"Doc" Holliday's Life



                                              “Damn, This Is Funny”


These were the last words spoken by someone you may have come to know. John Henry Holliday, came to be known as an iconic figure in Western history by “ Doc” Holliday! “Doc” or Henry became a legend in his own right as a gunfighter, card shark, and also a part-time dentist. This is where he got the nickname “ Doc”, because of his formal training as a Dentist.


This gentleman was born down in the city of Griffin, Georgia. In the year 1851 on August 14, to the proud parents Alice Jane McKay and Henry Burroughs Holliday. Much to their surprise since they had recently lost a baby the year before, a daughter that they named Martha Eleanora.


Doc's father, Henry was a trained Pharmacist who also served in several wars. Not only the Cherokee Indian, and the Mexican War, but he


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To all who love western history, and the many characters that made the west great.

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