How to pen a poem or a saga with use of only four ABC’s in each word is to be hard {to mean - like easy, it is not}. You try, I toss this test over to you and to this, I just gave a dare.

The type of book read by a tot can use not big but a mini word here, and a tiny one, over here, and yet, once more, here... but a saga full of sage or ripe with aids for the aged, call for more meat than just a bird seed in a word. We who are old, need more on a leaf - some will cry - the beef site?

To do this in less than a mark set of five - true I say, hard! To bang up a note of over ten by ten, word upon word, to end with a tale to turn out, I have set out to do. I end this now - I tell you, I did.

The End Of A Tiny Tale Told True



Texte: Paula Louise Shene
Bildmaterialien: Steven G. Shene
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 10.04.2012

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