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Massimo Moruzzi

15 Questions About Native Advertising

15 Questions About Native Advertising

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Massimo Moruzzi


  • Intro
  • 1. What Is Native Advertising?
  • 2. Is It a New Practice?
  • 3. Is Native Advertising Legal?
  • 4. Are Content Marketing and Native Advertising the Same?
  • 5. What Happened to Social Media Marketing?
  • 6. What Is Social Media Marketing Today?
  • 7. What About Influencer Marketing?
  • 8. Does Native Advertising Happen Only on Social Media?
  • 9. What About Native Advertising on Newspapers?
  • 10. Can It Get Any Worse?
  • 11. Does Native Advertising Work?
  • 12. Why Does It Work?
  • 13. Does It Have Negative Consequences?
  • 14. Should Native Advertisement Be Deregulated?
  • 15. What Does the Future Hold for Native Advertising?
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What is native advertising? Is it a new practice, or little more than a new name? Is it legal?

Is it the same as content marketing? How does it relate to what was sold to us as the greatest content marketing strategy ever, i.e. social media marketing?

Does native advertising happen only on social media, or has the practice spread to newspapers?

Does native advertising work? For whom does it work? Does it have negative consequences for society?

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