Final Moments I

Day One


Today, every news station and outlet has told us that the world will be ending in seven days. Yeah! The world is literally ending in only a week from now. The ongoing war between our country and another country sparked World War III and the destruction of cities at the fault of atomic bombs. With no way of surviving the backlash or brute force of the bombs, seven days were estimated to be our remaining time before the area’s destroyed. This sparked many debates, but they were pointless in the end. The idea of underground shelters or bunkers rose, but the government claimed that they wouldn’t save people from the bombs. Instead of bickering about extending our time, many decided to reunite with family and spend the little time at home. This then pushed all of my roommates, Ian, Jenn, and Emily, out of our apartment and towards home. Ian and Jenn decided to spend the remainder of their time with their family. However,  Emily’s family situation is different compared to Ian and Jenn’s. Emily’s family are entitled bastards that treat Emily like trash, even throwing her out of the house. Something similar to her situation plagues me as well. My immediate family is all gone, leaving only my aunt, uncle, and nephews and nieces behind. Unfortunately, my uncle and aunt despise me as well, leaving no family for me to fall to. Unlike me though, Emily wants to reunite with her family with the hope of them changing their hearts during these seven days. I told her good luck, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that it doesn’t work out. I can only hope that it works out for her… maybe she can have a better life than me.

Now that I’m alone, I decided to build my own bunker to avoid thoughts about death. The bunker may or may not work, but I don’t have anything else to do. Call it a passion project. That’s enough for the first day of this seven-day hell. My name is Blyke Johnson from the year 2045. If somehow this survives the bomb, then I can only hope this journal will be treated as a historical artifact. 

Final Moments II

Day Two


Day two is here, leaving five days left.. I went to the nearby convenience store, but it was closed. Luckily, I stocked up on supplies before the news broke out. I also did some research about bunkers and found out that it’ll take me the entire week to complete. Quite unfortunate, but makes sense. I intend on beginning today and finishing before the ash falls upon us. I also found that it would be easier to build if I had help, but my roommates are out with their families. I don’t want to take away their precious time from their families, but, luckily, I did meet a girl who volunteered to help me afterI let it slip about my plan. The only problem is that her character is questionable, but I intend to keep watch of her during the building process. I’ll be contacting her later tonight to see if she’s still willing to assist my plan, otherwise, I’ll have to work on it alone. She’ll also be bringing supplies to help build the bunker.

Oh… I also contacted my uncle and aunt, but they refused to see me until the world ended. Harsh. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see some of my nephews and nieces due to this, but I wasn’t too close to any of them anyways. It is quite unfortunate though…

The world is panicking quite harshly. The streets have begun to turn into chaos and riots. Ransackers attacked nearby houses and stole, raped, and killed during their pillages. This has become quite frequent after the news of the world ending became public. It’s unfortunate to see such violent and horrific acts, but fortunately, the pain will end in five days from now. Wait… that’s right! I need a weapon! I can raid a… what am I thinking? I’ll be fine with a kitchen knife… I think?


-Blyke Johnson - Year 2045

Final Moments III

Day Three


The girl that I mentioned yesterday is named Mikael. She seems like a nice person, but I’m slightly susp-susp-suspicious. I invited her inside and we began… started working on the bunker. The process has been going well as Mikael has been a hard worker. Thankfully, I have her to help me.

I know that I didn’t want to get a weapon, but I found an abandoned gun store. Unfortunately, the owners---a middle-aged couple---were slaughtered in the back of their shop. Well, who cares about them anyway. I continued into the gun shop and found an M4 and M1911 with a couple of magazines for each. I have some knowledge about guns, so I can turn off the safety if I need to, but any other aspect aside from reloading is unknown to me.

Emily returned to the apartment in tears. Apparently, her family was nice to her for the first day but then descended back into their usual antics, eventually kicking her out to the streets. After that, she ran back here in search of someone that could consult her. I was unable to consult her through the droves of tears that she shed. Luckily, Mikael was able to consult her and prevent a flood of tears. Emily then started to calm down and began interrogating me about her, which I responded with vague answers. I told her that Mikael was there to help me with building my bunker, which was good enough for Emily to stop questioning me. She then decided to leave but gave me a strange look---a mix of disgust and curiosity--- before leaving the apartment and attempting a second round with different relatives. I meant to ask her about her other relatives, but the question slipped my mind. I hope to ask her before the world ends. Well, that’s enough for today… I’ll see you tomorrow.

-Blyke Johnson - Year 2045

Final Moments IV

Day Four


    We’re on the third day of building the bunker. Mikael has been working hard on the bunker alongside me. The bunker is nearing its completion in a matter of days, giving us small hope towards a new era. I can’t remember why I began this bunker anymore. I can’t remember the names of my roommates aside from Emily anymore. I wonder why? Anyways, Emily hasn’t been back since she left. Wait? Wasn’t she here yesterday? I can’t remember anymore.

    Mikael has been changing slightly. I noticed that she’s been talking to herself a lot, but none of the words are ever above a whisper, so I can’t hear anything she’s saying. Wait… I shouldn’t be saying anything bad about her! She’s been a good… hard worker for these past three days. I should be giving her an employee of the month award! Woah, I’m f-f-fee-feeling kinda dizzy. Let me take a sip of my coffee real quick. I think I’m sleep deprived at this point. The last time I’ve slept was… was… Anyways, I’m heading to sleep. Let’s hope that this can solve my memory loss problem. Apparently, I’ve been forgetting memories. Mikael tells me that I’ve been forgetting my promises and certain events… but I don’t think I did. Well, good night anyways.


Blyke John----2045

Final Moments V

Blyke didn’t pick up his journal, instead, deciding to continue working on the bunker with Mikael aiding him. As the day dragged on, both Blyke and Mikael grew tired and, soon, decided to take a break. Blyke slept in his room while Mikael went to one of his roommates’ rooms. Unknowingly to Blyke, Mikael stole the M1911 and hid it from him. She plotted against Blyke and decided to kill him once the bunker was completed. After Blyke dies, Mikael would invite her family and they would all survive in the bunker. She planned it all from the start, pretending to be nice and kind, but, instead, she betrayed his trust and went behind his back.

    The fifth day marked the completion of the bunker. An excited Blyke shrieked with joy while pumping his fists in the air. He then raced to the kitchen and grabbed the supplies, throwing them into the bunker. Mikael stood nearby with a smile painted on her face. Blyke noticed the M1911 hiding behind her back. His eyes darted away from her and towards the bunker. “We did it! We managed to finish it in under a week!” He exclaimed. 

    “That’s great,” Mikael said. Blyke nodded while his eyes glanced over at her arm that she positioned behind her back. She noticed his glance and smiled at him. Blyke let out a small chuckle before walking away. He went over to his room and picked up his phone, dialing in Emily’s phone number. In the corner of his vision, Mikael took out the pistol and slowly raised it, but lowered it after Blyke glanced over at her. She put on a big fake smile as Blyke did the same. Emily didn’t pick up, leaving the sound of ringing up into the air. Mikael watched him as he attempted to call her again, but to no avail. While trying a third time, Mikael decided to slowly pull the pistol out. Blyke, still watching her every movement, threw the phone at her. The phone missed her, hitting the ground behind her. Mikael turned towards the phone, with the pistol remaining in her left hand, before turning back towards Blyke. Mikael didn’t notice but, with the one second that she turned her back on him, he was able to close the distance between the two of them and knocked the pistol out of her hand. Mikael’s jaw fell open before being pummelled in by a fury of punches directed at her face. Blyke threw an unimaginable amount of punches at her face until a puddle of blood formed. Blyke stood up over Mikael’s face. He wiped off sweat that collected on his brows. He then walked over to the pistol, which was a few feet away from them, and grabbed it. He then turned around and pointed the pistol at her face, hesitating to pull the trigger. 

    “Chaos entered my house three days ago. Today… I’ll extinguish it.” He whispered before pulling the trigger three times and letting out three single bullets to Mikael’s dome. The puddle became a pond.

Final Moments VI

Day Six


    Most of my supplies are GONE. I’ve gotten rid of her BODY, but the stench still lives. How do I get RID of it? There has… TO BE A WAY! The stench has been following me from the living room to EVERY other room in the apartment. Why do I DESERVE this? Wait, I forgot to say that I’ve KILLED Mikael. Before you PAINT me as a CRIMINAL, she tried to KILL me! She STOLE one of my guns and almost shot me! Wait! Is she DEAD? I think I can HEAR her! Her VOICE is calling me! I’ll be BACK…


    Blyke ran to the living room where he believed Mikael’s voice was coming from, but nobody was there. He scratched his head before looking around. While looking for the origin of the voice, he noticed a hotdog lying on the ground. He looked over at the cupboards and noticed no supplies hiding within it before picking up the hotdog, shivering at the cold feeling that the hotdog gave off. It almost resembled a metallic feeling, like the one that made up his M1911. He put the hotdog in his mouth and bit down, cracking his teeth on a solid surface. He took the hotdog out of the mouth and inspected it. He noticed a small lever within the hotdog with the words “Press for hotdog after in mouth” printed on it. “I wonder what this does… “ He whispered before putting the hotdog in his mouth and pressing back the lever. 

    A loud bang went off, signaling the end. 

Final Moments VII

Emily arrived outside the apartment’s door, hovering her hand over the door handle. She worried that Blyke changed again. She noticed a decrease in his heath during her last visit. The girl also seemed suspicious to her. Her eyes were cloudy, almost full of distrust and disloyalty. Emily took one more deep breath before turning the handle. She pushed the door open and walked in, immediately, being bombarded by a deadly stench. The smell of decaying skin filled the air, leaving no fresh air alive. Emily took a step back as she put her shirt over her nose to prevent the smell from getting in. “It smells like someone died in here.” She said aloud with an almost jokingly tone. She walked into the apartment and ventured farther in, noticing that every door was open except for Blyke’s bedroom. She walked up to his door and knocked on it. She waited for a few moments for a response, but she received nothing. She knocked again but received the same response. She scratched her head as she looked around the living room. She then pressed her hand on the handle and turned in, pushing her way inside. A stronger stench hit her in the face hard. She looked around, noticing Blyke was sitting in the corner with his head down. She scanned the room, noticing a notebook laying on his desk. She walked over to Blyke and asked him questions, which received no answers. “Blyke? Are you okay?” She asked as she got closer to Blyke. She then picked up his head, noticing that blood covered his upper clothes. She shrieked as she backed away, letting Blyke’s head drop and return to its original state. Emily let out a blood-curdling scream as she scanned his body. She walked over to his body and touched his body, feeling no warmth. She then took her hand off him and backed away. Her eyes darted from Blyke to his journal, deciding to read his journal for clues. She picked up his journal and scanned each page until his last page, which looked unfinished and creepy. She then dropped the journal and went to wipe the tears that formed in the corner of her eyes. “I noticed that something was off with him, but I didn’t do anything to prevent this. I could’ve stopped him! He could still be alive right now if I did something!” She ranted before a bell went off. The bell signaled the last five minutes of humanity’s life. In five minutes, the world will be over. Emily wiped her tears before walking out of his room. “5 minutes,” she whispered as she walked through the living room. She then picked up his pace, running towards the door and out of the apartment building, reaching the ground within a minute. She ran into the parking lot and looked up at the moon as it shinned overhead. 

    “The bombs have hit the ground!” A female shrieked from her apartment. Emily nodded as she watched the moon as it watched back. A minute passed then two. Another minute passed then the final minute. The final minute passed slowly as a dust storm rapidly made its descent onto the town, taking it over. The dust killed all of the inhabitants of the world, giving them swift deaths. The world was taken out with nobody surviving. The world was no longer ours. Now it belongs to a new era. These moments were only the fleeting moments that humanity had. The final moments of humanity. 


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