Graduating and Moving

Elena Lily Hemsworth is 16 years old and is madly in love with a guy she has never personally met, his name is Bentley Jacob Johnson. They met in a chat room and started talking on the phone; texting and talking, then they started dating. As they went in there relationship they made plans to get married and start a future together with kids and a happy life, also they planned for Elena to travel to Arizona to live with him when she graduated from High School. But they had to wait for two years before they could put any of their plans to motion. The plans for their future is what helped Elena get through all the hardship that was happening in her life with her family drama that was taking place. Elena was so happy, she couldn’t wait to leave and explore life. Living with her father Elena was never allowed to enjoy life as a teen, she was always at home never out with her friends, never trusted and that hurt her she wasn’t sure how she would be able to survive the next two years with him. They were always arguing and never actually talked like normal people, her dad would never listen or accept what she had to say and that is one of the reasons she was wishing for graduation to hurry. And finally she got her wish it was the end of her Senior year of high school and she couldn’t wait to get her plane ticket and leave. When she broke the news of her leaving to her father he was outrageous.
“Elena Lily Hemsworth! You will NOT be leaving her until it is time for you to leave for college!” her father yelled at her as she gathered her bags.
“You cannot keep me here. I am graduated from high school and I can leave whenever I want to leave. I may not be 18 yet but you can NOT stop me from leaving!”
With that said Elena grabbed her bags and her plane tickets and headed out of her fathers life.
“Just so you know I hope you enjoyed seeing my face because it is the LAST time you will ever see me. Good bye for good dad.”
And then Elena walked out of her fathers life and into the car of her best friend. One hour later she had arrived at the airport. She said her good byes to her friend and then headed to baggage check and then to security. When she finished she had about half an hour to spare, so she grabbed something to drink and eat then sat down and grabbed her journal out of her bag and began to write.
“Dear Diary,
Well I finally made it to the place I have been dreaming of being for two years now. I am sitting at the airport waiting to board so I can go to the man I love. It will be a long ride to Arizona but I know in my heart that he is waiting for me there and he is just as anxious as I am to see me. I have no idea what I will do once I finally see him. I may jump in his arms I may be frozen in place only in that moment will I know what to do. I can Not wait to see him diary. Well diary i must let you go so I can board my plane I will write again soon.
The plane landed and all of a sudden Elena was scared and nervous. She hoped that he felt the same way in person about her as he did in the distance. She exited the plane and headed toward the baggage claim. She was about to search for her bags when she heard someone calling to her.
“Elena! Elena, baby! Over here!” she turned toward where she heard the voice and she froze. There he was the man whom she loved so much it hurt. He was even better in person. About 6 ft tall, short brown hair, piercing blue eyes, sweet kissable lips. Without waiting any longer Elena ran toward Bentley and jumped into his arms and before he could say anything she kissed him so hard there was a pleasurable pain in his face. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever. Then Elena broke the kiss and jumped down from his arms.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to do that.” She look down a little and blushed.
“Oh don’t worry about it. I am glad that you did. Now lets get your bags and head home.”
In silence she looked for her bags and when she found then she helped Bentley helped her carry them to the car. He put her bags into the trunk and then went to the drivers side and got in to the car. As he started the car and pulled out he looked over at Elena and said,
“Elena there is something I must tell you and please don’t be mad at me. I have a brother I never told you about. The reason why is because he left when I was younger and I never saw him after that but all of a sudden he showed up and said that he was going to be staying here with us because there seemed to be something calling to him to be here. I told him that you were coming and then I explained to him who you were he was happy to finally meet you so I thought you should know before we got to the house. Please don’t be mad at me baby.” He looked back at the road.
“I am Not mad at you. You have no reason to think that. So you didn’t tell me that you had a brother you had reasons not to and I am fine with that. I love you and nothing can change that.” Elena said. With those last words Bentley was happy. They drove the rest of the way I silence.

Meeting the brother

As they drove into the drive way Bentley said, “brace yourself. My mom is so happy to meet you and is my brother.”
Elena got out of the car and as soon as she shut her door she turned and saw a man, who was like movie star hot and handsome, race out of the house towards her. She ran to Bentley and he wrapped his arms around her and whispered, “it will be okay that is my brother Sebastian.” When he said that, his brother grabbed him and threw him away from Elena and put her behind him.
“Stay away from her!” Sebastian yelled at his brother.
“What the hell do you mean stay away from her, she is my fiancée idiot!” Bentley yelled right back.
“no she is mine!” Sebastian growled at him.
“Excuse me? I am NOT yours I don’t even know who you are I have never met you before and I am not an object to be owned I am engaged to Bentley so you better check who the hell you talking to buster.” Elena said to him. As she said that Sebastian turned around and stared at her like she had just shot him.
“How is it that you cannot feel it?” he asked quietly. Then he turned around walked into the house grabbed his things and left. But not before saying to only Elena, “I will be back and by then you will have seen what my brother is really like and I will be there to take care of you.” Then he left. Elena stared dumbfounded after him.
“Elena, honey I am so sorry about him. I do not know what happed to make him say that.” Bentley said. Elena was just standing there going over what just happened and thinking about all the stories that she had read about werewolves and how the society was aware of them. So she asked very bluntly, “he is a werewolf isn’t he?” Bentley and his mother were both shocked that she asked but answered honestly, “yes he is and I am truly sorry for how he acted towards you.” Bentley’s mother said. I just nodded but did not say what I was thinking and what I knew about why he was acting that way.
We went inside and settled down not mentioning what just happened outside. I put my stuff away in Bentleys room and then went out into the living room. Bentley was in the kitchen cooking and his mother wasn’t around so I decided to take my journal out and write in it.
“Dear Diary,
I finally made it to Arizona and met Bentley he is so great. He told me that he had a brother who was visiting and that he hadn’t seen he since he was a kid. Well I was fine with that I mean not everyone has a normal family. But when we got here something weird happened he claimed that I was his and told Bentley to stay away from me but I said something and then he told me something that shocked me he said
”I will be back and by then you will have see what my brother is really like and I will be there to take care of you.”
What the hell does that mean? I have no idea but there is one thing I do know Sebastian is a werewolf and I am his mate, his true mate. I have not told Bentley this because I am not sure how to tell him that he is competing with a pissed off werewolf who will stop at nothing to get and claim his mate. I am scared I don’t want Bentley to be hurt and oddly I don’t want to see Sebastian hurt either. I am scared what will happen but only time will tell. Well diary I must go I smell food and I am starving so I will talk to you later.

everything falls apart, but is it for the better?

Well that night we ate dinner that night and then went to sleep I was so tired I was asleep before I hit the pillow. That night I had a dream that I was running through the woods I was happy and peaceful then there was the wolf that I seemed to love. I woke up scared but then went back to sleep.
One year later
I have been here for a year and I am so happy I have not seen any sign of Sebastian which is a relief in a way. But tonight I am not worried about that there is going to be a party at a friends house and I’m going to go while Bentley is at work.
It was 8pm and I was walking in the front door of the house and the party was in full swing I go to the bar and grab a drink and then hit the dance floor. As I dance I realize that I feel a pull that is very strong and I have no idea where it is coming from. After like three hours im drunk and dancing when I feel strong hands at my waist I turn around and there is Sebastian I don’t do anything because I am drunk and not really focusing on it. About 10 minutes of dancing with him and he takes my hand a takes me up the stairs into an empty bedroom I flop on the bed and that is the last thing I remember. I wake up the next morning in the same bed with a body next to me I turn over and I come face to face with Sebastian.
“what the hell! Get out! Get out!” I scream and try to move away from him but he grabs onto my waist a little harder and pulls me back to him.
“I told you I would be back didn’t I?” he said then he let me go I get dressed and leave the room and drive home. I don’t say anything when I get there just go straight to the shower and wash off the last night. I was so upset I started sobbing but quickly stop when I hear Bentley waking up I finish my shower and get out. I am brushing my hair when Bentley comes in, “how was the party?” he asks as he puts his arms around my waist. “it was okay I guess I got to drunk so I don’t remember a lot of it. But im tired so im going to lay down.” I said and then leave the bathroom and lay down with Bentley but we don’t sleep. I guess that was my way of trying to get over what I did last night by being with Bentley that way.
For the next couple months I forgot about Sebastian until I found out that I was pregnant. I was so upset that I rushed home to tell Bentley. I parked the car in the drive way and seen another unfamiliar car and thought “Bentley must have guests.” So I get out and go inside, but there is no sign of anyone. That is odd I thought. But then I hear noise from the Bentleys room and go back there thinking that him and his friend Jason are probably playing a game. But I was wrong I walk into the room and gasp. There is Bentley in bed with Justine the girl who hates my guts but is Bentleys best friend. They were both naked and I was so upset I screamed, “WHAT THE HELL BENTLEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT TRAMP!” Bentley looked at me with guilt and pain and then pushed Justine off of him and got up from the bed. “Elena, baby I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please forgive me.” He asked as he moved toward me but I turned and ran out the room sobbing. I ran out the front door and ran into Sebastian. All I could do was sob into his chest and he just held me tightly and did not say anything.
I finally calmed down and explained what happened. Sebastian tore into the house and I followed and found Bentley standing there next to Justine waiting. Sebastian stopped and I stepped in front of him.
“how could you do this to me?” was all I asked.
“how could I do this to you? You did it to me and with my brother none the less.” He said. I thought about that and knew what he was talking about but then I realized that at the party I had seen Justine.
“I was drunk and I had no idea what happened all I know was that I past out on the bed and then I woke up next to you brother. I have no idea if we did anything. But my guess is that we did because im pregnant but I don’t know the baby could be yours but I hope it isn’t.” and I left the house with Sebastian following.
“the baby is mine.” I turned toward him and said, “how do you know?” “because that night at the party you were in heat. I knew that is why you were drinking because you were in pain and only I could have stopped the pain. So I helped you. Im sorry.” Was all he said. I looked at him shocked.
“is what I saw in there what you said about me finding out how you brother really is?”
“yes he has been doing this the whole three years you have been with him.” He said and I started crying.
He walked toward me and just held me and then his mother showed up and we wnet into the house. Justine had left by then and then before anyone could say anything I ran to the bathroom and puked. Bentley tried to follow but Sebastian stopped him. He followed me into the bathroom. In between puking I told him to leave because I didn’t want him seeing this. But he ignored me and held my hair up when I finally finished I rinsed my mouth out and said, “I want a large chocolate milkshake and double quarter pounder from mcdonalds.” He laughed and said “well then I will go get it for you.” We went out to the living room and relayed what we were going to do but his mother stopped us. “Bentley go get what they want.” So he left and about 20 minutes later he came in and I started eating when all of a sudden I felt an ice cold liquid him me. I looked up and Bentley had dumped and large dr.pepper on me and Sebastian, considering I was sitting in his lap. I squeal “what the hell!” then Sebastian picks me up and says, “lets get cleaned up then you can eat my love.” “no it will be cold and gross just sit on the floor while I eat okay, please.” So he sits on the floor with me in his lap. I start eating again and then I finish. “okay im done.” He picks me up and brings me to the room, I grab my clothes and then we go into the guest room and then to the shower and get cleaned up I fall asleep in the shower so he puts a robe on me and then lays me on the bed. And then climbs next to me and holds me while I sleep and falls asleep himself.

Should i be happy to be gone?

I wake up all groggy and confused trying to figure out where I am at but then everything form yesterday comes back to me. I remember walking in on Bentley and Justine in the bedroom, Bentley telling me he knew about me and his brother, me telling them that I was pregnant and I hoped it wasn’t his, Sebastian telling me that the baby was in fact his. He told me that when I was at the party the pain that I tried to hide by drinking was because I was in heat and that he was the only one who could stop it, he said he was sorry. Then I puked and after I wanted mcdonalds, even though I just threw up. But instead of Sebastian getting it, his mother made Bentley go and get it, when he got back he dump and large dr.pepper on me and Sebastian I was so hungry I made him wait till I was done to go shower. I guess I fell asleep in the shower. Oh well at least he hasn’t hurt me yet!
I move to get up from the bed but when I start to move I heard a growling next to me and an arm encircle my waist and pull me back to the bed closer to him. What the heck!? I look over and I see Sebastian smiling. What could he be happy about? I thought.
“where do you think you are going love?” Sebastian asks his eyes still closed.
“ I am going to the bathroom I have to pee and then I am getting dressed. I am hungry and I want mcdonalds again.” I say
“fine go use the bathroom and get dressed ill be ready and waiting for you.” He grumbles.
“ Whats wrong? Do you want to make a pregnant woman grumpy?” I ask him with a little pout in my voice. He looks at me and I give him the puppy dog pouty look.
“ I am fine just a little tired still seeing it is only 9 in the morning and I did not fall asleep until about 4 this morning. And no I do not want to make you grumpy. Im grumpy no need for us both to be grumpy.” He says.
“okay well ill be done in 5 minutes and ill meet you in the living room.” I said over my shoulder as I walked into the bathroom.
I went potty and then got dressed and then went to meet Sebastian in the living room, but before I could make it there Bentley steps in my way.
“Please move Bentley. Im hungry and I would like to go get some food.” I grumbled and tried to go around him but he grabs my arms and pushes me against the wall.
“GET OFF ME YOU UNGRATEFUL ASSHOLE!” I screamed. He just kissed my neck moving up from my neck to my lips, but before he could kiss me he was ripped from me and thrown across the room.
“Keep you filthy grimy hands of her. If you touch her again I will beat your skull in with my bare hands.” Sebastian says through clenched teeth.
“NO! I WILL NOT EVER COME NEAR YOU AGAIN. EVER! Bentley I trusted you with my heart and you broke that and then did what I hate the most, you cheated on me. Yes I did cheat on you but I did not know I did I was drunk and I did NOT know what I was doing. I know that is not an excuse and I understand that you are mad at me but I don’t know what happened that night or I would have told you but I don’t know what I did or didn’t do. But I am guessing that I did it willing because I know Sebastian would NOT hurt me! But you did! So please just leave me alone. Good-bye Bentley I will always love you but I can no longer trust or stand to be near you. I am truly sorry.”
Before he could even say anything I grabbed Sebastian’s hand and walked out the door to his car. He opened the door for me then went around to the drivers side and got in. and without a word, he started the car and we left. I looked at the house that had be my home for the first real time but I did not cry. It was as if my heart would not allow me to because I realized that I never truly loved him. I thought I did and even though my heart broke, I understand it only broke because the first guy to actually love me betrayed me. But then I realized that Sebastian loves me or atleast I think he does. And before I even knew what I was doing I blurted out to Sebastian. “I love you.” Then when I realized I said that I gasped but in my heart it felt right like I was saying it to the right person. There was an eerie silence and I did not like it so I turned and looked at Sebastian and saw a truly amazing sight. He was smiling fully, teeth and all.
“why are you smiling?” I asked dumbfounded.
“you said you loved me and I know that you meant it. Elena Lily Hemsworth I promise to love you and cherish your very heart more than anything. I promise to protect you and care for you like a man should. I will always be there for you when you need me. I love you too, my love.” Sebastian said with a voice that I knew in my heart was telling the truth. I couldn’t say anything all I could do was cry. No one had ever said that to me not even Bentley.
“love why are you crying?” Sebastian asked worried.
“ because what you just said, no one and I do mean no one has ever said to me. And I knew in my heart that you were telling the truth. That is why I am crying.” I said softly not trusting my voice.
We sat in silence for the rest of the trip. I pulled out my journal and decided to write.
“Dear Diary,
So much has happened since I last wrote to you. So let me tell you. I am pregnant, Bentley cheated on me after he found out about my drunken night with Sebastian, I walked in on him and Justine in the bedroom, then I ran out crying and ran into Sebastian who just held me and then today Bentley had me pinned to the wall trying to kiss me and Sebastian threw him across the room. I was so shocked but not angry I was glad. Then I told Bentley good-bye and that I would never see him again. And as me and Sebastian drove off I realized that I never really loved Bentley, not truly anyway. And then I did something I was not expecting from myself. I said ‘I love you’ to Sebastian. Who in return confessed his love for me and promised to love and cherish and care for me and to protect me forever and then he said he would always be there for me I was so happy I have never felt this way about anyone I am so happy that I have found the love that I can be with forever.
Well diary I must go we are pulling into mcdonalds and being pregnant I am starving so fo now diary

feeling loved

We pulled into mcdonalds and went inside and ordered. Sebastian did not want to stay so we got our food and left. As I was eating I felt at piece and Sebastian was just laughing at me.
“why are you laughing?” I said with a mouth full of fries.
“because you act like im gunna steal your food, so your scarfing it down like there is no tomorrow.” He said.
“I am hungry! “ I growled at him.
“I know my love and I am glad to see you eating and nourishing our baby.” He said smiling.
I just continue eating. When I am done I turn to Sebastian, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be mean.” I look down with tears in my eyes.
“Love its okay. With the pregnancy hormones and all your going to act like that.” He says pulling me close.
We sit in silence and I fall asleep. 3 hours later Sebastian wakes me up. “we are here.” He says.
I get out of the car and see this big house and notice we are in the country with no house around for miles.
“why are we here?” I ask slightly frightened.
“ill explain later, love.” He says as he steers me to the house and up the stairs to a room as big as 3 of Bentley’s living rooms.
“I know. Come on love lets sleep all will be well in the morning.”
When Sebastian closes the door Elena asks “can I have one of your shirts? Please?” “sure love anything for you.” He walks over to a closest and grabs a large tshirt. “here you go.” He hands the shirt to her. She goes to the bathroom and gets in the shower. She lets the warm water slide down her body. She places a hand on her belly. Then she slides down the wall and starts sobbing her eyes. she doesn’t notice when the water becomes freezing cold or when Sebastian shuts the water off and grabs her. All she does is cry on his chest.
“Love stop crying, please. I cant take seeing you like this. Please baby stop.” He kisses the top of her head and only then does she stop crying. He sets her down where she dries off and puts the shirt on.
“will you carry me to bed? I don’t think I can walk with out falling. Please?” he answers her by picking her up and placing her in bed underneath the covers. He takes off his pants and shirt, leaving his boxers on. He climbs into bed and pulls her close, sniffs her hair and closes his eyes. She lays her head on his chest and falls asleep. It becomes the best sleep shes ever had.


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