A figure stood on a top of a cliff overlooking a small town. It was too dark to see who the figure was, but he just stood and watched the town. The town below was quiet and lifeless but not because the towns people had gone to sleep. The reason the town was quiet was due to the big object hovering over the town. The figure spoke quick and roughly. "These
'Humans'. Why do they crave power? It brings nothing but pain and misery. I fear that they may destroy themselves before the shadows take them." The figure sighed and shook his head sadly, he put his hand on a tree and leaned against it. He turned away and started to walk as the nuke exploded behind him. "Well for whatever reason I must protect them." He said as the radioactive dust clouds came like an avalanche towards him. It sped past him like a stampede of bulls, but he was unaffected by the harmful clouds. "For it is my duty to protect any life that may deserve it." With that last speech he turned to dust and was carried with the clouds.

Chapter 1 One Bad Heart

I was awoken by the usual high pitched noise of my alarm, this is becoming way too common for my liking. I get up and swing my legs round so that I was sitting on my bed. I look at
my bed side cabinet. On it was a bottle of pills and some water, I sighed and picked the bottle up and popped out two blue pills, I grab the glass of water and downed the pills and the water. After sitting there for two minutes with my thoughts I look around the room. It was the same as last time, cream walls, hospital like bed and a wide window, with bars for some reason. Before I nearly drifted off into a day dream I hear a knock at the door. I snap my fingers quietly and I was engulfed in flames, after the flames were gone I was in the campus uniform, I walk to the door and open it. “Blaze!” Said an angry girl. This angry girl was my morning running partner, her name was Lauren but she preferred to be called ‘Hooly’ god knows why. “Hey Hooly. What’s got you stressed now?” I say slightly annoyed, she practically did this every morning, she gets stressed over the smallest of things, like yesterday someone bought the last pack of French fries and she stressed about it for the rest of lunch time, I feel sorry for her class mates since
we’re not in the same class. “You didn’t show up for running practice this morning!” She’s
practically shouting now. I put my hand on my face and point to my room’s clock. “Lauren it’s half six, school doesn’t start till nine.” I then stop before I got angrier. I hadn’t noticed that she was in a wheel chair, I’m use to her wearing her prosthetics, I mean from where I’m standing it’s kind of cute, I mean she already did look cute before, I mean who wouldn’t think she wasn’t cute, she has her pink hair in a double ponytail and the green eyes she has, they’re like a forest anyone can easily get lost in. Then I realised that she had been talking to me while I got lost in my thoughts.
“… just make sure I see you at the track at half seven ok?” I could tell she noticed I wasn’t paying much attention. She punched me and went away. I sighed sadly. She still hasn’t told me how she lost her legs from the knee down, I could also tell she didn’t like being in the wheelchair. After having breakfast and changing my clothes again, I went down to the running track, and as expected Lauren was waiting there with her arms crossed. I roll my eyes and stretched as I walk to her,
“You’re late!” she said with a out,
“I’m early!” I point to my watch angrily, my watch said seven, twenty five. I could tell that stopped her in her tracks because she turned her head in annoyance, I couldn’t help but laugh.
“What’s so funny?” she said trying not to laugh herself,
“I can read you like a book Hooly.” I said while calming down, she had begun to shake her head with a smirk.
"Well you best get on with your run or we’re going to be late to see the nurse.”
“Yeah, yeah I know” I begin my run, but at a steady pace. The school I’m at is not a normal school, it’s a school for teenagers with mental or physical disabilities and there are nurses on hand twenty four seven just in case of a medical emergency, at first look you’ll think there is nothing wrong with me, but I do have a medical problem, last year I had received a strange letter, it requested me to wait by a small tree in a park in my old home town, I had waited there for half an hour in the snow, I was then surprised by hand two hands in warm gloves appear over my eyes.
“Hey Blaze!” said the voice of a bubbly young girl, to be honest I wish I could remember more of that day, but my heart gave out as soon as I heard that voice, it annoys me even to this day I want to know what she even said that day. After doing 3 laps I started to cool down, I ran over to where Lauren was waiting.
“Ready to go?” I said tiredly, she gave a nod and a smile, I grabbed the handle bars of the wheelchair and started to push it to the nurse’s office, after we arrived at the office, Lauren agreed to wait outside since I didn’t want her to listen to what the nurse has to say to me. I walked into the office and closed the door.
“How long are you going to keep this up Blaze” the nurse never looks pleased at me.
“What do you mean?” I said blankly and with an annoyed expression.
“I mean this charade! This lie that you’ve been doing for the past year.” He was close to shouting.
“It isn’t a lie!” I was close to shouting myself.
“Then why did you do it to yourself then?”
“I needed a genuine disguise.”
“So you put yourself in harm’s way!”
“I need it to look convincing.”
The nurse shook his head, “Blaze it’s not good for you. Can’t you just repair it?”
“What!?” I look at the nurse horrified, then I looked down sadly. “It’s my human heart that is affected, it’s just like your heart, it can’t be repaired that easily.”
“Well it is your own fault.” The nurse said calmly, I looked out the window. “Did Lauren wait for you again today?” I nod in silence. “Are you going to tell her?” I shrugged slightly.
“Well either set her straight or tell her what you are.” I turned round in anger.
“Yeah and what happens if the shadows find out about her, then what?”
“Blaze I’m sorry ok. It was just a suggestion.” I could tell he
was sorry, but I guess he’s just concerned about Lauren, he treats her like she was his daughter. I turn back to the window.
“There’s a war coming, but I’m not sure where.” I said quietly.
“A war with whom?”
“The shadows what else?” I said with a sigh, the nurse looked down slightly.
“I remember when you first came to this school you told me everything, why?” I turned round and smiled slightly.
“If I hadn’t then you would’ve noticed something different anyway.”
The nurse laughs in agreement. “Too true Blaze too true. But what are you going to do now?"
"I don't know." I look down at the windowsill. "Well I'd best go; I don't want to be late and keep Lauren waiting.” After saying that I hear a faint “I heard that!” from behind the door which means she heard me. Me and the nurse couldn’t help but smile. I headed towards the door and said good bye to the nurse and headed out, and as I expected I was greeted with,
“My name is Hooly! How many times have I got to tell you!” I could tell she wasn’t very pleased with me especially when I call her Lauren on purpose sometimes.
“I’m sorry ok. Let’s go we’re going to be late if we don’t hurry.” I grabbed the handle bars once again and ran towards the building exit. After a few minutes of pulling Lauren up two flight of stairs we arrive at her classroom.
“Are you going to be on time for class, because you’re not even in your school uniform.” She didn’t seem too happy that I took her to her class before I’d even got changed, but I smiled back to reassure her. “I’ll be fine. I’ll make it to my class in time.” I slightly laughed at that moment, she shakes her head in disapproval and goes into her class. After I saw her close the door I go to the stairs and snap my fingers, once again I was engulfed in flames and my school clothes were on and my gym clothes removed. I know in past experience I should do this in a more private area where I am least likely to get spotted but it can’t be helped I guess. I ran down stairs to the second floor and walk into my class just in time as the bell went. After sitting through a half accurate history lesson I wait as usual for the student council girls to get back from their two
person meeting, to be honest I don’t see how it’s a student council with just two members, I can remember when they even tried to drag me into the group. As I got lost in thought the door opened to classroom, at first I thought it was the teacher leaving the room, but then I felt someone wrap their arms around me as if I was a stuffed teddy bear.
“Hiya Blaze!” Says the most obnoxious yet fun girl on campus.
“Hi Melissa.” I didn't sound too happy due to the fact that she was practically strangling me.
“Oh right, sorry Suzanne.” Said Melissa letting me go thank Azoth (Azoth is m.
“Yeah I guess I do need to stop greeting him like that.” Even
though Melissa is wild at least Suzanne calms her down,
Suzanne was unfortunately deaf and she communicated
through sign language, which she can do quite fast, I’m
surprised that Melissa can keep up.
“Oh yeah that’s right! Blaze we need a favour.” She said with
a puppy dog eyed look, whenever she had that look those two
were always planning something that ‘requires’ me to join the
student council. Don’t get me wrong her green eyes are kind
of cute and her pink puffy hair seems like cotton candy… I
have no clue why her hair reminds me of food. I check the
clock quickly and my stomach confirmed what time it was.
“Can it wait ‘til after lunch?” I could tell my face was looking
like it was about to cry.
“No!” I could tell Melissa was angry she had her bottom lip
out and when she has that out, well let’s just say it is not a
pretty sight.
“Ok, ok what do you want?”
“She says could you get us some lunch?” The bottom lip
vanished and was turned into a smile. I breath out heavily.
“Fine. What do you want? And just to say I am no paying like
the last three times.” I lied they've scrounged off ten times in
the past week, don’t their parents feed them or give them
money to buy food?
“Here.” Melissa puts out her hand in a fist. I reach out mine
and she drops some coins in my hand.
“One thousand Yen! For both of you?”
“She says that her parents are struggling with money at the
moment.” At that point I felt that my heart go into my stomach,
"So what would you ladies like then?" At this point in my mind
I'm trying to redeem myself.
"I would like the curry special and Suzanne would like a salad;
any will do." I nodded, got up and left the room and headed towards the cafeteria.

Chapter 2 From Bad to Worse

I had ordered what the girls had wanted and was heading
back to the classroom and as I was, I was checking to make
sure that our change was separate so that neither of us
would have more change then we should have.
Just as I had finished separating the change I noticed
something in the corner of my mind, which had me half-curious,
I put down the change and the food, and I thrusted my arms
diagonally down and outwards, two swords that looked like
fire that was frozen in time came out of nowhere, and went
over to a completely shaded wall even though the sun was bearing down
on said wall. I got close to it and checked to see if anyone was around
then I got close to the wall.
"I'm not that stupid." I said to the wall. Normally to humans
I would seem that I had lost my mind. But I'm not a human
and this shadow isn't natural on this planet either. I
saw that the shadow on the wall hadn't responded, I checked my surroundings
once more to make sure there were no by standers,
"I'll give you one more chance, leave the planet before
I do something I regret."


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