed. Throwing all of the pillows onto the bed and to the curved bay where I threw a pillow and it hit Logan in the face making give out an oomph and quickly recovering.


Gasping and putting a hand over my mouth,"I am so sorry!" 


"No its okay" he said while picking one of the pillow and throwing it at me hitting me in the face. Pushing me back and making me trip over a book and landing on my bum making him laugh so hard he had to hold his stomach.


"I THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WAS OKAY?!" I shout as I got up giving him a very angrey expression.


"Mavis honey who are you talking to?" said my mom through the door with a knock.


Giving out a sharp in take of breath I quick pushed him into the closet and laied on the with a my phone at the ear when she walked in moving the bead curtains out of the way and I mouthed, on the phone.


Okay, she mouthed back and closed the door. I let out a breath of relief and open the door to my closet only to find Logan sitting in a pill of clothes. "Uhm I'm usually not this messy" I said while looking down and played with my hands.


"It's ok, you don't have to be so embarrassed around me," he said while lifting my face so that I meet his gaze,"so.....your a 36b"


My eyes widened with horror and my cheeks became flushed. He just stood there with a grin and pulled out my bra from behind him. I reach for it put it pulled it out of my reach,"GIVE IT BACK!"


"Nope" as he waved it above me and moving from side to side and laugh at me. I got on my tippy toes and tried to grab it when I leaned forward pushing him back with me on top of him on the bed.


I quickly grabed it and pushed myself off when he pulled me back down to him and kissed me. Moaning the second our lips touched I moved to put one leg at each side while his hands roamed my body. He flipped me over so that I was on my back and put us in the center of my queen size bed. Breaking the kiss he removed my shirt as well as my bra and began to kiss trails from my neck to my breast.


I moaned when he put one nipple into his mouth and his fingers played with the other. Tugging at his shirt he left my body and removed it and came right back to what he was doing. My hands roamed the plains on his body as he let go the first nipple and put his attention to the other.


It was becoming harder to breath from all of the pleasure so I flipped us over pushing him down onto the bed. Not leaving his mouth my hands made there way to the waist line of his jeans and then moved to unbutton and push them down along with his boxers. 




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