Verse 1

The light of brightnes of the sun beaming down to a day of joy

in the tango flight


hands of love rejoice in the spirit of heart and romance of life by the opened praise in the presence of faith gloried


true by soul wings of grace are fluttering in beauty over the sea of surface truly by the destiny of passionate embraces by lovers of day



Worship by the triangles seductional of laces of silk de-satin

intimacy is composed



wings folding of flutter of white and black by syncing romance kissing with feeling the arch angels man and woman


tango by the bed of coves bowers of sea of surface lilies tranquility moving so touching in hands of bounding of


love beat de-latin



Feelling with such devotion of intrigue in narrative songs allure

clarity is heavenly


deep in the wine of milking of cream of gleam light in kindle search entwined wings white and black dance in


connection of the beat control in the earthy of the sun of warmth cove bowers by tango de- fantasy rejoice

of the melody in the summer of surface of water de-pure .


Verse 2

with their sweet of harmony of victory in loving serenade

song of lust


tango with illusion in earth of sun golden soil of surface hearth wings white and black angels man and woman


shade kissing the exploring bond of their bodies by light sun realm truly they are gorgeous in song together by


humming cascade  



faith they truly flight in the slight of lucid of milk dripping

milky cream realm



to the earthy of wings tango of sea surface milkway -o-divine by the bed of white lilies garden of waves so dainty


of beauty kindred wings white and black lovers compound sun supreme circling the light of hands of love rejoice


blessing is song dancing



magical is the wind of cove bowers breezing in all their ecstasy

by love circles


of the purity of mystique of love unison of power of solace strength arch angels man black wings by woman


white wings tango kissing in devouring by milk of cream dripping sunlight's dream souls of love in nakedness by


all glory of light of divinity fantasy


Song is harmony divine by cove bowers sea garden of surface

of hands rejoice



Arch angels man and woman in true hands of one song legacy tango is milk in summer's season of milky sun of



yellow wings in flight to soar in each by the kiss of circles magic passion is the powered force of the heart of



simple -o- ace

Verse 3

 as their day of light is nearly dusk by the musk of the sky

dance the tango


clouds start drift over the sun by cove bowers sea surface of garden bed white lilies of deep of courage by love


mirage joy wings of white and wings of black embracing tango taking the emotion into the night by wings


connected key 


to one last circle of the moonlight of stars twilight array

to radiance trinity


by the garden bed of white lilies of sea surface milky drip as arch angels black and white wings drink it in tango


kissing in the milk of white cream by moonlight beam song is harmony of midnight eleven as wings embrace fold





                                by the sleep of cuddled of tight bond by the love's light

                                                                dreamy by star


to the crest of the next morning rise by cove bowers sea surface wings of black and white tango forever in



the purity of lush in the garden by white lilies waves of serenity fold in peace by the passionate of their


                                              song they danced the tango of light



The Passionate Light ( A Sensual /Romance Poetry Story )©By Deb Harman 25/11/14



Tag der Veröffentlichung: 25.11.2014

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