Chapter One: The Yelling, Screaming, and Ranting!

“But Mom please, I don’t see why I have to go!” I pleaded. “Layla, I already told you. If we’re moving, we’re all moving.” My mom said sternly. “But Mom!” I yelled. "No end of discussion young lady start packing we're leaving tomorrow morning." Great just great........And all of this is because of my mother and my brother. Just because Aiden got a excepted into the school of my moms dreams. And now we're moving there so it won’t cost as much. You know the residence thing. Why can’t he move there himself. I’m fine with all the colleges here in Chicago. I’ll have to go to a new school and be the ‘new girl’.

I was looking forward to this school year with my besties too. I love my neighbor Mrs. Giblons, what will my other neighbors be like? Why can’t I just stay here and be the Layla I want to be! Oh no I totally forgot about Ivory and Willow what will they say!? I can imagine the conversation now and it is not a good one. It would be somewhere along the lines of “You can’t leave us Lay!”and I would say “I’m sorry my mom just won’t budge.” “Let us talk to Claire, Lay.” (Claire is my mom) But even with that she won’t budge. I decided to walk to Ivory’s house after dinner since Willow was sleeping over there tonight. Mrs. Horowitz let me in and I went straight to Ivory’s room. Once I get in they both scream “Lay!” "Hey guys." "Lay what aren't you telling us?" They say in union. They have like this sixth sense so they know when I'm not telling them something. I have no choice but to tell them.

"Guys you know I love you and will be your friend forever and." I couldn't finish what I was saying before Willow cut me off and said "Just spit it out Lay, you know you can tell us anything." "Of course I know I can tell you anything it's just......we're....well I.....I'm moving!" "What! You said you could talk your mom out of it!" Ivory screamed. Okay so not the reaction I thought....well I guess it was the denial. "I know what I said but she won't budge I guess since it's like three thousand miles its a no, but you know we can video chat and call each other every day!?"

"But Lay it's not the same thing who will go to school with us and stick up for us and talk about guys with us and!" "Willow! Stop with the rant we can video chat with our phones before school, during lunnh, free period, and after school!" "She's got a point Willow." Ivory points out. "Thanks Iv's how would I stop Willow's rants without you." "I'm sorry Lay it's just we're like three peas in a pod, the three musketeers....I'm just gonna miss you!" "Awww Will I'll miss you and Iv's all the time too but I can't just go against my mom and run away until she leaves, because she won't leave until I'm found, and you know that!" Great now I'm the one ranting!

Dang now it's time to go home and I won't see my friends unless I get up real early, but they probably won't want to get up that early so I can stay a little longer I guess. "So guys what were you doing before I came over?" "Nothing much just talking about the new kid at school." "Oh yeah I remember I saw him earlier today at school. Will you found out his name and tell me?" "Sure you know that we will do anything for you Lay!" Willow said. "I'm really going to miss you guys and all. I just wish we had more time." "Yeah we do to!" They said in union. We all have a weird coincidence of doing that. "I'm sorry guys I have to go I'll video chat you when we get to the new house and I'll take you on a tour once we get most of the boxes and things in. Okay?"

I walked home since it was only a couple blocks from Ivory's house to my old home now I guess. Mom started freaking out as soon as I got in the door about "where was I". "Mom I'm fine I was just over a Ivory's house to tell her and Willow bye." "Well I didn't know that, and how was I supposed to know that you left your phone here!" My phone is an Iphone 5. I know I should be honored to have a phone like that but the down side, I had to buy it with my own money. Yeah but I was forced to by my friends because we have to video chat when we're apart and for once it's coming in handy since I'm moving. "Mom I have to go pack the rest of my stuff."

I actually didn't want to pack but I didn't want to talk right now more so, packing is the way out. "Well okay honey. Don't stay up to late we have a big day tomorrow." "How could I forget. Tomorrow is the day we leave the place I spent my whole life." "I know you don't want to move honey but." "Mom it's fine just, leave it." And with that I was gone to my room.

In my room I decided to do what I told my mom I was doing, pack.  Before starting to pack I put on one of my favorite songs. Ho  Hey by The Lumineers.I didn't want to because it meant it would finally look like we were moving and my mind didn't want to accept that. My greatest talent. One word: Denial. I know I should finally face the facts. Especially since I'm leaving tomorrow morning, but I really don't want want to move. To move away from my besties I've known since second grade or my crush that I've had a crush on since I can remember or the neighbors I've had forever.

This is my town, my home town, my life, my home. I've known it forever and I'm leaving it. After 17 years I've grown attached to it. Now it's time to detach from this town and not get attached to another because there just places on a map. Even I didn't believe that. God why do I have to be so mushy all the time.By the time I was done hating myself I was done packing except the outfit I needed tomorrow and the other essentials. Time for bed.


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