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Yo ho ho!

The pirate's life
is one indeed
that's mighty hearty
and full of greed

We pillage others
to fill the need
of gaining wealth
and spread our seed

The seed of hate
is never kind
if you don't like it
we'll kill your mind

The days are long
and sometimes grim
the waters treacherous
leaving any life is slim

It's the one I chose
to live and die
as a fierce pirate
of the high seas, aye!

The Defeat of Blackheart

On a gray bleak morning, Eliza rose. She had decided to take over her husbands ship, whether or not the crew liked it. But it was taboo for a woman to be on board a pirate ship. So Eliza devised a plan to disguise herself as a man.

She knew this was going to be a hard job, but was willing to take it on. She would do anything to keep Captain Blackheart from gaining her husbands ship. For years he has wanted this ship since it was in far better shape than his own, and had many more cannons!

Eliza stood in front of her mirror and began the transformation. For days now she had quit putting up her hair, so it looked like she had been on the high seas. There was nothing she could do to hide her beautiful face, but she needed to take care her womanly figure. Taking some clothe she wrapped it around her breasts, then put some undergarments on. Then she donned her husbands outfit, put on his hat then stared into the mirror.

To further conceal her identity she began talking with a deeper voice, just like a man's. Eliza grew up hearing the way pirates spoke, especially her husbands gruff manner. She felt ready to take on the dutiful task of saving the name of her late husband. She would claim to be his brother, one Captain Juniper B. Hampshire, Esquire.

As Eliza walked onto the ship, the men turned and looked. They didn't recognize her, which was good. She walked up to the men to begin her speech, the one she had practiced ever since Theodore had died at the hands of Captain Blackheart. Eliza stood straight and tall, and looked the men squarely in the eyes:

“Good Morning men, I am your new Captain; Captain Juniper B. Hampshire, Esquire! I am Theodore's brother, and will be taking over the helm of the ship. If any of you have a problem with that, you may leave now.”
(she paused and looked around-none of the men moved)

Continuing, she said “I want to do everything in my power, with your help of course to keep this ship out of the hands of Captain Blackheart! My brother, God rest his soul; took pride in owning the finest vessel on the high seas. He also highly regarded his crew, and said ' you were the best men he could ever find.' Now I want you...those who are willing to stay on, to prepare the ship. We will set sail at dusk, as I have a devious plan to surprise the good Captain. Then I will avenge my hus... I mean my brothers' death. Well let's start getting the ship ready, I will be in my quarters looking over some maps. I will be scouting out the best spot to ambush the tyrant Captain Blackheart!

The men stood staring at her, still quite unsure of what to do. As she started to walk away, Eliza turned and sternly yelled “ Quit lollygagging around... we have work to do!”

When the men heard that, it was like Theodore was standing before them. They began running around preparing the ship, checking the cannons to make sure they were ready, and doing all the other odd jobs that hadn't been done since their former Captain had died. When he was alive, Theodore ran a tiptop ship, and took pride in how the Exeter looked.

With her head turned away from the men, Eliza smiled. 'So far things are going well', she thought as she walked into the Captain's quarters. After sighing, she exclaimed out loud “I will get back your good name as the fiercest pirate on the high seas Theo, mark my words.”

As Eliza walked over to the set of maps on the desk, she said “ Oh Theo, guide me and show me where he is hiding. Then we will do this together, as I can feel your spirit with the ship. Please show me the best place to avenge your death!”

Just then there was a knock at the door, and Eliza said “Enter” in a high pitched voice. Almost forgetting that she needed to sound like a man all the time. She cleared her throat to make out like something was caught, then gruffly yelled again “Enter!” It was the first mate, Charles, and as he walked in he said “ Sorry Captain- just wanted to let you know everything is ready to set sail.”

Eliza or Juniper stared at the maps, then asked “We have enough food supplies? We will be gone a long time, and where we're going there are no ports.

The first mate exclaimed “ Yes sir, I believe we do, we have a good years supply, longer if we ration that.”

Eliza pulled her pocket watch out, briefly stared at it then said, “ We set sail in four hours!”
( she paused)
Then said,” Tell the men to eat and rest up....for where we are going it's treacherous waters.”

The first mate was curious as to where they were going so he peered over at the Captain and asked, “ Ah Captain, just where are we going?”

Eliza answered gruffly, “ You'll see, just go tell the men. I have a lot of thinking to do.”

The first mate answered, “ Yes Sir!” then turned, and walked out shutting the door behind him.

Eliza walked to the porthole and looked out. Even though she was more than ready, Eliza wondered about the men. Were they ready for the battle she knew that would ensue. Theodore always talked about ambushing Captain Blackheart at Donavon's Cove. He was sure to get trapped, and with the “Exeters” fire power- defeat was eminent.

She wouldn't tell the crew where they were headed until they were well away from this port, the only home she had known. Now this ship, the beautiful and illustrious “ Exeter” would be her home. That is until she defeated the ruthless enemy, the infamous Captain Blackheart!

Soon the “Exeter” set sail with Eliza/Juniper at the helm. The crew were all eager to hear where they were heading. But she never said anything, and had decided to just let them stew, until she felt it necessary to share with them their final destination. The left the bay as the men went about their given duties. They had always been a loyal bunch, so Eliza knew they would do whatever was needed to protect the famous ship “The Exeter!”

Chapter 2

The Impending Battle

The Exeter sailed for many months, and the men grew more restless not knowing their destination. And so far Eliza did a great job concealing her true identity. She herself was forgetting that deep down she was a beautiful woman!

Since Theodore died she had done without many things. It was hard, but she kept her mind on the task at hand. Many times she thought about confiding in one of the men, then she could fulfill her sexual urges that crept up in her body. But she couldn't risk him not telling everyone else. So Eliza kept quiet and suffered in silence.

Seeing the men growing more restless, she called the first mate into her cabin. She pointed at the map- at Donavon's Cove. Eliza spoke “ See this spot, Charles. This is our destination- we are going to ambush Captain Blackheart there.”

The first mate, replied “ Oh good spot, but what makes you think he will be there?”

Eliza continued speaking in a solemn way, “ When my brother wrote to me, he told me about this place and claimed it was Captain Blackheart's hide out. I'm sure he is hiding out after he bludgeoned my brother to death.”

Charles stood thinking, then said “ Sounds like a good plan, but what will we do to keep the men in good spirits. The haven't pillaged anyone in ages, and many are growing more restless everyday.”

“Hmmmm...... seems that is something to take in consideration. Tell the men where we are headed, and the next ship they see to pillage it and destroy it. After they have taken all the valuables and food supplies. After all we are a pirate ship, and need to let everyone know the “Exeter” is still afloat. Go now, and tell the cook to prepare a snack for me.... bring it quickly, I'm famished.”

The first mate said, “ Yes sir, Captain. I'll send the cook in right away!”

After he shut the door, Eliza sighed. She began thinking 'this was more than I thought it would be.' She walked over to the porthole, and while looking out wondered how long she could keep this up. Just then she felt a presence come over her, a warm feeling.......and she knew she could do this with the help of Theodore.

The cook knocked and walked in with the snacks. Eliza said, “ Just put them down on the table, and tell the first mate I don't wish to be disturbed.”
The cook said, “ Very well Captain,” and walked out.

As Eliza sat eating her snack, she heard the men excitedly yelling and screaming. The first mate told them the good news. They were all happy to get to pillage a ship, and best of all getting to avenge the death of their former Captain. And many looked forward to be pillaging again, for it was their way of life. As Eliza sat in her quarters, she began to doze off. She had wild crazy dreams, it's the same one she was always having. Where Captain Blackheart sneaked on board the Exeter, and took Eliza hostage. Upon seeing her real identity the crew sided with the diabolical Captain Blackheart.

She tried getting away, but his grip on her was to good. Captain Blackheart was just to strong, and to spare her life would be against the pirate's code of honor. In her dream, she kept hearing him say “ Unless.... unless..” then she would wake up. Never finding out what the 'unless' meant.

Eliza laid there staring at the cabins ceiling wondering if this was an omen? Would he actually be able to get on board the ship? If so, would he actually kill a woman, no matter what it was for?

She got up looked out the porthole to see an impending storm looming off toward the east. Something dreadful was ahead, just what she wasn't sure but felt her re-occurring dreams had something to do with it. As they neared the ominous clouds, again Eliza began feeling something terrible was coming. What she hadn't realized was that there was a spy on board, one of Blackhearts own men. He had been on board and was slowly getting others to take his side, wanting Captain Blackheart to own this vessel!

The first mate knocked on the door, and Eliza answered weakly, “Come in.”

As he walked in, he asked. “Are you alright Captain, you seem troubled about something?”

Eliza answered, “ Oh just a bad dream, Charles. The same one I always have.... where Captain Blackheart takes command of the ship.”

Charles said, “ Oh sir don't take mind to such nonsense, it's just a dream. Nothing to worry about, we.... your crew won't let anything like that happen. The men would like to know if we should head toward the storm? Sure as hell looks like a messy one?”

She stood staring out the porthole, and said “ Aye, it's going to be rough, but we will manage since the 'Exeter's' a sound ship. My brother has written to me about fiercer storms that you have weathered. Tell the men continue forward, but batten down the hatches as we venture into the rough waters. Oh.... and Charles tell them I'll be out to say a prayer that we survive anything that comes out way!”

Charles looked her way, saying “ Aye Captain, will do.”

He had never heard of a Captain saying a prayer before, but knew they all had their own ways of doing things. He turned to walk out, stopped then said, “ Is that all sir?”

Eliza replied, “ Yes, now go!”

Charles answered “ Very well, sir!”

Eliza stood looking out, and quietly said “ He knows Theo, I don't know how but he knows I'm a woman.”

As they approached the edge of the storm, she walked out and the men gathered in front of her. Eliza stood looking at them......then began:

“Men, I am going to rely on your strength and courage to get us through this storm. I have never dealt with anything like this, and whether any of you are religious I feel it would be appropriate to say a prayer. To have God's help that we all survive what's inside the storm. It could very well be where our adversary is hiding. We must never underestimate what the treacherous Captain is capable of doing. After all he was able to ambush Theodore when he wasn't looking. So let us bow our heads and pray we all remain safe.”

They all slowly bowed their heads, as all were very loyal to Theodore. But this new Captain they weren't to sure about. After a few moments, Eliza looked up and saw the storm. As she felt the wind getting fiercer, she said “ aye men here we go!” They began going back to their stations and getting ready for the rough seas that were ahead.

What Eliza didn't realize was that, Captain Blackheart was hiding just on the other side of the storm....... waiting for the Exeter to come out.

Eliza wanted to avenge her husband's death, but didn't realize that Captain Blackheart was expecting her. He just didn't realize the lengths she would take to get to him. Dressing up, and acting like a man, was something he never dreamed she would do. He had been plotting the take over of not just the Exeter, but to make Eliza his wench.

When she finally got to him, Eliza wasn't sure what she was planning to do. For she had no thought of doing the actual killing. That she would leave to the faithful crew of the Exeter. But if she had to, she wondered if it would satisfy her. Getting revenge wasn't the answer she longed for..... it was more about why. Why he had killed Theodore in such a brutal and vicious way.

As the ship tossed and turned, Eliza watched as the men did all they could keeping the Exeter afloat. They couldn't see anything for a good two days, then off on the horizon there the blue skies of Donavon's Cove was in view. The men were happy, not only do they get to avenge their former Captain's name, but they made it through the storm.

As they got nearer, Eliza stood at the porthole. She was deciding on when they should go into battle. The men would need to rest up after the fierce storm, so Eliza thought it would be best to wait a few days. She rang the bell alerting Charles, she wanted to talk with him.

Charles knocked on the door, and heard her say “ Enter” and he walked in.

“Charles, I know the men must be very weary from weathering the storm. So I have decided to let them rest up for a couple of days. Then we'll decide who would like to avenge his death. You were the closest to my brother, so I can't let you risk your life because he lost his. You may end up being Captain one day, that is if I decide this is to much for me” Eliza spoke solemnly.

This surprised Charles, but out of respect he said, “ Captain Juniper you have done a fine job so far. And I will surely let the men know you are giving them ample time to regain their strength. And anyone of them would happily avenge your brothers death!”

Eliza stood waiting for him to say more, but when he didn't she said, “Well what else, I sense you want to say more?”

Charles looked down, and said “ Regretfully I feel the need to tell you....... that someone on board is in cohorts with Captain Blackheart. I have heard some conspiring to take over the ship, what shall I do with them?”

Eliza shot a look of disgust his way, saying “ They would turn against Theodore? The one man who gave them such an honorable job, being a pirate on this fine vessel. Bring them to me, then I'll decide what I should do with them.”

Charles said “ yes sir right away.” He turned and walked out of the cabin to gather the men.

Eliza never thought about any of this, but these men should be dealt with- to set an example. Theo would not tolerate any man going against her, or disrespecting the Exeter.

' Walk the plank' is what she heard a voice inside her say. “Yes Theo, that is what I will do!” Eliza said, right before she heard a knock on the door.

Again off in the distance she heard someone saying “ unless.....unless....”

Eliza found herself tossing and turning in her bed. Theodore was at her side, he was smiling down at her. She could barely focus on what had transpired. Eliza finally spoke “ where am I? I don't understand what's going on. You're alive Theo........ how can that be? I thought that Captain Blackheart killed you.”

“ Shhhhh Eliza. You have been real sick for weeks. We weren't sure if you were going to pull out of it. The doctors feared you were going to die, but I kept calling you to come back to me.” Theo remarked happily.

Weakly Eliza said “ ohhhhh.... it was all just a dream.” She closed her eyes and sighed.

She wasn't sure why she dreamed about being a pirate, but was very happy nobody was going to be killed. Just then Theodore reached down to kiss her forehead, and said, “ I love you, Eliza!”

The doctor said “ Her fever has broke, I think she will be alright now. But she needs to rest a few more days, we should let her sleep soundly now.” They all left the room, except Theodore he sat holding Eliza's hand as she slept.

                                           Captain Blackheart's Revenge
      The ship tossed and turned as the storm raged on. Eliza was growing weary from pretending to be a man. Not a soul on the ship, not even the first mate, Charles knew the truth. But the men were growing restless as the Exeter headed toward the Blackheart's secret hideaway. 
       The first mate Charles knocked on the door to the Captain's cabin.
           Eliza bellowed “ Come in!”
  Charles walked in and stared at Eliza.
    “ Well what is it Charles? Speak up, cat got your tongue” Eliza angrily said.
  “We are almost upon Blackheart's hideaway-Donavon's Cove. What would you like the men to do?” Charles retorted.
     “ I want them to continue to man their posts. Captain Blackheart doesn't know we're coming. But just to be safe-post two men to stand guard; just in case other ships pass us and get funny ideas about going against the Exeter's firepower!” Eliza said fiercely.
   “Yes, that's what the men need....... a good hearty battle. They love to pillage and plunder other ships. It's what your brother would have wanted, Captain. To keep the men busy as cutthroat pirates!” Charles said.
   “Go and inform the men of the plan. I must ponder on the best way to go and attack good ole Captain Blackheart. It will take cunning and foresight to attack him when he least expects it”  Eliza spoke solemnly.
   Charles said “ Yes, my good Captain right away!”
     As Charles walked out the door, Eliza stood steadfast until he walked out, then she sighed.
   As the day wore on, the storm passed and the men grew lax in their duties. No ships passed, as they knew that this was Blackheart's territory. The Exeter was just off to the right of the cove, out of the site of Captain Blackheart's men. They were all sure that the crew of the Exeter would want revenge for the death of their beloved Captain. But no one but Blackheart had any idea the lengths that his wife would go to and in seeking revenge for Theodore's death.
    Eliza paced back and forth in her cabin. The cooked prepared a hearty meal, but she was unable to eat. Finally she decided to drink some rum to relax her. Not long after a few drinks she grew tired and began to sleep. With the men full of the hearty food, they too began to indulge in the vat of rum they had brought along. None of them noticed the small boat heading quietly toward the ship, one lone person rowed toward the Exeter. When he reached the ship, he quietly scaled the side and was aboard. Indeed he gained access,and quietly was in the former Captain's cabin.
         Captain Blackheart stood inside until his eyes adjusted to the familiar surroundings. Slowly he moved his way over to where Eliza laid. He stood over her for a moment, unsure of who or what he was staring at. He moved around until he was behind her, pulled out his knife  put it up to her neck then whispered, “ Who may you be?”
      Eliza could feel the sharp blade against her skin as she awoke. Blinking she then let her eyes rest upon Blackheart.
     “I'm Captain Theodore's brother, if you must know!” Eliza answered gruffly.
   Captain Blackheart let out a hearty laugh.
     Eliza peered up at him, and said “ What's so funny?”
    “Oh I find your remark quiet humorous, since I am Theodore's only brother!”  Blackheart spoke while laughing.
    Eliza's eyes got big, and was unable to speak.
   Captain Blackheart began to press the knife against her neck again, then said “Unless you want me to slit your throat right now....... I suggest you tell me who you are!”
    “I'm....I'm Eliza- Theo's wife!” Eliza stammered out.
    Blackheart slowly lowered the blade away from her neck. Then walked around and sat in front of her. He looked up and down her body, and said, “ You don't look like a wench.... very good disguise Eliza! But I want proof that you're really a woman!”
      As she laid on the bed, he took his knife and slowly began cutting off the buttons. One by one until he reached the last one, then yanked the jacket open. He found a contraption wrapped around her breasts. He cautiously slit the front open revealing her beautiful skin. His eyes glistened as he looked at her, then he ran the blade down between her breasts. “ Very nice!” he said while admiring the pair.
   Eliza flinched at the touch of the sharp metal. Captain Blackheart then said “ Don't worry I will not harm you....... my wench!”
     “Uh” Eliza muttered.
   “What..... didn't your dear husband tell you the Pirates code? What was his-is now mine.... so my dear you belong to me!” Blackheart sternly spoke.
    “But how can you be Theo's brother, he.... you.... but you murdered him?”  Eliza said questioningly.
  “ Ah my good wench, it was not I that murdered Theodore. But I aim to find out, as soon as I give the signal for my men to come aboard the Exeter. Together we shall see who it was indeed who slayed my dear brother” Captain Blackheart said.
       Eliza said “ Well, I can't be seen this way........ what am I to do?”
     Captain Blackheart then spoke while laughing “ It does pose a problem for you, let's see what we have around here. Maybe a couple of shirts will cover those...... your “breasts” and another jacket will do for now! Go..... get redressed while I have a drink of your fine rum!”
   As he let Eliza get up to change, he poured himself a drink. All the while he was wanting to undress her and make her his own. Soon she was presentable, and again looked like a man! They stood looking at each other, his eyes began to pierce her soul. He then said, “ You're going to have to pretend that you are very afraid. And I am going to be holding the knife to your neck when we go out.”
     Eliza looked at Captain Blackheart and said “ Haven't I fooled these men already? Not a single one suspects that I am a woman! You just make sure you act cutthroat enough, like you are going to kill me.”
    Captain Blackheart bowed then proudly replied “ I am a Blackheart! Let's go if your ready.”
They began to walk out..... just then Eliza said “  Ah wait.....”

This is a compilation of my pirate stories and one poem, the last story, “Captain Blackheart's Revenge has no real ending. This is for you the reader to decide what happened next, between Eliza and Captain Blackheart along with the crew of the illustrious ship called Exeter. Do they combine forces and sail the high seas, or does the fierce Captain Blackheart take over the healm? I do hope you enjoyed reading these, and maybe I will write another ending to this last pirate tale.


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