"Let's make this more interesting. What do you say?" He said standing at the three pointer.

"Interesting how?" She asked.

"We both shoot from the three pointer and shoot three times each, we'll take turns, if either one of us gets it in we can ask one question, and it can be any kind of question too," He grins a canning grin. "but if we miss, that question can not be asked. Following me so far?"

"I shoot, I score, I ask. Anything?"
"Can it be personal? Does it have to be personal?"
He smiles, "Anything."
"I miss, I don't ask or can't ask but I still get two more shoots."
"Okay. I'm game." She said coming up with her own plan. But he shakes his head and passes the ball.
"Ah. There's a catch, though. With each question we can answer two questions truthfully," He places his hand on his hip, looking downward but as he left his head he said "and lie once."
It took a couple seconds for her to understand that last rule but she smiles. "That is interesting."
"Sweet! You shoot first then because I just made it up and suggested it."
She takes the shot and hits nothing but net.
"Either you're a fast learner or you lied." He said mumbling to himself.
"Nothing. Okay my turn."
"I didn't ask my question."
"Yeah, you did." He laugh.
"No! That's not fair. Come on. You caught me off guard."
"I'm just messing with you. Ask away."
She thinks and asked "Have you ever been in love?"
"Yes." Straight to her face without hesitation.
"With whom?"
"Not the rules and not your turn." He lines up he's shot and shoots. Nothing but net.
"I wonder what you're going to ask."
"Do you have ten fingers?" That question also caught her off guard, not what she was wondering at all. So she answered "yes...." But pondered what he was planning.
He passes the ball, "Your turn." Smiling as he did while she gave him a nudge to step aside. "Touchy."
Nothing but net. "How many times have you masturbated?" She laughs.
"Lost count. That was way too personal, especially when you're the one asking."
She laughs even harder after he takes the ball from her.
Nothing but net. "Are you really 19 years old?"
Another odd question, like he doesn't want to know anything about her personal life or her private life. He's just playing dumb, but why, she thought.
"Yes, I'm 19. Stupid." She flips him the bird answering sarcastically.
Nothing but net and her last question. "When was the last time you had sex?" She was thinking he wasn't going to answer but he did, without hesitation.
"January. Really? Another kinky question?"
"Not the rules and not you're.... Just hurry up and shoot."
He chuckled at her cuteness, but then lost all he's confident when he's face turned bleak. He lined up the shot, it stumbles on the ring and falls out.
"That's too bad. I was hoping to ask for your address.... Well, let's go. I'm hungry."
She was watching him and not the ball, she saw his face change like something crossed his mind and changed it.

There was an awkward silence on the road back to his place, and both was weirded out on what happened on the court.
"Why did you mess the shot?" She asked in frustration.
"You missed on purposed."
".....No I didn't."
"You did. Why? Why did you just change your mind like that?"
Another moment of silence and when the car came to a red light he turned to her.
"You know, I thought of that game to get an answer from a question that's been stuck in my head. After those two questions were answered right I knew the last one was gonna be a lie, and that you'll play for real."
"You cunningly bastard. All this for a question? How stupid. You're stupid......" After many thoughts she came to a conclusion about his answers, if one is false she can pin point which one he's lying about. Then she realised which one and continued to play. ".....What was the question?" She turned away from him and when he asked she turned back in shock.
"Are you in love with Dre?"
She blushes when their eyes meet and for a moment she felt weak in a heart pounding kind of way.
"....Yes." The lights turns green, and he reveals a slow big smile.
"Okay then."
She smiles right back at him.


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