The clouds were billowing high above the house, black and sinister. Kyra stood in front of the window peering up at the ominous collection. She was afraid, and according to the look on Damien’s face, so was he.
Damien was across the kitchen, leaning on the counter. His tall, muscular stature slumped a bit and his deep, blue eyes wary and barely visible due to his long black bangs. Kyra also had black, but she was short and had bright, green eyes.
She looked into his eyes. “What’s happening? What’s he doing to us?” Damien walked across the kitchen to her by the sink before answering, “The dark lord is very angry with us. From the looks of it all, he’s got a storm brewing our way. One filled with curses and innocent bloodshed.”
Kyra inhaled deeply, “We are not prepared for this. Our army isn’t fit enough, our spells aren’t well practice, and the Dark Lord is gladly willing to kill our whole village. When that treaty was broken, it was their doing. All we did was try and protect it…”
She remembered that day, only one moon waning ago, when the peace between the two worlds was killed. A treat had been signed stating that the Dark Lord’s kingdom would not use the dark arts to interfere with the village if the village in turn didn’t use their magic to take over The Dark Lord. Then, the day came when, for unknown reasons, the kingdom bombarded the village people with the most horrid curses.
Kyra and Damien were sent out to protect the citizens, so they used whatever magical means it took. Now, The Dark Lord was angered and ready for battle and the two were first on his list.
Damien held her in his arms. “We will figure something out, as a village. Unity and strength are what we are known for. Our warriors have been trained for this, we have rehearsed our spells for our entire life, and, trust me, we are stronger than him. You know that.”
“I don’t want to lose you in this. Promise me you will never leave me and don’t go looking for trouble. Okay? We are young and fighting a battle thousands of years older than us. I don’t know what I would do without you,” Kyra said, on the verge of tears.
He held her tighter and kissed her. As she leaned into his kiss, she knew something. That although the future was dangerous and dreary, they both knew their love would last for the rest of eternity.


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