Bullying - A Problem

Bullying is a problem all over the world,

Bullying is like a place where victims are hurled.


People must suffer agony and torture,

In a world full of depravity and horror.


They take in pain everyday,

Constrained by the predator is their prey.


Slowly their power, sanity is taken away,

But them bullies not caring about their own foul play.


Victims are driven into a world of silence,

Threated by the consequence of even more violence.


Slowly their thoughts are being stained,

Courage and strength all getting drained.


The dangers and consequences of what comes after,

Can be so much that it'll take out your laughter.


But victims should know, that they're not alone,

With a little help and hope, they shan't be thrown.


You can help stop all these troubles,

No more falling, no more struggles.


If you are a victim of this mess,

Realize you're not alone and you will progress.


Bullying of Verbal, Physical, Social and Cyber,

Stand against these as a fighter.


Fight for your and others' rights,

And there won't be any more burdesome bites.

Real Friends

Hi. I'm a girl,

Stuck in a place full of whirls.


Each day I'm afraid, 

Afraid of when they say "Let's Play!"


Everytime I go to school,

I'm in a world so cruel.


My mind has gone blurred,

My thoughts always getting stirred.


I'm like a toy, 

Oh how they play with me with joy.


At school I'm kicked to the ground,

To suffer all those painful wounds.


All my "friends" avoid me,

I'm left alone to be.


The pain inside is gaining,

My power inside is draining.


I want to ask for assistance,

I want to be a proper existance.


But everyone is scared,

So they just pretend to not care.


I want to be like the others,

Able to laugh will with one another.


I can still hear the laughter when they "play".

As I'm on the floor, having no where to runaway.




But one day a girl came up to me,

She crouched down to me face-to-face on her knees.


She wore a smile so sincere and reassuring,

I took her hand while staring.


I finally had the chance,

The chance to get to my stance.


When they came to me,

She was there with me.


She stood up for me,

Fought for me.


She told me she was my friend,

That she will help me defend.


Is that how friends are supposed to be?

Someone who will help you break free?


I forgot what the word friend meant,

After my "friends" left me alone with lament.



So friends are really friends when they are there for you, they will help you gain your strength back.




Tag der Veröffentlichung: 25.03.2014

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