Teenage Life: Bad Romance

Chapter One - The boy I still fall for

Chapter Two - Too hard to take it

Chapter Three - Dreams I can never tell

Chapter Four - Dressing to impress

The boy I still fall for

“So, meet us tomorrow at our van.” I said.
“Cool” he said sounding so…well…cool!
He was sweet, maybe not all that handsome but, sweet. He walked us back to our caravan in Canvey Island, Essex it was me and my cousin’s Nan’s van. Sadly, she had just passed away but we decided to keep the ‘van’ as we called it. I wished and dreamed every night of us together even one kiss from his gorgeous lips would satisfy me. He was gorgeous and everything about him was gorgeous but, there was one problem – He was going out with my cousin it was a complicated relationship with him snogging a girl called ‘Charley’ (I mean they hadn’t even had their first kiss together yet) but, there was still something stopping us from being together. I wanted him; I needed him more than any other boy. Me and my cousin are like twins and the only difference between us was our height – I was a midget she was perfect, unlike me! But, I couldn’t break up their relationship – she’s my cousin and I love her.

Too hard to take it

What my cousin didn’t realise was that every time she was looking forward to going down Canvey I was too and for the same reason. We both were desperate for him except she was the lucky one and already had him. I listen to so many songs changing the words to our names and thinking of him, dreaming of us together kissing; snogging, dancing and all them other things I know will never happen. It was too hard for me to take it – my cousin talking and hanging out with him. I suppose you could say we do have a few special times playing OUR game where Abbey (My cousin) feels left out and where it’s the only time I really smile even though they’re going out. Recently, he hasn’t wanted to hang around with me or Abbey which doesn’t just hurt her but me as well – this book is easy to write because all I have to do is pretend I’m writing some sort of, letter to him just to tell him my feelings, I think I dedicate this book to him and to us being friends because that’s all we are and all we’ll ever be!

Dreams I can never tell

Me and Abbey tell each other our dreams – well, most of them! But, one day she told me hers but I couldn’t tell her mine because it was about me and Reece. I need to tell her I fancy him but, I’m afraid it will break up us two, as we have recently become closer, seen as 2 years ago we argued all the time. I have dreams us together behind a caravan snogging but when I say ‘Dreams I can never tell’ I mean dreams because whatever I do, I won’t get him. Whether, Abbey breaks up with him he will never go out with a midget like me. I’m a loner, I’ve never had a boyfriend down Canvey and she’s had two. Every boy she fancy I do too but I never tell her so she talks about that boy and usually ends up going out with him.

Dressing to impress

The summer holidays are coming up in 2 weeks and I am desperate to spend my money on new summer clothes seen as, this year England’s summer is actually SUMMER. I want new dresses so I look good. I’m starting to get really nice sandals and that from Primark because it’s cheap there and good quality (my favourite shop) which means I can buy loads from the money I have. People are saying maxi dresses will suite me but I hate them but I might think about buying 1 for like at the beach down Canvey. I like them pirate style Navy, White and Gold dresses. I haven’t told you yet but Abbey is my rival on fashion because she always has a reason to buy things (Holidays, Parties etc.) unlike me.


Texte: Illustration by Sheridan Nathaniel
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 10.12.2010

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