I was a lab experiment i guess you could say, i was not born from here not as in this city or state. Not born here as, not born in this world well... not from this world. I guess you can call me an alien, but i could call you the same. You see the government hides things from the world, but i am really talking about America, i'm guessing you already knew that. I am one of the things they hid from you, a person of no race. I am being , i am not as you call yourself, or how you categorize yourself into races, maybe i shouldn't say i am not from a race and that i don't have one because i do. i should say if i was any race i was pure. What ever color you like to categorize pure as in. Green grass is pure, green is not always pure for people obsession with money for american society and neither is white, because where my race it is not one of the colors you don't always like, and i'll explain why. When you die you turn white or pale the same with us and that is the color we represent with death, not all of us do but some us. And I don't die like you, i can't die in this world. I was here too, i guess to kill all of you. I have a complex mind to even i tried to explain it, you wouldn't understand. I sometimes can't comprehend because my creators made me then dropped me off here on earth, to be human and i never did get a chance because when i was found by a couple, i shape shifted to look like their child, identical babies and they didn’t know who was who. When i was born here i knew the second i was here what my purpose was, it was to decide your fate. Decided if i should let fate happen or protect you.
The only thing normal about me was i had friend, like a dad, his name is Kyle Coughman and only twenty four, sounds like human, it because he is one. "Did you eat?" He asked, I didn't need to eat but now i was quite addicted to it, so use to it. That it became like a routine. "Mmm yeah waffles." He was young, his dad was the owned the science lab, that i lived in. He or Albert woke me up everyday. ‘Good morning, Arianna’ Albert would say."Oh are you ready for your run." He asked, "Sure how many." I only shapeshifted a couple times when i was here. i know i can, but Kyle said i shouldn't do it and i knew why. Just another thing that i would forced to do in this world. Kyle took my hand, " Be good, i am going out with my friends tonight." I got on the tredmill. "Why?" I knew why the same reason he always said, I need to see how they are doing, "I get tired of staying in this room, with only you." I guess today was different. He was smiling, i didn't smile, not that i was mad at him but it was because i hardly ever did, there was no reason. I was locked in a room with all white walls. With a tv and a laptop where i could only write on. "Okay." I got up to go for my run outside instead of inside. "Hey." He said, i turned around, "I've got you something." He got up and grabbed something on the side of the outside door, where i couldn't. Now that i couldn't if i wanted to but, where i wasen't allowed. He had a guitar. "When i get back will you play me a song." he sat down on my bed, "Come here i'll show you what to do?" I walked over, he had put it in my lap, "put your fingers gently on the cords and little pressure and slide your hand down gently...good." It was a peaceful noise that came from it. "Thank you." I got up after gently playing the cords. "How many miles?" I was on a schedule, "Fifteen in the hour." I put my running shoes on and then he opened up my treadmill. "You said that you had to go, you can go." I told him, he sat on the bed, Watching me. "Is there something you want?" I asked i had a sports bra on even though i really didn't need it all i would have to do is be a lion or cheetah and run on this treadmill and be done in a minute. "What do you think about in here?" He asked, I sighed just so i sounded annoyed and i was kind of if i didn't enjoy being bothered because i really didn't have anything else to do.
What do you think, i think about?" asking and then He smiled again, his eyes soft and kind he was the kind of dad any kid would be lucky to have, "I think you think about how boring it is without me here." I didn't deny, Dr. Elm's walked in, "Get on the treadmill please." He was just a bald guy, who came in when i wasn't doing what i was suppose to and helped me through what they called a depression, which i called relaxing. I wouldn't talk for a couple months and everyone would make a whole fuss give me test and try to talk to me and all these little things until i am annoyed. I won't even talk to my Kyle. I know he isn't my dad, but he reminds me of one. He takes care of me and isn't that what dads do. Unless he would prefer grandpa. He turned on the treadmill. i got on and then began, i was running as fast as i could in front of them, Kyle watched me and i ran for twenty minutes. When i got off he got up, "I'll go now." He said, again. "Let me check your temperature." Dr. Elm's said and after he did then he left. "Are you like my dad?" I asked he shook his head, "No i am too young to have a daughter almost my age." "I could be younger." I said, "Why do you ask, do you want a dad and a mom now?" He was close to the exit, "No but you always bring me things and you stay here and talk to me and you call me your friend but, you seem like a dad to me, like out there you have kids, Do you?" I had sweat on my arms but then it dried when i thought of it not being there, i never got bad odor like must unless i wanted to be musty. "If i had kids, i wouldn't be hanging out here, i would with them, not to mention i do hang out with you more then my girlfriend because, you would be stuck in here alone, and make me feel guilty later about it." Inside these walls makes him crazy, we usually are outside, playing games like basketball. "Go then." i pushed him back without touching him, then he moved back slightly. i thought of the cameras watching me turning off, He looked at my hand outstretched palm towards him and then down at him, where he felt like he was pushed. He stood back, as the doors shut and i turned around and began to play the piano. The cameras came back on, and then in my room i could hear, "Arieanna are you okay?" It was Kyle's dad, "Why wouldn't i be?" i said i heard him chuckle "What happened?" he asked, "The wire is beginning to to thin out and needs to be fixed. I looked behind me after a second, Kyle was gone, sometimes he gets aggravated with me and does not come back for a week or two. Maybe three. I used my phone, which had all my Dr. numbers and Kyle, I has just seen A commercial for a fast food place. i called Dr. Hen to go get me some Jack in the box, "Yes i am sure it was called Jack in the box, i want it." I said demanding, "I'll call and see if you can have it." Dr. Coughman called me, "No it would mess up your balance, you have to eat-" I hung up, this place was fire proof earthquake proof and flood proof, flood proof, no one can break in or out there are cameras watching me twenty four hours a day, "You all will regret that." i whispered going back to the piano. Two days and things were being lost and when they asked me things i stared at them. Humans and their anxiousness and patients and emotions. "Dr. Hen." I heard Dr. Coughman say, "Yes." Dr Hen said she said, she was with Dr. Elm in my room asking me about how i felt and what was in my head, i closed my eyes, "Please will you go out and buy Jack in the box." Dr. Hen stood up and i began to play the piano, when i played they knew i was harmless, when i was quite is when they should be worried, at least that is what they think. I am pure what would i do, nothing. Not yet anyway.


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