It all started when two girls named Lucy and Ceria were getting in the car to go back to school.Lucy and Ceria were sisters,but diffrent in so many diffrent ways. Lucy had blonde, long, thick hair and blue eyes. Ceria had brown, medium sized hair and thick hair.

As they drove to school they were so intrested in the animals such as sheep, horses, cows and so many more that they didnt even notice that they wern't heading for they're school.They asked thy're mum wh they wern't going the right way but she didnt ansewer.

After a while they came to a big grey school.They're mum said googbye but didn't attually explain. The girls walked in, they were extreamly shocked. They wern't looking where they were going so the bumped into three girls. At first the girls looked like they were going to say something mean.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 02.07.2010

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