The Town of Vallebriden

The terror of having night looters in Allebriden was fast catching on. Every inhabitant felt its pangs. Who was to blame? The government was tired of devising plans to get rid of the problem, but they had not been able to resolve all citizen issues.

The town had many boys who wanted to work together against this. They loved the way the town was, its greenfields and happy tidings.

One day John , the son of a local engineer sneaked into the government building to find out what was wrong. He saw from behind the building's back windows that some men were sitting there joking and having fun. He was perplexed. How could they be laughingtheir heads off when the whole city was in turmoil. He decided just then that he would find out exactly who had done this with the help of his friends.

Many days later, he was lounging with his friends in the middle of a farm yard. He began talking about the cause.

"I think we must help out with the problem". So what if the trouble hasn't touched our homes yet?We must help "

"So what if there's some loot. Something like this could be very dangerous for us 12 year-olds to handle." barged in Ray.

"No, it's not" said Johnson. He then produced a map that he had hidden somewhere in his T Shirt.

"Look. We know exactly where the loots happened. This is Unaw Villa, south of the town" He pointed at a downward space on the map.

"And this is another place where the loot happened" added Jennifer. " Look at how the roads are rare in this part"

"Yeah, that's what's interesting. Loots like that often happen in deserted parts, where less people can spot a difference or suspicious activity. That's Pulrin Manor by the way. It's in the north" said Ray.

"Whatever it is, there's something strange, and look Burnette House. This one's in the eastern part of the map" cried Yolanda.

"..Or the city"replied John "Bang on! So we know now where the next part of the series is gonna hit!"

"Somewhere in the west" screamed Jennifer.

"What now? This must be dangerous. We're talking about thugs and looters here , people"Yolanda said.

"Please! Let's go and investigate a little " said Ray

"You just said that you didn't wanna go!" John retorted

"Ok guys, have you thought about the fact that all these places are huuuuuge. I mean, how are we supposed to check out everything in that apparently teeny-meeny corner of the map. I mean, think about land-aspect ratio, you idiots" joined in Yolanda

"So what? We can still investigate" answered John frowning

Jennifer said " Let's start tomorrow then. Whatever comes of it"

The children retired and promised to meet early on Saturday morning.


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