Chapter One

The taste of his lips on mine is amazing. Then…CRASH!

I fully wake up. I can’t remember his name, but he’s beautiful. Smooth blond hair, dark blue eyes, the feel of his smooth muscles under my hands.

There is a woman sitting next to me. She’s looking at me with joy and love, her dark eyes full of tears.

“Mom?” I question. She throws her arms around me. I’m immediately smarting all over.

“Oh, I’m sorry, baby,” she says. “Kendra, honey, what do you remember?”

“Was I in a car crash?” There’s no way I’m telling her about the boy.

“Yes, honey. I won’t lie. You nearly died. The doctor said that if you’d been sitting two inches forward, the windshield glass could have severed your jugular. I’m so glad you’re okay!”

She hugs me again, more lightly.

“Mom…I remember a boy. I don’t remember his name, but I remember what he looks like.”

“Yes, honey, there was a boy. I won’t say his name, because he’s responsible for the car crash.”

“Who else was in the crash?”

Mom hesitated. “Honey, there was another couple and a baby and two kids in the car. There was…it was bad. One of the kids did not survive. The other one is in a coma. The baby was only spared because he was in a rear-facing child seat. The parents are considering suing.”

She runs a hand through her short blond hair.

“I’ll tell the doctor you woke up.”

Minutes later, I’m being barraged with questions. Does my head hurt? Yes. Does anything else hurt? Yes, my leg. That’s because it’s broken. A little kid died, another is in a coma, and I got away with a broken leg. It isn’t fair.

Less than a day later, I’m allowed to leave. I ask to see the girl in the coma, but Mom says it isn’t a good idea. I feel terrible about all this.

I’m being wheeled out in a wheelchair, a balloon tied to the chair, and in my arms are some flowers from well-wishers. I try to remember the boy’s name, but I can’t. I try to remember my friends. I remember a girl with long blond hair, a girl with red hair, and a girl with short dark brown hair. I try to remember their names. I think one of them is named Alexa James. Yes, the girl with the blond hair is Alexa. The girl with the red hair is Jacqueline Anderson, and the third girl is Cora Stavros. I am the fourth girl in the group, Kendra Smith.

A Welcome Home sign is up on the house when I return home, and our yard is full of neighbors and other friends. I don’t see Alexa, Jackie, or Cora anywhere.


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