Have you heard of the recent tsunami in Japan?I have and it was terrible!It wasn't just a tsunami, a 9.0 earthquake hit Japan right before the tsunami!There is a death toll of 13,800, and trust me that's a lot of people!I know what your thinking,what can I do?Well here are some options:

1.Raise awareness for the tragedy

2.Raise money

3.Get help from adults,it may get tricky

4.Once you raise the money send it to America Red Cross or another charity that helps Japan

5.Most importantly, pray for the suvivors

There are many more ways to help Japan.If you have friends or family in Japan that have died or is a survivor, please comment and i will pray for them.My BFF's family is from Japan and I am praying for them.There was also a radiation leak,the radiation level is getting dangerously high.So please,pray for Japan, they need all the hope they can get.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 21.04.2011

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